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DM Zyren's Heart of Madness (Inactive)

Game Master Zyrenity

A broken tyre forces a group of travellers to be stranded in Dunwich a nice first sight...but pretty soon they find out that there are some strange things going on...

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Male Human Offensive Option 3

"Allright. I guess we should not wait to long before leaving. I hope Mrs Hobbes can manage the long walk..."

Daniel picks up the stove iron she surely has - it will take less skill to use it.

Male Human Defensive Option

James jogs up the stairs and flicks on a few of the bedroom lights before taking a peek out the window and then heading back down to join the others, he also turns Mrs Hobbes radio on and cranks the volume up just enough that it would be audible from outside the house.

"Right then, that might keep the boy thinking we are still in the house for a while. Shall we be off? And I am sure some of the stronger members of the group can assist Mrs Hobbes if she starts to flag."

The professor approaches you and says

Good idea Mr. Chilcott, Mrs. Hobbes is in a condition similar to that of a catatonic stupor, but I guess she will just jog along with us.

OK, I need a short description now when and how you leave the house. Front door/back door?

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Since we arestill together in the house, could we first get all on the same page about what we are doing? Just so not one gives a description about how he understood the plan while he really has it completely wrong?

How much time do we have left 'till dusk?

I guess about four hours.

Says Cummings curtly.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

"So, schould we leave at once, so we reach the farm before dusk? The footing will be much safer by light, zthough the heat and humidity might take a toll on Mrs. Hobbes. The Cultists will have a much easyier time following us by day, too.
On the other hand, if we leave after the sun sets, we might get lost and while the cultists are more likely to miss our little sidestep, we will have a harder time watching for pusuers or ambushes."

"So, we're walking to the farm then? We can keep our eyes out for possible vehicles on the way, but we'd probably just get going toward where we're going first."

I say out the back yard. We probably can't sneak very well as a big group, but why be obvious until we absolutely need to? James' idea might buy us some time, too.

"Lets get out of here sooner rather than later, they might cook up a plan of their own otherwise"

Male Offensive Option

Perhaps it might be prudent for us to split up. Several go out the front and draw any attention away from the back. I do not like splitting but perhaps it may be the best option I do not know. Either way as Murphy says, let's go sooner rather than later.

Just as you all get ready to leave the house, Mrs. Hobbes clings tight to the kitchen door frame and says

Wait, my nephew Reggie, he arrives today, we wait for him!

Her voice is a bit shrill and Cummings aswell as the professor look at each other with surprise. Then the professor remarks

Ok, what about group 1 leaves now and the others wait for Reggie?

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Daniel bites his lips, then nods, visibly nervous.
"Allright. Two groups, we should take two different routes, at leat concerning the sidestep. So, who will be in group one and who will wait here?"

"I'll wait"

The professor raises his hand and says

I'll be in group one.

Cummings nods and pipes in

Okay, then I'll go too, if that's ok for ou Murphy?

He shoots Murphy a questioning look.

"Go ahead, I am armed and won't take any of their nonsense if pushed. They won't be expecting a second departure anyhow, they'll probably expect us to hole up in here for the night"

Male Human Offensive Option 3

"I would rather wait, too. I have not bothered to get a gun, since I can hardly hit a barn with it, and a fine club like this Danile weights the stove iron in his hand "will be more useful if we are attacked in the dark.

"I'll go in the first group. If we find a car, I'll drive it back and pick you up. If I don't come back by the time Mrs. Hobbes' nephew arrives, you should probably go ahead and leave."

Male Offensive Option

I've had military training meself, so I will go with whichever group needs the better gun. Sounds like the second group would be better for me to stay with but I'm not sure. I will go with whatever the group decides.

"As long as somebody in the first group brings a gun, too... it's probably a good idea to make sure both groups are armed."



Waiting for Reggie and Dr. Chilcott.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Wait, if group 1 is the one leaving right now, shouldn't that be:
Group 1:
Professor Armitage

Group 2
Mrs. Hobbes (waiting for her nephew/hoping for grou 1 to find a car)

Dr Chilcott

Or did I miss something, again (quite possible, After a nightshift I'm up 31 Hour by now...) besides from who Reggie is?
Sorry, OOC tag isn't working properly, I have no Idea why.

I wasn't sure where Charlie wants to be. Reggie is a new player-and the nephew of Mrs. Hobbes. OoC stzops working if you have a blank line.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Thank you. So, Mrs. Hobbes will leave with group 1?

If no one objects, yes.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Daniel tenderly takes Mrs. Hobbes Hand.
"Mrs. Hobbes. Your Nephew does not know us. Would you kindly write down a few words, so he knows we did not do you any harm and that he should come with us?

Without saying a word, Mrs. Hobbes takes a sheet of paper and scribbles some notes down for her nephew Reggie.

Male Human Defensive Option

Sorry again, been a very busy few days with little or no connection to the internet.

"I think I'll make up the numbers in the first group, I have some practice with my pistol but I am sure I am no match for Dr. Alden's marksmanship."

Those outside the Hobbs residence hear, faint at first but growing slowly, the sound of a flute. The tune is a simple variation on 'The Hesitation Blues'.

A few minutes later the flautist comes into view. He is a young man well covered with road dust. Brown well work boots, dusty canvas pants, a rust colored work shirt a faded blur bandana around his neck and a hat that has seen many, many better days. He wears a pack with a strange box strapped to it.

He stops playing as he approches the house but continues the tune whistling. As he opens the gate.

Suddenly he whistles a three note trill. He pauses as if waiting for an answer.

Then walks to the door smiling. Calling out as he does.

"Hello my favorite aunt! I see you have finally trained Cheeps out of giving the high-sign."

He nears the door swatting at the worst of the dust with his shapeless hat.

Hearing the approach, Murphy quietly slides the safety off his pistol and moves to be concealed by the doorway.

As Mrs. Hobbes hears the faint tune, her spirits return and she pushes the professor aside and hastens to the front door. Rather slamming than opening the door, she runs out on the veranda and embraces her surprised nephew. Interrupted by sobbing she mumbles

They killed Mr. Cheeps...killed him...they just killed him...oh Reggie, they killd my Mr. Cheeps.

"Well, I guess we don't have to split up anymore... let's get to that farm immediately."

Charlie approaches Mrs. Hobbes and the newcomer, politely interrupting with "Mr. Reggie, sir, I'm sorry but we have a bit of a situation on our hands here. It appears there is something afoot in this little town that seems to bear ill intentions towards us, and in turn your aunt for kindly harboring us last night. We are merely travelers passing through, but our bus broke down yesterday and we've been stuck here ever since. The strangest, most awful things have been happening... and we're trying to escape. You might want to come with us--we were actually waiting for your arrival before we left, your aunt here insisted on it."

Male Human Offensive Option 3

"We should indeed be on our way, soon. Please believe me, that we mean no harm to either you or your aunt or, frankly, to anybody. It just seems, by accident, run afoul of some criminal conspiracy, while we lost our busdriver and witnessed a murder-suicide.

Whoever is responsible killed your aunts bird companion, just before we could take our leave to keep her out of danger. Now we fear, your aunt might be in the same quite incomprehensible danger threatening us.

If you have questions, and you will have without a doubt, you perhaps would be kind enough to keep them, until we are a fair bit on our way towart the Whatley farm, where we hope to find shelter.

By the way, my name is Daniel Tauber, pleased to meet you, Sir."

Murphy slides the safety catch back on, and moves away from the doorway...

"We probably need to get walking"

Cummings and the professor also greet the newcomer once he and his aunt have entered the house.

OK, time to go then I guess. Let's leave this g*$%@!n village through the back door, kay?

Cummings walks over to the back door, checks if there are any watchers, and beckons you over.

OK, up the slope and then to the north-west.

Sneak Rolls everyone.

"You lot scarper out the back door, I'm going to play a ruse"

Murphy puts his pistol down the back of his trousers, grabs his pack of Lucky Strikes and lighter, and walks out the front door.


Murphy steps through the front door, and casual as you like, he pops out his cigarette and lights it relaxedly. He leans back against the wall, resting the small of his back against the wall as he continues to puff away, looking off into the middle distance at nothing in particular.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Praying instantly that Murphys ruse works, Daniel tries his best, to get to the next cover unseen.
Stealth:1d20 - 1 ⇒ (14) - 1 = 13

Dm Zyren / Heart of Madness wrote:

As Mrs. Hobbes hears the faint tune, her spirits return and she pushes the professor aside and hastens to the front door. Rather slamming than opening the door, she runs out on the veranda and embraces her surprised nephew. Interrupted by sobbing she mumbles

They killed Mr. Cheeps...killed him...they just killed him...oh Reggie, they killd my Mr. Cheeps.

"What? Who killed Cheeps? Calm down auntie, we'll figure it out."

The newcomer holds the sobbing woman

To Charlie and Tauber

"You trust these people auntie?" Feeling her nod against his shoulder Reggie continues.

To Charlie and Tauber
"Right, let's get her out of here."

To Aunt Hobbs
"Come on old girl, we can do this. Let's get your things and make tracks. No arguments, you are coming to Boston. I know you don't like my father but that does not matter right now. We'll work it out"

Reggie helps his aunt to throw together a bag of critical items and gets her ready to head to the Whateleys.

"Tell me Auntie what do you know about the Whatelys? I don't think I've met them"

And up to the present...

Sheperding his aunt and carrying a stout oak walking stick he did not arrive with Reggie and his aunt creep out of her home.

Stealth 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (20) + 1 = 21. Well apparently the art Reggie has been studing was the art of ninjitsu!

Mrs. Hobbes is obviously relieved that her nephew is now with her and the old lady regains some courage. To Reggie she says

The Whateleys are strange people...creepy indeed, however, they don't belong to the Believers.

@ Murphy:

While you wait outside the house, the cruel boy approaches you and says

Ay, you there!

You can now clearly see the marks Daniel's hard but unprecise punches left.

Gimme a cig, kay?

"Here we go..." Charlie whispers to himself as they leave the house.

Stealth 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12

Dm Zyren / Heart of Madness wrote:

@ Murphy:

While you wait outside the house, the cruel boy approaches you and says

Ay, you there!

"And hey you there young man..."

Murphy doesn't move off the wall or change his posture, he just remains calmly drawing on his cigarette. He seems to have passed off the boys call as a greeting.

Male Offensive Option

Victor heads out with the group. Keeping his gun at his side. Stealth1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27

Your ninjitsu is strong young padawan, but you have much to learn lol. Holy crap we are invisible lol.

Male Human Defensive Option

Stealth Check 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14

"Can't keep the others waiting.."
James follows Victor out of the back door but doesn't seem to have quite his level of sneaking prowess, stepping on a few dry leaves and a crunchy patch of grass or two as he sneaks through Mrs. Hobbes' garden.

Dr. Victor Alden wrote:

Victor heads out with the group. Keeping his gun at his side. Stealth1d20+7

Your ninjitsu is strong young padawan, but you have much to learn lol. Holy crap we are invisible lol.

I'm sorry I can't hear you over the noise I will make if I have to roll again. :7)

Even though the professor and Mrs. Hobbes slip several times and the old man even curses as he hurts his ankle, the boy in front of Murphy does not notice anything.

DM Roll:

Perception Boy1d20 - 2 ⇒ (5) - 2 = 3

However, since he hasn't been given a cigarette he goes on

Ey man, I said gimme a cig!

The others have meanwhile managed to get to the top of the low hill and are now out of the village. A vast country consisting of hills, farms and fields now expands before you. Is before correct, or should it have been in front of?

The professor points to the crimson horizon and says

Follow me, I think I know the way.

Dm Zyren / Heart of Madness wrote:

. Is before correct, or should it have been in front of?

Follow me, I think I know the way.

Both are correct. Before is tighter writing as it is only one word doing the job of two but is is also slightly formal/antiquated/poetic. Only slightly though, either way would be perfect in any academic, informal, or business context I can think of.

"Ah the healthy air and happy people of the quaint New England countryside. Give me the Smoke, or New York or even Arkham, I am an urban lad. There we go Auntie, top of the hill."

"Now I'm not from around these parts, but I am fairly sure your ma and pa taught you better manners. Tell you what though you are just a kid who doesn't know anything, so I'll throw you one anyhow"

Murphy remains relaxed against the wall still, resting on his right hand.. with his left he draws a cigarette and extends it to the kid...

As soon as he has taken the cigarette, he says

Yeah, smartass, heh.

Only then it dawns on him that he does not have means to lighten it.


@ Hill people:

You begin climbing down the hill on the other side and soon you have reached a corn field. The crops are already quite tall and the professor urges you to enter to field to vanish from prying eyes.

WIS Check Dc 5 for not losing orientation in the field.

"I gotta be honest with ya kid, that damn bird was getting on my nerves too, Mr Cheeps has cheeped his last. The guys are helping the crazy old lady with a short burial out in the back yard before we sit back down for supper. I just couldn't keep a straight face with that level of stupidity and came out for some air."

"So whats a kid like you do around here when not putting a bit of peace and quiet on stupid pets?"

"I noticed a's. Some people I know back home have similar markings for our interest group too... if you know what I mean"

Murphy extends a lighter with his left hand, a knowing look in his eye.

Bluff - 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (15) + 5 = 20

Your unexpected kindness takes the boy by surprise. He grins and replies

Actually I didn't care about the bird, but Pop said I should kill it...the tattoos? Mhh yeah, everyone of us gets one once we are twelve years old...and what I do around here? I got an airgun and sometimes I shoot frogs with it, heh. Oh, did I say everyone? Not everyone, Mrs Hobbes for example has none.

"Twelve huh? I guess you lot must grow up pretty fast around here. So what is the tattoo for? Are your local the know? Suppose those peckerhead journalists that came up before couldn't recognise the Signs, but I spotted them and knew I was in a town of Brothers pretty quick"

The boy becomes a bit uneasy and scratches the side of his neck

Hey, umm maybe you should talk with Pop about such things?

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