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DM Zyren's Heart of Darkness (Inactive)

Game Master Zyrenity

The bustling town of Kaer Maga, home of villainy and and more than one shady figure. A city that offers zillions of oportunities and even more ways to die!


Kyren Tosscobble - Halfling/Sorcerer


Alcheringa - Elven/Druid


Jinx Wigglesnort - Goblin/Gunslinger


Vaughn Elliot - Human/Fighter


Theras Toidarian - Aasimar/Fighter-Cleric


Berry Peelyblossom - Half-Orc/Alchemist


Party Headquarter:
The Revive for a better Life-Ground Floor
The Revive for a better Life-FirstFloor
The Revive for a better Life-Basement

Dramatis Personae:


Britten Frack-Squire of Iomedae
Perdar Ardoc-Member of the Ardoc Family
Sir Laval of Gorn-Knight Commander of Iomedae
Turodan Gestol-Assemblyman of the Fremen
Alura-One of the people from the Expanse
Ferran Garrido - Chelaxian Alchemist and friend of the Fremen
Dusklady Amberline Terrafiere - Leading member of the Duskwardens
Abacus - Tzarek player and mathematician, living at the Revive.
Goldie Blasthammer - Pit fight proprietor and old friend of Vaughn's parents.
Ronya - Mercenary

Deceased or missing

Esulan Worsh-Necromancer in the Ankar-Te district


Elaster the Pristine
Emerald, right hand woman of Horus Ilaktya
Count Varian Jeggare


Lord Sassaner - Head of the Wormfolk
Sulcher - Grand Arbiter of the Wormfolk
Vulturan - Head of the Seven crescents Band


2nd of Arodus 4707

- The PCs reach Kaer Maga
- Meeting of the PCs in the "Shiny Walking Stick" inn in "The Warrens".
- Meeting with Briiten Frack and invitation to the morning prayer at the Trideon temple.
- Found a crude map of Kaer Maga

3rd of Arodus 4707

- Encountered Perdar Ardoc, a golemsmith, who might have some problems to solve. Can be found in the Bis district.
- Meeting with Sir Laval of Gorn.
- Mission to inspect the business of a very busy Necromancer and the search for brother Timodeu's body.
- The necromancer, Esulan Worsh, set up a trap for the group.
- The group persuaded Bobo, Worsh's helper, to lead them to a warehouse where they found the necromancer.
- The meeting with Worsh surprisingly didn't end in a fight. In fact the party and the necromancer found an agreement.

4th of Arodus 4707
- After speaking to Laval the party agreed to take care of the ghoul infestation.
- Alcheringa helps to settle a conflict between the Ardoc Brotherhood and the followers of the Green Faith in Downmarket District.
- The party was successful in destroying the ghouls. Strangely, two shadows were also in the crypt and fled.

5th of Arodus 4707

- After reporting to Laval the group decided to meet Perdar Ardoc in Bis District.
- He told them about the riddle golem, a long lost artifact hidden in the sewers below Ankar Te.
- When the party wanted to meet Worsh to collect their rewards for killing the ghouls they found the necromancer dead. Killed by a female tiefling and two ogre zombies. She said she was sent by Horus Ilaktya.
- The party obtained the "Revive for a better Life" and Bobo aka Barry with it.
- The party agreed to work for Perdar Ardoc, he asked them to find and retrieve the miraculous Riddle Golem.
- The party found the lair of the Riddle Golem belot the Temple of the Child Godess.
- After a quarrel with another member of the Ardoc Brotherhood the party killed the golemsmith and brought the Riddle Golem back to Perdar Ardoc.

6th of Arodus 4707

- Just in front of the Revive a massive otyugh broke through the pavement and threatened the people. Alcheringa and Thorne made quick work of it.
- Kyren Tosscobble joined the party. He seems to experience some financial worries...
- Alcheringa, Kyren and Thorne delivered a strange package for the Duskwardens.
- Together with the new party members Kyren, Vaughn and Bonzo, Alcheringa, Thorne and Torald decide to investigate a strange series of murders in the Bottoms District.
- Duskwarden Harrister reports that the victims were killed by something that left traces like a large cat.
- As the party is on the way to the Garundi shrine, Udunga Oleke, the spokesman of the Mwangi people is killed during an ambush.

7th of Arodus 4707

- Kyren takes the chance and tries a ride with one of uri's kites!
- At the Gozreh shrine in the Bottoms, the party meets Alura, who promises to help them.
- After some investigations at the Gutter Flutter, the party assumes that Horus Ilaktya might know more.
- They plan on either contact his enemies or Emerald his right hand woman.
- At first they meet Sir Laval of Gorn at the Trideon Temple.
- In the Sheyln temple, Kyren is told that Alexite seducted and abducted an acolythe.
- Vaughn has the time of his life.
- The party meets Emerald and they agree on a truce. She pretends that Horus is not the source of the slave murders.
- Back at the shrine the party meets Rokaru, who knows that all freed slaves were visited by an man from The Shackles.
- The party met the murderous instrument the pirate used: a Kamadan. Alcheringa was able to befriend it and together they found the man and discovered that he had used the cat for the murders by telling it that the Expanse people killed its pack.

8th of Arodus 4707

- Alcheringa managed that the pirate confessed everything. The Kamadan killed him in return and the group solved the strange streak of murders.
- One odd detail remains: The pirate was addicted to some kind of milky poison!?
- Rokaru mentioned an alchemist with the name Fernan Garrido, who is a member of the Fremen and might know something about the strange white substance.
- The party uses the dead drop to find out that Petraz was working for the Wormfolk.
- Kyren plans to register for a Tzarek tournament.

9th of Arodus 4707

- Kyren tests Uri's new super-fast-pink-kite.
- The group encounters two pruple worms that while already heavily wounded attacked the party.
- Alcheringa meets with Dusklade Amberline Terrafiere and she tells him that something weaird is happening in the Darklands below Kaer Maga.
- Kyren practices with Abacus for the Tzarek tournament on the following day.
- Vaughn's meeting with Tessa is spoiled by a assassin searching for Esfana Arantia.

10th of Arodus 4707

- Kyren is doing a great job at the Tzarek competition.
- The party agrees to work for the Duskwarden. They will be doing some spelunking blow Kaer Maga.
- Vaughn tries to find out what the assassin's attack was about and what happened to Tessa.
- Vaughn, Alcheringa and Bonzo find the men who tried to murder Esfana and kill them with the help of Ronya.
- Goldie Blasthammer gives Vaughn a large monetary present and asks alot of questions about his ma and pa back at Riddleport.
- Kyren is able to win the Tzarek tournament.

11th of Arodus 4707

- Vaughn hands Captn. Yarbly the present he got from Goldie.
- The party enters the Darklands.
- The party arrives at the Fungal Tower where Samson Messer tells them to accompany a duergar caravan to Deepclaw and look for Grendel Shadowfist.

11th of Arodus 4707

- The duergar arrive and Vaughn is able to close a very good deal with them.

12th of Arodus 4707

- Toegther with the duergar the party passes the Voidfalls, where they nearly lose Bonzo.
- During the night they meet Salfon Rarith a Duskwarden who lost his patrol due to a troglodyte attack. He joins the Wee Bluets.

13th of Arodus 4707

- The caravan enters the dwarven ruin of Ang'varak. The former wealthy and prosperous dwarven community has ben deserted after some strange attack, it's treasures remain untouched but guarded by strange monsters.
- During the night a group of four driders attacked the caravan's camp.

15th of Arodus 4707

- After several days of travelling the party reaches Deepclaw.
- Here they leave the company of Castor to search for Grendel Shadowfist.

16th of Arodus 4707

- After finding out that Grendel and Castor have a connected past, the party meets Grendel at the edge of the city.
- The duergar warrior tells them that Ilvarandin is an old city in the Darklands and while he knows how to get there, he isn't willing to enter it.
- During the evening the party comes upon a derro camp...after a short try to trade, the party is attacked!

17th of Arodus 4707

- After the fight against the derro went well, the party gets ready to explore the Crystal Mines.

18th of Arodus 4707

- After a wild lorrey ride, the party enters the crystal mines and soon find the armoury of the dwarves.
- They fight a whole tribe of troglodytes and manage to kill most of them by a rain of stony shards! Now the temple can't be far away.

19th of Arodus 4707

- The party finds the temple on the next day and after searching through some rooms they encounter a mad band of cultists.
- They pray to an entity they call Quazakatarza and attack the party as they try to defend Torag's honour.
- The cultists are killed qucikly and Quazakatarza, a beholderbeing only on this plane by accident, tells the party that they need a key to reopen his portal again.
- The party is able to retrieve the key from a nest of giant spiders. The beholder in exchange opens a portal for them to return home.
- In Kaer Maga, Berry arrives at the Revive.

20th of Arodus 4707

- The party returns to Kaer Maga and after reporting to the Duskwardens meets Berry and take her into the group.
- Vaughn and Berry begin to search for some missing persons while Kyren and the others search for Count Varian Jeggare.
- Vaughn is able to find out some things about Ronya and Tessa and together with Goldie and Berry he alsofinds the Peelyblossoms who run a shop selling lava lamps near Meatgate.
- The others have meanwhile scouted Sulcher's palace and as all meet again in the evening they plan to infiltrate the wormfolk's arbiter's home in the morning, disguised as Tian-Xia merchants.

21st of Arodus 4707

- The plan works out and they meet Sulcher in his palace, sadly the naga is far too powerful to be tricked and so the groupt try their best to exit his home without being eaten.
- Luckily they manage to escape, but pretty soon they have already found the next adventure.

22nd of Arodus 4707

- On the next day they meet with Ronya and together enter the palace of Vulturan, a crime lord who has murdered Ronya's family.
- Here they encounter several bands of dangerous zombies.
- In a cell they find a group of starving men guarded by two bone golems. They destroy the creatures and reach the next dungeon level.
- The fight goes on! The party solves an old elven riddle and fights the Ratmen.
- Moments later they meet a canine bronze golem whose master was imprisoned by Vulturan. They strike a deal with the golem and promise to rescue the master of the creature.
- Further up they encounter more deadly ratmen.
- The battle ends in Vulturan's throne room where the party kills dozens of ratmen and several incarnations of the crime lord.
- They rescue the golem's master and earn a big share of treasures.
- Vaughn is shocked when Ronya confesses that the crime lord was her father...

23rd - 27th of Arodus 4707

- The party spend some days with buying provisions and tasting Bobo's newest creations.
- Finally they meet Turodan and a friend of him from Andoran.
- They are told that the Andoran Bill of Freedom was sttolen and is going to be sold on the Bazaar of Secrets. A secret market place in the Godsmoth Ossuary.
- The party enters the Ossuary where they meet a Pharasma priestess, who promises to help them if they can find out what happened to a score of bodies robbed from a sealed tomb...

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