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DM Zyren's Heart of Pulp (Inactive)

Game Master Zyrenity

The world is at war and the axis seems to remain victorious against the allied forces. Only a ragtag band of shady soldiers is left to save the world! Led by their Major Cornelius von Gilding they battle the German special forces of Operation


In the northern reaches of the mighty Sahara a group of ragtag soldiers meets in the officer's mess of a British base. Italian forces aren't far away, but these group of Chinese, Irish, Australian, Russian and Finnish soldiers isn't made for trench fighting, they are special...

Led by Major Cornelius von Gilding, former member of the Waffen-SS and now leader of a very special special unit, torturer Ivan Li, drunkard Gregori, sniper Oskar Hietamäki, rigger Phillip Hargreaves and priest Liam McGregor try to save the world by stopping the NS forces trying to accomplish Operation Ewigkeit.

The Temple:

After hearing about a strange ankh that - according to legend - has the power to revive fallen soldiers, von Gilding decides it's time to stop the Nazis and attack their excavation site in the Nile Delta. The first onslaught works perfectly and the Germans are soon dead. The rest of them flees into the temple, but Gregori is already on their heels.

Current mission:

Find the Ankh of Hamunsar in the ancient Isis and Anubis temple of Akrun' Hek

Bad Boys:

Prof. Dietrich Stein, nazi archaeologist at the temple site.
Karl Friedrich Otto Wolf, Chief of Operation Ewigkeit

Good Guys:

Malik ibn Sharaf, village patriarch

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