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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

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DM Zirharks Curse of the Crimson Throne

Game Master Tormad

What start off as a chase against a man who wronged them, these brave souls delve into the unknown to uncover the secrets of Korvosa.

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I am looking for 4 or 5 solid adventurers who are willing to delve into the affairs of the city of Korvosa. Who among you is willing to risk their lives for the affairs of the kingdom?

Quick history on me, I have been DM'ing for the better part of a decade and now find myself with some extra free time so I am giving PbP a go. I am newer to the PbP arena so everyone selected will have to bear with me as I adjust.

Here is what I expect from you:

  • Posting at least once a day on weekdays, weekends will be optional
  • Have an interesting background that ties you to the campaign
  • To use the discussion thread!
  • Be a friendly person and a team player
  • A quick overview of your gaming history.
  • munchkins belong elsewhere
  • If you have a question in game, or dispute to a call I made, contact me via PM.

Adventure Crunch:

  • Starting at 1st level with max HP
  • The books we will be using will be: Core, APG, UM, UC, and ARG (all 3pp material is a no go, none core must be passed by me well in advance and will limit your chances of getting a spot.)
  • Races will be: Core(with all their options from the ARG), and assamair/tiefling(and all of their options from ARG, blood of fiends/angels)
  • Abilities: 20-pt buy
  • HP max at first, half+1 on level up.
  • Average Starting Wealth
  • 2 traits, one must be Campaign the other must be from the books listed.
  • All alignments (except for CE), but you must be a team focused player and not disruptive. If I take an Evil person I will only take one and there better be a good back story for it.

All I need are backgrounds and character concepts for submission, though having the crunch won't hurt your chances.

I am not sure how I will do combats yet so I am up for suggestions. I have heard nothing but great things about this AP so it should be fun for everyone involved. I'll keep recruitment open from 9/11/2012 until 9/14/2012, longer if I don't feel I have an enough quality applicants but I doubt that will be a problem.

I want to play with this character if possible...

My gaming background: I have been playing D&D since the first little brown books came out in 1974, plus other rpg's as they came along throughout the years. The only game I really haven't played is 4e. I have been on both sides of the DM screen over all those years and enjoy both being a player and a DM. I like a good mix of rp and combat in my games.

Ace! Getting on it :)

Sovereign Court

I'll send my character as soon as it is ready (it will probably only be ready tonight)

My gaming experience: I've begun playing D&D3.5 about 7 years ago. I've played for a few years online on IRC with the same group (and same campaign). My group had to split and since then I've been playing at my local gaming club, and played some d&d4th, pathfinder, paranoïa, Shadowrun(3rd & 4th edition) and Deathwatch. Currently I've got two pathfinder games running, and I've introduce the players at my local gaming club to Pathfinder Society.

I'm quite sorry if I make some grammar mistake sometimes, it's because I'm French and it's been a while since I've played online (my IRC group used to play in english). I hope it's not a problem for any of you.

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber


Sounds very interesting, mind if I ask a few quick questions?

How long do you plan to go on recruiting, is there a set day, or is it until you have enough acceptable characters, etc.

Will you be using maps, and if so in what form?

When you say none core must be passed by you in advance does this include the sources you listed, such as the APG? Or does it refer to paizo sources outside of those listed, like those Golarion companion thingies, etc.?

Does the munchkin comment mean you do not want optimized characters? Personally I like to go with a twenty in my primary stat and be good at what I do, but I don't follow any build guides and will generally have skills that reflect my characters backstory.

dotting for interest...

Byden wrote:

Sounds very interesting, mind if I ask a few quick questions?

How long do you plan to go on recruiting, is there a set day, or is it until you have enough acceptable characters, etc.

In the last paragraph of the post I set a date, 9/14.


Will you be using maps, and if so in what form?

I am researching possibilities for this, not set one one yet. I may use dropbox/googledocs + paint, as I said I am open for suggestions on how to do this.


When you say none core must be passed by you in advance does this include the sources you listed, such as the APG? Or does it refer to paizo sources outside of those listed, like those Golarion companion thingies, etc.?

My definition of Core would be the main stream books I listed, Non-core would be the compainions, <insert race> of Glarion, other AP's, magazines, etc.


Does the munchkin comment mean you do not want optimized characters? Personally I like to go with a twenty in my primary stat and be good at what I do, but I don't follow any build guides and will generally have skills that reflect my characters backstory.

What I mean by munchkin would be people who set out to find the loopholes and rules bending to make characters that break the game. I am looking for characters that will be relatively similar in power so everyone can have equal time in the spot light.

Here is my submission. I had played a rogue in a Crimson Throne game a few years ago that died out after a short time. I am involved in two other pbp games here on the boards and post reliably.

Here is my entry. Everythig is in the profile made for a previous CotCT game. I may need to change a trait and make sure I used average gold.

Trait would switch out Accelerated Drinker for Missing Child.

The gold would drop all the excess he has in money (going from 77gp to 2gp)

I may or may not stick with Mindchemist. I have to look into it.

EDIT: I am running a CotCT PbP, but am doing the same with other AP's without using metagame.

EDIT 2: All changes made. Took Missing Child trait, Dropped 75 gp, removed Mindchemist archetype.

EDIT 3: Question about traits. I just noticed that the two traits that fit my concept are on the PFSRD, but not from the books listed (they're still PF material and not 3PP). Is it okay to use traits from the SRD, or should I pick up ones from the books Core, APG, UM, UC, and ARG?

Silver Crusade

I have an oracle idea, lemme see if I can get it together right.

Oops, almost missed the brief history:

I started in middle school, with AD&D 1E in '88. I've played every incarnation of D&D from that point forward. I have played various other systems, but none of them ever grabbed and had a hold on me like D&D. I actually prefer 4E as a ruleset, but Pathfinder gets all my gaming money because of the quality of the AP's. There is something to be said for producing great pregen campaigns for someone that doesn't have the time to convert or create all their own campaigns.

Dotting. I've got an idea for a dervish dancer bard - a young Kelish noble from Qadira who was touring the great cities of Avistan with his brother when his sibling died from overdosing on some of Lamm's drugs. I'll have more tomorrow, but before I officially put the character forward, would you allow the Dervish Dancer feat from the Inner Sea World Guide?

Lantern Lodge

Dotting for interest. Character ideas are an archer type elf going for lantern bearer prc or another type of elf going for the brightness seeker prc. Will post more later tonight.

working on a Human Bard with the Detective archtype

Silver Crusade

I am working on a history for Besnik Brastle, a mixed Chelaxian/Varisian fighter.

I have been playing D&D since '81, every edition except for 4th. I only got into Pathfinder last year, and I have played a couple of PbP games on

I neglected to include my gaming history beyond pbp games. I started in 1980 or 1981 with AD&D and played intermittently until about 1994 but continued to read D&D materials. I have been in a Runelords pbp for the last three years and a Skull and Shackles game for about two months.

My play style is more focused on having fun that meta-gaming or power-gaming. I make decisions based on how I think my character would act in a given situation even if it is not what would be best in terms of game mechanics.

Here is my Goblin rogue who pretends to be a Halfling. He has the tortured trait

A little background..

Manny always lived in this city, pretty much always in the alleys and sewers. Manny stole and hid. Lots of stuff longshanks toss that can taste yummy. Silly Longshanks, waste so much. Life was ok.
Then Lamm found me*Spit*
Lamm said me was good sneaker, said he would pay for me to steal stuff for him. Give me bed and food. So me thought..Eh, why not? Lamm gave me spot alright. Was ok for a bit, then Lamm wanted me to sing goblin songs and tell jokes. Me know some, sure. me goblin! But me ran out of songs, tried telling jokes. Lamm gave me this hat, called me his fool. Me ran out of jokes and then Lamm had his men beat me hard. *growl*
Woke up in trash with hat stuffed in mouth. Manny survive! Manny find Lamm and make him the joke! HAHAHA!

Manny keeps himself masked and says he was kicked in the face by a horse and his face was wrecked so he goes masked so he doesn't scare the kids. He wants Lamm dead and will stuff that Jester's hat in his mouth.

I've been gaming for well over a decade and have joined a few games here and am very interested in a Crimson Throne game

martinaj wrote:
Dotting. I've got an idea for a dervish dancer bard - a young Kelish noble from Qadira who was touring the great cities of Avistan with his brother when his sibling died from overdosing on some of Lamm's drugs. I'll have more tomorrow, but before I officially put the character forward, would you allow the Dervish Dancer feat from the Inner Sea World Guide?

I will allow Dervish dance but I cannot promise there will be a great number of Scimitars.

How do you feel about Summoners DM Zirhark? I know some DMs find them irritating, though generally I think this is due to poor management on players part. If I play a summoning character I always post any summons stat block in a spoiler in battle posts and create a seperate alias for eidolons.

Gaming History:
I got into 3.5 while living in Florida and played for three years there, as both a DM and a player. During that time I was lucky enough to complete several amazing campaigns. After moving back to the U.K, where players are few and far between, I beame heavily involved with PBP on enworld for a couple of years. I left when work and study commitments became overwhelming - my favorite game had died, and the ones I ran were at points where I could wrap them up fairly neatly.

I love roleplaying, and generally do voices for all my characters, and write a pretty elaborate backstory. I like to feel I know my characters and can inhabit them. That being said I must also own to being something of a power gamer, I get very attatched to my characters and I want them to be effective, and to survive! I do not exploit loopholes, or bend over backwards to justify silly, but powerful builds.

Lantern Lodge

Would you be ok with the Kapenia Dancer, a Varisian archetype for the Magus from the "Varisia, birthplace of legends" book. It basically is a magus without armor who uses a bladed scarf to fight. The character would be a Half Elf wanderer.

If you'd be ok with the archetype I'll work on the further details.

Cuàn wrote:

Would you be ok with the Kapenia Dancer, a Varisian archetype for the Magus from the "Varisia, birthplace of legends" book. It basically is a magus without armor who uses a bladed scarf to fight. The character would be a Half Elf wanderer.

If you'd be ok with the archetype I'll work on the further details.

I am going to go ahead and deny that request.

As to my gaming history...

I started playing chess, then Avalon Hill's Tactics 2, then Starfire, before getting the basic D&D boxed set in 1983, graduating to the expert set and then 1st edition AD&D and tracked it up to 4th edition and Pathfinder. I've played various other systems: Role Master, White Wolf World of Darkness, GURPS, FASA's Star Trek and Doctor Who, West End Games Star Wars, Paranoia and Chill, Star Frontiers, d20 Star Wars Saga Edition, Legend of the Five Rings, Battletech/Mechwarrior, Shadowrun, Traveller (new and old), the gamut of Palladium systems (Mechanoids, Recon, Rifts, Heroes Unlimited, TMNT, Ninjas & Superspies and Palladium Fantasy), Marvel SuperHeroes, Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer Fantasy RPG, Gamma World, Boot Hill, Twilight 2000, Decipher Star Trek, In Nomine and Middle Earth.


Sovereign Court

I'm currently thinking about building a Calistria Inquisitor who will be in search from some revenge, a roof-runner/Scout rogue from the Shingles who was abducted and used as a child by Gaedren or a Varisian Tatooed Sorcerer (do you accept that archetype? It's from Inner Sea Magic.

I'm trying to have around 3 to 4 concepts, in order to be able to fit in any kind of group (currently trying to think about a divine caster or a figther).

I might not have full background about every single one, but i'll write a few line for each.

My character from previouse CotCT that fell apart, will revert him to first level later.

I have played D&D starting with the Red Box since 1985. I moved up to AD&D the next year and have played a bit of other RPGs such as RIFTS and GURPS, but always came back to D&D until 4th edition. Now I play Pathfinder exclusively.

I was 14 when I crossed Gaedren Lamm. I had been one of his “Little Lamms” for as long as I could remember. I have no memories of a mother, a father or siblings, just pain. I am not sure what I did that day, maybe I just didn’t get out of his way fast enough, but what ever it was enough to make Lamm lose it. I can’t remember all of it I guess I kept blacking out. I do remember the smell though, that sicky sweet smell of my own flesh burning. Lamm burned me and left the right side of my face a hideouse mask and scarred me for life. Funny thing is he didn’t intend for that part. He beat me and left me for dead in the bay. I remember the salt water on my face, the pain from it, and blackness. I don’t know how long I floated, never will, but I was found. I was taken in and brought back to health, protected, even loved.
But now I’m back, back in Korvosa, and I am going to send Gaedren Lamm straight to Hell.

Background (point form):
Silas L'Habile is an independent investigator.
He was born and raised in Korvosa.
His father, Tarel, was a member of the Korvosan Guard and was killed in the line of duty several years ago.
His mother, Enwila, is a well-liked and respected Harrower who has an uncanny ability to foretell events.
Silas is neutral good and he primarily venerates Pharasma and Desna.
He has a younger brother, Dairell, who runs with the gangs and an older sister, Lucida, who married a painter.
His sister has a young daughter, Camilla, who recently went missing and Silas is franticly investigating her disappearance.
Silas seems to have inherited his mother's intuitiveness and finds himself getting into (and out of!) sticky situations because of it.

Sovereign Court

Two of the possible background I've got for the moment:

Yorick 'Sky Seeker':
Yorick is a young man who was abducted when he was a kid. He was soon trained by Gaedren the art of stealing, and quickly learned that in order to survive this harsh life, he had to make himself useful. He had a lot of talent to walk the Shingles so Gaedren used him for a while but after some time. It's always easy to use kids, but these kids quickly become men, and men seek their own destiny thus when Yorick became an adolescent, Gaedren decided to get rid off him like so many others... But Gaedren made a mistake.
"My sweet Korvosa, after so many years I am back... That night Gaedren, you left me for dead... You took my life away, and used me like so many others, but you should have checked for my body and finish me off. This single mistake was your end, you just don't know it yet."

Ash Stormbound:
Ash is a pious man. His taught him well and taught him the lust for knowledge. When Ash came of age, he taught the lust for pleasure, and how to satisfy it at a brothel from different clerics of Calistria. There he met a woman, in so many way like him, who soon became a great friend... and a lover. They prayed to Calistria in a lot of ways togethers. But Ash never knew that now it was time to discover a new kind of lust and discover a new aspect of his godess. How did she become addicted to this shiver drug? Why did she never told him about taking this? Who took her away? Someone is responsible for all of this...
"Oh Calistria, lend me your strength. For the one who took my greatest pleasure away shall perish. He will taste one of your finest gift to us. Yes, now is the time for revenge..."

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 4

A little bit about my gaming experience:

The first time ever I saw anything about D&D was through and ad in one of the Marvel comics my brother used to subscribe when I was a kid. A few years later, a toy company in my country published a licenced board game version of D&D called Dragon Quest, probably around '94. Me and my cousins spent the summer playing that, but aftter that and during my teenager years I couldn't really find other people who shared my interest, though I did have some contact with Gurps (very litle) and wound up buying some of the Werewolf and Vampire books from the old World of Darkness series. When I got to college, I met some friends who were actually into RPG, and currently they form the base of our gaming group, which has been goin on and off for about ten years. Back then, D&D 3rd edition had just come out and we decided to try it out. We've played through 3 and 3.5 editions and dropped it with 4th, when we found ou about Paizo and migrated to Pathfinder. For the past 4 years I've been GMing a Pathfinder campaign set in a homebrew world. We've played some Mage and Vampire in between games and recently started a Legends of the 5 Rings game on the side. Our style of play is rules light, as we do some handwaving to speed things up, and very RP oriented, with little to no munchkinism.

And here's a character who's been waiting for a CotCT game: Gregorius Valerii, human fighter (archer) (gear still needs some adjustment)

If either of the traits I mentioned earlier (Accelerated Drinker or Brastlewark Businessman) are not allowed, I will switch to Hedge Magician.

Silver Crusade

OK, so here is the background for Besnik, I will finish up the crunch later tonight.

While many in Korvosa have some Varisian blood, most of them do not show it. Besnik is not one of them. He takes after his mother, a full-blooded Varisian, having dark skin and dark brown hair. He has soft features, but his eyes are a startling vivid green. He dresses plainly when not in his guard's uniform, trying to play down his heritage.

Besnik has had a hard life, born in the slums of the Midland district where his mother Talaitha worked as a seamstress. His father Kelis was a Chelaxian, one of the Korvosan Guard, who did not make many friends by marrying a Varisian. When Besnik was two, his father died in a riot, and so he and his mother were forced to try and make their way on their own.

As he grew, he adapted to life in the shingles, learning to jump and climb among the rooftops with incredible agility. He had to learn to move fast, as a lot of the other kids would bully him for being a “lowlife Vary”. He loved to hear the stories of the great hero Blackjack, escaping his problems by imagining himself as a mighty hero and swashbuckler with his friend Antion.

He eventually had to put away his childish dreams to find a way to earn money to help his mother to maintain their meager existence. He was able to join the Korvosan Guard based on his father’s reputation, but he has had to work twice as hard as any of the other guards to get half the recognition. His friend Antion wasn’t as lucky, as he found out recently. They had drifted apart and Besnik hadn’t seen him for a couple of years until he found his unmoving body in a dilapidated building full of wasted shiver-fiends.

Most of the guard turned a blind eye to the drug problem, and he was told to forget about it. Just clear them out, dump the bodies and move on. He couldn’t, though. Some part of him he thought long buried has surfaced, the part that believes in heroes and justice. He has gone off on his own to find out just who is supplying the drug. He is going to take them down any way he can, and hope there will still be a place for him in the Guard afterwards.

Please allow me to introduce myself.

I believe everything is up-to-date. The Dockside Vengeance Trait is an alternate out of Varisia: Birthplace of Legend for Curse of the Crimson Throne.

As to my Gaming background, suffice to say I have played every edition of D&D when each of them were current. I have also played a number of other systems. I have recently been bitten by the PbP bug & I am honestly finding it in some ways more fun than in-person. I have been better able to describe just what I wanted my actions/words to be without worrying if I was taking too much time away from other players.

I don't consider myself a munchkin, but I'm not certain anyone really does. I do attempt to always have a plausible reason for my character choices & development, and I try to imagine character concepts that others will enjoy playing alongside as much as I will enjoy playing.

Silas took the following feats and traits.
Feats: Improved Initiative, Harrowed
Traits: Missing Child (Niece), Harrow Born

Silas L'Habile
Male Human (Chelaxian) Bard (Detective) 1
NG Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +6; Senses Perception +6
AC 12, touch 11, flat-footed 11 (+1 armor, +1 Dex)
hp 9 (1d8+1)
Fort +1, Ref +3, Will +4
Speed 30 ft.
Melee Rapier +1 (1d6+1/18-20/x2)
Ranged Light Crossbow +1 (1d8/19-20/x2)
Special Attacks Bardic Performance (standard action) 6 rounds/day {Careful Teamwork, Countersong, Distraction, Fascinate (1 target) (DC 12)}
Bard (Detective) Spells Known (CL 1, +1 melee touch, +1 ranged touch):
1 (2/day) Cure Light Wounds (DC 13), Charm Person (DC 13)
0 (at will) Mage Hand, Open/Close (DC 12), Know Direction, Sift
Str 12, Dex 13, Con 13, Int 16, Wis 12, Cha 14
Base Atk +0; CMB +1; CMD 12
Feats Bard Weapon Proficiencies, Harrowed, Improved Initiative
Traits Harrow Born, Missing Child (Niece)
Skills Acrobatics +5, Bluff +6, Climb +5, Diplomacy +6, Intimidate +6, Knowledge (local) +8, Perception +6, Perform (comedy) +6, Sense Motive +6, Sleight of Hand +5, Stealth +5
Languages Common, Halfling, Shoanti, Varisian
SQ Bardic Performance: Careful Teamwork +1, Eye for Detail +1
Combat Gear Crossbow Bolts (20), Light Crossbow, Padded Armor, Rapier; Other Gear Harrow Deck
Special Abilities
Bardic Performance (standard action) (6 rounds/day) Your performances can create magical effects.
Bardic Performance: Careful Teamwork +1 (Su) Bonuses to initiative, perception, disable device and against traps or while flat-footed.
Bardic Performance: Countersong (Su) Counter magical effects that depend on sound.
Bardic Performance: Distraction (Su) Counter magical effects that depend on sight.
Bardic Performance: Fascinate (1 targets) (DC 12) (Su) One or more creatures becomes fascinated with you.
Eye for Detail +1 (Ex) You add half your bard level to Knowledge (local), Perception, Sense Motive, and Diplomacy(Gather Information) checks.
Harrowed +1 on saves vs. enchantment; can draw Harrow cards for bonuses

DM Zirhark, thanks for running this. I've heard nothing but good things.

I'll be submitting an Inquisitor (Infiltrator) of Calistria. He lived in/was raised in the church as his mother was a sacred prostitute. One of her clients got her addicted to shiver, and he had to watch her slowly succumb to the drug.

While he wants vengeance, he didn't want to just murder the dealer and end there. Instead he is trying to find where the trail of drugs ultimately comes from and exact his revenge fully on the source (which is, of course, Lamm), infiltrating their network if necessary.

I'll have my avatar ready sometime soon.

As to my experience, I have played D&D in its many forms for over 15 years. I'm involved in a couple PbP on these forums and post regularly.

Alright, decided to go with a different direction. Here's Marcus Ignatius, a magus from Cheliax and a deserter of the Hellknight Order of the Scourge.

Marcus was born to affluent family in Egorian, capital city of the glorious nation of Cheliax. Though not the eldest son of the family, he was poised from birth to inherit everything his father had - his elder brother Ardon, as a tiefling, would never be accepted into polite society, nor would he ever be accepted by his family. As children, Marcus was trained to fight, to manage estates, and was shown off to the world as his father's heir. In the mean time, Ardon was ridiculed in public, bullied by other children, and he found an escape in his books. Behind closed doors, Marcus was his brother's sole friend. Much to his father's frustration, he never accepted Ardon's status as a lesser being. As far as Marcus was concerned, Ardon was first and foremost his brother, horns or no.

Their father's negligent treatment of Ardon did much to drive a wedge between him and Marcus, and so when he reached adulthood, Marcus applied to the Order of the Scourge as a signifier. His martial training, along with the spells he had learned from Ardon (who's love of reading had turned into an interest in magic), would place him on a fast track to success and prestige in the order, while his father would be robbed of an heir. Ardon, in the meantime, moved to Korvosa, where he'd heard prejudices against tieflings were not so severe, and there he planned to raise the funds to enlist in the Acadamae.

Marcus did well during his time as an Armiger in the Hellknights. He wasn't the best, but he was better than most, and he had a disciplined mind that lent itself equally well to mastering magic, improving his swordwork, and, most importantly, following orders. Things were going well when the letter arrived.

A rider brought a note in Ardon's hand - vague hints of debts and a man named Gedron Lamm. He sounded like he was in trouble, and he sounded like he was scared. Marcus brought the note to his family, but his father only scoffed, insisting he had no more sons. Marcus had forsworn his inheritance and could not offer Ardon any sort of financial help. All he had was his arms, his armor, and is training.

Marcus had sworn vows, and was pledged to serve the Hellknights, but he could not abandon his brother. After several restless nights, he made the decision to leave the Order and make for Korvosa. He stole away on a ship, spending nearly everything he had saved on the passage, and now stays in a flop room in a run-down inn while he tries to locate his brother.

I know he's only got a 3/4th BAB, but I envision Marcus eventually working as tank when he gets access to heavier armor, staying in melee and using magic to manipulate the battlefield. He's currently driven to find his brother, but beyond that, he's dedicated to many of the ideals of the Hellknights - keeping order and creating a society with a structure in which everyone has the opportunity to thrive - assuming they're able. Having deserted the Order of the Scourge, he can't go back to Cheliax, and he doesn't dare try applying for the Order of the Nail. After he's been in Korvosa for a while, he'd likely apply to the city guard, or, if they seem too corrupt, start working as a vigilante.

As far as my gaming history goes, I've been in love with D&D since I picked up a 2nd edition Monster Manual when I was 11. I bought it and started pouring over it, more interested in the lore behind all the monsters than I was with the game, but when my parents misinterpreted the interest and I got a PhB and DmG on my next birthday, that rapidly changed. Since then I've dabbled in 2nd edition, played a LOT of 3rd/3.5, a little bit of 4th, and come to rest on Pathfinder. Beyond the d20 system, I'm a pretty big fan of Shadowrun, and have played one-shots in various other systems.

I tend to be pretty story-driven and goal-driven in a game, looking to move the plot forward and accomplish PC goals. It's always fun to me for the PCs to actually help build something or get involved in an in-world organization of some type. Beyond that, I especially love anything investigative and tactical combat.

Silver Crusade

Besnik is finished, but I have a question. Are you keeping the Campaign Traits as written, or is there the possibility of converting them to Pathfinder (instead of +2 to a skill, giving +1 and making it a class skill)?

I usually check in several times a day, so I should have no problem keeping up with the posting.

Dark Archive

I am interested. My character would be a half elf, born out of wedlock from a handsome member of the guard of the Mierani ambassador and the doughter of a minor local noble. The baby and his mother were sent away to xxx where he was raised and became a monk. He has been back in the city for the last few years, living between his two parentages but not fully accepted by either. He has a deep sense of duty, and not of. Very talkative nature as he has been obliged to keep his own counsel as an insider that looks at Korvosan life from the outside. His trait is a drug addict as his mother has been for many years an addict.
Would this work? If it does I can crunch the numbers fast.

Dark Archive

Forgot my playing experience. I was DM for my kids, cousins and friends from the time they where ten until they left for college. Since then I have become a player in two pbp. Games. One at this web site. I am also a historical miniature war gamer.

Excellent the recruitment thread is up. Heads up to let you know I will be submitting Jake the rat. The Alias is currently empty but he will be summoner street kid (teenager really) who has survived off his Eidolon's thievery skills.

Besnik Brastle wrote:

Besnik is finished, but I have a question. Are you keeping the Campaign Traits as written, or is there the possibility of converting them to Pathfinder (instead of +2 to a skill, giving +1 and making it a class skill)?

The traits all seem to be ok with me as is, not all pathfinder traits give a +1 and make it a class skill. The only trait that seems it would be slightly awkward would be the Religious one, +2 to concentration checks, but that's just because it is not a skill anymore but the checks still exists.

Byden wrote:

How do you feel about Summoners DM Zirhark? I know some DMs find them irritating, though generally I think this is due to poor management on players part. If I play a summoning character I always post any summons stat block in a spoiler in battle posts and create a seperate alias for eidolons.

I don't have a problem with summoners, just not a huge fan of the master summoner archetype. I am not restricting that archetype from applying, I am just warning everyone now that it's chances of getting in would be quite low

I made some minor changes to Alessio regarding a trait and some minor changes to his background. Would you allow a trait from another adventure path?

I am going to definitely apply for this. I read the players starter for this AP and it looks amazing. I will have a character posted with full backstory by tonight.

Silver Crusade

Dextrin Malchoist

Here's my submission, a tiefling oracle of flame. I still need to choose on trait, and might tweak a couple things, but overall should see what I'm doing with it.

Gaming History:
Start about 18 years ago. D&D 2nd edition up to fourth, and play tested next. Pathfinder for about a year and a half now. I've also done Rifts, BESM, Exalted, Deadlands, White wolf, and probably a half dozen more I can't think of. Most of that is with the same group (a few people have changed, but the same group).

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

thinking on a fighter,
just debating on what race and archetype to pick.

(Human, Half-elf, Aasimar.)

(Brawler, Phalanx Soldier, Polearm Master, Two-Handed Fighter, Two-Weapon Warrior)

Backstory is being made.

DM Zirhark, if you don't like certain races or archetypes let me know and I'll remove from my list.

I submit Kessel Bargone
Unrelenting fighter for your consideration!!!!

Edit: Oh and almost forgot Gaming history

Gaming History:

I got into gaming about 3.0 D&D and was very young at the time, about 12. So in all I have been playing about 14 years. I have been DMin about 11 or 12 of it. I have played all ranges of systems like Mutants&Masterminds, World of Darkness, Star Wars, etc. Pathfinder is definitely in my top RPG games however and I look forward to hearing from you about my submission!

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

1) How many are you going to recruit?

2) If only 4, are you going with the classic 4 party and select one of each category?
i.e. (Assault(Fighter), Skilled(Rogue), Divine(Cleric), Arcane(Sorc))

3) What Init system will you use?
i.e.(follow in order rolled, or Us Verses Them)

4) What map method will you use
(i.e. Google Docs, or image maps on Photobucket)?

5) Will you be tracking Party XP, or will the players?

6) How would you handle the replacements for the spell-like ability of aasimar and tiefling?

Gaming History:
Started playing PnP RPGs in Highschool, starting with some homemade RPG systems then DnD 3.X and then finally Pathfinder
I tried my Hand at DMing, and learned from it and every game I DMed after that one.
A while later I even made my own DnD 3.5 content, which I let be peered reviewed before I put it to use in my games and was generally correct on the CR (and LA if it playable)
After my RL gaming group died, I went to the Paizo boards and tried my Hand at PBP, had no luck getting in so I started one for newbies to PBP like myself, and it help me into getting recruited into future games.

Currently I am GMing and playing a number of PBP games,
one of which is Curse of the Crimson Throne, but as a replacement player at the start of the Second book, and the game is moving very slowly.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'm interested in playing - I'm working up a half-elven inquisitor of Gozreh as we speak.


"Is this her?"

Alain didn't hear the question at first. His mind reeled as it struggled with the waves of overwhelming grief that washed over him. His lip trembled, and tears began to well in his deep blue eyes.

" this her?"

Finally, the words reached Alain's ears. He nodded mutely to the man, and a sheet was placed back over the woman's body.

"I'm sorry for your loss, sir. I wish I could be of more help - losing a loved one is always a tragedy. Her personal effects are in the chest beneath her."

Dumbly, he opened the chest. Inside was her dress, the basket that had carried her flowers she sold on Magnimar's streets, and...that was all. Alain gripped the dress in his hands as he stood, turning towards the man.

"This is all that was on her?", he asked, his voice frighteningly cold.

"Yes, sir," came the matter-of-fact reply. "Nothing else at a-"

The man's reply was cut short as Alain pounced upon the man, his face screwed up with rage. He wrapped the dress around the man's neck, and pulled it taut, causing the man's face to redden as he gasped for air. "Nothing?!? What of our wedding ring?!? Did one of you city folk take it? Is it bad enough this cesspool has taken my jewel from me, but now it must also take her jewelry? Has my wife not suffered indignity enough?!? Have you not finished so thoroughly taking my Hyacinth from me?"

Alain was pulled from the man by his comrades at arms, and the dress tore in the struggle. The man, one of the junior members of the Korvosan Guard, sputtered for breath as he backed away from the grief-crazed half-elf.

"That's enough!" cried the officer on duty. "Sir, you may be reacting to your grief, but if you touch another of my men today, I will have you thrown into prison for assaulting an officer. Now begone - the Guard cannot look into every random knifing that happens in its streets."

As the Guard escorted the half-elf out, the officer's words echoed in his head. "Korvosa's guards might not have time," he thought. "But I do."

* * * *

"Help!" cried the merchant. "Gendarmes! I am under attack!"

"Quiet!" Alain shouted at the merchant, pinning him against the wall and grabbing him with a mailed gauntlet. "I asked you a question, peddler, and your refusal to answer me leaves me no choice." The half-elf smashed his steel-jacketed fist into a nearby glass case, a furious glare silencing the merchant's protestations. He fished a ring out of the display case, and held it in front of the man's face. "You acquired this ring from some low-life. I want his name, and I want it now!" He pressed his forearm into the man's throat, choking off his air supply. "Stop protecting this scum - I have business with him, not you!"

The merchant gurgled out something, and Alain released the pressure on the man's throat to allow him to speak. "Lamm..." he replied. "Gaedran Lamm sold it to me. I don't know how he got it, but it came in one of his lots. I don't ask how he gets them, I just buy them. Please, you have to believe me - it's all I know!"

Alain regarded the man for a time, then threw him to the ground. "If I find you're lying, I'll be back to beat the truth out of you. But know this - what I intend for Gaedren is far, far worse than what I have done to you."

* * * *

"Wind and Wave, hear my prayer."

Alain knelt down at Korvosa's docks, the lapping of the water against the Jeggare's banks mixing with the cries of gulls gliding on air currents. His head was bowed, and the bustle of the docks seemed to part around him.

"I have lived in accordance to your faith - I have spent a life aboard barges acting as hired muscle, but I found a love like no other here in this port city. My dear, darling Hyacinth - a poor flower seller - was taken from me by some vile city filth named Lamm. I ask you, Lord of the Winds, grant me the strength to see through what must be done. I ask you, Lady of the Waters, hold fast my mercy in your bountiful depths, and only give this up once he pay for his crime. Make me your weapon, Wind and Wave, first against Gaedren Lamm, and then against whomever invites your divine wrath."

He knelt there for some time, until a solitary bird landed on his shoulder. He looked to it, and smiled.

Gozreh had a sense of humor, it seemed. The kingfisher regarded the half-elf for a time, then flew off.

Basically done, but for buying equipment. Presenting Alain Kingfisher.

Misroi wrote:

I'm interested in playing - I'm working up a half-elven inquisitor of Gozreh as we speak.

** spoiler omitted **...

O.O... I loved the way you did your backstory, very engaging.

Well, I have everything done in my alias except my equipment and my full-typed backstory. Here it is so far, though.

I would like to put my hat in as well with a half something alchemist. will be done soon.

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