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DM Zirharks Curse of the Crimson Throne

Game Master Tormad

What start off as a chase against a man who wronged them, these brave souls delve into the unknown to uncover the secrets of Korvosa.

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Even worked on my phone wow.

Hope I am in time to slide in under the wire! Presenting Rellen Marn, disgraced Sable Company Marine looking to clear his name.

Dark haired, and a scrawny, Rellen hardly looks a warrior, though he is nimble as a cat. His features are too prominent to be handsome, and he is missing a couple of teeth on the left side of his mouth, from a horse's kick during his days as a stablehand. His clothing is spotless and maintained with all the rigor expected in the Company and then some.

Rellen Horatio Marn is an orderly person, he likes his armor shining and all of his possessions neatly folded. He has always dreamed of being a Sable Company Marine, and his few brief flights above the city have been the happiest times of his life. He is honest, fiercly loyal, and takes a quiet pride in protecting the citiziens of Korvosa. He is rather shy in new company, and still very naive.


Farrion Marn was one of the most decorated Officers of the Sable Company, but perhaps enjoyed his fame a little too much. Twenty years ago the dashing hero promised a young noble woman, Eleen Joroso that he would marry her, and caught up in the heat of the moment they were married by a Priestess of Shelyn. Farrion was not a one woman kind of man though, and despite being newly married kept up his womanizing ways. Eleen's family had disowned her, for spurning a richer match and she found she had given up everything for a man who showed her little care.

Finally Farrion even brought one of his conquests home, and still drunk from the night before ordered his wife to make him and his lover breakfast. Eleen already had the poison, and he had pushed her too far, so she fed her husband and his whore both enough poison to kill a dire bear. Eleen immediately reported what she had done, and was swiftly found guilty and sentenced to hang. However, her sentence was postoned because she was pregnant. When the babe was born, some eight months later, his tearful mother handed him off to her husbands superior Officer, the kindly, though stern Marcus Endrin. A week later she went to the gibbet, and was buried in a paupers grave.

Major Endrin paid for the boy, Rellen, to be raised by the family of one of the Castle servants and took a grandfatherly interest in the lad, despite feeling very awkward around children. So Rellen was raised, by well meaning, but far from loving parents, and spent the majority of his time hanging around the training yards and stables watching round eyed as the Sable Company rode off into the skies defending Korvosa. Eventually he became a stablehand, and when he turned twelve was enrolled as a company page, when he began to receive training from the Marines.

Everything seemed wonderful to Rellen, as he approached his seventeeth birthday. He had bonded with a gorgeous young hippogriff, who he dubbed Busephalus - or Bue for short - and was soon to be promoted to full Company status. Then the Marines decided to take him out for his seventeeth birthday, to make a man of him...

Rellen awoke in a cell, naked, badly cut all over and with nothing but the haziest recollection of the nights activities - though he was pretty sure alcohol was intimately involved. He soon discovered that things were even worse than he could have imagined, he had been accused of murdering a pawnbroker, known as Narrow Dell, in the early hours of the morning down by the docks. A local fisherman claimed to have seen the whole thing, and while Rellen was certain he was innocent, he had to admit that he could not recall the nights events.

Luckily for Rellen, Commandant Endrin did not believe the conscientous boy he knew capable of such a crime. When confronted with the now Commander of the Sable Company the fisherman quickly recanted his testimony. The man confessed he had been threatened into providing false witness, and planting the murder weapon on Rellen, by a local crimelord - Gaedran Lamm.

But before the fisherman could be brought to recant his testimony before Judge Zenderholm he was killed by Lamm's thugs. With no more evidence, and the word of Commandant Endrin, Rellen was released, but a shadow of scandal and dishonor hung over him. He knew he could not tarnish the honor of the Sable Company, renowned for their heroism, so, reluctantly, he requested to be discharged. So distraught was he that he could barely speak the words, or hold back tears, as his dreams shattered.

The Commandant refused to accept this. Instead he ordered the young man to prove himself worthy, to clear his name and return to the Company triumphant. The old Marine gave Rellen a purse of gold, and an awkward hug before sending him out into Korvosa alone.

In the months since Rellen has found a boarding house, done some mercenary work and spent the rest of his time quietly listening for tales of Lamm's dark deeds. He is determined to find the crimelord, prove his guilt, and make him pay.

Equipment check done
Background up, though I'll flesh it out a bit more on the parents.

All crunch should be complete, I know framed seems an odd choice crunch wise, but it works for RP.

Added background into my profile as I only posted it here earlier. The only thing I might change is dropping the armored coat for scale mail. Same cost, so it's all good, but decisions, decisions. :-)

Enjoying the old school vibe on this thread.

I started long ago with AD&D. My first dieties and demigods had the Cthulu mythos in it, how cool. I feel strongly that Pathfinder is the best of the AD&D legacy.

Character concept is a ratfolk alchemist. He got his start in river slums brewing up potions for some bad guys/bandits. Realized that they didn't suit his plans on furthering good (he'll be CG), so he finds himself looking for a group with better aspirations.

Haven't done Crimson Throne or played an alchemist before, but you can check my posting history--it is quite solid. Rather than go for the beastly barbarian game breaking alchemists I have seen, I am looking to build a more subtle alchemist that uses his bombs and mixes his potions for stealth and sneaking.

Seeing as there are plenty of alchemists already-- here is my magus that has watched three campaigns he was in languish to nothing. I would understand if he was considered a 'jinx'.

Named after one of my favorite Stephenson characters.

Say Hello To My Little Friend! Thought I might put this little guy up for Rise. Fun build I want to try but we'll see what happens.

Reposting gamer history to ensure it is assosciated with this alias :)

Gaming History:
I got into 3.5 while living in Florida - I'm English - and played for three years there, as both a DM and a player. During that time I was lucky enough to complete several amazing campaigns. After moving back to the U.K, where players are few and far between, I beame heavily involved with PBP on enworld for a couple of years. I left when work and study commitments became overwhelming - my favorite game had died, and the ones I ran were at points where I could wrap them up fairly neatly.

I love roleplaying, and generally do voices for all my characters, and write a pretty elaborate backstory. I like to feel I know my characters and can inhabit them. That being said I must also own to being something of a power gamer, I get very attatched to my characters and I want them to be effective, and to survive! I do not exploit loopholes, or bend over backwards to justify silly, but powerful builds.

Recruitment is officially closed I'll post a final list soon and I will post my choices by Sunday night

Here it is. Any final comments on your characters be sure to get to me today so I can make my final decision tomorrow.

Alaric Morgain -Bard(Archaeologist)
Rumal - Alchemist
Alessio Cooper - Witch
Besnik Brastle - Fighter(one handed)
Yorick 'sky seeker' - Rouge (Roof Runner)
Gregorius Valerii - Fighter (Archer) /Ranger (urban)
Cherry Blossom's - Witch (White Haired)
Silas L'Habile - Bard(detective)
Jake the Rat - Summoner <skills focus>
Baral Dorda - Monk
Dextrin Malchoist - Oracle of Flame
Kessel Bargone - Fighter(Unbreakable)
Alain Kingfisher - Inquisitor
Gainus Tindareus - Inquisitor (Infiltrator)
Bront Cholag - Alchemist
Marcus Ignatius - Magus
Kazadarin Darlok - Ranger(urban)
Valeria Ingrid - Fighter(Polearm Master)
Peye - Cleric (forgemaster)
Rellen Marn - Ranger
Hiro - Magus
Grix Abydos - Fighter (lore Warden)

O.O Eagerly Watching.

Trup wrote:
O.O Eagerly Watching.

Gah! When I saw there was a new post I thought it was the list! :-)

lol... same here... Zirhark did say Sunday night... and while it's only Sunday afternoon here... it's Sunday night somewhere... like in Europe lol

Alaric Morgain wrote:
lol... same here... Zirhark did say Sunday night... and while it's only Sunday afternoon here... it's Sunday night somewhere... like in Europe lol

He said he would make his choices BY sunday night, important distinction. :-)

Dark Archive

Adding to Baral's background is the following:
"Baral Dorda. Child of a guard of the Elf Mierani ambassador and the daughter of a Noble house. Mother and child where sent away to the North. To Kaer Maga, where he passed his childhood and became a monk of the Brothers of the Seal order. He came back recently and wants to claim his human heirloom. His noble human grandfather passed away without male descendents. He was not a member of one of the great houses, but was the scion of an ancient and comfortably wealthy noble founders of the city. Baral wants to show that he is a worthwhile member of that house, even if he is a half breed. To that end he wants to engage in worthy tasks for the good of the city."
I hope this gets your attention. I am ready to crunch the numbers.

Here is the Final list of adventures who get to try their hand at revenge on Lamm.

-Rumal, the gnomish Alchemist
-Gainus Tindareus, The hard ass Inquisitor
-Cherry Blossom, The mysterious elven Witch
-Kessel Bargone, The Wandering Fighter
-Gregorius Valerii, The Marksman Ranger

And First runner up
-Alain Kingfisher

Will the 6 of you please report to the discussion thread. To the rest of you thank you for your submissions, the decision was extremely hard to make. Best of luck in your travels.

Well done guys and gals, best of luck on your adventures :)

aw well... if you ever need a replacement, think of me! lol

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Good gaming everyone

Silver Crusade

Gratz all! Hope you have alot of fun!

Sovereign Court

Have fun! And get that damn Lamm for me!

well at least now i have a char for the next time this game comes up.

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