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DM Zyren's Heart of Runes (Inactive)

Game Master Zyrenity

Adventure Path Rise of the Runelords - Strange incidents in Sandpoint: a goblin raid, shadows of the past, a serial killer...what other perils do the brave Sandpoint Saviours have to master?

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Shifty - got bored for a bit at work, so I polished off the recruitment blurb that I'll use for S&S when I start recruiting for it.

Recruiting Preview:
This is a recruitment thread for the new Paizo AP – Skull and Shackles… with a devilish twist

Campaign Summary:
The Paizo blurb is: There's adventure to be had on the high seas when a group of press-ganged strangers seizes a ship and becomes embroiled in the plots and politics of the Shackles—an infamous island chain dominated by pirate warlords. But as these new swashbucklers make names for themselves, rival scalawags, enemy navies, legendary sea monsters, and the infamous Hurricane King himself seek to see them walk the plank. Who will survive when there's glory to plunder?

However I would like to play this with a slight twist – being that all PCs are Tieflings of one kind or another. Not only will this give an additional reason for the characters to band together at the start of the AP – but will also give you an extra panache that you can eventually use to stand apart from the other Free Captains.

The Player’s Guide is located HERE

Posting Requirements:
I am looking for people that can check in on the thread at least a couple of times a day, and post at least 1/day on weekdays. Weekends are more relaxed.

Feel free to pop into my profile and take a peek at the campaigns that I currently DM if you’d like to get a feel for how I go about things.

Crunch Application Guidelines:

  • 20 point buy
  • Alignment is flexible – though see fluff guidelines below.
  • HP Max @ 1st
  • Tieflings only – all alternate types and traits in the recent Blood of Fiends book are allowed… and indeed recommended.
  • Classes - no restrictions, though firearms will be strictly limited to basic level only
  • You will be allowed only a single small item at the start of the campaign. It should be something that might easily be concealed within a sleeve or the pocket of your breeches. Everything else will need to be begged, borrowed or thieved.
  • Two traits – one of which must be either a Campaign trait or a Tiefling race trait from Blood of Fiends.
  • All Paizo content is fine (just give me a book reference if it is non Core / APG / UM / UC), and 3PP may be considered on a case by case basis.

Fluff Application Guidelines:
At the start of the adventure you get shanghaied into service – that means that you do not start out explicitly as pirates. I’m interested in knowing what within your character’s background / personality that would influence him to taking to life as a buccaneer.

I also want you to be aware that you need to have unshakable bonds with your fellow PCs. Blood is thicker than water in this instance (especially when tainted with the heady scent of an outsider), and while you can backstab and freewheel the opposition I’ll brook no intra-party conflict. Sure the bonds can take time to develop with some initial friction, but there needs to be a shared ambition to make it work in the long run.

As you are all tieflings – please include some brief detail on how the outsider blood came into your lineage and how it manifests on your character physically. (ie – horns, tail, etc)

Lastly, as a bit of fun, I’d like to know who is your favorite pirate / privateer / naval character from either real life or fiction – and why?

What do you Need to Post Now for an Application:

  • Stat breakdown
  • Class and Race – including any Archetypes and Alternate Features
  • Skills, Feats and traits summary
  • Basic backstory / personality
  • Details on why your character would take to a life as a buccaneer
  • Details on outsider heritage that tainted you as a tiefling.
  • Favorite Pirate / Privateer / Naval Character from real life or fiction

I don’t need full sheets or profiles at this point, they can come post selection.

Recruitment Timeline:
Recruitment will be up for as long as it takes to get a decent list of applicants together, though at least 4-5 days minimum.

I will be looking at a party of 5-6 for this PbP. However one or two spots will be reserved – which leaves 4-5 spots available.

Fire away with any questions that you might have and I shall endeavour to answer them.

Some songs to get you in the mood for Character Creation:
Turisas – Hunting Pirates
Alestorm – Sunk’nNorwegian
Tim Curry / Muppets – A Professional Pirate

You nail down that character concept yet - or still burbling away?


May I also recommend Treasure Island?.

Mark and whoever :p:

I am pretty set on how the chap is to play out, I am just trying to work out the best mechanics to support it.

I was loosely basing the concept around a young Hornblower, ie starting out as a Midshipman (Lowest Officer rank - for newbs) in one of the standing Navies (or Deck Apprentice equivalent if Merchant) the idea being he is the one skilled at Navigation and actually sailing the ships - the sort of guy who might be able to take over the running of a new vessel if we captured it, for example. Feats and Skills would largely be support based, Knowledge, Crafting etc. probably Taldane... as lets face it the Brits did Navies the best way back when!

Now heres where it becomes rules defined:

I see him more as a thinker and academic than a hack and slash, which leans me more towards a Bard with maybe Perf:Oratory - lots of speeches and useful facts as he moves about the ship, egging the men on. The Wave Singer didn't resonate though, nor did the other Archtypes.

The only other type of Strategy class is the Cav, and although I am developing an appreciation of the class there is a problem with the whole mount thing.

I am also considering that perhaps because of this prior grounding he might also be the more civilised member of the crew, and possibly the voice of reason and conscience.

Regardless of the circumstances of his press gang, at the end of the day he would be treated as a Deserter, and willing or not he's now part of a crew and so equally likely to find himself at the end of a rope as anyone else on board. A reluctant Pirate, but Pirate nonetheless.

Midshipman Shifty:
Sounds great - are you going to keep Hornblower's seasickness? :P I agree that having a balanced and even minded soul as ships moral compass (at least to a degree) would probably be a good position.

Did you consider Inquisitor? - perhaps with the Conversion Inquisition from UM? That would give you a skilled charismatic character that retains spellcasting and combat capability.

The Archaeologist and Daredevil have some of the mechanical aspects you're looking for - but perhaps not the thematic aspects. I'm open to a partial reskinning if there's just a single feature or aspect you don't like.

With the cavalier, really the only option without completely losing out on the mount side would be the Hound Master archetype from RPG superstar 2011. However then it ties you to a wolf / dog... though I suppose it could be flavored into being a bird of prey as well?

Are you cool with the tiefling angle, or would you prefer that I dropped that out and away? Be honest as it won't hurt my feelings ;)

Nothing to see here - move along...


I honestly hadn't looked at the Inqy, then again they don't quite scream 'light hearted entertainment' - a bit...broody perhaps!

I guess I see this guy as egging on the others to greater deeds, so the Bardic ability to inspire seems about right, as does the Cav's Tactics, however the cav really doesn't work with the whole Mount aspect - they need to import the Captain class from Lord of the Rings.

Looking like a vanilla bard then, all about the influence, the oratory, perhaps the odd sea shanty and brains over brawn (well his brains + their brawn).

Perfectly happy with the Tiefling angle, will have to look intlo the alternate features traits etc.

No Sea Singer, Shifty?


Is this the last field assessment you'll go through for your officer review? I remember the last one was due to the review process and you said you had a couple more to go.


June is (I hope!) the final field assessment. It will be a long month, and bloody cold too as it is within spitting distance of the ski fields and you are out there with just sleeping bags and a well developed sense of humour - badwrongfun.

Sea Singer is good, but the trade offs were a bit annoying - Bardic Knowledge v World Traveller for example. I'm also thinking I'll be having to carry the can of a lot of Int/Know skills - wont be too many piratical psychos being tempted by such frivolity... I dont plan on seeing Wizzies for example :)

Male Gnome Sorcerer/9 - (HP: 49/49 - AC20;FF17;T18 - F+5;R+6;W+7 - Init+9 - Per+11)


Here is a strange Bard Archetype, I am proposing it for the S&S campaign I am applying for. It is Animal Speaker. It is one of the few archetypes where you don't lose the knowledge abilities for the bard. You change Inspire Competence (NOT Inspire Courage), Well Versed, Suggestion and Mass Suggestion. But you can talk with animals. I would think that being able to talk to birds and/or fish would be really cool. You could use them for scouting, it would be great. Amazingly, I have never seen anyone use it. Kinda gives the Bard some druidish flare.

M Human Fighter 5 AC: 20 (22 2-wield) Touch: 13 (15 2-wield) FF 17 HP 24/50 Init: +4
Double Dagger Attack Routine:
[dice=Attack]d20+10[/dice] [dice=Damage]d4+8[/dice] [dice=Attack]d20+10[/dice] [dice=Damage]d4+7[/dice]

ZDM: OK, let me think about that a bit. :-)

Yeah, I think that witches and sorcerers are more likely to come into their own from the arcane side in this AP from a legit character development perspective. Hope all goes well, but no doubt it will.

I think that my next character is going to be a gnome witch or wizard who gets visions from licking his toad familiar, lol. Can't wait for a gnome high on neurotoxins to get loose.

Divine Gamemaster of the Abyss and below...

A Licktoad Goblin Gnome?

M Human Fighter 5 AC: 20 (22 2-wield) Touch: 13 (15 2-wield) FF 17 HP 24/50 Init: +4
Double Dagger Attack Routine:
[dice=Attack]d20+10[/dice] [dice=Damage]d4+8[/dice] [dice=Attack]d20+10[/dice] [dice=Damage]d4+7[/dice]

You'd better call the toad "Homer"

Hypnotoad. All obey Hypnotoad!



Female Human Rogue-Knife Master/10 (Init: +4)

Can someone tell me what the main differences are between 3.5 and Pathfinder?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Male Gnome Sorcerer/9 - (HP: 49/49 - AC20;FF17;T18 - F+5;R+6;W+7 - Init+9 - Per+11)

One is numbers and the other is letters.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Male Pale Master

haha! Good one!

One of the biggest differences is in how skill points are handled.

They combined some of the skills into one skill (ie Hide and Move Silently became Stealth, Listen, Spot and Search became Perception, etc)

Also with Class skills you get a +3 to every Class skill you put a point into. But you can put points into Cross-Class skills with no penalty. In 3.5 Cross-Class skills would cost double.

Another was that instead of getting a new Feat every 3 levels you now get them every other level on odd numbered levels.

Female Human Rogue-Knife Master/10 (Init: +4)

Is there a difference in the dice mechanics?

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Male Pale Master

Not that I can think of.

I tell you what, Tirion. You are going to have your hands full with Perdition's brother if we both get picked up in that S&S campaign.

Male Gnome Sorcerer/9 - (HP: 49/49 - AC20;FF17;T18 - F+5;R+6;W+7 - Init+9 - Per+11)

We could name the ship after us. The Albino Gnome

Female Human Rogue-Knife Master/10 (Init: +4)
Stiehl9s wrote:
Not that I can think of.

Okie dokie, thanks :)

Male Wandering Nomad 3

Hi, I know I haven't been posting, I'm still here but it's finals week and graduation is looming ever closer! I'll be really busy still for a few more days, but I'll be back soon!

Back to the chopping block...

M Human Fighter 5 AC: 20 (22 2-wield) Touch: 13 (15 2-wield) FF 17 HP 24/50 Init: +4
Double Dagger Attack Routine:
[dice=Attack]d20+10[/dice] [dice=Damage]d4+8[/dice] [dice=Attack]d20+10[/dice] [dice=Damage]d4+7[/dice]

Bree, I find Pathfinder to be more customizable, particularly with the Advanced Player's Guide. Also, they went to great lengths to try to get soemthing cool at every level, instead of the depressingly frequent "dead levels" in 3/3.5.

Combat Maneuver mecahnics (like trip, grapple, etc) are streamlined too.

@Tirion: Haha, a ship full of gnomes sounds like a floating mental ward.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Friday night, and I'm here watching some of my favourite fighters on Youtube and feeling deep regret at not being able to compete this Sunday due to the threat of injury - can't have anything preventing me going field for the next few months... making me feel all emo.

Have also had to decline an opportunity to go to Korea in June. Man...

Oh well.

At least I have some awesome wine.

Favourite 1 - Mirko Crocop.

Favourite 2 - Andy Hug.

Two of the best of K-1 right there. But, what about Stan the Man? hahaha.


Stan was always a classic Aussie fighter, I liked Sam Greco better though.

True, but for my money Ernesto Hoost and Jerome Lebanner where always good for an awesome fight. Really K-1 at that time would have been to choose one favorite. All those guys went out and poured souls into the fight. No WWE-esque BS, just great fighters.

Here is one of Le Banner and Filho


and one of the type of Ju Jitsu I am used to

Poland Tourney

Would Glenn Danzig make a good, beefy halfling bard, lol?

Female Human Rogue-Knife Master/10 (Init: +4)

I just spent an exciting and exhausting day at the hospital with my best friend as she gave birth to a beautiful little girl. Once the baby was out, I only got to stay about 15 minutes before having to leave so that I could make it to my post-op follow up. The doctor is upping my antibiotics and said that other than the infection, it's healing nicely. He took a look at my throat as well to confirm what I already knew... the tube they shoved down my throat during surgery tore up my throat and cut my uvula. *Sigh* Anyway, I'm getting back to normal.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hope all is well, Bree.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Get better Bree. Unfortunately, I know all about throat damage from those tubes.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wow, thats gonna ruin your social life for a while :(

Get well soon!

Male Gnome Sorcerer/9 - (HP: 49/49 - AC20;FF17;T18 - F+5;R+6;W+7 - Init+9 - Per+11)

Oh well Bilbo, guess we will have to wait a few days to set sail on the Albino Gnome.


Getting ahead of myself and trying to work out whether to get Winter back on the Cleric track he was originally supposed to go down, or just call the 1st level a loss and maintain his Paladin ways... sort of getting to that stage in the day really! Think its time to go all Cleric the rest of the way.

Harry is almost worth considering Cav (Houndmaster) but then he's just getting into the 'good stages' of Rogue; Cav would be good for breaking up bad guys faster as we only have one Tank when we probably need 2, will see how these fights go.

Hmmm decisions decisions...

Vic is dyed in the wool Witch, I half considered Spy PRC, but it sucks.

Alcheringa staying Drood.

Attalas will stay Fighty.

Female Human Rogue-Knife Master/10 (Init: +4)
BBB wrote:
Hope all is well, Bree.

Thanks Bilbo!! I'm definitely on the track to getting better I think.

Meowzebub wrote:
Get better Bree. Unfortunately, I know all about throat damage from those tubes.

Those things really are awful, I'm just glad I didn't have to be awake while it was put in, in, or taken out.

Shifty wrote:

Wow, thats gonna ruin your social life for a while :(

Get well soon!

Nah... I'm just that awesome. ;)

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Divine Gamemaster of the Abyss and below...

@ Shifty: We're close to level ups in several campaigns, so thinking about what to do next level is a good idea.

Have to head out now for continuing education...geez it's Saturday...

p.s. Get better soon, Bree

Scarab Sages

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male 1/4 Elf Lorekeeper???

Although my uvula only got badly torn, not cut, I think I know the drill, not fun.
Get well, soon, Bree!

Shifty, have you ever had one of those nasopharyngeal airway tubes inserted during a combat lifesaver course or something like it? Those things SUCK!

@Tirion: Yeah, there should be several more opening up soon. The DM seemed tto be taking a little his time a bit more than I like with process anyhow.

I am pretty sure that Perdition will stay a pure Sorcerer. I looked into some other options, but they didn't jive very well.

Vidor will stay wizzie and Harl a fighter. I thought about taking a level of barbarian as an armored hulk to boast him a bit, but I think I am liking single calssing these days.

I will be dropping a spell for new one when Perdition hits 6. Any request for a particular spell?

Bilbo Bang-Bang wrote:

Shifty, have you ever had one of those nasopharyngeal airway tubes inserted during a combat lifesaver course or something like it? Those things SUCK!


Don't look like much fun either to be honest...

Female Human Rogue-Knife Master/10 (Init: +4)

@feytharn, I think it's probably more of a scrape than a cut, I used the term loosely.

Thanks everyone for the well-wishes :)

Well, hopefully tonight the group will be gathering to actually get started on my 3.5 campaign. Although I won't be DMing it (way to inexperienced) I am responsible for bringing it together and it is easier said than done, so I'm super excited :)

Oh, yeah, and I told Sable he was a dirty, filthy man wh*re for keeping us waiting on him in Riddles and that if he didn't get his @$$ in gear and post soon, I was going to kick him in the junk.

OK, not really. I just told him we were waiting on him in a facebook message. He knows me well enough though to know the rest was implied.

No they are not...

Divine Gamemaster of the Abyss and below...


Is there a German course or study group at your school? Atm I'm trying to find a class of native speakers who would like to participate in a project I'm doing with one of my English classes.

I think that I am going to try out a Summoner in a game at some point, but see if someone wants to play the Eidolon as a seperate character...How do you folks think that would play out? Yeah, the summone is supposed to be the controller, but I think that the relationship could easily be roleplayed out. I am pretty sure the same thing could go for the druid.

Male Orc Expert 5
Bilbo Bang-Bang wrote:
I think that I am going to try out a Summoner in a game at some point, but see if someone wants to play the Eidolon as a seperate character...How do you folks think that would play out? Yeah, the summone is supposed to be the controller, but I think that the relationship could easily be roleplayed out. I am pretty sure the same thing could go for the druid.

It'd only work with someone who was cool with it or someone who was allowed total control over how the eidolon was built.

That is what I was thinking, too. Let the Eidolon player have the creature's build and work out the other stuff between them like feats that affect both.

Male Pale Master

I could see that working Bilbo. In our table top game; my partner and I each took Leadership and designed our cohorts but the other player play them to get that RP interaction. Great idea using the eidolon like that.

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