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DaWay's Legacy of Fire - Howl of the Carrion King (Inactive)

Game Master DaWay

Having been hired by Garavel for the Merchant Princess Almahn you have reclaimed an Old Monastery to Sarenrae now you must launch the plan to reclaim Kelmarane as your contract details.


Tolus - Vishkanya Deadly Courtesan Rogue 4 - 4515 xp
Fionnbharanel - Gnome Theologian Cleric 4 - 4515 xp
Taldor - Dwarf Foehammer Fighter 4 - 4515 xp
Arizhel - Halfling Master Summoner 4 - 4515 xp
Katijah - Human Two Weapon Fighter 4 - 4515 xp
Kara - Halfling Dancing Dervish Bard 4 - 4515 xp
Malak - Human Tattooed Orc Sorcerer 4 - 4515 xp

NPC relationship status:
Almah - friendly
Garavel - friendly
Dashki - indifferent
Delphina - unknown
Father Zoastran - friendly
Caravan Guard - friendly
Mercenaries - friendly
Caravan Driver - unfriendly

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