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Dain's King Maker Chronicles

Game Master dain120475


This is the Kingmaker Campaign, yet it is filled with many deviations from the boxed set. The "Campaign Information" page is meant as a quick resource to help sum up the thousands of posts quickly.

GM seeking PC interested in taming an unspoiled and wild frontier. Prefer companions with pluck and daring willing to take personal initiative and mold world around them into something greater. Prefer combat training, some knowledge of healing or arcane arts.

Party prefers long walks in the woods, horseback riding after sunset, rock climbing, spelunking, good food, good company, and the chance to slaughter evil. If this sounds agreeable, please let us know.

Remember; the gods gave us hands so that we may take life by the throat.

25 point buy
3 traits one must be from kingmaker
allowing content from the with approval for anything non-core

Look forward to hearing from you soon: so far we have one "rouge type", one "alchemist type" and one "healer type" and one "mage type". Looking for new options, but will take good story types.

Is this an open thread? If so and you need an in thier face dwarven "Choppy-type," then I'm your man!

Bilbo Bang-Bang wrote:
Is this an open thread? If so and you need an in thier face dwarven "Choppy-type," then I'm your man!


What level are we starting at and what type of frontliner would blend best with your existing crew?

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Hi. I am a player in another Kingmaker PbP but if that would not be an issue I will happily throw my hat in and offer to play a summoner. If that suits, then let me know. I am happy to pretty much make up any class to fit in though :)

edit. Looking at your line up you are fairly shy of fighters so happy to take on that path if preferred.

Grand Lodge

Hi, I'd like to submit a Dwarven Magus, from Ultimate Magic as a character for your campaign. I've got a basic character background here, and if you like the concept will roll up a sheet.

Name: Dolgen Dulforge
Age: 53
Class: Magus
Dolgen is descended from a proud clan of Smiths, each generation of Dulforges striving to best their previous generations accomplishments. However, their biggest claim to fame was the art of construct building, the clans secrets closely guarded.
Dolgan was raised in the family traditions, with a strong sense of Clan loyalty instilled into him, but as the years came and went something stirred within him, the warhammers he forged gave him as great a pleasure to wield as to craft, but he felt there was more. One day he came across an old tome, and the writings inscribed in it awoke something, he felt a power grow, and he cast his first spell.
He wanted to learn more, but his Clan was unable to aid him, they knew nothing of the workings of magic, and so they sent him out into the world with their blessing, to learn what he could...

Hey guys, thanks for the submissions but this game has been filled already. We accidentally double posted the thread. We will keep you in mind if any slots open up!

Haha,no prob!

Looking for a fourth level divine caster, cleric's and oracles prefered. All races/classes open. Good/neutral aligned wanted, evil/overly chaotic types are not needed.

28 point buy
3 traits - 1 must come from Kingmaker Campaign Trait.

Several house rules to a Kingmaker game - just started Book 2 - River's Run Red.

Party currently includes

1. 4th level Aasimar Druid (Ariarh Kane)- Councilor/Diplomat
2. 4th level Human Sorcerer (Alaric Winter)- Ruler
3. 4th level Half-elf Barbarian/Sorcerer (Ka’etil Malas’rae) - Marshal
4. 4th level Human Cavalier/Paladin - (Sir Bronwyn Winter) - General
5. 4th level Human Cleric/Paladin - (Khrovin) - High Priest
6. 4th level Halfling (DM NPC) (Bartleby "Brett" Rowan) - Spymaster

Unfortunately, our 4th level Human Cleric/Paladin is dropping the game due to personal, out of game reasons.

I should state that we post frequently - people who are unable to post frequently and in depth will probably be eased out of the game (over 5,000 posts in 5 months: 250 posts a week with five players - this translates to a lot of postings. Although, it should be noted that the GM has done 2,000 of the 5,000 posts - this is because there is a lot of story here, and again, much of it is not from the "Core: Kingmaker" books. A full summary of what you missed will be emailed to you, if you are selected).

This game also uses Skype/Maptools to resolve many battles/combat, rather then basic PbP combat methods (though we do both, however). Once a week, on average, we meet online for larger battles using MapTools and Skype to fight it out. Sometimes we meet on Skype to chat out small combats, or random events, while posting dice rolls and descriptions on the board for ease of play.

While we currently have players from the US (both east and west coast), we also have Brazil, UK, and Australia. This is a lot of time zones to balance, but Skype/MapTools hasn't been an issue so far and the current players all enjoy it.

Both Skype and Maptools are free to download.

As you have such a rather high Point Buy and bonus's, we ask for discretion in making your character - no game breakers or Power Gamers needed.

The players may have different styles of gaming, but we all generally get along well and are very friendly. Friendly types a must :)

There is also a "character survey" for players to fill out. This is to help us better understand the character better - it is a bit long, but it does help out with the story. This can be emailed to you if you are selected.

Warning: Several house rule varriants exist, as well as strong deviations from the "core campaign" story that exists in the Kingmaker books. Be advised, there will be differences from the book - most of it regarding story. If you have played out the Kingmaker campaign, this is a very different story/setting.

Finally: You are free to choose all information on where to build your character from the following site (with final approval of GM).

Check here for all rules needed to build character. We use nearly everything on this site, with the exception of psionics, which are not used currently. This also includes many "third party" options. However, everything must come from the final approval of the GM, but I'm generally pretty liberal in what you pick; so long as it is not "game-breaking". Typically, I say go for it.

I will be out of town until Sunday Night, and begin looking over submissions when I return. In the meantime, feel free to read over the campaign site and take a look at what has been posted so far. Also, other current players may be posting things on this recruitment thread to answer questions while I am gone.

Feel free to ask current PC's questions, and they may be able to help answer you on this post. Regarding the choice; current players will all be voting on the potential new player; though.

Deadline: The final day for accepting posts will be Monday the 31st until midnight, and the choice will be posted on November the 3rd.

Looking forward to hearing from a new player who is eager to do some good writing and enjoy a good story.

Thanks for considering our game!

I'd be interested in developing a druid or cleric of Erastil for this game. Maybe an oracle, but an archer in any case. I've been wanting to find a group that incorporates a VTT in their game, either entirely or in addition to other play styles.

I do have some questions that could use answering:

  • Was the departing character the group's primary healer, and if so are you looking for someone to take on this duty?
  • Are you looking for someone to take up the High Priest role?
  • What days/times do the MapTool and Skype sessions typically take place?
  • What are the house rules that you mention?

  • This is the barb, reeporting from my phone

    --Our departing cleric was our best healer, and we tend to get hurt...
    --He was also our High Priest, but there's still some leeway in that.
    --We are usually available fot maptools at 9pm eastern, often thursdays, but again, subject to change
    --on phone so can't talk houserules now, but can make mention of them later. Mostly changes to kingdome stuff, but it's pretty cool

    We have a general, counclor, warden (that's me... cause there's not much room for an assassin...) ruler, and the rest are npc's ATM and can change, though we got a good spymaster.

    I'm also a fan of holy vindicator, so I get a second melee buddy, and we have an awesome channel-healer. But that's just if you wanna melee... don't mind me too much...I'm just a silly mad-man. =]

    So apply with what you want to play. We'll chat about characters more then

    Ka'etil Malas'rae wrote:
    I'm also a fan of holy vindicator, so I get a second melee buddy, and we have an awesome channel-healer. But that's just if you wanna melee... don't mind me too much...I'm just a silly mad-man. =]

    Holy vindicator is one of my favorite PrC choices, and I have had an idea for one bouncing around in my head for a while. The concept calls for a negative-energy channeller, so he'd need to make use of spellcasting and wands to keep the group healthy and happy. I'll keep it in mind while I think about a character.

    Heaven's Agent wrote:
    Ka'etil Malas'rae wrote:
    I'm also a fan of holy vindicator, so I get a second melee buddy, and we have an awesome channel-healer. But that's just if you wanna melee... don't mind me too much...I'm just a silly mad-man. =]
    Holy vindicator is one of my favorite PrC choices, and I have had an idea for one bouncing around in my head for a while. The concept calls for a negative-energy channeller, so he'd need to make use of spellcasting and wands to keep the group healthy and happy. I'll keep it in mind while I think about a character.

    Awesome! Can't wait to see it!

    Although we've had enough undead that there is some impressive offensive potential for positive channeling, but Dain may have more on that, regarding later modules and his willingness to keep that a relevant power. But I'll be around and am excited to see concepts while the GM is away, and meddle as much as I can in the meantime. =P

    Hi Heaven's Agent!

    I'm Alaric and I am your resident ruler and sorcerer. What I would suggest if you want to go negative energy channeling is to take versatile channeller and channel both positive AND negative energy. That with selective channel could be an awesome combination.

    A human fighter, that has been in a Kingmaker game, which got to 2nd level, but then the GM had RL issues and it all died...

    If you want and don't mind.

    Hi, I'm Ariarh (Ry), your resident councilor and druid. The new house rules are in the fine-tuning stage (still aren't finalised). Our GM will advise everyone accordingly. The new house rules pertain to ways of gaining XP/GP/BP, Rules for New Government and Rules for Hirelings.

    Here is a discussion thread pertaining to the new house rules so far in regard to bonus points:

    Bonus Points - New House Rules, as posted by GM:

    Regarding Bonus Points
    Players shall no longer be gaining "Bonus XP" for posts and so forth. Rather, they shall be gaining three primary bonuses to supplement this:

    1. Bonus Build Points
    2. Bonus Coin, and
    3. Bonus "Experience".

    Hey gang! There have been some concerns about how new bonuses are going to be divided in the game. So far, my initial plan is to reward you each with BP, XP, and GP for what will one day become your respective “Estates”.

    These estates will allow you to instantly recruit a group for a town council, all of them start on level 0, NPC class. As you gain XP, you can raise the level of your own town council in PC classes. BP is used to generate buildings, and GP is used for basic funding.

    For now, there are quite a few bugs/obstacles I have in front of me before this plan can come to fruition. It allows you to generate your own functioning city; that could one day have the power to create magic items for you, or special gear for you, or specialized hirelings for you, and (perhaps) even armies to invade or conquer surrounding territory for you… Though of course, raising an army to overthrow a legally binding government is generally not considered a “good” or “lawful” thing (and hardly even “neutral”…).

    You may be thinking that this could be game breaking or overbalancing the game (see above mentioned nuances under “bugs/obstacles”), but at the least I hope it will be fun. But it isn’t an overnight proposal by any means!

    For now, the BP, XP, and GP you gain will be “cached”. When you reach a decent level, you are free to use these things to begin the construction of your own estates. When that happens, you will be a fairly higher level (probably level 7, though nothing set in stone).

    At this time, you will be better equipped to deal with an actual town. Your own town will call on you specifically for adventures and you may find yourself recruiting new players for new threads to assist you in specific quests. But, then again, this is still a work in progress.

    The big issue is that I have been rewarding people with XP. This seemed fair, but if people were unable to get to a computer, or missed a key combat via Skype, or any number of things; they could quickly fall behind. This is bad for not only the person in question, but the whole group. If one of you was out of town for two weeks (for example) and the group bumped up two levels (doubtful but possible), then you would be far behind, so far, in fact, that I may actually have to raise your level. In which case, you would be equal with the group so that things weren’t too ridiculous, but the group would feel somewhat cheated by this.

    I realize that city building may not be a tempting reward, though. But, I am at a loss. For now, the only three ways I know to reward a player are; bonus XP (which can be broken quickly), bonus GP (same problem) and magical items (same problem). The caveat I have come up with is special things for your character, such as a unique item or signature gear – like Dior (Ry's griffon) or Anuk-su Seti (Alaric's ward/silver dragon). But there is only so much of that I can hand out before things become unwieldy.

    Therefore, if you have any other suggestions for me at this time that don’t fall under bonus XP, GP, or Magic Items for me, because City Building is not your thing, throw them on the Discussion board. I want them on the board because I want everyone to see them and consider them and theoretically give feedback.

    Personally, I thought it would be neat if (for example) Kae’til could create a town of barbarian warlords with Arena fighting and (theoretically) brothels and breweries and crazy inns. Or perhaps Bronwyn created a town of industrious and genteel folk; knights and so forth with their own code and heraldry – separate from the king, but worthy patriots and loyalists to the crown!

    But then again, this idea may not be for everyone. Remember, nothing is set in stone, I am still in preliminary stages looking at options and ideas on how to do this. But for now; side quests gain you the aforementioned bonuses. If I decide not to use them, then I shall switch to something else.

    If you choose Gorax, I'll change the stats to match the game....its the background that I'll be keeping...also just read the thread properly .. embarrassed he leaves

    Ka'etil Malas'rae wrote:
    Although we've had enough undead that there is some impressive offensive potential for positive channeling, but Dain may have more on that, regarding later modules and his willingness to keep that a relevant power. But I'll be around and am excited to see concepts while the GM is away, and meddle as much as I can in the meantime. =P

    I've thought of this issue as well; I think I've a good method of addressing this, that will allow my character to fulfill the traditional undead-bashing role even though he channels negative energy. Additionally, I'll have a background reason to explain why my character is unable to directly channel from the positive energy plane; any healing he would perform would have to be divinely facilitated (spells, items, etc.).

    I hope to get the character posted tonight, after I get some homework done.

    Hi, Gorax. Nothing to be embarrassed over. If you're interested in playing, I'm sure the GM will consider the type of character you would like to submit/play when he's back and able to check the recruitment thread. We are currently in need of a cleric or oracle due to a position opening up for one just recently. Sorry for the shortness of this reply but I'm writing it over the phone.

    Hi, Heaven. Look forward to reading your character backstory later tonight, as I'm sure are the other existing players. :)

    I've another question: how should the character be introduced to the group, and should this be included in the background somehow? And if the method of introduction has yet to be determined, should I be looking through the game posts and coming up with something on my own? I ask because, if I need to somehow connect the character to the plot, over 5000 posts is a lot to go through before the deadline.

    Heaven, in the past the GM has worked with the successful applicant/ player to set up the introduction into the game and the GM makes the introductory post. Our group is currently stationed at the ex Stag Lord's Fortress (located 60 miles south of Oleg's Trading Post and where we are establishing the capital city of Saravale) and we are rebuilding the nearby fishing village and the fortress itself. At present, a small group from our settlement/town, Alaric (sorcerer and leader), his ward Anuk-Su Seti (little female silver dragon), Kae'til (barb and sorc), Brett (jack o' all trades/spymaster), Ariarh (druid) and her griffon Dior, plus a handful of NPCs are investigating the Western Lane as one of our drovers has reported killings, one human and some cattle, and we are investigating the cliffs and caves within.

    So, perhaps set up your background without the introduction of your character to the existing group. If you are successful, the GM will work with you directly in regard to how we come across your character in game.

    yeah, if you have an idea, include it, i did, and the GM used some of it. He may or may not use it in it's current form.

    You don't need to read through all the past posts to com up with a background, but looking at the most recent few can always help in establishing your characters understanding of the situation and have that factor into he background.

    How is the group determining hit points beyond first level?

    Heaven's Agent wrote:
    How is the group determining hit points beyond first level?

    The GM allows us to either roll for HP, using respective hit die plus CON bonus or take average hp (plus CON bonus) instead of rolling. We just have to let him know which way we decide to go (re ooc post on board or email to him). The GM also goes with the rule that any PC class (i.e. not an NPC class or monster HD) gets the highest roll on its hit die at 1st level.

    This is Heaven's Agent, checking in with my LN dwarf ranger 1/cleric of Pharasma 3, and future holy vindicator. I'm probably going to fiddle with his skill ranks a bit more tomorrow, and I'll get the background posted as well. Feel free to comment on anything.

    I had a look at your stats and I shall wait until I have read your backstory before commenting. Thanks for getting this up so quickly.

    Thanks for the words kind Ariarh, well if your GM would allow someone like Gorax in, then I'd be very happy to play. Sounds like you're having a good campaign.

    Alright, I believe I'm done for now. I left the background suitably vague in many areas, to allow adjustment into the campaign should I be selected for the group. I also revisited the character, and changed it around a bit; a night of sleep can bring new perspective, and some aspects of the character just didn't mesh together. I consolidated the character around a more unified theme.

    Feel free to ask any questions you may have, and I'll answer them as soon as possible.

    To Gorax and Heaven's Agent;

    Actually, I enjoy both of your character concepts very much.

    I think that I may allow both of you; I am interested in good writing, especially. I like posts long and often, and if you're up for it, I'll most likely be happy to have both of you.

    Having players who post frequently (re; around once a day, on average is a low frequency, as I see it) is what I'm looking for. This business of "one line posts" is also not really what I am excited about.

    However, I've taken a look at some of your other postings, and it seems like you both are frequent posters, and (more important) you both post things in depth. I like that a lot.

    I am still thinking about things, but I think that I would like to take both of you; but I would like to confer with my other players before I make the final decision.

    Having another warrior, as well as a cleric, would be both useful, but interesting, depending on how they are played, and I think you could both do it.

    If you are both interested, send me a place where I can email you the summary of events and basic house rules. With 5,000+ posts, and radical changes from the book, I felt it best to create a summary of the posts for you to look over quickly.

    I will send you the notes as soon as I get your email adresses, and we can work on making some tweaks to your character's, and we can go from there.

    You can reach me at: email received

    Heaven, in your background, you mentioned using negative energy, but being able to ask pharasmia for healing.

    Does that mean you'll be using healing spells, or taking versatile channeler and using channel positive at 2 levels lower?

    I didn't see it, but then you get a feat at 5th...
    just curious

    I'm looking to use healing spells, paired with the healing domain's 6th-level ability Healer's Blessing to boost their effectiveness even further. I'll consider taking Versatile Channeler in the future, should it be warranted by the the campaign's progression, but at the moment it doesn't fit with my existing concept and I'm not planning it.

    My next feat choice will likely be Alignment Channel (evil), so that I can qualify for the holy vindicator PrC. I'd be willing to switch out my first level feat, if anyone has a recommendation; Weapon Focus isn't an ideal choice for this build, and is essentially a beneficial placeholder, but channeling feats aren't an option since my first level is in ranger. I'm already debating switching it to Shield Focus, Combat Casting, or Combat Expertise instead; once I become a holy vindicator, being able to avoid attacks will help me decrease the amount of times I might have to use my Vindicator's Shield ability each day.

    I have added contact details temporarily to Gorax's profile.
    I'm not sure if I'll be able to use Skype, as I use my company's laptop and they get funny about certain types of application. I'll look into it though.
    I'll update Gorax's stats to 4th level to keep with his background, should get a chance to do that tomorrow UK I'm in the UK.

    Heaven/Kolgrym You can Summon!
    There is a nifty trick that clerics get, Sacred Summons, where you can summon as a standard action if the summon matches your Aura, so if you go the summoner rout, you can spit them out easier, So a good Feat progression would be Spell-Focus, Conjuration at level 1 so you can grab augment summons at 9, which is a nice buff for them, and then you grab sacred Summons at 7, soon as you can so you can start tossing out summons as you position to charge or whatever...

    It's a cool cleric gimmick that you can do, and it makes your level 1 feat more applicable to a build...

    To Gorax and Kolgrym: Welcome aboard, gentlemen. :)

    Ka'etil Malas'rae wrote:

    Heaven/Kolgrym You can Summon!

    There is a nifty trick that clerics get, Sacred Summons, where you can summon as a standard action if the summon matches your Aura ...

    I considered that, as the idea really appealed to me. Pharasma is a neutral deity, however, so I don't actually have an Aura. As a result, I wouldn't gain any benefit from the Feat.

    Dain can make a ruling on that...maybe you just don't get to add a template...seems lame that it's a feat denied to neutral clerics, although versatile channel is only for them, so maybe it's an intended give and take. Otherwise, power attack is always a good combat feat, works for any weapon, or shield focus for more AC is also always useful...

    Figured an update is called for. I'm in the process of filling out the character questionnaire. Monday-Wednesday is fairly busy for me, so if I haven't had the chance to complete it by then, I'll set some time aside to get the questions done on Thursday; it's fairly in-depth, and my character concept is really being fleshed out as I answer the questions.

    Received the email with the files.
    I'm busy with RL games until later this week, when I hope to spend some time filling the character sheet out, and filling in the gaps in the background you want covered.

    Well, new guys, just opened up a thread on the board for when you make your appearence. You can say "hi" whenever you want in game, but for actual rolls and such, I will need to postpone things until I get yoru finalized sheets.

    Thanks, and look forward to seeing you real soon :)

    My character survey is complete and listed in my profile, should anyone want to look at it. Next up I'll be composing an email and sending you the filled out app, Dain.

    Kolgrym Barringald wrote:
    My character survey is complete and listed in my profile, should anyone want to look at it. Next up I'll be composing an email and sending you the filled out app, Dain.

    Kolgrym, I enjoyed reading your answers in the character survey and it gave me some insight into the character. Thank you.

    This is 99% of Shaezon. Let me know if you have any questions, comments or additions. ;-)

    Shaezon Silverfall
    Str 10, Dex16, Con 12, Int 19, Wis 14, Cha 13

    Combat stats:

    BAB +2
    Max HP; 25
    AC; 17 (10+3 Dex, +4 Mage Armor)
    Fort+3(+1 Base+1 Con+1 Cloak)
    Ref+5(+1 Base+3 Dex+1 Cloak)
    Wil+7 (+4 Base+2 Wis+1 Cloak)(+2 vs enchant)


    +1 CL teleportation spells
    - Detect Magic
    - Mage Hand
    - Dancing Lights
    - Disrupt Undead
    - Mage Armor
    - Expedious Retreat
    - Feather Fall
    B- Grease
    - Levitate
    - Scorching Ray
    B- Rope Trick


    (2+4int)X4=24+4 Class = 28
    Appraise+8 (1 Rank+ 4 Int +3 skill)
    Craft Alchemy+8 (1 Rank+ 4 Int +3 skill)
    Fly+0 (0 Rank+ 3 Dex +3 skill)
    Intimidate+8 (3 Rank+ 1Cha +3 skill+1 Trait)
    Know Arcana+8 (1 Rank+ 4 Int +3 skill)
    Know Dungeon+8 (1 Rank+ 4 Int +3 skill)
    Know Engineer+8 (1 Rank+ 4 Int +3 skill)
    Know Geography+8 (1 Rank+ 4 Int +3 skill)
    Know History+8 (1 Rank+ 4 Int +3 skill)
    Know local+8 (1 Rank+ 4 Int +3 skill)
    Know Nature+9 (1 Rank+ 4 Int +3 skill +1 Trait)
    Know Nobility+8 (1 Rank+ 4 Int +3 skill)
    Know Planes+8 (1 Rank+ 4 Int +3 skill)
    Know Religion+8 (1 Rank+ 4 Int +3 skill)
    Linguistics+11 (4 Rank+ 4 Int +3 skill)
    Perception+8 (4 Rank+ 2 Wis+2 Race)
    Spellcraft+ 14 (4 Rank+ 4 Int +3 skill+3 SF)(+2 when crafting)(+1 teleportation)
    Survival +6 (1 Rank+ 2 Wis +3 skill)(+2 find food/water)
    UMD+0 (0 Rank+ 1Cha)


    Handy Haversac (2000)
    Cloak resist +1 (500)
    Unseen servant Broach (1000) (continuous unseen servant CL 1)
    Pathfinder pouch (1000)
    Continual Flame Stone (50)
    Rapier (20), Dagger (1) Longbow(100)

    Nobles outfit, Riding outfit
    Quiver, extra arrows,
    Spellbook(in pathfinder pouch),
    Pack-Paper, Chalk, rope, Arcane Locked MW Manacles (DC45)
    G- 100


    Scribing costs by level0-5 gp,1-10 gp,2-40 gp,3-90 gp,4-160 gp,5-250 gp,6-360 gp,7-490 gp,8-640 gp,9-810 gp
    1-Mage armor, Shield, Magic Missile, Crafters Fortune, Endure Elements, Expedious Retreat, Enlarge person,Feather Fall, Grease, Floating Disk, Hydraulic Push, Infernal Healing, Jump, Magic Aura, Mount, Protection from Evil, Ray of Enfeblement, Shocling Grasp, Silent Image, Touch of the Sea, Truestrike, Unseen Servant, Vanish
    2-Arcane Lock, Bears Endurance, Burning Gaze, Cats Grace, Continual Flame, Create Treasure Map, Darkvision, False Life, Fire Breath, Fog Cloud, Fox's Cunning, Ghoul Touch, glide, Glitterdust, Gust of Wind, Invisiblity, Knock, Levitate, Magic Mouth, Make Whole, Mirror Image, Protection from Arrows, Retrieve Item, Rope Trick, Scorching Ray, See Invisiblity, Shatter, Slip Stream, Spider Climb, Summon Monster 2, Web, WIspering Wind,


    Arcane bond (Ring)
    Scribe Scroll
    School focus Universal (Arcannamiriom crafter See below)
    1- Skill Focus Spellcraft (to represent the crafting focus)
    A.C.- Craft Wondrous Item. (+2 to skill checks.)

    Arcannamiriom crafter-The most famous magical college of the Inner Sea region, the Arcanamirium of Absalom teaches a broad array of specialties, but its most intensive specialty is no specialization at all. It is one of the primary training academies of universalist magic on Golarion, and the wizards who graduate from the school become well respected, well paid, and highly soughtafter in their homelands. An Arcanamirium crafter is one of the builders of the arcane world, assembling magic items with facility, skill, and power. He is intimately familiar with the craft and practice of imbuing items with arcane power, and works with precision even early in his career to help create some of the most powerful magic items of Golarion.
    Associated School: Universalist.
    Replacement Power: The following school power replaces the hand of the apprentice power of the universalist school.
    Metacharge (Ex); As an Arcanamirium crafter, you gain a bonus feat at 3rd level, which must be an item creation feat or metamagic feat. You must still meet all prerequisites for a bonus feat, including caster level minimums. When using metamagic feats to create magic items, your skill and understanding of the principles involved in the item’s creation give you a +2 bonus on the skill check made to create the item.

    Kyonin Gatekeeper (Kyonin) (Elf Regional Trait)
    You helped maintain the elf gates and are familiar with the operation of teleportation magic. 
    Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Spellcraft checks to identify teleportation magic and a +1 trait bonus to caster level checks when casting teleportation spells. You know the proper commands to operate a particular elf gate (most likely an often used elf gate, but at the GM’s discretion it may be a less popular or out-of-the-way elf gate).
    Bully : You grew up in an environment where the meek were ignored and you often had to resort to threats or violence to be heard. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Intimidate checks, and Intimidate is always a class skill for you.
    Child of Nature (N) You have been blessed to be as comfortable in the wilderness as you are at home. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Survival checks to find food and water, and a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (nature) checks. One of these skills (your choice) is always a class skill for you.


    +2 Dex, +2 Int. -2 Con
    Med, 30', Low light vision
    +2 vs enchant
    +2 Caster level to overcome SR
    +2 Percep

    Brief history:

    Shaezon is a noble born elf of Kyorin. Like nobles of any race those with the strongest personalities tend to find the most reward. Shaezon was never particularily diplomatic, but did find that if he was intimidating he could get his way. This served him well in his younger days at court. When Shaezon's magical talent becme apparent he was apprenticed and sent to the Acadame as fitting one of his stature. This included a stint at the Arcanamirium of Absalom, as a kind of student enchange program. Though his time at Absalom was primarily for diplomatic reasons he did discover his love of crafting and some of the Arcanamirium of Absalom's secrets to the same. Once he reached a certain mastery of the art he found himself called home and "volunteered" by his father to serve as a member of the green watch (elves who patrol the forest surrounding Kyorin). Though initially resentful he grew to like his assignment as he developed a sense of camradery that he was otherwise missing. He matured a lot during this time and learned much of nature of teleportation magic and the elfgates. He even learned the command and conditions to operate one of the gates (or a few at DM discression).

    There might be an elfgate in the "new kingdom" that leads back to Kyorin and this is one of the reasons they sent an emisary.

    Nice background, Shaezon. If we do end up finding an Elfgate, it'll have some very ... interesting ... implications. :D

    Interesting character, Shaezon. Looking forward to seeing how your character fits in with the rest of the crew. :)

    Ariarh Kane wrote:
    Interesting character, Shaezon. Looking forward to seeing how your character fits in with the rest of the crew. :)

    You realize this is Tiny Coffee Golem/Gideon, right?

    Shaezon Silverfall wrote:
    Ariarh Kane wrote:
    Interesting character, Shaezon. Looking forward to seeing how your character fits in with the rest of the crew. :)
    You realize this is Tiny Coffee Golem/Gideon, right?

    Yup, I do. I was meaning your Mage character and not you as the player. I like the character you've put together, Gid. :)

    Ariarh Kane wrote:
    Shaezon Silverfall wrote:
    Ariarh Kane wrote:
    Interesting character, Shaezon. Looking forward to seeing how your character fits in with the rest of the crew. :)
    You realize this is Tiny Coffee Golem/Gideon, right?
    Yup, I do. I was meaning your Mage character and not you as the player. I like the character you've put together, Gid. :)

    Me too. Shaezon is a bit more my speed. I'm an arcane junkie. ;-)

    Writer’s Wanted for Kingmaker Homebrew!

    Hello – I’m looking for a player for ongoing KingMaker Game. I’m specifically looking for someone who enjoys writing good fiction and reading, too. If you prefer to write once a day (or less) a post that is roughly one paragraph in length – this game really isn’t for you.

    For a quick idea of what I’m talking about – look over the Campaign Information Page under the Full Summary for Book 1 at the bottom Summary Here. If you’ve ever played Kingmaker – and finished book 1 – you will see this is quite a bit different then the usual boxed set.

    Meanwhile - I like to keep the game interesting – I’m a fan of multi-classing, I like use and see a unique group filled with different races or ideas (think "Mos Eisley Space Port"). As such I make full use of all the classes and races found on d20Pathfinder-SRD - with a few exceptions we can chat about.

    This site specifically has a lot of races and classes that are not typically considered “core” – though the material is published by Paizo Press. I find it useful, and encourage the usage of it. However, a player who builds an extremely “powerful” character should know that their challenge rating is on a sliding scale. The more powerful their character, the more personally challenging the difficulties their own character will face – perhaps even greater challenges then the rest of the party.

    Even still – it is a point-buy system, with a 28 Point Buy – you start with 3 Traits (one of them must be a “regional trait” – from your region of origin) and you will be starting at level 6; with all normal rules and bonuses applying.

    With all of this in mind – there are a few things to consider.

    - I run a very “low” magical world – there is not much magical gear laying around, and the magical gear you find is, very generally – not from the core book – but home brew.

    - I try to run a fairly “good” style game – we have no “evil alignments” and only a few “neutral ones” – this does not mean all the characters are “nice” – but inter-party conflict is not encouraged.

    - “Leveling” is “quest based” – not by XP. If rescuing a princess is the quest – and upon completion of the quest you gain “one level” – understand that killing hundreds of monsters does not put you ahead in the game. Instead – “bonus XP” comes in the form of “Bonus BP” – which I shall explain now.

    - As this is a “Kingmaker Game: Homebrew” – it only loosely follows the book. There have been so many different NPC’s and quests that are not in the book that even reading through all the books will not help you much. However – the game is about being a ruler, one day. As such, the players have formed a council to govern the land – and when they reach level 7 – they will then be able to create “baronies” outside the capital. Each “barony” will function like a “Kingmaker City” – only each of them will have specific control over their community – with the ability to recruit their own “town council” (at cost) – build their own specific buildings (hence the Bonus BP – exclusive to their own city) – and to one day create their own army and, if they choose – range over the nation and ally themselves with friends in the council – or try to take over the nation – or even the world.

    - For combat we sometimes use “Skype” with a combat thread in posting – with emailed maps to designate where each person is on the map. Sometimes we use “MapTools” – a free to use/download software for playing games over the computer. But nothing is set in stone. Very often I will email out a map of the combat zone – with a grid – you tell me what you are doing by post – and then each action is noted and moved through.

    - Quick note on rules: a lot of times the rules can seem to fly “Fast and Loose” – in which a player is forced to toss up a check for something that is not out of the book; and things don’t always work the way you may expect. Most of these checks are done, not only for flavor – but to make sure it feels like a somewhat “tense” situation – and generally the negative results are not earth shattering. But if you prefer everything to go “by the book” – this game is probably not be for you.

    - Since “monsters” are playable races – if you encounter a sentient monster it is going to have class levels. Trolls are hard, yes – but try fighting Troll Barbarians, that is often more hard. Again, if you are looking for “by the book stuff” – you may need to keep looking.

    - I cannot stress this enough – Challenges are based on a sliding scale for each character. The more powerful your “build’ – the more “challenging” your challenge will be personally. A mid-range character with a modest build may even have an easier time in the game then a character with tremendous power and tremendous bonuses – but then, that’s okay – that’s why you’re a hero.

    - Finally – we currently have a rather eclectic mix to the party. Currently we have a Half-elf Barbarian Sorcerer with a Diabolic Bloodline and a determination to do good, despite his dark upbringing. We have an Aasimar who is a former horse rancher and is now become a Druid; with a young griffon as a companion. We have an Elf who is a wizard, with a pseudo-dragon familiar. We have a recent addition in the form of a Tiefling Summoner who is attempting to escape his dark past and “do good” – and we have some new additions coming, too – including a Changeling Cleric – a Strix Fighter – and possibly some others. None of this includes the massive amounts of NPC’s you will run into.

    Okay – if all the above does not encourage you to look somewhere else – congratulations! I don’t really have a need for a specific race, class, or archtype at this time – the only thing I’m really missing is people who like to write! I want to come home and see chatter on the board between players – I want to read stuff that other people write without having to do all the writing first and then get answers – and though my people do this pretty well – I could always use another hand in making this world come alive. The more the party writes - the more the story comes alive. So, if you’re interested – let me know – and we can go from there.

    Hey. I was wondering if you'd be interested in the services of a figter or cavalier or ranger to help with settling those wild lands.

    I have a few concepts for these characters but wanted to know what might fit better with the group.

    Alignment would be likely NG or CG but I don't know what other specifics are needed.

    This is Shaezon Silverfalls friend IRL.

    Feel free to email at

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