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DaWay's Legacy of Fire - Howl of the Carrion King (Inactive)

Game Master DaWay

Having been hired by Garavel for the Merchant Princess Almahn you have reclaimed an Old Monastery to Sarenrae now you must launch the plan to reclaim Kelmarane as your contract details.

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Ask not for whom the bell tolls...

Khatijah hears Taldor's outburst and sees the dwarf leaving, but something inside her wanted to lash out at the halfling, the one who said they were expendable and being sent to die.

Despite her better judgement, she gives in.

"Perhaps, but I learned long ago that when a master sends you to die, you either lay down and do so or defy him. So little one, do you give up or do you fight?"

She storms out, but almost as soon as she is outside, her face turns to worry, she looks around and finds Taldor shaking beside the building.

Perception: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (9) + 1 = 10

She looks ashamed at herself when she notices the blood and sits beside the troubled dwarf and quietly talks to him.

"I would ask what troubles you, my friend, but I think I know. I am sorry to have upset you, and cause you pain." She points out the blood dripping slowly from his hand. "Not my keen, this. I do not do well when emotions and tempers flare. My blood runs too hot. In the pits, at least I knew what to do. Fight, wound, kill, if need be. Not this, not here. I'm afraid all I know now is to fight."

She sits in the shadow of the building for a long moment of silence. her eyes are cool and said now, almost as if the fires of passion and life had been doused to never rise again.

"Tell me friend, what is your home like?"

Grand Lodge

Taldor nearly jumps out of skin when the girl begins talking to him, but relaxes a little when he see's who it is. When she asks him of his home he looks up

"I aint much but a fighter either, but at least in the army i had a few friends, some people who knew me fer me. Aint yer fault, its mine"

Taldor shifts a little, noticing the blood and wiping it off

"Ahh my home, it's glorious. Set under a mountain in the great dwarven city. More tunnels than the sky has clouds. In the morning you woke to the hammering of metal from Torag's citadel, then ye could feast on the mushrooms and underground fish. And the women, oh the women, hair loosed down and cooking or cleaning, beautiful as the full moon"

His eyes grow misty

"Aint never had one meself, but i'm da godfather of a little girl who's father died alongside me in battle. Wish i knew how she was..."

With a wry smile, Kara produces a small curved blade from a hidden fold beneath her skirt. "Oh, I don't intend to die quietly without a fight, but I've accepted my fate."

"I believe our time of relaxation and calm is about to come to an end, so if you will excuse me . . . " Arizhel and Zerika head back to the rooms.

Seems like a good lot, I hope they can help keep us alive. I would hate to die on such a nice day.

As she exits the main hall, Arizhel hesitates a moment, then calls over her shoulder, "Innkeeper, two hot baths please, I doubt such a luxury will present itself for quite some time."

I saw it mentioned that none of this would be 'cannon'. Why wouldn't it be? Is it normal for people to ignore the happenings of a recruitment thread in the main campaign?

It is more normal for people not to have RP in the recruitment thread. This is apparantly a newer idea to the boards, one that people are still experimenting with.

There are several potential advantages, as it allows the GM to get a better feel for the various characers, and to see something about the relationships they may develop.

There are also several pitfalls. Character submissions can get lost in a flood of IC posts. People that the judge my well prefer withdraw from consideration because THEY think another person's IC posting makes that character preferable over their own similar build.

I'm simply waiting patiently at this point. Even moreso in about 4 hours, as I'll be in a home game face-to-face session, which normally lasts for nearly 6 hours . . ..

Tolus - I have seen it go both ways... taken as cannon or thrown out completely - after all it really amounts to an audition more than actual in-game rp. So I guess it's really up the DM whether or not to okay it as having actually taken place.

To be honest, most of the games I have joined did not even have any rp in the recruitment thread - the characters were selected based on their profile. I have only been in 3 games with pre-game rp in recruitment, so my experiences may not be the norm.

Mas'ud wrote:

I'm simply waiting patiently at this point. Even moreso in about 4 hours, as I'll be in a home game face-to-face session, which normally lasts for nearly 6 hours . . ..

Indeed. My table games are the same way. Last session it took us 5 hrs to clear a room because our DM came up with this crazy trap/combat room that turned out to be a little harder to figure out/fight through than he had intended. Was still fun though.

And the thread holds its breath in anticipation.

yes, I think we're all waiting for the voice of god to tell each of us if we are among the chosen ones...

f5, f5, f5, f5, f5, f5...


(f5 on your keyboard is the default button to refresh the page in most browsers)

f5=refresh page

oic... ty.. lol.. i always right click for 'reload'... Now I can do it easier...thanks :)

I think this is the highest I've ever seen a recruitment thread go.

I do not envy you DaWay.

this is 366 posts. there's a 468 one still active.

Lantern Lodge

A beardless dwarf gracefully slips into the room. He is immaculately groomed in leathers and the only visibly weapon his strung securely to his back. A Heavy Repeating Crossbow baring many runes. His eyes are hidden beneath a fine linen cloak. This is none other than the Merchant Princess seneschal, Garavel.

Perception 15:
Strung around his neck you see a silver collar clasped by a silver bolt.

if perception was made Knowledge Arcana 25:
You recognize this as a collar from the Pact Masters of Katapesh to bring others into an emotionless indentured servitude.

The dwarf speaks in a low monotone voice, the kind that would surely bring you to sleep if you were in a classroom, The Merchant Princess Almah has made her decision. The following guards will be hired for 200 gold for ensuring her safety and the reclaimation of Kelmarane: Fionnbharanel, Talos, Mus'ad, Taldor Rockheels, Arizhel, Katijah, Cahal ud'Din, and Kara. Please report to the Caravan at dawn ready to leave Solku.

This was a hard decision but was solely based the roleplay that I saw in the recruitment thread. I thank you all that applied, this was an enjoyable recruitment. Please take note those of you that have been selected there are 8 of you. When you encounter enemies there will be more or they maybe stronger to even the odds and pacing. I look forward to this.

As a side note I will create the Gameplay and Discussion threads for you but will post very little this weekend as I have the in-laws visiting the entire weekend. Thank You for your patience

perception: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (2) + 10 = 12

gah, of course I'd miss it... ah well..

thanks for taking time to read my app. If I had known you wanted pre-game RP, I would have.

Lantern Lodge

hoogie it just gave me a better idea of how the characters would interact and what I could expect. Thank you for your interest though.

perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (7) + 4 = 11

Normally pre-game RP factors less into selection - I think this was an exception because it was so much fun. I'll be honest, I usually avoid pre-selection RP and generally find it distasteful.

DaWay, thanks for selecting me. I really look forward to fleshing out this character again. That and it's a good excuse to write some poetry.

Perception" 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (9) + 1 = 10 Thanks for taking Khatijah, I considered using a quirk from a previous incarnation of this character, but thought it'd be too cheesy (as in cliche, not munchkin cheese)

"I will."

i think all our perception rolls are sucking big time... sigh... maybe someone else will notice.

1d20 + 1 ⇒ (16) + 1 = 17
The instant Tolus sees Garavel he is on his feet in the prefect bow. When Garavel makes his announcement Tolus steals a glace about. It was time.

As Garavel turned to leave, tolus sees the gling of a silver collar about the dwarf's neck, fastened by a silver bolt. Tolus shuddered. Surely that was a piece of jewelry. A mockery of a true collar. Surely.

Perception (Zerika): 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (12) + 15 = 27
Knowledge(Arcana) Zerika = Untrained

Perception( Arizhel): 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4
]Knowledge(Arcana) Arizhel = Untrained

Grand Lodge

Thanks a lot daway! taldor will b fun to play, also not postin much on the weekend works perfectly for me, as i dont get my laptop till monday (then i will b on very often)

Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20

A giant Keleshite stirs from the shade under a tree. Slowly, he uncoils his powerful and gracious limbs, rising to his feet, slowly, like a cobra finding a prey. The desert has taken a toll on his Keleshite features. His skin is darker and his emerald eyes are like slits. He rarely shaves, nor cares much for his black hair and carries with him the smells of travel. He wears loose fitting garments that are the color of the plains and the sands, often hiding his face behind a scarf of cerulean and sand.

He shrugs and nods, bending his head in servitude, taking his place in the caravan.

Grand Lodge

i saw the knowledge arcana and decided not to roll lol

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