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Dain's King Maker Chronicles - Combat Thread

Game Master dain120475

This thread is dedicated to the players involved in Dain's King Maker Chronicles.

Current Characters

Ariarh Kane

Female Aasimar Druid 7 (Noble)
(2,621 posts)


(62 posts)

Male to kill the six fingered man Duelist/20 years
(946 posts)
Fire Elemental

Male commoner 1
(587 posts)
Venture-Captain Shevala
Anuk-su Seti

Female Silver Dragon My Level of Class is unmatched by any and all!

played by dain120475 (71 posts)
Eldran Tesh
Arasmes ibn'Fayad

played by imimrtl (760 posts)
Brett Rowan

played by dain120475 (482 posts)
Follower of Razmir


played by imimrtl (50 posts)
Clari Miali'ahel

HP: 47 AC: 14 Hexblade 5

played by waiph (175 posts)
Corlia Lyimro

F Half Elf Beastmaster 4/Priestess 1

played by Ariarh Kane (79 posts)
Dain GM

played by dain120475 (6,885 posts)
Delain Esserian

Male Human

played by dain120475 (41 posts)
Dior Kane


played by Ariarh Kane (49 posts)

Female Human Aristocrat - Ghost

played by Ariarh Kane (5 posts)
Madame Ivanja
Isani Isu

Female Changeling - Osirion Cleric 4/Oracle 3

played by Ariarh Kane (479 posts)

Joe Urban

played by dain120475 (1 post)
Ka'etil Malas'rae

Male Half-Elf Invulnerable Rager 2/Crossblooded Envenomed+Draconic Sorcerer 1/ Trapper Ranger 1/Rage-Vivisectionist 2/Dragon Disciple 1

played by waiph (1,015 posts)
Lion Falcon Monk

Male Half-dwarf - also known as a "Mul" Gladiator... and others... 6th level

played by dain120475 (64 posts)
Faidaeva Vonnarc

played by imimrtl (46 posts)
Blue Dragon

played by wesF (83 posts)
Lily Parmenter

Female (totally, totally) Succubus

played by dain120475 (21 posts)
Shaezon Silverfall

M Elf Spellbinder Conjuration (teleport) Wiz 2

played by wesF (1,145 posts)
Sir Holton
Sovereign Court Sir Garith Mordrand

Angelkin Aasimar SS 9/G 3 | HP:66/97 | AC: 17(22) [27+1 (32)] | CMD: 26 | F:11/R:9/W:8 MP:3/9 Aura 20ft DC:17 to Teleport

played by waiph (1,067 posts)

will P-H 953

played by waiph (1 post)
Yillim Dross

Male Human (Mutant) Barbarian 4/Cavalier 3

played by shrodingerscat (86 posts)

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