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DM Zyren's Heart of Madness (Inactive)

Game Master Zyrenity

A broken tyre forces a group of travellers to be stranded in Dunwich a nice first sight...but pretty soon they find out that there are some strange things going on...

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Male Offensive Option

Hello all. Hurricane kind of kicked our ass down here so power will be out till probably friday. Feel free to NPC me in the meantime. Sorry for the inconvenience.

"Well mines back in my bag, no need to wander around flashing hardware like that as it only ends in more trouble than a man wants or needs. The only think I plan on flashing at the guy is my notebook and camera... speaking of which, I wonder if there's a developer about these parts, I have a lot of snaps I'd like to take a look at of the town, the bus, and the farm..."

"You talk to this guy, I'll keep the notes and watch him to see what he's about, he seems to have questions for us, but really the questions should be on him, like 'what in the heck is going on around here' for starters"

Armitage grins and takes the lead into the store

We can develop your fotos at the university Murphy. That should be no problem.

Inside the store a young man with aquiline features, wearing a very fine expensive ivory-coloured suit stands at the counter and speaks with Osborne. As you enter, he turns around and you can make out a large scar running from the corner of his mouth to his ear.

He beckons you over and says

Hi, I'm detective Miller, I guess Harry sent you in? Here, have a seat, want something to drink?

"I'm alright, thanks though," Charlie tells the detective as he sits down at the table. "How can we help you, detective?" He eyes the man carefully, trying to gauge whether or not they can trust the dangerous-looking police officer.

Sense Motive 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8

Murphy simply leans against the furniture, apparently distracted by jotting in his notebook, but he is listening carefully to what the man might be saying...

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Daniel waits one moment to see, if Detective Miller would want to greet everybody in person. If not, he nods in his direction, then sits down. Memories of him, sitting there in front of a young detective in New York, hearing about the last moments in the lifes of his wife and daughter. His mouth is dry, and for the first time since he left Boston, he longs for a drink. He clenches his fist so strong it almost drawas blood. It takes all his experience as an actor, to smile at the detective.

"No, thak you. The officer indicated, you have some questions about what happened today?"

The detective turns a chair around and sets himself. Then he takes out a toothpick and puts it in his mouth

In the morning I was informed that we had a shootout at the Arkin Farm, but when I arrived there, it was pretty obvious that Henri, the son, had "only" murdered his whole family. Things got weirder when I noticed that the dirt under his fingernails stemmed from the nearby graveyard where he had dug out his baby sister who had died some years ago...funnily, it got even weirder when one of the officers told me that we had some eye-witnesses who spoke of gas, while the house has not gas tank at, I guess you can help me a bit, don't you?

There is an underlying tone of threat in his voice and you already don't like this detective.

"Well I ain't being no wiseguy, but you know things we don't. I didn't know about any digging up of dead kid sisters, tahts news to me, but what we did see is this crazy shooting up a lot of bodies for himself. And yeah we thought there was some kinda gas leak, but hey if they don't have a gas tank that don't mean there wasn't gas, but I ain't no expert, just telling you what we saw there Jack"

Male Human Defensive Option

James too declines the offer of a drink and takes a seat opposite the detective. The man reminded him of one of the G-men who had visited him after the accident, impeccably well dressed but with the eyes of a predator and the uncomfortable feeling he could pounce at any second.

"We assumed a gas was the cause of Henri's madness due to the fact that at least two of our number experienced hallucinations upon entering the cellar containing the bodies. They saw the other members of the group transform into monsters and felt an overwhelming fear that all those around them were trying to kill them.

Henri too was raving about demons and how he had saved his family from them before he commited suicide. From these two facts we extrapolated that some substance, most likely a gas was affecting both us and the late Henri.

Also, to answer your query about the lack of a gas tank, there have been many recorded cases of cellars in places such as Cornwall, England containing dangerous buildups of dense gases such as Argon which have lead to accidental deaths or explosions. This could be a similar case but with some kind of naturally occuring hallucinogen."

When James is nervous he talks a lot.

Miller eyeballs James curtly before he answers

Mhh kay...that Cornwall thing might be right...I ummm have to check that when I'm back at my office. On an unrelated matter...what do you people do here at all? You don't look like Dunwich-villagers, huh?

Before anyone of you is able to answer, Armitage quickly says

We're on a field trip, Dr. Alden, Dr. Chilcott and me, while Mr. Poolsworth and Mr. tauber are interested "civilians", heh, and Mr. Murphy works for a newspaper.

Armitage looks at you and his gaze clearly signals you to play along.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Daniel nods at the mention of the field trip, really hoping that Professor Armitage will come forth with details about the subject of the field trip before the Detective asks about that

"Nothing much to add to Mr. Chillcots summary. Only perhaps, that none of us actually saw what happened in that cellar. We heard the gunshots and saw the dead, and we saw Henri Arkin, that was his name, right? We saw Henry Arkin at the cemetary, talking about him saving his family from the demons and going to save himself, too, then shoot himself."

"It was just awful, sir, I'm sure you can imagine," chimes in Charlie. "And with that other tragedy we heard of happening so recently, I bet you've got your hands full bein' detective in this little town."

Miller sighs and pushes his chair away as he rises

'nuff of that. Hey, I want you to stay at least another three days here in Dunwich where I can find you easily, ok? I guess I will have more questions once we have examined the bodies. Thanks for now messrs.

Flipping a dime to Osborne he leaves the store.

Armitage inhales loudly after he has left, looks to Osborne and scratches his forehead, obviously thinking about something.

After the detectives leave, Charlie turns to the group, "Can he do that?" he asks, looking to Murphy especially because of his history with in the police force. "Can he really keep us here for another three days? I do need to get back to the city, eventually."

"well I don't see any cuffs on us, so there's nothing stopping us pulling a swift exit - stage right. Of course if we did that then we'd be seen to be running, which would signal to him that somehow we had something to hide."

Male Human Offensive Option 3

"We do not have much of a choice anyway. As much as I wish I were wrong, I doubt that poor Patrick is going to resurface unharmed. The bus company would surely not suffer anyone of us driving their bus, and as Dunwich is not Boston or New York, I think three days are an optimistic guess if we have to wayt for a company man to arrive."

Daniel turns to the Professor:"Professor Armitage, did you have previous dealings with Detective Miller? You sure sounded like you tried do be especially - eh - careful around him."

Armitage looks again over to Osborne who cleans the counter. Then the old Professor takes out a small note and scribbles something down. He shoves the note to Daniel which reads

[i]He had a tiny tattoo on his wrist, exactly like Mr. Haverson.[/b]

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Daniels eyes widen a bit, but he manages to keep smiling. If anybody of the others stand close to him,he turns the note so they can read it, if he can do it without calling attention to it. He then looks at the others.

"So, three days minimum. Any suggestion what to do next to pass the time?"

Armitage harrrumphes and responds

I have to call my wife and a colleague at the university, they have to know that I'm going to stay here...and I have to speak with Osborne, he must not tell Miller why we are really here.

Male Human Defensive Option

James leans in surreptitiously to read the note and frowns slightly before deepening the expression as he thinks about his new situation.

"I'll have to telephone New York as well. I see it as increasingly likely that the job that was my reason to take this bus journey in the first place will not be waiting for me when I finally arrive there. As for what we do in the next few days. First order of business is to phone the bus company, second is to retrieve our belongings from said bus and storing them somewhere possibly slightly more secure. Other than that I am open to suggestion."

Armitage returns a moment later, a look of fear flashes over his face.

Osborne just told me, the telephone is dead...

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Daniel speaks in a hushed tone:
"All right, I know we are in a backwater town and the cable could easily be damaged somewhere...but this creeps me out. That is no coincidence!"

"This starts to stink even more every minute, I'm thinking this is fast getting out of hand. Missing drivers, dead farmers, crazy gasses, odd detectives...whats next? Talking horses?"

Cummings inhales audibly, looks at Murphy and remarks curtly

I guess they will broadcast such s~!~ on TV one day. Anyway, I'm going to end this charade now.

He draws his pistol and points it at Osborne

Enough of this, I'm not going to stay here forever, you will now somehow repair the telephone, and call the police in Boston or New York!

Armitage also rises, utterly shocked by this turn of events.

"Hey hey hey easy there Jack! No need to get to unfriendly and start waving heaters! I think he gets the telegram you are sending, lets just put that away for a minute"

Osborne, standing behind his counter, hands underneath the desk, looks nervously to Murphy and the rest of you

Yeah, Mr. Cummings, better listen to Mr. Murphy, kay?

Suddenly Jed Blair stands in the door, and a glimpse of the scene is enough for him to run off...most probably to Miller and the other policeman who wait next to the gas station...

Cummings now also gets nervous

Murphy, this bastards are going to kill us and bury us behind one of the hills, where no one will ever find us, just like your bus driver!

"Now why would they go and do something like that? That's crazy talk. I agree something's going on here, but lets talk it out, not shoot it out eh?"

Diplomacy Check pls.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

"Please, calm down! Even if it is foul play, and I suspect that much, there is no reason to think Mr. Osborne is even involved.Yea, that is a lie, but sometimes that is what diplomacy is all about. The most important thing is that nobody gets shot right now Anybody could have cut the wire for the phone. They cannot just kill and bury us. We are on guard and most of us are armed, if you do not give Detective Miller a reason to disarm us. Please. we are all nervous and tired. Just take town the gun and take a deep breath."
Diplomacy Check:1d20 + 9 ⇒ (18) + 9 = 27

Osborne looks surprised and for a second his nervousness ebbs away

You're all armed?

Nevertheless, Daniel's soothing words have reached Cummings and he lowers his gun slowly, exactly in the moment Miller and the other policeman storm into the store, both having their guns pointed at you. Miller's face is of a deeppl red colour and he bellows

What the hell is wrong with you? Everyone puts his weapon down now and lays it on the ground, fast!

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Mr Osborne. Please. We miss our busdriver, we witnessed a horrible tragedy, we are tired and probably took to much heat and sun. He just lost it for a moment. I am sure he will calm down, and we can all forgett about this incident, can we?
Diplomacy Check1d20 + 9 ⇒ (9) + 9 = 18
DM Zyren, you ninjad my 2nd post. If Mr. Miller comes in befor I said that, I won't mention the missing busdriver

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Daniel keeps his hands in the slightly rised "pose" he took when trying to sooth the flames and turns to Detective Miller.

"Sir, please, do not shoot. We were out in the heat the whole day, I think we just missed how great the toll the heat and the shock at the Arkin Farm took from Mr. Cummins. A glass of water and a few hours of rest will let him come to his senses and I am sure he will be most shocked and ashamed of his reaktion here."
Diplomacy Check1d20 + 9 ⇒ (17) + 9 = 26

Seeing Daniel has the matter in hand, Murphy takes the time to reach slowly into his bag to put his notepad away. He instead gets a hold of the pistol, though doesn't draw it...

He arrives afterwards, so no worries.

Miller relaxes a bit still he demands the same

I guess you all hand me your weapons, it's just not the time to walk around in Dunwich being armed, so please, hurry up!

Cummings looks at Murphy, waiting for him to say something.

"If its all the same to you there pal, I think everyone can just hold on to what they have, seems this town is that little bit more dangerous than we'd like right now, so perhaps you nice chaps just put them away and we can all just get along famously."

Bluff 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18

Male Human Defensive Option

James adds his voice to Daniel's, trying to force reason to prevail over the sudden madness.
"Indeed, we have all witnessed horrible things today and I think the stress of the situation got to Mr Cummings. Mr Cummings will place his firearm back in its holster and we can all talk about this like gentlemen."

Diplomacy 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9

With his pistol safely locked inside his briefcase James sees no need to hand it over or to mention to officer Miller that he does in fact even own a firearm.

Miller walks over to Cummings and without much resistance from the former cop wrestles the pistol out of his hand.

Ok, that should be enough for now. You there, Professor, you will be responsible for Mr. Cummings' behaviour...if there is only one minimal incident of trespassing...I will...

he doesn't finish his sentence and heads out of the store, shaking his head.

Osborne has meanwhile put a Winchester Model 1912 12-gauge pump-action shotgun on his counter. Murphy recognises it as one of the finest and most brutal weapons someone outside of the military might possess, besides the Tommy Guns of the mobsters.

I just wanted to show you that I can defend myself, so don't try anything like that ever again...

The tension in the store is now so palpable that you might consider leaving it.

Male Human Defensive Option

James very carefully and slowly reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out his billfold. He approaches the shop counter and places a crisp 50$ note atop Mr Osbourne's shotgun.

"For any inconvenience Mr Cummings' little outburst caused. I hope there are no hard feelings between our little group and your fine self."

Tucking the billfold back into his pocket and taking a moment to settle his suit James heads for the door and holds it open for his fellow stranded travellers.

"Very well then, shall we vacate the good Mr Osbourne's premises before Mr Miller needs to be called back?"

Osborne's eyes grow large as he look down on the note. Then he grins and says

Hard feelings? For what? I didn't notice anything, it's just a bit hot today.

Charlies eyes widen when the gun appears, and they remain wide until he exits the store. He watches his companions closely, and beelines for the door as soon as anyone else appears to be doing the same thing.

Where did the shotgun come from? Charlie would be trying to note where it is stored at this point, as shotguns are the only weapon he's very familiar with and the situation is getting scarily tense.

Male Human Defensive Option

Osbourne had his hands under his counter and then there was a shotgun so I'd guess that is where he keeps it for situations such as the one that just occurred.

"Pretty standard fare for shopkeepers expecting Hoodlums. You'd wonder why, in such a friendly town, he'd see the need for a shotgun under the counter let alone one of those things... perhaps taht tells us the town just ain't that friendly eh?"

Male Human Offensive Option 3

"He sells beer and probably liquor as well. Most bootleggers are not the nicest fellows around. And then, making your living in a backwater town will not protect you from armed felons of all kind, so even without the dangers of Dunwich itself - and I am starting to think those dangers are more than a match for hoodlums and bootleggers - there is reason for a shotgung under the counter."

Let's just go without further ado.

Professor Armitage takes the lead and shoves Cummings outside.

Once you have all left the store, you feel the eyes of Miller and Blair in your back, who keep an eye on you from their position at the gas station.

Didn't Osborne say that the telephone distributing centre was at someone's place? Damn I forgot the name...we have to find out who that was, but whom can we ask?

Male Human Defensive Option

James waves politely at the watching officer before quite conciously turning his back to him.

"I could just pop back in to Mr Osbourne's establishment and enquire, my little gift may have made him a tad more amenable to any questions I might have. That is unless you distrust Mr Osbourne, in which case we find ourselves in a bit of a quandry.

The only other option that comes readily to mind would be that seemingly nice old lady that took us all in last night and she did not seem like the type to be up on the state of modern telephonic technologies."

Cummings visibly calms down once outside the store, he looks down and seems embarassed by his own outbreak. The professor gives him a slap on the back and says

Sounds good Dr. Chilcott. We should go and see that lady and ask her if she knows where the distributing centre is located at. It would be interesting to find out if there's sabotage involved.

"No doubt there is a saboteur, but 'who' and 'why' are two questions we need answered. In the meantime, lets not wander off one by one"

Male Human Defensive Option

"A saboteur does seem likely, what with the whole odd situation we seem to have found ourselves in. No matter though, luck favours the bold and all that so back to the batty old lady with the dog, whose name has escaped me for the moment."

James strides off down the street and across the village to the house they'd all stayed in the night before.

Mrs. Hobbes sits on her veranda as you reach her house. She seems to enjoy the warming rays of the sun while she speaks to Mr. Cheeps. As she notices you, she rises and beckons you over

Ah, Dr. Chilcott and his friends, I've expected you much earlier... I've made some sandwiches and Mr. Cheeps was so excited, since he thought he had heard a police siren, tee-hee.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Daniel is wary of Mr Cummins sudden recovery, though none of the others showed signs of scary hallucinations, he remembers the events in the cellar all to well. The fact that Cummins is not armed any more right now actually comforts him a little.

Since looking into the all to sudden failing of the phone sounds like the best thing to do right now, there isn't much to add. Daniel probably looks a bit paranoid, since his eyes dart around to see, if anybody takesspecial notice in the whereabouts of him and the fellow travellers.

"Professor, sorry but could you describe that tatoo once more - and tell us where, to your knowledge best look for it? It seems we should all be extra careful right now, so i guess the more we know abou that, the better - oh, perhaps you could also recount the story to your best knowledge - while I doubt it will be comforting, perhaps it will be of use to evaluate our current standing."
Again our good DM ninjad me. Daniel will not ask this question in front of Mrs Hobbs, but will do so eithe before We reach her House or once we are alone (Mr. Cummins, Our Group of stranded travellers and Professor Armitage, that is).

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