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Da Vinci Code

Game Master Cody Neale

This is loosely based on the Da Vinci code, Assasins Creed, Professor Layton, and Big O.

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Male Human Cleric/ 2

"Father... Quite a stupendous show we put on, wouldn't you agree?" says the professor as he repositions his hat after severing the spinal chord of the last of the approaching undead. It is plain to see that the man is quite proud of himself, and though I agree our teamwork was excellent, I'd all the same have not been assaulted in the first place.

"Yes we did well. I am just pleased that we were able to end the foul undeath that befell these poor men. No matter their sins in life, no one deserves such a fate."

Hanging my crossbow loosely at my side I wander back to the previous room and pick up the mace that the stone guardian was holding. The undead got too close for comfort considering I had no melee weapon to defend myself with. Mace in hand I wander back to the scene of our recent battle.

"Now Professor, what do you say our next move should be? What did we learn down here?"

Male Human Alchemist(Rage Vivisectionist)/2

After this ordeal it brings much to mind and Father Hallowborne makes a very good point... What did we learn down here? What was the point of all of this? In retrospect it almost seems like a trap! Perhaps we were sent to our expected deaths in this crypt. "Father, you ask a very potent question... What indeed is our next move?" I grab the lantern off of the ground and once again secure it to my sash. As I look around the room I take note of the chests and vases about the rotunda. "Now... Father, please bare with me on this and try to view what I say in a pragmatic sense." I sheath my dagger and remove my hat taking on an unintimidating appearance. "Surely you've heard tales of grand adventurers who have been in situations that we had just bested..." I gesture my hand to the dead dead, "Now in this circumstance it would seem to behoove us to prepare for similar encounters and such I was only thinking; if you permit, perhaps these chests and coves my contain what could be useful to us in our journey!"

Walking about the room I push the chests and vases to the center of the compartment. Standing over them I look to Samuel, "If your beliefs prohibit this in any way, Father, just let me know of your concerns. But speaking with rationality... This cache may have either answers or tools for our coming sojourn."

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Fighter 2

If you could each make a list of the items you have aquirred thus far, it would be appreciated

Search 15:

You find an assortment of things in the chest. About 40 sp, 200 cp, 10 gp, a book filled with Celestial writing, and a strange glove (needs appraising)

Male Human Alchemist(Rage Vivisectionist)/2

Perception: Taking 20.

Opening the chest with an almost apologetic look towards Father Hallowborne I sift through the contents. Mostly a mediocre amount of wealth, my heart sinks. "Father, before you object to this I want you to observe this tome!" just from the cover I can tell it is of a religious persuasion, "Here, I'm sure this does not count as grave robbing at all! If anything it's theological unearthing." my tone humorous and witty I quickly look down and avert eye contact with my companion, the joke was perhaps a bit... Grave.

*Snicker* I do what I can to compose myself. Placing the theocratic novel on the ground by Samuel's feet I once again kneel down and reach into the chest, producing a glove. "Hrmmm... What a peculiar fashion cycle they must have been through at the time of their resting. Or perhaps? I'm just not sure," Holding the glove close to my lantern something about it just seems... Strange. "Perhaps...?"

Appraise: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16

"I say!" My eye glittering, "Perhaps it may be worth a pretty penny!

I have taken an old tome from the first room, some centipede's acid, 30gp, a ring, the painting(Haha, I forgot about that!) and now a strange glove.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Fighter 2

Knowledge Mechanic 15:

You are able to discern this glove is not a piece of apparel, but really a weapon in disguise. This is a retracting dagger of masterwork quality. A fine piece of work.

Knowledge Mechanic 20:

You notice a tiny slit. There is enough room to insert a flask, when activâing the weapon, a small amount of material of flask is injected with the weapon into the victim. Each flask has ten doses.

The appraise check may substitute. If you'd like to make a knowledge check for the next subtext go ahead.

Male Human Cleric/ 2

As my companion searches through the things of the dead I feel uneasy. I do not like the idea of robbing these deceased of their final possessions, but... considering the far more dire evil that looms over us I try to make myself come to terms with it if we can find anything that may be helpful to us.

I pick up the book that the Professor lay by my feet and open it to a random page. My eyes light up as I notice it is penned in an ancient looking text.

Knowledge Religion: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11

Holding my tongue in respect for the dead whom we are taking these objects from, I feel that despite our disrespect deeds something important may have come from this.

I'll post more later, I'm rushing to leave for work. Adam can take us through until night if he wishes. I've picked up a mace, an unidentified circlet and now this book. Good day to you both!

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Fighter 2

The two of you have cometed your business down here. All thy remains is te mysterious tome, angelic book, and circlet.

Appaise 10:

The circlet appears to be some sort of light source. A switch on the top flicks it on and off. It functions as a hooded lantern.

Your recap of your religous memorophilia reveals this to be a book of divine and sentient beings. A quick run through and you detect it to be a book containing wills of Gods. It has knowledge beneficial to scholars of religous backgrounds. It gives a plus two bonus to any check that may be divine or religiously affiliated.

The tome discovered by both of you requires detailed investigation and enscribing.

Adam, you may lead for now what the two of you do.

Male Human Alchemist(Rage Vivisectionist)/2

I can't make untrained knowledge checks :[ but I know someone who can! :)

After looking over the glove I stuff it into my packs, it'll fetch a high price to someone- *Snikt*

I look down and protruding out of my satchel is a blade! Quickly I open the flap and fish out the once-docile glove. Holding it in front of me I plainly see the blade sticking out from under the wrist! I inspect the mechanics of this weapon and take note of an extremely simple spring-rail system that hides the blade in an ergonomic yet deadly manner. Fiddling with the contraption I am surprised to feel the triggering system activate flawlessly again and again, quite a piece of work! Multiple locking locations too; one on the top of the wrist, like a punching dagger, one on the underside of the wrist and one between the index finger and thumb.

Almost playing with the contraption I notice Father Hallowborne looking quite ready to leave these catacombs. "Father, I believe our business in these accursed tombs is long and over, let us return above." saying that I remove my right glove and replace it with the new found weapon... Now if only it were more fashionable.

Huh... It'll be difficult having me forget about Father. How about we say you had agreed to find us a place to stay for the night while I do my own thing?

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Fighter 2

Sounds good. But equipment you may want or need, talk and the like. Use te discussion board to discuss or help level.
Also you may make general knowledge checks!

Male Human Cleric/ 2

"I agree my friend, let us leave this place far behind.."

As the Professor and I make our way towards the exit I clutch tightly to the novel I held in my hands. From what I am able to gather based on the formatting, structure and the language of the book I am positive that written within contains the will of the gods.

"Professor once we again reach the surface we must find someone who can read the celestial language to translate this book for us. But we must first rest, for it will do us no good to proceed tired. Once above I will find us a place to rest tonight, and you may go about your own business."

Male Human Alchemist(Rage Vivisectionist)/2

"Wise decision, Father. You're concern about our fatigue is well placed. That tome, I hope it brings us some good." As we both make our way to the surface we shake hands and promise to rendezvous at The Leaf Cafe one hour after sunset.

Walking the streets of Hidden Valley I take note of small haunts and minute shops... This area is much too common for what I am looking for. Taking the to time introduce myself I ask important looking individuals for the most prominent Laboratories and Botanies in town. In one particular case a young laborer had stifled my conversation with a passing nobleman, his intent was kind enough but his lack of tact had me sending the rude sod on his way.

Diplomacy(Gathering information): 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 1 = 12

I've not got much information, a few names but no particular location. "In this area..."s and "I believe the Wizard..."s but nothing solid enough for me to make an all day's walk. Strolling down the alley ways I take note of the sun's position and make a vow to enter the next Acranium I come across.

"Hrrrmmmm... Warlock's Mumbles? *Sigh* I guess if nothing else I can ask for a more notable establishment." Taking off my billy-cock I give the iron rimmed door a slight rap before entering the emporium.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Fighter 2

You hear an establishment by the name of the Syrins Cove; an establishment off the Twinrova river waterfront. It's fully equipped with a winery and bar, indoor spa, lovely escorts, and a state of the art harmony room. A night at this fine place will run you 3gp, this includes all the kicks. The location is a known hotspot for all the elites in town.

Male Human Alchemist(Rage Vivisectionist)/2

As I stand in the door way it feels like I had made an enormous mistake... Shrunken heads line the walls and strange clock-work contraptions fill the air with a ghastly haze that smells something between rot and sweet confections. The tone of the room is a dark blue, why I cannot say. Apprehension takes hold and I almost turn back before I hear a rather high pitched voice "Oh goodness oh gracious, bless me heart! Welcome to me shop!" glancing around I try to locate the origin of the joyful speaker... Nothing! "Th-thank you, Professor Beau Jericho Skyraper at... Your service?" my introduction is lacking I know but this is quite unsettling. "Professor?" the voice has a surprised upward inflection, "Bless me stars, yer a tall one you are Professor!" as the voice sounds closer than before i lift one knee and both eyebrows as I catch a glance of the provider of this establishment.

Two green circles like shining emeralds stare up at me, crowned with a black turban and dressed with white mutton chops that look like they belong on an ogre I can now tell my robe clad company is a halfling of venerable age. "Har har har har har! Oh Professor, now ya can't say that a lil old halfman frightens you!" the small man holds his stomach as he chrotles in his squeakey voice. "No, no, no..." composing myself I regain my stance and try to put on my usual arrogant airs "... Sir, It's only that I have just gone through quite the ordeal, I have no reason to be afraid of a halfman after my that recent event." after the condescending remark I take foot into his shop proving my confidence. "Dont be so sure, Mr. Skyraper... A book canna be judged by its cover, or size." with that the little man closes the door with a slam leaving me in relative darkness. My finger caresses the trigger mechanism as i yell out, "I say! Is this any way to treat a prospecting customer!? I hear the arching of electricity and suddenly a blue orb ignites with light, the two green circles hovering above it as i make out the outline of both the provider and a desk.

"Har har har har har! Well Ye still here, Professor! I reckon It's a dandy way to treat one!" the halfling lifts a cloth from the desk and where it was flat a plethora of different colored viles seemingly pour from the silk curtain. "Welcome to the Warlock's Mumbles, Professor. Warlock Darkman be at yer service!"

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Fighter 2

You may purchase the items you desire and we may proceed if you wish. I don't have anything planned till the both of you level.

Male Human Alchemist(Rage Vivisectionist)/2

Carefully, very carefully, I creep to the counter to meet my provider. Looking at his goggle covered eyes I see he is biting his lips anxiously, truly this man is an artisan first, salesperson second. I look at the wares he has produced and immediately my tact drops It's guard. "By science!! These hues, these aromas, this viscousity, this amount! How... Wha- Even in University my professors could not even DREAM of producing drafts such as these! Bu- You? I..." the short man gives a grin bigger than I had ever seen. "Har har har har har! Thought yourself to be the professor and me the student? Mr. Skyraper, your ego be what loses yer words, not me potions! Har har har har har!" insulting but I can not argue, it doesn't seem to be the fact that these viles exist that pokes at my heart, It's only that I didn't create them. Nose and back stiff I retort with "Well... It's not as if these are entrily original, they're just refined. I on the other hand create drafts both unique AND potent!" my acid feels sharp but his skin is thicker than i would have guessed.

"Har har har har!" the halfling chuckles "Professor, please no need, no need. See this draft here? Call me the shortest giant if you find one quite like this just anywhere!" holding up on diamond shaped vile with a red/green swirling liquid he bears another amazing grin, "Oh? Please, what exactly does that draft do that one I could make couldn't?" I feel i am losing my cool and fast but this man is just insult after backhanded insult! Darkman continues on and on how if a lizard were to have the slightest drop of this potion it's terrible claws and teeth would rival a dragons! Pssssh posh! Bull honkey! Poppycock! "Quite a fiction you've woven good sir but i know that to be undeniably impossible! Such a draft could not exist, the acranical reaction would merely destabilize the natural elements of the host! Your lizard would become nothing but a mound of Alchemetical goo!"

Suddenly the door flies open and the outside light breaks through the haze, the shop keep's goggles turn to red. "Insulting blaggard! Yer ignorance be just as unwanted as yer arrogance!" he drops the cloth over the potions making them disappear once more, "Don't you come back until ye either have the knowhow to make the draft outta notin but Circonium or til Ye got the money to buy it offa me!" his shrill voice drives me out of the shop post haste, it seems I had gotten to him.

Male Human Cleric/ 2

There is an ancient text with diagrams in it to call upon some sort of ancient fiery evil bringing the end of the world... There is a tomb under this city which clearly had some biblical relevance in which we found the strangest painting and a book written in the language of the heavens...

After obtaining a room for the night at the Inn of Syrin's Cove I decided to take a walk, breathing the fresh air and allowing myself to think back on the events that have transpired since visiting this city. In my exhausted and confused state none of what we learned makes any sense; we must find someone to translate this celestial novel soon so that it may shed some light upon this mystery.

"Now where is the Professor?" I wonder aloud as I walk the streets. It is getting quite dark and unless I turn back to the inn soon I worry that I will not be able to find my way back.

At that moment a door directly to my right opens and I feel a fast moving creature knock in to me. Startled but on edge I turn to confront my attacker, when I notice that it is in fact the Professor, who had been hastily retreating from whatever shop he had just been in.

"H-hello Professor, I was searching for you, but I did not expect to literally bump in to you." Awkwardly pulling myself to my feet, I glanced around to see if anyone noticed this embarrassing moment. "Um I have a room for us, come, before it gets darker and more people burst out at us from indoors..."

Male Human Alchemist(Rage Vivisectionist)/2

Pulling down on my billy-cock with both hands I bolt out of Warlock's Mumbles with no other focus other than escaping the wailing voice of Darkman. In my haste I feel myself literally ram into another person! Tumbling forward with the man I am amazed to see that it is none other than father Hallowborne. "Samuel! My apologies, this is not how I had imagined our reconvening." As we stand I'm thankful to once again be in his company... This time of night in a commoner's area is not the time I'd like to be walking alone, I might've been begged.

The sun begins to drop beneath the horizon and the shadows of the alleys begin to cast. Father Hallowborne leads me to the inn in which he had acquired a room... "Father... I would never have hypothesized your taste to be so impeccable! These accommodations are truly well deserved after what we had gone through." with a smile I place my hand upon my friend's shoulder as we walk about the main lobby.

Giving my bow to all of the fine and illustrious ladies as well as my nod to the gentlemen I feel just at home among the deserving and cultured, I hope my company understands how to hold himself given the class of these accommodations. "Father, are you one to enjoy spirits?" I gesture to the winery where there are fantastically dressed women and men talking about important matters over some rosy wines.

Male Human Cleric/ 2

Taste so impeccable? I hold off on telling the Professor that the reason for renting a room at this exquisite location was simply because I could not find anything cheaper; he is so pleased I would just rather him not know. The smile upon his face as he flirts with the young women and shows off his manners towards the men I am sure is exactly the type of attention I am sure he wishes after such a rough day, and who am I to diminish that for him?

"Father, are you one to enjoy spirits?" he asks me as we near the bar. "As it turns out my friend I do enjoy my wine! Back in my home town I was praised for only using the best vintages to please the gods at mass, though my enjoyment of the dream by no means ends with church. The teachings say to enjoy your drink as long as you do not let your drink rule you; let us enjoy a glass together before bed shall we?"

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Fighter 2

When the two of you are done conversing, when you sleep, you both level.

The two of you awaken to a major disturbance. Crashes, screams, and rumbling are heard. Your room appears in shambles. Mirrors, paintings, and vases are knocked over. Many voices can be heard amidst and after the thunderous roar.

Male Human Alchemist(Rage Vivisectionist)/2

As the wine flows my troubles seem to empty along with the glasses and bottles. I have never been one to partake in any substance to the point of altered mindsets; aside from my alchemy, but tonight I feel there is no reason not to enjoy what I imbibe, I have good company and a good reason! Loud conversation, slurring gestures, rosy cheeks, and boasting fill our evening... Much to our company's chagrin it seems. "Well blast them! The fancy pants'! They don't know what it takes to get the job done!" I spout the drunken speech abruptly... I say, have I really had that much to drink?

Going up to our room I hang my packs on the ivory rack and throw my coat over the embroidered lounge, unbuttoning my vest and sash I lay them on the ground by the rose patterned rocker that will serve as my bed. Plopping down I kick off my boots and remove my gloves, pulling my billy-cock over my eyes I let the enigma that is my subconscious take me to dreaming.

---Level Up!---

Waking rather abruptly I find myself on the ground, face first. Peeling my face from the rosewood finish I blink with blurry vision trying to make out the shapes in the room. Uproariously I yell out "I say! as our room looks utterly the mess! As soon as I am on hands and knees I hear people screaming outside, SCREAMING, blood chilling screaming. Scrambling to find my coat I still feel as if I am in a haze, hardly balanced. After a loud unloving rumble I hear voices among the racket... "Father...? Are you awake? I say quietly.

Male Human Cleric/ 2

"...and then the bard said "I'm invisible!" as he started running around without *hick* any clothes on!" I explain to the man sitting next to me telling the story of a group of adventurers who once came to me fro clerical aid. I then proceeded to walk around the room offering blessings to everyone that I met, even once offering one to an ornate marble statue of a griffon. People are much more pushy in the big city and some of the other patrons pressured me in to consuming much more alcohol than I was used to at home. I barely even felt the Professor's hand on my shoulder as he led me up the stairs to our rooms. Entering the room I collapsed backwards on my bed, still fully clothed, fast asleep.

---Level Up!---

"Father...? Are you awake?" I hear through my dreams. I open my eyes to the dim room wondering why I had been awoken. I heard a sudden scream and clamor coming from elsewhere in the Inn and I quickly bolt upright only to collapse to the floor.

"Oughh... The drinking from last night... Professor, what was that scream?"

I slowly stand and straighten myself, careful now to avoid another hang-over headache. I stare worried at my friend as the noises continue.

Male Human Alchemist(Rage Vivisectionist)/2

Clarity returns and I can feel my awareness sharpen, I look to my ally who rises from the ground. "I'm not quite sure, Father. Best we get ourselves situated before investigating." I rummage through the room acquiring all of my goods, packs, gloves, coat, kits and hat, all accounted for. Practically jumping into my boots I look outside the window, peeling the floral patterned drapes aside...

Ready to continue.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Fighter 2

As you peer outside, you see people umuck. Stalls, tables, people knocked over. Glass and windows shattered. A huge crack is seen tearing the street apart.

Male Human Alchemist(Rage Vivisectionist)/2

My brow raises and my spirits fall as I look to the chaos that has befallen the roadways of Hidden Valley. Throwing the curtains shut I turn around quickly and move slowly and quietly to the door of our room. Upon reaching the door I place my ear to the wallpapered surface and attempt to discern what the situation is like outside of our abode. I put my gloved finger to my lips in a gesture to Father Hallowborne to remain silent.

Perception: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5

The clatter outside makes it difficult to focus on any specific noises outside. Erecting my full posture I adjust my billy-cock on my head and look over to my friend. "Father... The straits appear to be quite dire. My hypothesis is that this may be very dangerous." I take a quick and poised step away from the door and bow my head slightly while pointing at the closed door, with an almost worried sly grin I say, "After you, Samuel."

Male Human Cleric/ 2

I am sorry, I forgot that I needed to update.

Glancing outside I behold a most terrible sight. Running down the street is a tear in the world, spreading as easily as a tailor sheers a piece of cloth. "Father... The straits appear to be quite dire. My hypothesis is that this may be very dangerous." I turn and face him, a quizzical look on my face as my mind races trying to figure out what to do. "After you, Samuel."

"Professor I think you hypopothsesis... hypothosor... hyp..." Before I could wrap my tongue around the word to respond to my friend I hurriedly dash out of the room, heart pumping and terrified, toward the crack. I take a giant desperate lunge toward the edge of the chasm and, sliding the last few inches on my stomach, reach out beyond the ledge.

My hand makes contact; my fingers respond to reflex and grab tight.

With all the strength I have available to me I hoist myself up away from the ledge, pulling up with me the limp figure of a young girl, unconscious after tripping and hitting her head fleeing from the expanding crack. I pulled her free and picked her up and get both of us as quickly as I could to our hotel and away from the danger that almost swallowed her whole.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Fighter 2

The youngling terrified at her almost to be demise, runs off and away. People in the street are gathering amongst themselves.

Perception 10:

You hear several individuals speak of a hand hand reaching up, then slowly back into the ground.

Male Human Cleric/ 2

1d20 + 3 ⇒ (12) + 3 = 15

As the young woman regains consciousness she almost instantaneously starts to panic and, against my protests saying that she should remain lying down inside where it is safe, fled from the room and down the street. I follow her out with intentions to plea further, but I hear something that makes me stop dead in my tracks.

"A hand! I dare say Mortimer I saw a hand reach out of the pit!" "As did I Rupert! It reached up and then pulled itself back down! Did you see it, Link?" "Hyeah! Augh! Yeahh!"

"Professor!! Did you hear that group speaking? A hand apparently reached up out of the crevasse! Did you see where?"

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Fighter 2

From the crowd's murmurs you draw the handleft as mysteriously as it came. Another individually claims to have seen a pair of eyes looking upward, but that is all.

Perception 10:

You find a small cog on the ground.

Male Human Alchemist(Rage Vivisectionist)/2

Peaking my head out the door way I slowly follow suit well behind Father Hallowborne's fleet of foot. In the main lobby I gaze at the bar that just the other night was rampant with joy and jollies, now it looks as if an fissure has torn it askew. Looking out of the main entrance to the inn I see a large group of people amassed around the street's center, curses I hate crowds of commoners... At the back of the crowd I am apprehensive of forcing my way through, this all could be a riot waiting to happen! Suddenly a small child; covered in pitch, bursts out of the gathering passing me at an incredible pace! She bolts down the boulevard and out of sight.

I turn back to the crowd just in time to almost be overtaken by a much larger sprinting individual. Quickly I notice that it just happens to be non other than my ally Samuel Halowborne!

"Professor!! Did you hear that group speaking? A hand apparently reached up out of the crevasse! Did you see where?"

"Father? A hand? A CREVASSE? Samuel what exactly are you speaking of? Were you just in pursuit of that youth? What precisely has unfolded since last night's galavanting?"

Perception: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (19) + 3 = 22

As my companion gathers his breath I take note of a very unusual bit of junk on the ground, reaching down I pick up what seems to be a very out of place piece of machinery. I pick the gear up and hold it between my gloved fingers, giving a gentle rub to remove the earth and ash from it's surface.

The cog is small in nature and fits in the palm of ones hand. The cog appears to be warm and lubricated.

Male Human Cleric/ 2

Panting, I lower my head and rest my hands on my knees. I take a few long, deep breaths before telling Beau everything that I know about what happened: The crevasse, saving the child, and overhearing something about a hand.

I bring myself back into a standing position and turn to look at the scene as Beau walks off to investigate as well. The street is in a panic, whatever just happened was not a natural occurrence. People are crying, unsure of what to think.

I notice the Professor walking back towards me examining something in his hand. As he approaches i take a look myself.

"A cog Professor? I did not see any machinery in the area, where did you find it?"

Male Human Alchemist(Rage Vivisectionist)/2

I take a step back, feeling slightly off balance when Samuel tells me his tale. "Are you to tell me that this causeway has been torn asunder?!" my voice is loud as I gesture to the ground beneath us. Calm down, Beau... You cannot lose your head like these commoners. I look into the crowd and when a few rubberneckers pass I notice the extent of the damage.

"A cog Professor? I did not see any machinery in the area, where did you find it?"

My wide green eyes snap back to Father Hallowborne, I remember the cog in my hand. "Fouwha- *Ahem* Oh yes, the cog. Quite curious no? Your observation is impeccable, Samuel. And even curiouser, though we have not found the source of where this piece came from it feels as if it has been in use not even minutes ago!" I begin to ponder, rubbing my chin with my free hand.

Male Human Engineer 2

A man approaches the crowd. He seems to be important looking, definatley not a commoner. He has a swag about him that promotes him above most. Agile, firm stature, and broad shoulders promote his confidence. The man appears to be wearing a nobles robe of some sort. Chapsman modern suit! he approaches the bunch.
"Alright.. Now would someone describe the happenings of the past few moments. My sources, aside from the slight trembling inform me something was left behind? Anyone know anything about that?"

Knowledge Local 10:

The man is known as Dwayne Lee Desmond. He is pusher, thinker, and innovator. His far fetched inventions have always bewildered the common folk and he also comes into conflict with both religous heads and political machines. He is an independent who believes in the free will of the people and strongly opposes the mental and social grasp society and mankind are under.

Male Human Cleric/ 2

Knowledge (Local) Check
1d20 ⇒ 1

As Beau and I stand staring and pondering over the origins of the cog in his hand we hear the volume of the crowd quiet a bit behind us. I turn around towards the commotion and am able to see that most of the common folk had stopped talking and were paying attention to a well-dressed man who had just walked on to the scene. Glancing at the professor I nodded my head in that direction, for whatever this man had to say I'm sure would be relevant to our own investigation.

"Alright.. Now would someone describe the happenings of the past few moments. My sources, aside from the slight trembling inform me something was left behind? Anyone know anything about that?"

I approach the newcomer with a finder raised in the air. "Hello!" I announce, loud enough for the surrounding people to hear. He turns toward me and I outstretch my hand towards him. Good day, sir. My name is Samuel, Samuel Hallowborne. My companion Professor Beau Skyraper and I were present for the bulk of the ordeal, for we ran outside at the first hints of disorder, and we would be glad to fill you in on all of what we know."

Male Human Engineer 2

The man approaches the two of you, interest peaked.
"Please go on with your findings."

Male Human Alchemist(Rage Vivisectionist)/2

Knowledge (Local): 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (14) + 3 = 17

"Please Father, your etiquette is clearly unappreciated by this man. This man who's; dare I say infamous, reputation precedes him." I stick my nose in the air and erect my posture, with my free hand I grasp the breast flap of my peacoat and begin, "Mr. Dwayne Desmond. Yes I've heard enough about you and your escapades whilst attending university. Everyone important knows about your conflicts with the deserving of society." I blink, remembering my company. Turning my head I quietly speak to Father Hallowborne out of the corner of my mouth, "Absolutely no offense meant, Samuel."

"Please go on with your findings."

Still on full airs I continue, "And what, pre tell, does a man of your questionability find piquing about the events that have unfolded this evening?" I grasp the cog in my hand, behind my back.

Male Human Engineer 2

"Well.. Indiscreetly this may be related to a research project I've found myself in the midst. Ive also heard you two on some sort of project yourself. I trust you have heard something related to the Old Scripture and the clash of Gods and Titans. These results I have been recieving, recent events, and whatever you two have come across, we may be able to combat whatever we may be up against.
Samuel, you seem to be a man of God.. Or Gods.. Something we may discend on. You are still a man of heart and soul, with a love of nature and beauty.
Professor, you are what some call an objectifiable man of humanity. But I find your research to be most let's say enlightening. A man of science, whose faith rests in logic and deduction, very much like me.
I have done my research on the two of you, and you may prove useful in an endeavor I will be undertaking. Now please forgive my rudeness and abruptness as of now. This event as we have witnessed has forced my hand to speed up in the tasks I shall be undertaking.
Would you two be able to be of service? I am a fair man, and any reward or trophy you may wish for, is certainly not out of grasp for me.

Male Human Cleric/ 2

I stand embarrassed as my companion reveals the man's importance as if everyone in attendance should know who he is. He turns to me and mutters that he meant no offense, to which I nod in acknowledgment, but I can't help but feel a little common amongst these two celebrities.

Mr. Desmond reveals his intentions in approaching the two of us. It would seem that his own endeavors mirror our own, at least in part. I shift uncomfortably and try to catch the eye of the Professor as Dwayne reveals that he has done research on us, but he doesn't seem to notice. A man of Skyraper's repute must be used to people knowing his life; a small-town priest like myself, however, is not.

"What might this service be, Mr. Desmond?" I ask, trying to hide my unease at the man's knowledge and demeanor.

Male Human Engineer 2

"Well, the service I require from you two is simple recoveries. Well they may not turn out to be so simple. But I'm sure a duo of your calibur will be able to over come obstacles that may cross yor paths. Now.. If I am to hear a yes from you two, I have some trinkets I'd like to give to you. But.. In accepting my request, I require the utmost honesty, trust, and loyalty to this quest and my overall cause."
Dwayne gazes at the both of you.
Perception1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6
He seems to pay no mind to the professors stance and posture.

Male Human Alchemist(Rage Vivisectionist)/2

"... Professor, you are what some call an objectifiable man of humanity. But I find your research to be most let's say enlightening..."

My brow contorts and I feel a grimace creeping it's way to the skin of my face. A cold feeling shoots up and down my esophagus and lumps form in my throat. Surely he couldn't have known about... No... The names on the any documentation wouldn't match. I begin to feel uneasy about Desmond's prodding but he appears to have the upper hand in this exchange.

"...But.. In accepting my request, I require the utmost honesty, trust, and loyalty to this quest and my overall cause."

My hand tightens around the cog that we've found. It feels natural to keep these findings to myself. This man has considerable deducing abilities; that's for sure, and if he were to find out that I'm not being forthwith it may prove hazardous to our mission. I step closer to Father Hallowborne and say to Desmond, "Now... Mr. Desmond, of course you can see that this is a proposition that does not bequeath much mutual trust. While I have acquired my information of you only through conversation and rumor, you have accrued a substantial amount of know-how of us through seemingly precise means. We ARE entitled; under the hypothetical that we agree to work with you, to act as free agents, correct?"

Male Human Engineer 2

Hmm.. Quit the deductible thinker this one is. Well, I suppose I have to let him have this hand to himself.
"Of course sir. Forgive me for my previous statements. One has to have assurance in my line of work. I would have to agree with your side of the symposium. That is only fair. Well then, does that mean we have come to an agreement of the minds?"

Male Human Alchemist(Rage Vivisectionist)/2

Hmmm, I am honestly surprised that he would allow us to act under our own accord with no surveillance. This man is either a fool or a business man. I shan't decide alone though, it would behoove myself and Father Hallowborne if we were able to discuss the matter of "playing" this man's trust.

Bluff (Send Secret Message): 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (7) + 1 = 8

I guess the Professor could work on his subtly. Also Derrick, you can attempt a sense motive to get the jist of my message, just by default it sounds like nothing in particular... Desmond can try too I believe, though he could need to first be aware that I'm trying to fool him... It's up to Cody as is any DC that could be present.

"Mr. Desmond, if you would allow me and my companion to discuss some very specific events HELD at HAND we could adequately decide whether or not we wish to take part in your business dealings. The MECHANICS of our comradery demand us to be in sync a much like GEARS." I hold the cog behind me and slightly bow to Dwayne as I gesture Samuel to follow my jibb.

Male Human Engineer 2

Sense Motive 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (4) + 9 = 13
Dwayne closes his eyes as finishing the discussion on the business proposal.
"Well of course. A rash decision is never a wise one, unless forced under duress or emergent circumstance.. But besides the point! I will leave you two. Please meet me at my estate. The building will be on the norther edge of town when ready. Please come in a timely manner as the matter is most urgent for me. Thank you."
Dwayne bows as he takes his leave, as a lord and gentle man does.

Male Human Cleric/ 2

What would I have to roll on my sense motive to detect Skyraper's hidden message?

Samuel Hallowborne wrote:
What would I have to roll on my sense motive to detect Skyraper's hidden message?


Male Human Cleric/ 2

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (9) + 3 = 12

Hm, my companion, who normally possessed the social graces of a politician, seemed to be stumbling over his words quite a lot. Perhaps he views this Mr. Desmond as celebrity and is in fact, embarrassed at the proposal. Though the Professor and I have gone through much together I wouldn't necessarily compare our teamwork to the efficiency of a machine.

I give my companion a puzzled look as Dwayne continues to speak. The Professor's eyes meet mine. He motions his eyes quickly from me to Dwayne, as if he wants me to turn away. Confused to his behavior, I look back to the man right as he says his goodbyes. I give a small wave, not really knowing what to say since my companion was the one who did most of the speaking.

As he walks away I turn back to Beau. "Why were you acting so strange there my friend? Were you taken aback by his celebrity? Do you think we can trust him? I must say I am quite lost."

The two of you, after some brief discussion and deliberation, decide to court over to Desmond's estate. It is a distance fom the inn. The estate sits alone from other buildings, but sits besides a beatiful grown pine forest. A small inlet lies behind the wonderous estate, and leads to a beautiful crystal blue lake. A small breeze can be felt and seen along the blades of grass. Magnificant machines surround the area. Pumps, gears, clockworks, tubes, and sorts fill up the property.

Perception 10:

Steam cars, ships, and balloons are the most recognizable objects seen.

Knowledge Mechanic 15:

Large guardian statues lay scattered amongst the field. Each wielding a variety of weaponry; sword and shield, lance, turret, and cannon. Small spy bots fly around in the airspace. And humanoid type machines can be seen wandering about.

The front of the estate lies a a large vibrant geared and clockwork vault.

Male Human Alchemist(Rage Vivisectionist)/2

"... And so when I submitted my review of the deceased's prolapsed bronchus my mentor japes to the entire auditorium whilst holding the severed trachea; 'Beux, that must have been one hell of a baby shower!'" I grasp the hem of my green coat with my free hand while letting out a hearty laugh at the punch-line of my story, I look to my partner to see whether or not he followed the humor. It feels natural to let loose coming so close to our destination... Best to get out the jesting now than when we meet with our "Employer".

"Well, Samuel. I was quite apprehensive about this Desmond character when we agreed to meet him but perhaps your business style was the most beneficial course to take, despite it's lack of guile or forethought." I cast a glance to my ally as we approach the mechanical wonder of Dwayne's estate... I hope he didn't take any offense to that. As we walk along the path the end of the long trek appears to be over, the sight stuns me slightly, "Goodness, Father. Have you ever seen such marvels of automecha and steamatech in harmony with a stunning melody of biome?" My viridian eyes widen as I give my black billy-cock an upwards tilt with my off-color glove-knife hand.

Perception:1d20 + 3 ⇒ (12) + 3 = 15

The quantity of steam vehicles and balloons baffles me humble. While physics was never my forte it is apparent that what I had struggled with this man has surpassed with incredible prowess. I regain my airs and tighten my gloved grip on my packs, ready to walk forward into the industrial marvels.

Knowledge (Mechanics):1d20 ⇒ 13

Male Human Cleric/ 2

I raise an eyebrow at my companion as we walk along the forest's edge towards our employers home. "A severed trachea?"The social gap between Beau and I always seemed the largest when attempting to tell humorous stories. He didn't seem to mind my lack of understanding and instead continued to make conversation, saying something about being apprehensive about meeting Desmond.

Perception: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9

Truth be told I was too uneasy to really pay much attention. I stared at the ground thinking of this Mr. Desmond as I walked, unable to shake this uneasy feeling about him. All of a sudden Skyraper stopped moving and said something about steam vehicles.

Realizing then that I had drifted into my thoughts and had been rudely ignoring my companion, I looked up and glanced around.

Knowledge (Mechanics): 1d20 ⇒ 8

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