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DM Zyren's Heart of Light

Game Master Zyrenity

An epic search for the Amethyst heptagon leads a party of fresh graduates through the northern reaches of Ustalav. Based in Karcau, the party visits places like the dark Castle Jarovich or the dangerous alleys of Carrion Hill.

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Male Human (Taldan) Alchemist 1

Dominic shrugs and follows Asuna into the room, absently fiddling with the flask of mutagen on his belt. He winks at Victoria as he passes the threshold.
"I supposed chilvalry isn't always appropriate."

Still remaning quiet, Rautha follows suit and enters the doorway.

The room you're now entering is completely lined with dark wood, full of reliefs and marquetries. Two thick candles, placed on a massive oak table in the middle of the room emit only that much light that one can hardly guess the actual dimensions of the room.

Placed around the table are seven cushioned chairs that bear the coat of arms of the academies you just graduated from. Awe strucks all of you as you realize that this then muste be the fabled „Room of Treaties'“, where the academy masters discuss the city's politics (no one really doubts that the control over the city is a thing which could not lie in the hands of the academy masters).

After you have all taken a seat that fits your academy affiliation, a group of four figures emerges out of the deeper shades of the room (one might think this has to be some kind of hall, since there is a considerable echo).

The first that is clearly visible is Pettoria's master Ferenc St. Just, he is wearing his hallmark tricorne, a dark leather frock and the two pistols he is famed for wielding.

Besides him, Boris Fanalio, High Priest of Pharasma and master of Kiavelak. He has bound his snow-white hair into two braids decorated with an assortment of bones and tooths. Clad in the black robes of his clergy, only his face and hair visibly stand out from the surrounding darkness.

The third of the masters, Count Alexandru Jarovich is a pale and thin figure. He is absolutely the image one would expect of the master of Vizyalesh: Tall, handsome, pale and in a subtle way dangerous. His face resembles that of a hawk and his eyes always seem to prey on his conversational partners.

The last of the four is mistress Elena Caliphvasos, member of one of Ustalav's mightiest noble families. Her purple dyed hair that nearly stretches unto her knees, is decorated with leaves of all colours and her seductive dress reveals more of her delicate shape than it covers.

After a moment of utter silence, St. Just adresses you while he strolls around the table:

„My dear admired graduates, you surely wonder what brought you to this strange meeting... Let me tell you this for now: You're here since we feel confident that you are the cream of the crop of this year's alumni.“

Before he can go on von Jarovich whispers with a voice that sounds like a piece of rusty metal scratching over a stone:
„Mine is for sure, though your's rather look like the cream of the crap...“

A flashing movement and St. Just has both his pistols ready aiming in the dark while Jarovich meanwhile made some steps back into the shadows becoming literally invisible.
While mistress Caliphvasos only snickers, Boris Fanalio lays a hand on St. Just's outstretched arm and forces him to take the pistol down. Affirmed that the most dangerous moment passed Boris smiles at you and says:

„Isn't it ridiculous that in a moment of great despair the academy masters have nothing better in mind than their quarrels?...Now let me thoroughly explain you the whole situation: Caliphas' ambassador and member of the clergy of Nethys, Georgiu Alistrada was killed only about two hours ago. Since his death is such a delicate matter and we have to suspect each other of being responsible for that, we decided to build a mixed group of graduates to investigate in his death...“

He pauses, studying your reaction and awaiting a response.

Male Tiefling (Asura-Spawn) Cleric (Sarenrae) 1

Addressing himself primarily to Boris Fanalio, Asuna asks, "You must forgive us, Masters and Mistress, but that can scarcely be the whole situation. Why must you suspect each other of being responsible? Why select students to investigate instead of allowing the agents of Prince Ordranti to do so? Why was the ambassador coming here? There is certainly more to the situation than simply that a man was killed and you cannot investigate yourselves."

Rautha immediately recognizes Count Jarovich as he enters the room, Giving him a slight nod. He listens to what St. Just has to say, then allows a small crooked smile to cross his lips as the Count makes his comment.

" I must agree with our reddish friend, Many questions run through my mind as we stand before you. Assuming the Ambassador had adequate protection, who could have slipped through? Surely not a common street thug. Who else knows about his death?"

Male Human (Taldan) Alchemist 1

Dominic sports a bemused look as St. Just draws on his fellow master, but he quickly stifles any signs of his amusement. After everyone has finished speaking, he stands and bows deeply.
"Truly and honor to be in the presence of such esteemed individuals as yourselves. Though I too, am curious... Why would you suspect one of your own of this crime?"
He paces as he walks, coming to a step behind his chair and arching a brow.
"And why reveal your suspicions so openly? In any case, we are all fresh graduates. Surely their are more experienced alumni who owe you favors."

Female Tiefling (Succubi) Witch HP:57/57, - AC: 11/T:11/FF:10 - Percep: +15(Dark Vision) F: +3/R: +3/W: +8 - CMB: 3 - CMD: 14, Speed: 30ft, Init: +1 Witch 8

"I can think of a few reason to use fresh graduates..." Victoria mutters under her breath.

"Mistress, I would be delighted to assist with your inquiries into the untimely demise of Ambassador Alistrada, it is an honour and a privelige to be recognised as we have been, and further, to be entrusted with such a delicate matter..."

Victoria pauses momentarily in thought,

"Of course, prodding around in the dark oft draws the displeased attentions of those seeking to remain anonymous, to what benefit would we find ourselves disposed by attracting such malcontented and dangerous suitors?"

Kirk has followed along silently with the strange summons and secret meeting up until this point. After Victoria mentions the prospect of possible payment, however, he speaks up.

"Aye, if you'd like to throw accusations around at each other, be my guest. But don't expect me to sit through any more lectures, or continue to watch the beauracracy of these acadamies ruin my chances at doing something good, all for free. What are we paid? And when?"

Boris Fanalio spreads his arms wide and nods approvingly:

Don't you already notice why we chose you? Without me having told very much about the whole icident you asked about three dozen important questions. We hope you keep your investigative nature and help to solve our very unpleasant problem.
Now let me try to answer some of your urgent requests:

Firstly, we are Karcau, we don't need agents from Caliphas prying about our business. Nevertheless we have to inform the capital's officials in five days. This then will be the time span we can give you to find his murder.

Regarding your other questions: He was here to attend the ceremonies, rumour has it that he was looking for worthy acolythes for the church of Nethys, maybe even for a fugleman. By now only the captain of the nightscarfs, and the owner of a low class hotel know about his death.....besides us. And yes, there are surely better suited investigators I can think of, but they all share a fatal flaw: They are stricken in the system of loyalties that penetrates all of Karcau.
In your case we are relatively sure that you are going to investigate in an evenhanded manner.

Since we are the most influential persons in Karcau it's a forseeable reflex that we suspect each other first hand...Regarding your compensations: We are willing to offer you 350 gp for your five days work, regardless of the outcome, though we can surely speak about a bonus in the case of a succesful investigation.

What else do you need?

Female Tiefling (Succubi) Witch HP:57/57, - AC: 11/T:11/FF:10 - Percep: +15(Dark Vision) F: +3/R: +3/W: +8 - CMB: 3 - CMD: 14, Speed: 30ft, Init: +1 Witch 8
DM Zyren/ Heart of Light wrote:
What else do you need?

"I cannot speak for the others you have assembled here, but for myself - simply the name of the Innkeeper, and the address of his establishment..."

Male Human (Taldan) Alchemist 1

"We'll need to see the body, of course. Protocol dictates that it not be moved, but with the pressing need for a cover-up, I would not doubt the prudence in disregarding that tradition. Anything you can tell us about the specifics of the death before we depart would also be useful. What was the apparent cause of death? Is poison suspect? If so, then access to a laboratory would be useful."
He glances to his companions for a moment, surveying those with whom he will be working.
"I confess I am not wholly familiar with my associates' abilities - the services of a diviner might expedite our investigation."

Male Tiefling (Asura-Spawn) Cleric (Sarenrae) 1

Asuna, listening to his new comrades, nods at many of their questions. He then adds to Dominic's list, "Not just the specifics of the death, I think. Who had access to him and/or the place where he was killed? Who discovered the body? What is being done to keep track of these people, and to keep them quiet? What parts of the investigation have been done already? Has the corpse been questioned?"

Thinking for a moment before asking the question, Asuna poses his final query. "If we should, in the course of our investigations, come across something that you all would rather the agents of Caliphas not know, what do you expect us to do?"

Sense Motive on the Academic Masters, for the entire conversation: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20

"May I suggest a splitting up of our efforts? Obviously there is no time to lose, with the clock already ticking. Five days can trickle through our fingertips rather easily if we take our slow, painful time with these things.

I for one would very much like to see the body. Perhaps Dominic and I and one other interested individual could handle that situation, while the lady Victoria and the rest question the innkeeper?

Time is of the essence, and if the Ambassador was truly killed but two hours ago, then this would be the most important night we have if we hope to uncover/catch the culprit."

EDIT: I'd also like to Sense Motive

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15

Male Human (Taldan) Alchemist 1

Autobots, roll out!

sense motive both rolls:

While there is a lot of restrained anger between the academy masters all statements seemed to contain no lies. Nevertheless you're unable to tell if they hid something from you.

Since we knew how important the crime scene is, no one had laid her hand on it. Everything remained as it was found.

While the blood dried up... adds Jarovich.

Fanalio glances over to to him, sighs and goes on:

Now to your remaining questions:
The name of the innkeeper is Russo Locano, we suspect he is affiliated with the Sczarni, he owns the Shrieking Harpy on Westgate Street.
The body was discovered by the innkeeper this evening right after the ceremonies, we have taken him in custody in his inn's cellar. I doubt that the corpse can be questioned...he was mutilated in a way that prohibits that...
If you come across ANY and i mean any problems I'm sure you will find an imaginative solution for it.

That took all his overcoming. snickers Caliphvasos.

Anyway, I think everything is said and you have the basic information you need. Captain Laval will lead all of you to the inn - at least if you're not planning to split up.....oh and thing I nearly forgot: He wasn't murdered alone, he had a lady visitor. A starlet of our famous opera house.

Female Tiefling (Succubi) Witch HP:57/57, - AC: 11/T:11/FF:10 - Percep: +15(Dark Vision) F: +3/R: +3/W: +8 - CMB: 3 - CMD: 14, Speed: 30ft, Init: +1 Witch 8
DM Zyren/ Heart of Light wrote:
He wasn't murdered alone, he had a lady visitor. A starlet of our famous opera house.

"A scandal upon a scandal, how...delicious"

"Well if the innkeeper and the body are in the same place, then there's really no need to split up. Either way, we should get moving."

"I agree. Lets go before the Corpse gets any colder.."

Rautha Nods again at the Count, Bows, and prepares to leave.

Male Tiefling (Asura-Spawn) Cleric (Sarenrae) 1

"Agreed. Let us be off." Asuna climbs from the chair and exchanges formal bows with Fanalio, one faith to another.

I'll just wait a little longer for Rydlon, since he hadn't any chance to ask questions by now.

Again you follow the Nightscarf captain through the cold night – though this time with open eyes. From time to time you meet drunken remnants of the festivities, some you even recognize as fellow students.

A light breeze, coming from the lake, sweeps over Karcau as you enter Westgate Street. Some snowflakes lie on the roofs and on the cobblestoned street; in the distance you hear the chiming of the belltower in the Market District...midnight.

As you approach the Shrieking Harpy, a two storey freamwork-building, you hear joyful calls, exited yells and Varisian music from a side alley next to the inn. The sounds seem to come from a yard behind the inn, where you can also make out a fireglow.

Sczarnis...maybe some sort of soon as you're in the inn I will take care of them. says the captain over his shoulder to you, while he knocks on the door of the inn.

Male Human (Taldan) Alchemist 1

"If you would be so kind as to detain them? They have a less than savory reputation, so I don't imagine it will be difficult to find an excuse. It seems suspect that so many would congregate so soon after a dire misdeed - especially one that's being covered up. If they could have had anything to do with this, I'd hate to see them go before we've had our turn with them."

Female Tiefling (Succubi) Witch HP:57/57, - AC: 11/T:11/FF:10 - Percep: +15(Dark Vision) F: +3/R: +3/W: +8 - CMB: 3 - CMD: 14, Speed: 30ft, Init: +1 Witch 8

"Ahhh the Shrieking Harpy, an aspect I occassionaly take on myself..."

"Thank you Captain, the Scarni folk may indeed be a source of information as they always seem to be lurking in every shadow, perhaps they may have seen people fleeing or the like"

"Shall we enter Nicky? Fascinated to see what spectacles might be lying in wait"

Male Human (Taldan) Alchemist 1

"Yes, I think we shall. You've always more comfortable on the stage, Victoria. Perhaps you should see what you can ascertain from these gypsies while I examine the body?"

Female Tiefling (Succubi) Witch HP:57/57, - AC: 11/T:11/FF:10 - Percep: +15(Dark Vision) F: +3/R: +3/W: +8 - CMB: 3 - CMD: 14, Speed: 30ft, Init: +1 Witch 8

"An evening consorting with the tight lipped riff-raff, how...enticing, I'm sure I will coerce them to give up any secrets they may be hiding, but with that lot, who knows what scandals they might be privy to?. Actually, there's a thought..."

Victoria seems to be defining the future worth of Scarni folk, you can almost hear the gears turning in her mental calculator.

Male Human (Taldan) Alchemist 1

Dominic gives a cold chuckle as measured strides bring him to the door.
"Ah, but of course - when a secret slips the seams of propriety, the dregs of society is invariably where it finds its rest. I've no doubt that you'll be able to elicit a wealth of information from this lot - just try not to get too excited about it - we're here on business, after all."

Male Half-Elf Bard/1

Rydlon is watching towards the celebrating folks

They have reached a status for which I was aiming at...anyhow lets see what we find out. Somehow I have an inner feeling to get this show done as soon as possible...and the bourbon is only the easiest reason...

Kirk stands impatiently outside the inn door, waiting for a reaction from inside. He maintains his silence, quietly taking in the sights. Specifically, he looks for any other entrances or exits visible from the exterior of the building: larger windows, side doors, balconies, etc. Anything out of the ordinary (signs of breaking and entering, etc.) he will mentally note but keep to himself for now.

Perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12

Male Tiefling (Asura-Spawn) Cleric (Sarenrae) 1

Asuna follows Dominic inside, trying to keep his mind on the work and not on the injustice of the treatment in store for the Sczarni.

Female Tiefling (Succubi) Witch HP:57/57, - AC: 11/T:11/FF:10 - Percep: +15(Dark Vision) F: +3/R: +3/W: +8 - CMB: 3 - CMD: 14, Speed: 30ft, Init: +1 Witch 8

So in short, I am happy to go attempt to solicit information from the Sczarni 'velvet glove' style if the others generally want to go inside. I figure I have pretty good bluff/intim/sip skills as opposed to divination and Knowledge that might be good for more 'forensic' activity


XP Award - Finishing academy training and entering Karcau's shades: 300

Victoria, Rydlon:

As you approach the yard, you notice a group of about a dozen Varisian-style men. The yard, which belongs to the inn is surrounded by a small wall that is open to the inn and to the alley you're coming from, harbors a cart and some barrels.

One of the men is playing a fiddle while the others are yelling and shouting at a small wooden round, which has a height of about 50cm, on the ground. Inside are two massive cocks engaged in a fight.

It only takes some blinks until one of the men notices you and soon all eyes are directed on you.

A bald man in his forties, who lacks most of his teeth, turns around to you:

An' who'd ye be, sweetie? I see ye gut yer bodyguard with ye, eh?

Asuna, Rauthas, Dominic:

After about 20 seconds the door is opened by one of the captain's men.
The taproom of the inn is about 10X15m, several tables and chairs stand thoughout the room. The fireplace still smolders and even with your few lightsources (captain and guard both carry an oil-lamp) you can make out a lot of dark stains from either puke or blood on the floor.
Following the captain you duck down under a staircase and enter a small back room.

Here another Nightscarf waits with a man seated on a footstool. The man is sweating heavily and licks his lips nervously. He must be abou 30 years of age and waers rather cheap clothes.

The captain turns round to you:

That's him...the only witness of the bodys by now... You cant't help but somehow that sounded more like a threat than a mere statement.


The building has 3 windows facing Westgate Street and 3 facing the side alley on the first floor and the ground floor. The second floor has no windows at all. Besides that there are no things tat strike your eye.

Male Half-Elf Bard/1

Rydlon performs his friendly smile

Diplomacy 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14

"Good evening have looked through me...indeed I need security".

...and smiles again...

"Russo has an appointment with us. I suspect he is in the cellar?

Female Tiefling (Succubi) Witch HP:57/57, - AC: 11/T:11/FF:10 - Percep: +15(Dark Vision) F: +3/R: +3/W: +8 - CMB: 3 - CMD: 14, Speed: 30ft, Init: +1 Witch 8
A bald, dirty little man wrote:
An' who'd ye be, sweetie? I see ye gut yer bodyguard with ye, eh?

-In Varisian

"Dear fellow, I believe you may have quite forgotten your manners, would you address, or allow to be addressed, your Baba like that? I believe you meant to say 'Good evening my Lady, pleasant night for a stroll, perhaps you would care to place a wager on our little bit of sport?' - hmmm?"

Victoria looks over her shoulder, as though checking whether she is being observed...

"To which I would have replied, of course good man, I'm in for a silver on that big black one, he looks terribly plucky".

With that she pulls out a silver from her small carrying purse, a significant part of its content, and flips it in her hand before offering it to the bald man.

Warm the crowd up a little...
Diplomacy -1d20 + 10 ⇒ (15) + 10 = 25

Using the time taken in the introduction, Victoria lightly scans the crowd for any particularly dodgy looking characters, not an easy feat with Sczarni, no doubt, as they'd almost all fit the bill.

Perception -1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11

(Assuming that they relaxed enough to let her in)

"Rydlon, my charming fellow, perhaps you could commentate for the crowd the gallant duel between my Black Prince, and that ugly speckled bird that appears to be suffering some kind of nasty affliction? I believe a fine Oratory is just the thing needed to raise the excitement"

The set of her eyes whilst watching the birds clashing shows more than a passing interest in the bloodshed.

...To the bald man, in a raised whisper, clear, but not threatening,

"Now my new good friend, let us both be frank, there have been some misdeeds carried out here that I wish quite earnestly to get to the bottom of, and I am not talking about confidence tricks or drugging chickens to fix matches... I'm talking about darker deeds."

"Now before you ask why would you help me, let me just point out to you that I arrived with the guard who wanted nothing more than to come deal with you, and once again, I do not refer to them wishing to wager on your fighting birds... but indeed to put an end to your evening in a rather abrupt fashion. Of course, I have dissuaded them from such activities... so perhaps you'd be so kind as to share the comings and goings of interest and we can both benefit from our new found acquaintance?"

Sense motive - 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (19) + 7 = 26

lol i just noticed that c.o.c.k.s. is prohibited on the boards-maybe I should write He-chicken...

Rydlon, Victoria:

The bald man stares at Rydlon and says with a sneer:

Russo, eh? He be in da inn, dun' ask me but de inn was close' since the bell chime' nine, kay?

Then he eyes Victoria...

Same situation in Varisian:

True, the men all look more or less dodgy.

Suddenly the bald man's voice changes to an elaborated and sophisticated tone:

Maybe I have mistaken you for a cocotte of some kind m'lady. Let me introduce me: The name's Adreanu Salvator, I'm the "Alpha-Wolf" of this ragged pack.
It'd be a pleasure for me to accept your bet and will hold it with a ratio of 3:1. The black one you chose is new in our little arena and I doubt you made the right choice, nevertheless, do very few people know better than me that Desna changes her favor in a blink.

Your concern about our little game here really lifts my heart out of the deepest fathoms and since you are such a charming lady I'd really be disappointed if I was of no help for you.
I suppose your question about darker matters also pointed at Russo? Truth to be told, his inn has quite a reputation amongst those who don't like to be disturbed when they found time to play with...lets say a nice souvenir.

The comings? Yes, there was this fellow who arrived in that pretty cab. He was not alone, but I couldn't make much out of his company, since she wore a hooded cloak-nevertheless, I'm sure it was a woman who accompanied him.

Kirk steps into the inn, but when he realizes they have been lead to the innkeeper himself, he speaks up in a gruff voice, "I don't do so well with people business, where's the body?"

The Captain looks out of the backroom:

Wait, until we're done with him. He says in perfect Taldane.

Male Human (Taldan) Alchemist 1

"Not really our forte, Captain."
Dominic spares a dismissive glance to the man seated nervously in the room.
"Seems a bit backwards to begin an interrogation before we've had a chance to examine the scene crime. I'd much rather come back to this one once we're armed with information..."
He slips on a pair of thin black gloves as he steps behind the perspiring witness, his lips parting in a wicked grin.
Among other things. Besides, I'm sure it couldn't hurt to allow him stew a while longer."

The captain seems to ponder about Dominic's proposal for a moment, then nods to the other Nightscarf who enters the room, ready to gaurd the innkeeper.

Meanwhile, the captain is already at the door sill:

I have to agree, would you then be so kind and follow me upstairs?

Male Human (Taldan) Alchemist 1

With a nod, Dominic makes towards the stairwell. He pulls a flask from his belt - one bearing a label with a simple illustration of an eye on it. Unstopping the cork, he quickly drains the liquid from the bottle and voices a refreshed sigh. His pupils dilate and shrink rapidly several times and the color of his iris subtly shifts to a greenish-yellow hue.

Dominic has consumed an Extract of Keen Senses. For the next minute, he gets a +2 bonus to perception checks and low-light vision.

Rautha follows Dominic up the Stairs, upon reaching their destination, he casts Detect magic Slowing Scanning the room

"Tsaran korilath ith hakon"

Rautha, Asuna, Kirk, Dominic:

After reaching the first floor you step into a dark hallway. The captain waits till everyone gets there, then takes a deep breath and opens the first door on the left.

At first the view is just gruesome: Opposite the door is a large bed whose linens are drenched in blood. A naked male body lies facedown on it. It seems like the source of the blood was the man's face, though you can't be sure from here.

Besides the bed there are only a wardrobe and and a small desk inside the room. Under the wardrobe is also a pool of blood and its door is only ajar.

The captain turns away and while you can't make out much of his facial expressions under his scarf he seems utterly disgusted.

The girl is in the wardrobe, unless you don't need my expertise now, I'll wait in front of the room.


No signs of magic linger in the room.

Male Human (Taldan) Alchemist 1

Dominic wastes no time in scouring the room for information - a little under a minute and the effects of his extract will have dissipated. He swiftly moves to the body of the ambassador, clearly not bothered by his less-than-decent condition. He scrapes a bit of blood into an empty vial to inspect more closely later, but takes care to check whether or not any significant clotting has occurred.
Dominic inspects the corpse dispassionately attempted to ascertain the source of the sanguine deluge, what manner of weapon could have made such a wound, and whether there could have been any other cause of death.

heal check on body1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25

With that cursory investigation complete, he makes a quick check of the room before his infusion expires. He takes special note of entry points, the lock on the door, and keeps an eye out for any objects that appear foreign in this environ - anything that doesn't normally belong in a hotel room. That complete, his eyes begin to fade back to their usually brown and Dominic steps towards the wardrobe.

perception check on room1d20 + 6 + 2 ⇒ (18) + 6 + 2 = 26

Female Tiefling (Succubi) Witch HP:57/57, - AC: 11/T:11/FF:10 - Percep: +15(Dark Vision) F: +3/R: +3/W: +8 - CMB: 3 - CMD: 14, Speed: 30ft, Init: +1 Witch 8

"Well Master Salvator, it seems our meeting was indeed a fortuitous turn of the cards, I hope the fates are feeling as benevolent toward my goodly Black Prince. That said, I am not so sure how long you can tempt the them with the Guard on this occasion, I can only pray my influence sticks - though I am certain it will stick long enough for us to get satisfaction from the gallant duel being played out in the pen..."

Victoria pauses momentarily to listen for Ruatha's oratory, adding drama and granduer to the melee of the Black Prince, then returns her attention to Salvator.

"Once this match achieves it's final satisfaction, I must return to my companions; however before I depart, perhaps you might have some other facts to share that an inquiring lady might wish to be aware of, for example whether you saw people leaving the Inn, or where I might be able to find you in future to place a further wager or sum of coin?

DM - Rolls:

Information Gather (diplomacy)1d20 + 10 ⇒ (19) + 10 = 29
Check if he's withholding (Sense Motive)1d20 + 7 ⇒ (15) + 7 = 22

Kirk, if the Zyren allows, will do his best to aid Dominic in his obvious alchemically-enhanced efforts to discover some sort of clue from the body and room. I imagine that aiding on Perception doesn't work very well, but I assume a Heal check is much more manageable with two people.

"Let's see what this scene has to say, shall we?" Kirk steps forward to the body to assist in whatever way he can with the initial examination.

Heal Aid Another: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7

Individual Perception on the room: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9

Welp, nevermind on all those rolls then.

Male Tiefling (Asura-Spawn) Cleric (Sarenrae) 1

Asuna, also not wanting to wait to deal with the body, moves to assist Dominic in any way he can for the examination of the corpse. He would murmur a blessing and sign the Dawnflower over Dominic to grant him a small boon in his efforts. In particular, he would look to see if the vocal apparatus is even vaguely intact.

Heal Aid Another: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (12) + 9 = 21
Also, cast Guidance on Dominic to assist in his rolls. +1, but potentially worth it.

Following the examination of the corpse, Asuna would examine the remainder of the room, and then check the body in the wardrobe to see what happened to her and again checking for an intact vocal apparatus. Before each action, he would murmur a small prayer to Sarenrae and sign the Dawnflower across his forehead.

Cast Guidance before each skill check.
Perception to examine the room, take 20 if possible. Take 10 if taking 20 is not allowed. +5 mod with Guidance. Otherwise: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7
Heal to examine the body in the wardrobe, take 20 if possible, 10 if 20 is not allowed. +10 mod with Guidance. Otherwise: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (9) + 10 = 19

If either corpse has an intact vocal apparatus, Asuna would go to the nearest guard and strongly recommend they send for a higher-ranked priest who can speak with the souls of the departed (Cleric 5+ with Speak With Dead prepared).

Following the examination of the corpses, and of the room, Asuna says a prayer over each body for the well-being of that person's soul in the afterlife, then turns to Dominic, Kirk, and Rautha.

Asuna, Rautha, Kirk and Dominic:

Carefully turning the body around you notice in an instant that this was not a "normal" murderer's work: The vocal cords and the whole vocal apparatus have been meticulosly removed. It seems that the ambassador was killed by one swift cut though his throat.

Possible weapons that could deal such wounds include: daggers, knives, razors and maybe even a short sword. You're quite sure that he died directly were he lies now and that his death struggle took only some mere seconds.

The sight of the girl in the wardrobe is far more gruesome than that of the ambassador. Nearly nothing of the girl's face is left, it seems like something has skinned her face and cut through flesh and bones. The rest of her body is mutilated too, while not as heavy as the face. Especially her breasts, hips, genital area and buttocks have been severely cut. Her vocal apparatus is also removed and Asuna notices that she was an Aasimar.

While scanning the room Dominic notices a single barely visible footprint in the pool under and in front of the wardrobe. The footprint is rather small (maybe size 5 1/2) and the shoes had heels.


Your warnings saved us a day or two in the cells of the guards m'lady. In fact we really saw something leave. There was a shadow leaving the inn through a window and running over the roofs, we thought that a couple was surprised by someone and the fancy man had to take a quick leave.

The c.ock fight ends with a total victory of the massive black one, who leaves the fight nearly unscathed.

As I said before, Desna changes her favor in a blink-here are your 5 silver coins, we have to go now, meeting the guard's captain does not sound like a good idea. If you should ever need my advice again you will most probably meet us in the "Shark's Pool", a small tavern in the harbor.

The Varisians throw the dead c.ock in a bag then begin to assemble their belongings.


Umm misstresss...watching thosse feathered goodiess made me hungry, what about an egg for me?

Assuming Dominic points out the footprint he discovers, Kirk will immediately check the woman in the closet for similar sized feet and model of shoe. If it's not a match, I'd call this our first clue. Also, assuming it is not a match, he will speak up what's on his mind.

"Well, assuming we're not dealing with any psychotic crossdresser, I suppose this means our number one suspect is female. And judging by the way she tore up that poor lady in the closet real good, probably a woman prone to jealousy as well.

Do we know if the good ambassador had a wife, or significant other? Perhaps a better question for the Captain and his men."

Male Human (Taldan) Alchemist 1

Dominic examines the throat of the ambassador with a morbid interest.
"It certainly seem likely, though there are a few things that bother me. The ambassador's body is unmauled by anything more than a single killing blow - and quite a precise one. An affair requires two participants, and it doesn't follow that one would have been given such treatment with the other being left relatively untouched. Consider too, that these vocal chords were surgically removed, presumably to prevent arcane communication with the deceased. Impressive presence of mind for a crime of passion, not mention an uncommon understanding of both anatomy and magic for a jilted lover. One who, I might add, was able to enter and leave the premises unnoticed, and commit a double murder in between. I might be over-thinking things, but to me, it looks like someone wants us following the wrong trail."

Female Tiefling (Succubi) Witch HP:57/57, - AC: 11/T:11/FF:10 - Percep: +15(Dark Vision) F: +3/R: +3/W: +8 - CMB: 3 - CMD: 14, Speed: 30ft, Init: +1 Witch 8

Victoria takes three of the five coins extended to her by the Sczarni ringleader...

"I believe the odds were three to one, so I make it that it's only three bits as my due - I'd not take five and have our relationship get off to a dishonest start. Perhaps we shall meet at the Shark, Mr Salvator, should the fates decide our paths once again travel in the same direction. Come, Rydlon, if you are done carousing".

With a half curtsy to Salvator, and a polite nod goodbye to the rest of the wandering folk, Victoria makes a graceful exit.

"Well don't worry about any eggs Naga, we are off to the Inn to try and catch a rat... but perhaps they have something on the board of fare for you - let us see what sort of flop house we are about to be thrust into"

Once we arrive at the Inn and rejoin the others (after detouring past the kitchen to collect an egg or two), I will bring them up to speed on the Sczarni info - ie that 'something' left the inn via the window and fled across the rooftops. Similarly I will ask if Naga can detect anything unusual (other than blood gore) via Scent - although Naga doesn't have any tracking capacity, something might smell odd

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