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DM Zyren's Heart of Light

Game Master Zyrenity

An epic search for the Amethyst heptagon leads a party of fresh graduates through the northern reaches of Ustalav. Based in Karcau, the party visits places like the dark Castle Jarovich or the dangerous alleys of Carrion Hill.

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M Chelish Fighter

Pitr will address the carpenter, Well, my friend do you know something about it? What happened to those doors anyway?

if needed:
Diplomacy 1d20 ⇒ 18

Kirk, musing over the many possible reasons he might be tailed here, decides quickly to confront the man. He, without breaking stride, spins on his heel and turns around and continues walking at the same pace in directly the opposite direction. He grins widely at the priest, and asks, "Am I really that visually displeasing? Are you really that against giving me the benefit of the doubt? That's alright, I probably would be too."

Male Human (Gundarian) Cavalier 4

The tall Garundi turns his head while he blushes, and thinks that it should be Pitr doing this and not him.

Regaining his composure, he takes the soprano's hand in his and kisses it.

Well Mademoisele Rosa as the other lady here, pale in your comparison , stated once we are completed with our affairs with Mr. Weatherby, I will glady take you out for an evening of dining. To think that I will have you enchanting voice all to myself, I cannot wait.

Zahur let's go of her hand gently,bows again and galantly as possible mounts his horse.


Diplomacy:1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22
Ride: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16
Knowledge Local for the bar and area that she mentioned:1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19

Female Tiefling (Succubi) Witch HP:57/57, - AC: 11/T:11/FF:10 - Percep: +15(Dark Vision) F: +3/R: +3/W: +8 - CMB: 3 - CMD: 14, Speed: 30ft, Init: +1 Witch 8

As they move to depart onward to the docks, Victoria catches your eye and smirks, clearly amused by her 'matchmaking efforts' and trying not to giggle

Once out of earshot...

"You are such a sport Welly, I'd have put Pitr up to the task but he'd not blink at it, and thats no fun at all. Besides that, she seemed rather fond of you" for a moment, Victorias face looks very earnest "You aren't going to break her heart are you Welly?", then the mood is broken as she forms a wicked grin.

@ Pitr, Victoria and Zahur

The carpenter turns around to you and says

The door got blasted, dunno how...must've been a an ogre or something. An' 'bout that bar: It's name is the Sharkpool.

Madame Rosa smiles after the Garundi's compliments

Oh dear, what a cute exotic big game hunter! I will await you, be here at midnight...

@ Kirk

The priest who followed you halts and nods slowly

It was wrong to watch your step stranger, everyone is welcomed in the House of the Vigilant Flame. Please accept my apologies. he bows slightly then turns around and leaves you alone.

Very interesting. I have now heard three names for Norgorber. Father Skinshaw for murderers. The Reaper of Reputation, and The Gray Master. What is the fourth branch and what are each of the groups?

M Chelish Fighter

Pitr lingers for a moment for a little fishing expedition.
Madame Rosa, pardon me for taking another moment of your time, but do you have any idea if Tatyana might have been seeing anyone in particular? That lying wizard Alon seemed to imply they were engaged, but I happen to have seen her around the Vintra residence quite often. As young Vintra died recently I can't see that she was visiting him, but perhaps she had some legal business with the older Vintra...?

diplomacy1d20 ⇒ 6

As Pitr catches up with Zahur he has a HUGE grin on his face.
Well, Young Sir, at least you have a bit of experience riding large beasts! he states as he gives his horse a slap.

Male Human Life Oracle 3rd

As the group moves out of ear shot of the 'Lady Rosa'.
@ Victoria. "Well played young Countess. Im sure when the time comes for you to be taken ... to dinner ... by some overweight over aged lech as a means to get information you too will step forwards with such dignity"

Moving to Zahur Basilli whispers to him

"A wise man once said 'Fat chicks need loving too - and when they get it they are MOST grateful'. *cough* I have had some experience in this matter ... Ahem! When the night is over Im sure I can provide you with some ointments and bruise poultices to help you with the aches and pains ... *grins*

"No harm done. And just so you know: I am awaiting a friend of mine who is here on much holier business than I. He plans on joining the clergy, here."

Before the priest can turn away, Kirk says quickly, "One, question please. Hypothetically speaking, if I had it on good authority that a cult of Norgorber had infiltrated the city, and I was assigned by the Nightscarves themselves to root out, find, and destroy this hypothetical cult, who would I want to speak to in order to find out more about the possible location or aim of said cult? Hypothetically." He gives the priest a knowing wink, hoping that this approach won't seem too forward.


Diplomacy (if necessary): 1d20 ⇒ 6

Upon hearing Tanor Veredan’s reply, Solaric prepares to leave.

Sword Knight Veredan, you have been a tremendous help to me both with my Iomedaean calling and with the task that lay ahead of me. Thank you for both! I will seek out Gorian Damasco and see where that leads us. Please accept this small donation to the church. Solaric hands the sword knight 3 platinum pieces. I will not keep you any longer. Farewell. May the light of Iomedae shine upon you this day!

Solaric bows respectfully and departs. As he walks out of Tanor Veredan's chamber, he is filled with a great joy, and although he still feels a great responsibility with the task ahead of him, somehow his heart is lighter and he feels that somehow all that is wrong will be put right. As he strides through the sanctuary, he begins looking for Kirk Spearborn.

There you are my friend. I hope you have kept yourself out of trouble while I have been away. That was not too long...was it? I have great news! The sword knight has accepted me. All I have to do is complete an act of virtue. Not only that, I now have a contact that may lead us to this hidden cult of Norgorber. He is a fallen inquisitor of Sarenrae. Perhaps you can help me with this next step. The sword knight told me that this man may be found at the filthiest tavern I know. I fear I do not know any of the taverns in Karcau. Is this something you have experience with? Where do you recommend we start?

Male Human (Gundarian) Cavalier 4

Once they are out of earshot, Zahur bursts out laughing at Pitr's comments.

A soldier's gotta do what a soldier's gotta do. No Vicky, I plan to be the utmost 'gentle' man with our voluptuous opera singer... ...

And Basili make sure you make a double dose, she seems like she'll be quite a stallion to ride.

"Congratulations, an act of virtue, you say? I'm sure that getting to the bottom of this mystery will offer several sufficient opportunities."

Then, scratching his chin thoughtfully, he says "Also, I can probably think of a few places. It might be easiest to go after him now, if he's in as bad as shape as you're making it sound: the taverns are pretty empty this early, and he'd be easier to spot with less crowd. He might even be too drunk to communicate clearly if we wait until the end of the day."

Knowledge (local) to know about the bar scene1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23

Female Tiefling (Succubi) Witch HP:57/57, - AC: 11/T:11/FF:10 - Percep: +15(Dark Vision) F: +3/R: +3/W: +8 - CMB: 3 - CMD: 14, Speed: 30ft, Init: +1 Witch 8
Basilli the Lame wrote:
"Well played young Countess. Im sure when the time comes for you to be taken ... to dinner ... by some overweight over aged lech as a means to get information you too will step forwards with such dignity"

"Now why, by the gods, would I ever volunteer to accept such a ghastly fate as that when I could far more easily push Pitr in the path of such a monstrosity? You gravely mistake my humour should you believe for a moment that it extends to me being in such a predicament. Besides, a lady, especially one of station, does not 'entertain' such characters unless they have all the money in Korvosa and one foot in the grave... and even then you'd need to wager a refusal"

Female Tiefling (Succubi) Witch HP:57/57, - AC: 11/T:11/FF:10 - Percep: +15(Dark Vision) F: +3/R: +3/W: +8 - CMB: 3 - CMD: 14, Speed: 30ft, Init: +1 Witch 8
Zahur of Wellsbottom wrote:
A soldier's gotta do what a soldier's gotta do. No Vicky, I plan to be the utmost 'gentle' man with our voluptuous opera singer...

"Thats the spirit Welly! What a trooper to take that one square on the chin without blubbing!"

Male Human (Gundarian) Cavalier 4

Looks in Pitr's direction.

Unfortunately, I learned from the best

@ Kirk

The cheapest taverns of the city are at the docks. Two that instantly come to your mind are:

The Shark Pool
Ugly Frog's Nest

I assume correctly that everyone is heading to the docks now?

Well then Kirk, lets us not tarry here. Let's see if we can beat the storm and get over to docks before those dark clouds gather any closer. Let's start with the Shark Pool. That sounds like a real dive.

Solaric and Kirk start making their way.

Male Human (Gundarian) Cavalier 4
DM Zyren/ Heart of Light wrote:

I assume correctly that everyone is heading to the docks now?


The whole party heads for the docks: Basilli, Pitr, Victoria and Zahur still making fun of the bulky lady and Zahur's important nighttime quest; Kirk and Solaric rather focused on the next steps of their mission.

While the first group crosses the Barnardos Bridge, the latter one crosses the Caliphvasos Bridge.

The docks are a lively place: Its a continual coming and going of fishing boats fully loaded with brown trouts, eels, perches and tenches Lake Prophyria is famed for.

At the docks sturdy men, mostly Varisians, haul the heavy creels onto merchant's wagons or carry them directly to nearby fish handlers.
The smell is accordingly, but since the wares are fresh it's not very offensive.

The streets of the harbour district are full of peons waiting for job offers, straying dogs and cats that hope to snatch a lost piece of fish and other colourful folks (prostitutes, mercenaries etc.)

Perception DC 15:

As your gaze wanders over the lake, you recognize that there is a wall of grayish-black clouds cumulating in the centre of the lake. You realize that the upcoming storm will be tremendous and that during the evening one should better stay away from the lakeshore.

Desna smiles, since you all meet again in front of the Shark Pool, a shabby, but colourfully decorated tavern.
A plate hanging over the door depicts a round basin from which several shark fins point out.

Perception DC 20 and speak Varisian:

On the door post you recognize a Varisian carving saying:

This place is owned by the Salvator Sczarnis, begone if you are a member of the clan of the Andreanu.

Male Human (Gundarian) Cavalier 4

Perception: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 2 = 14

Look who is here, Spearborn. What a small city Karcau can be. The half elf and half orc rejoin the group. Clearly there is synchronicity of the gods at work to reunite us at this dive of a place. I have good news for all of you. I have been accepted at the House of the Vigilant Flame. I am to become a Cleric of Iomedae on completion of an act of virtue. Furthermore, I have a lead.

Solaric calls his companions closer, looks around to make sure he is not being overheard and lowers his voice to a whisper.

There was an inquisitor of Sarenrae by the name of Gorian Damasco that has fallen from grace and lost his faith. He is believed to now haunt the most wretched dives in Karcau as he struggles with alcoholism and his own demons within. This man is believed to have knowledge of the hidden cult of Norgorber. If we can find him, he may be the key to leading us onward to their hidden shrine.

Resuming in a normal tone. How have all of you fared? Pitr, why the amusing grin on your face? What is that look to Zahur about?

Perception 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14

M Chelish Fighter

Peception 1d20 ⇒ 17

Pitr grins smugly as he answers Solaric, Some fared better than others... the Shark Pool appears to be a popular place. Alon may be near here as well. Perhaps we should find him first before he gets word we are near. We might want to step on it, too. It looks like a hell of a storm blowing in and I'd rather get to higher ground before it hits. Plus we have to make sure Zahur has time to prepare for his BIG night!

Good, then, lets go in and take a look around. Solaric heads into the Shark Pool through the front door. He thinks to himself, I have never felt more like a fish out of water going into a place like this. Let’s hope these sharks aren’t interested in eating small fish! Solaric lifts his head high and walks forward up to the counter. Give me a glass of cold water, please!

Male Human Life Oracle 3rd

Perception: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 2 = 14

Basilli hears what Solaric orders and groans inwardly. This kid is asking for a bar fight!
Limping to the bar next to Solaric, Basilli whispers to him

"Follow my lead young sir and agree with me."

In a normal tone for any near by to hear, Basilli says "Ho boy did you order my glass of cold water? Make sure you order yourself a good ale as well then bring them both to my table yonder"

Bluff: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7

Basilli makes his way to the table the group is at, figuring that even low life like these in here wont want to start a fight with a cripple, over his choice of drink.

(Unfortunately with a bluff of 7 I don't think anyone will buy it.)

Solaric takes Basilli’s advice and reluctantly orders an ale. A water for the cripple and an ale for myself, if you please! While the barkeep is getting the drinks, Solaric sits down at the table and whispers back to the healer. Basilli, I will admit, I feel rather out of my element here in this place. I would rather fight another fire elemental than subject myself to this place. I know this is where we need to be to complete our task, but I rather not drink that poison! I may have to spill my drink.

Solaric looks around the room for some characters that might fit the description of Gorian Damasco or Alon Weatherby, or at least some characters that he might apporach to gather information on their whereabouts.

Perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7

M Chelish Fighter

Outside the Sharkpool, Pitr turns to the Countess, Didn't randy Rosa say Alon lived NEXT to the bar? Do you see anything that looks residential?

@ Solaric, Basilli and everyone else who stepped in

Inside the tavern is exactly the wooden basin that was depicted on the plate. Placed in the centre of the taproom this 3 diameter wide thing is full of brownish water with various kinds of leftovers drifting at the surface - no fins to be seen.

Besides you, the barkeeper and a small rat-faced Varisian with large golden earrings the taproom ist empty.

The barkeep didn't object your choice of drinks and brings you what you ordered.

Nu tu de docks, eh? he asks grumpily.

@Victoria, Pitr and whoever stayed outside:

There is a shed in miserable condition next to the Sharkpool, it somehow looks as if it was build of driftwood...there are even some ship's names plates worked into the "facade".

Male Human (Gundarian) Cavalier 4

Before Solaric and BAsili step into the tavern.

Well Solaric, let's just say I took a Big one for the team, and mentioning what will require of me may make you either renouce or reinforce your priestly vows.

Pitr, maybe check the shed, I will ask around to see if anyone knows where he lives.

Zahur takes time to look around at the area and then starts asking around to find out if anyone knows where Alon lives.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (15) + 6 = 21

It seems like the people generally try to avoid to get involved in anything in this neighbourhood, their answers regarding Alon (and presumably everything else) consist of: short "no"s longer "noooo"s and quick "dunno"s.

As you are about to give up, an old man emerges out of the shadows of a ruined townhouse opposite the Sharkpool.

Alon? tha' fancy boy who wuz livin' in da shed? The Rag Man go' him las' night - me saw dat!. The old fellow is surely drunk and stinks like he slept under a pile of skunks on heat.

When the drinks come, I slide the ale over to Basilli and quietly speak to him, "Hopefully, I will be safe drinking the water." After swallowing down a portion of the beverage, Solaric walks up to the small rat faced Varisian and discretely asks him, "I'm looking for a man named Gorian Damasco. Have you seen him around?"

Diplomacy (Gather Information) 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (15) + 10 = 25

Kirk enters the bar, but quickly detaches himself from the rest of the group so as not to stand out too much. He knows Solaric is out of his comfort zone on this one, and is not completely sure that the situation will end peacefully. He scans the room, looking for someone who might fit the description of a drunken inquisitor fallen from grace who might just hold the key to the puzzle of Kirk's faith.

Perception 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (20) + 5 = 25

He is also sure to keep within eye contact of Solaric and Basilli, giving them a stern but friendly nod if they glance over to him, as if to tell them that he is there and ready in case anything happens, but for now it is better to stay separate.

Female Tiefling (Succubi) Witch HP:57/57, - AC: 11/T:11/FF:10 - Percep: +15(Dark Vision) F: +3/R: +3/W: +8 - CMB: 3 - CMD: 14, Speed: 30ft, Init: +1 Witch 8

Victoria wanders over to the shed in a regal and confident manner and signals Pitr to join her. Once Pitr follws, she will try the front door, and look for any other entrances.

Zahur of Wellsbottom wrote:

Before Solaric and BAsili step into the tavern.

Well Solaric, let's just say I took a Big one for the team, and mentioning what will require of me may make you either renouce or reinforce your priestly vows.

Solaric replies to Zahur, before stepping into the tavern,

"Zahur, to give of yourself selflessly without any thought of return is a great virtue. This sacrifice you make will not go unnoticed. Just remember...that which does not kill you will only make you stronger! For Victory, For the Heart!"

M Chelish Fighter
DM Zyren/ Heart of Light wrote:
The old fellow is surely drunk and stinks like he slept under a pile of skunks on heat.

I KNOW THAT SMELL! tale for another time ; )

to the drunk guy-What's a Rag man?

later, quietly to the Countess-Hmmm, If I did this door like I did the Opera House I might knock the whole building down. Maybe we'll just try the door.

Male Human (Gundarian) Cavalier 4

Thank you old man, here is a coin for you trouble. Who is this Rag man that you are talking about?

Zahur hands the drunk a silver and makes sure to shake his hand while he does it.

Knowledge(local) to see if I know anything about the 'Rag man: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16

If he doesn't give any additional information I will head over to the shed with Victoria and Pitr.


There is a "port-hole"-like window in the door leading to the kitchen where you saw someone peeking into the room. Now he's gone and you are alone with your two friends, the rat-faced Varisian and the barkeep.

@ Solaric

The small man looks up to you and you realize how odd his striking resemblance to a rat is. He eyes you aggressively but it seems like you stroke the right note.

Who wanna Know dat?

@Pitr, Victoria and Zahur

As the man notices the shiny piece of silver his eyes widen

Oh, ye are a kin' man, eh? De Rag Man... he looks around as if fearing to be eavesdropped
he turned up las' fall at de docks...usually he only gets de kids who are stupid enuff te stay outside by night. But yesterday he grabbed poor Alon and took him with him! as he finishes he draws the holy sign of Pharasma over his heart.

@Pitr and Victoria

The door of the shed is open, inside is only one small room: There are some furs in one corner of the room which seem to have served as a bed, then there is a small cooking pit next to a gap in the wooden wall, broken pottery liying on the ground and a broken chest. It seems like you are not the first to come to Alon's refuge.

Male Human (Gundarian) Cavalier 4

Leans in closer.

Do you know where we can find him or where he usually spends his time?

Female Tiefling (Succubi) Witch HP:57/57, - AC: 11/T:11/FF:10 - Percep: +15(Dark Vision) F: +3/R: +3/W: +8 - CMB: 3 - CMD: 14, Speed: 30ft, Init: +1 Witch 8
DM Zyren/ Heart of Light wrote:
It seems like you are not the first to come to Alon's refuge.

"Delightful. I suspect we might be finding him face down in the water around the docks before long..."


Perception - 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23 any clues or sign of struggle?
Detect Magic
Detect Poison

@ the rat faced Varisian

The name is Solaric. Can I buy you a drink? What do you be having this morning? If Solaric gets any positive response from the Varisian, he calls the barkeep over and orders him one. Solaric takes it cooly and tries not to appear too eager. I understand that Gorian has fallen into some sort of trouble, and I thought I might be able to help him out. Do you know where I might find him?

Kirk approaches the barkeep, and sits down at the bar. "Glass of whiskey, please." He glances around the room and then, as if he just noticed something, says "Seems you've got some sort of poltergeist problem back there," pointing toward where he had seen the face in the porthole window.


No signs of struggle and the one who was here before you, obviously did a great job since he didn't leave any traces.

There are no signs of magic or poison.


The old man turns pale as he hears your next question

Know where te fin' him? Are ye kiddin' me? In all de Nine Hells I wouldn't wanna know dat! He comes at night and get de children...dat's all I know!

@ Solaric

The Varisian grins widely presenting a line of black teeth and two golden canines

He is in da kitchen...dun't tell 'im I told ye.

@ Kirk

The barkeep looks up from sweeping the bar with a brown rag

Dat's only da cook...

Thanks for the tip! I won't say a word. Solaric gets up and gives Basilli and Kirk Spearborn the “look”, and then he heads straight onward through the kitchen door.

Kirk, upon seeing Solaric's signal, says to the barkeep, "Cancel that last order, and we'll need to have a word with your cook," and he beelines toward the kitchen door as well, keeping his eyes open for any imminent danger or if their quarry is trying to escape.

Perception 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12

M Chelish Fighter

Nah, he's with the 'Rag man'. In good company, I'm sure.
Pitr tries to be useful in searching the shack.
Perception 1d20 ⇒ 8

Not so much. Obviously distracted by trying to eavesdrop on Zahur's conversation outside. Pitr wanders out and elbows Zahur- Hey, Solaric said he was looking for a guy named Gorian, too. Ask this guy if he knows him. Maybe they're drinking buddies.

M Chelish Fighter

Oops. I missed that the drunk was across the street. Nix the last post.

Male Human Life Oracle 3rd

Basilli gets up with Solaric and follows him through.
If the Barkeep starts to question their movements he will move to intercept him and state in a friendly manner "Now Now my good man - We just want to ask your cook some questions in private. You have my word as a graduate of the Academies that we will not be harming or inconveniencing him or your establishment."
With that Basilli puts down 5 gp on the counter and looks at the man. "For luck"
Diplomacy (to calm the barkeep) 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (11) + 9 = 20

Assuming I have offered at least enough. Also -5gp off my 13gp total

Edit: Oops my Diplomacy is 10 not 9 = so my roll is actually 21

Actually the barkeep wanted to intercept, until Basilli made his "friendly" offer, so he just scoffs

Ah, I dun have te care 'bout him, right? Go ahead, but if anything in de kitchen goes bust...I'll come after you...

You enter the kitchen and at first are astonished what the barkeep could have meant-everything is already broken, damaged or at least in total disorder. On the floor of the small kitchen, between a dozen rusted pots and pans sits a bald giant of a man. His gray face looks older than you believe him to be and he smells like a whole brewery. Nevertheless, his arms and chest look like as if he lifts bulls as morning excercise.

As you all have entered, he wearily looks up to you

Neither fights nor stories today, boys...but would you please do an old man a favour and get him a bottle of whiskey?

From outside you hear the faint sound of the belltower. 1 AM

Solaric approaches the fallen hero and gazes upon him with compassion and hopes that this man may once again know what it feels like to be at one with his deity. Thinking that some divine power may reawaken that feeling, he speaks calmly and with great authority.

Gorian Damasco, it is time to come out of the shadows and leave the darkness behind. I am here in compassion. Let us leave the vile drink behind. There is redemption even for the likes of you, my brother. There is evil that needs smiting and the Inheritor and the Dawnflower need you. Come back to the light Gorian! Solaric draws forth his Sword Pendant and invokes the Light of the Sword to bless the fallen inquisitor and everyone in the room, Blessed by the Sword!

After the surge of divine energy bathes the room, Solaric approaches Damasco and begins to question him.

My brother, tell me what you know about the cult to Norgorber. Bring illumination to this dark shadow and reveal what you know!

Diplomacy (with bless spell) 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (10) + 11 = 21

I presume you meant to say the bell chimes at 1 pm (1 hour after noon)

Yes, surely 1PM, thx Solaric

The man on the floor just laughs cantankerously and by that spoils the moment of religious fervour.

Are you some sort of religious solo entertainer? If yes - you weren't entertaining at all.

He clumsily gets up and looks down on solaric (Damasco is nearly 2m tall).

Your gods can kiss my sweet, and if you are going to be a snitch and tell 'em that in your next prayer, then please add that they can also suck know what.

Staggering to the door, he turns one last time and you recognize a glint of a deeper graveness in his eyes

Just go home boy, this city is not worth risking one's life for it, nor are the gods.

Solaric realizes that this may not be as easy as he had hoped for. He thinks to himself Not my will, but your will be done in me and through me, Iomedae. He steps forward and raises his voice. Hold it right there Damasco! If you think I have come all this way to let you simply walk away, you are sorely mistaken. Maybe you are not ready to hear what I have to say, but we are ready to hear your words. You may not give a damn about yourself, but there are many more out there that could die if you remain silent! I don’t care if you think I’m a snitch, but if you took the time to listen and look within, you would see that the Dawnflower is actually quite forgiving. However, the Light of the Sword may not be! Solaric draws forth his longsword. And right now she needs you to start speaking. Tell me about Father Skinshwaw and his vile followers in this city!

Intimidate 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5

Solaric hopes that Kirk Spearborn may be better at intimidation than he is.

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