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Dark Ages Vampire - Bloodlines

Game Master Dennis Harry

Bloodlines is a continuation of the now defunct table top Dark Ages Vampire game wherein the PC's have created lineal descendants throughout the ages.

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I take off work one day and am having my b-day today....

Happy birthday!

Happy Born day

Happy 'I was the fastest sperm to reach the egg' Day!!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just an FYI I will be taking over the Volkov's as NPC's from here on out.

2 more XP for each of you.

spending 2xp on larceny 2 already updated on sheet.

updated and saving XP

Will update the thread tomorrow, work has been crazy busy. Also we have a new player who will be starting this weekend as the Volkov's have become NPC's.

Each character (including Alessandro) will receive 1 more XP.

Awesome, thanks!

Sorry about posting if your character is interacting with mine in Disney until Sunday will post when I get break in between day to day activities.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Each character receives 1 more XP.

The plot will begin to move forward somewhat slowly and I may include some downtime soon - soon being relative of course as PBP moves slowly.

Great job by everyone during the Prologues. The return of Michele Querini prompts a major event which each of you will discover in turn, some more quickly than others.

Didn't know if that roll was needed, but it was a killjoy for sure... I'd depressed whether it's used or not.

I won't let a bad roll short circuit a good post at least not in the social context.

The day is winding down. Soon it will be night :-)

Sorry for the delay this week. Between work, my new company, and the pregnant wife things have been hectic. I will update the thread on Sunday. Early next week I hope to push the current day into night.

A summary of the meeting should be sufficient if it helps you out and then (assume Fredirico will stay at the inn with us) should push the current day into night.

The last order of business

will be w/Fredirico and getting a list of unsatisfied customers

Do what you gotta do!

Shadow Lodge

Just in case any of you are interested in adding another WoD game to the PbP you play, there is a potential storyteller asking for interest HERE. Just a side note he hopes to run a nWoD game.

On Sunday I will update the thread. I am simply too busy to get to it any sooner!

Shadow Lodge

No worries, life happens.

@Storyteller - Busy is good.

@Talomyr - That other recruitment is the newer system, which I'm not too familiar with. Also something seemed off. Spidey-sense is tingling, not sure why exactly.

Shadow Lodge

@Alessandro - I'll admit there seems to be something off, but WoD (of any variety) threads come along too infrequently for me not to take a chance. The nWoD isn't a bad system, in fact the basic mechanic of the system may be superior to the original WoD system, where it lacks is the metastory that we all grew fond of in the original WoD.

@Talomyr - Best of luck!

No problem SS, looks like several people are trying the nWOD game and will need time to familiarize and make a PC.

K great. I have heard good things about the nWoD system though the content did not seem to capture the imagination like OWoD did.

We will be rolling again soon in this game. Work should slow down again enough for me to start posting at work again, short posts I can do but the lengthy ones required to run a game, not so much lately.

Alright we are back on track!

Think I missed a post back on the 12th... Sorry

Dennis, I want to spend all of my remaining 13 xp.

Alertness (3rd dot): 4xp
Alertness (4th dot): 6xp
Dodge (1st dot): 3xp

Let me know if this is approved.

No worries Alessandro, I was out-of-pocket for a while there!

FYI you may begin to spend XP on Abilities up to the 4th dot.

Yes Thesing I approve of these expenditures. Please keep track of them in your on-line porfile though.

Already on top of it.

Dang... I missed out on some XP!

I think I have 12 and not 13 due to when I started the game....

I am still holding on to mine.

Yes, those who have been in since the beginning have earned more. Speaking of XP, 1 more XP for each player!

Storyteller Shadow,

I think I would like to spend a bit of my experience based on what Lorenzo has seen and done.

Medicine - 4th dot (6 XP)
Occult - 3rd dot (4 XP)

Please let me know if these expenditures are approved.

Yes, I approve of those expenditures Lorenzo.

Story teller

I think this fits link

Andrew the Hardy, Lord of Moray wrote:

Story teller

I think this fits link

Agreed, you will be able to pursue this path once you have been turned. Initially of course your sire's Road may influence you in another direction but perhaps your sire will be on this road as well...

I, and many of the players in the game I suspect, have no power due to the Hurricane. Once I get the juice back I will begin to post in earnest!

In Rochester, NY rebuilding servers we moved from NYC.

Got power back, will be updating the game thread tomorrow!

Darn power must be out again....

No but travel home from work was ridiculous. I promise I will have the update out tonight!

As promised, thread updated! Now that I have re-read things it will be easier to post from work.

Once the current scenes run their course I can get back to Lorenzo and Andrew later on in the same evening.

As a flaw, dark secret... Alessandro had led a company of warriors during the crusades that killed a vamp... This scene ringing any bells for him?

No, not yet anyway :-)

No biggie about the gun reference used in your post.
I've always been sort of a stickler for keeping as much 'realism' in my fantasy role-playing as possible. One of my many flaws. =)
And on the same token, if you see I make a mistake in some detail, feel free to call me out on it.

I understand its cool I dont mind being corrected I get to learn new things so everyone wins. But I just wanted to state that I tired to find references to at least back my characters statements or action so I dont "dumb" down the gameplay. Ive been know to act out of character and in this case time era. So its all good ill try to pay closer attention.

Tis ok there Santo, the 13th century is not familiar to most of us :-)

Wiki is getting one hell of a workout on my end also....

What everyone thought the bank of venice was something I just knew about! :)

I wasn't even sure the timeline of braveheart matched up! (when we started) ;)

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