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DaWay's Rise of the Rune Lords - Burnt Offerings (Inactive)

Game Master DaWay

Welcome to Sandpoint, Varisia! You have arrived just in time for the Swallowtail Festival and the reopening of the Cathedral after the old one burned down five years ago.

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Lantern Lodge


Cerinniburt it is a Tennamort

Grand Lodge

Male Aasimar (of gnomish stock) Druid 4 , Init: +1, Perception +11 w/60 ft Darkvision, HP: 31/31, F:+5, R:+2, W:+8, AC/T/FF: 17/13/15, CMD: 15, Stormburst 7/7

"Ah yes, it's a Tentamort. I remember hearing about one of these things when I skirted the edge of the Mushfens on my way here. Nasty creatures, they grab you with a sticky tentacle then stab you with a stinger on another which liquifies your insides for them to feed upon. Something to avoid, I would say.

Let us head back east, hopefully we can get to the bridge that leads to the island" Cerin says as he points to the structure. He unties himself and moves into the briars again to scout ahead.

Will move east then south towards C27 through the briars.
Perception: (Take 10) = 21
Stealth: (Take 10) = 19

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