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Sandpoint 4 years after the defeat of Karazoug

With reports that the Licktoad goblins of Brinestump Marsh have grown unusually aggressive the mood in town is subdued.

The reason for this uncharacteristic bravery seems clear—the goblins have somehow managed to arm themselves with what appears to be a considerable supply of fireworks. The problem stems not so much from the additional “firepower” these fireworks provide as from the inflated sense of ego and power that the devices have given the goblins—the fireworks have made them dangerously brave.

Several merchant caravans and travelers have been attacked so far, and according to the victims, the damage caused by horses panicking at the sight and sound of exploding pyrotechnics is almost as destructive as the goblin attacks themselves. With the last few attacks resulting in severe injuries to three unfortunate travelers, the problem has escalated from an annoyance to a threat.

However, as none of the attacks have yet inconvenienced Magnimar (only Sandpointers and other Lost Coasters have been hit so far), the city has been slow to react. Unwilling to idly sit by and wait for the goblin problem to escalate to actual deaths on the Lost Coast Road in order to attract Magnimar’s attention, Sandpoint’s leaders have put out the call for goblin exterminators.

But after a time of upheaval a few years back involving goblins,giants, and even a dragon, Sandpoint has since returned to being a relatively sleepy town. It doesn’t take long for life to settle down once things return to normal, and with Varisia’s adventurers now more eager to try their luck at finding their fortunes in legendary Xin-Shalast, there simply aren’t a lot of volunteers to fight goblins around. Always running at a lean enrollment, Sandpoint’s city watch can’t afford to send patrols into the trackless expanse of Brinestump, although they have stepped up their presence along the Lost Coast Road itself. The task of wading into the notorious local wetland falls instead to adventurers—be they concerned locals honestly eager to aid the town or greedy mercenaries looking to make relatively easy coin.

A few adventurers have already made the attempt, but nothing has been heard of them in the 3 days since they entered Brinestump Marsh, and just last night, another round of colorful explosions burst over the wetlands south of Sandpoint. The goblins are doubtless readying a new attack!

You find yourselves in the taproom of the Rusty Dragon, the Inn run by Ameiko Kaijitsu reading the latest proclomation posted by Sherrif Hemlock

It being in the interests off us all to deal with the current unrest occuring in the district the Council make the following pronouncement.The town of Sandpoint will pay 10 gp for every relatively fresh goblin ear delivered to the town hall—with an additional reward of 300 gp for the group who can bring in the head of the Licktoads’ leader, Chief Gutwad.

Female Human (Ulfen/Tien) Witch/3

Runa did not like this tavern. It was too hot, there were too many people, and it stank. But that was not why she was in such a bad mood. She just did not know why she was here.
The proclamation before her was what she was supposed to see, but why? When both Hannah and Ilsoari had approached her and told her about it, she had not really cares. “This might be the chance you have been waiting for!” they had both said. Still she was not convinced, but when Tofa had said to go, well you just don’t argue with the emissary of the unknown entity that supplies you with your power.
So here she was, feeling exposed, hot, and wondering what in the nine hells she was suppose to be doing. So she stands silently, and watches...maybe a sign would reveal itself...

Male Elf Ranger (Guide) 2

Namuril sips lightly spiced wine from his place at the taproom's bar, casting an appraising eye over the human woman reading the posted bill. She looks pleasing enough, at least from his vantage-point: her dark hair and fair skin clash strikingly, despite her obvious unease. She reminds him of Lady Kaijitsu, in some undefined way.

Leaving his wine, he steps next to the young woman and silently reads the proclamation, holding his chin in mock scrutiny. After a moment, he turns a sidelong glance to her.

"Messy business, that." He smiles, and gestures to the proclamation. "Are you considering a future in vermin extermination?"

"Goblins! Why is it always Goblins?" The young man seems quite upset. "Something needs to be done about them!"

Female Human (Ulfen/Tien) Witch/3

Runa jumps slightly as the person beside her speaks. She jumps again when she hears another person exclaiming about the goblins! There seems to be a number of people interested in this posting.
She turns to the person on her left, and realizes that it is an elf. He looks at her in an expectant manner.
"Umm...maybe. Do I know you??"

Male Human (Ulfen) Fighter 1; HP 41/41; AC 18/12/16; F+5/R+3/W+1; Init +8; Per +1

"And something will be done about it, my friend!" came the boisterous reply, a tall, muscular man standing and raising a large tankard of ale in Tavlor's direction before taking a swig. His thick red hair and beard are both braided in the Ulfen tradition, his deep voice still carrying the accent of the Land of the Linnorm Kings. "It is about time that Hemlock decided to do something about these Licktoad goblins! I think they must be shown they are not so strong as they think, yes? Sheriff even offers us money for goblin ears! Ha! I would kill them for free!" he continues, a broad grin on his face.


Zaladrel re-enters the taproom having stepped outside to commune with nature. Seeing a small group gathering at a recent posting, Zaladrel will walk up and look over the shoulders of those gathered. I realize it is not on my sheet (which I will fix) but Zaladrel is 6'3", which is almost as tall as elves get I think

Reading through the document a second time Zaladrel will smile slightly at Namuril's attempt to jest with the young woman. Stepping back slightly Zaladrel notes,in Elven Namuril she seems nervous. Besides you left your wine unattended. You know what the Varisians say about things left unattended.... Zaladrel lets his jest trail off.

Zaladrel touches his holy symbol reflexively and turns to the other human, a young man, who seems distraught, In Common Indeed friend, goblins are quite the bane of this place but who is to resolve this matter? Zaladrel will smile ever so slightly and begin to turn away back towards the bar.
There seem to be more than a few interested parties in the room, perhaps the Starsong herself has brought the traveler's luck and the solution is right before us?

Hearing the red haired man's enthusiastic statement Zaladrel nods slightly, There you see? Many and more are quite interested.

Zaladrel walks to the bar, makes a show of eyeballing Namuril's wine and then orders one of his own.

Male Elf Ranger (Guide) 2

Namuril smiles at Zaladrel's quip, and arches an eyebrow.

In Elvish:
"Hail, brother Zaladrel Orain. I would have brought the wine with me, were it not so poor in flavor! Alas, I do not believe that this is Lady Kaijitsu's finest vintage . . ."

He turns his attention once more to the young woman at his side, now speaking in Taldane. "My apologies, my lady. I am Namuril Xae-Tal, student of Shalelu Andosana." He offers her another smile, bowing slightly. "I do not believe I have had the pleasure of your acquaintance, although I'm certain I've seen you at Lady Velerin's place of healing. You are her apprentice, no?"


Zaladrel turns his head slightly at Namuril's response. Reaching down for his freshly served glass of wine, Zaladrel swirls the contents and gives a light sniff. He scrunches up his nose and is about to make a comment when he sees the server looking at him with a vague hostile expression.

Zaladrel laughs slightly. It might not bad thanks Zaldrel nods at the server slightly and drinks the glass of wine with rapid and forced enthusiasm. He places the empty glass back on the bar. He turns away from the bar with a slight look of unease on his face and shakes his head, Lady Desna be praised that was not good. I might need to go back outside!

Zaladrel fights his body for a moment, comes to a sense of equilibrium and takes a seat near the posting at an unoccupied table, eager to hear more from the inquisitive humans gathered around the document.

Female Human (Ulfen/Tien) Witch/3

Runa smiles slightly at the thought of anyone calling Hannah 'Lady'!, but quickly frowns when she hears an accent that she recognizes. She spots the warrior, bellowing his opinion to all in the room. In a distracted voice she answers the elf, "My name is Runa, and no I am not an apprentice, but rather an extra set of hands used in the healing of the poor of this town."

Tavlor stands and approaches the large man, offering his hand.

"I too, would kill them for free had I a good companion to watch my back. My name is Tavlor. I have a bit of skill in magic... Well, don't let Madame Mvashti I said that, she would disagree." He smiles.

Male Elf Ranger (Guide) 2

Namuril bows again, this time with more deference. "My apologies, Runa; I did not mean to diminish the good your hands have worked among the downtrodden. Please forgive my blithe effrontery."

Bethana Corwin the aging halfling woman who acts as bar maid when Amieko is busy rolls her eyes as Zaladel manages to make a fool off himself.

Tonight the taproom is full as people seem to want to huddle together in defence against the threat from the outside.Stories are told of the day 4 years ago when a fledgling group of adventurers saved the town from the Goblins and worse.Their portraits hang on the walls of the Inn as a reminder of those valarous deeds.

Male Human (Ulfen) Fighter 1; HP 41/41; AC 18/12/16; F+5/R+3/W+1; Init +8; Per +1

Úlfheðinn extends his hand as well, firmly shaking the offered one. "Magic, eh? You look too big to be magician! I am called Úlfheðinn, though some of you Southlanders have taken to calling me Úlf. Is not so bad a nickname." he answers, then inclines his head in the direction of the portraits hanging on the wall. "I remember the day they came into town...still not much bigger than a pup I was, then. Much has changed since their time...I was helpless to do anything back then, but no more! This time, I will be the one splitting goblin skulls!" he declares, a conviction in his voice hinting that he regrets not being able to do more on that day four years hence.


Just to get a feel what Zaladrel is hearing over the din of the room: Perception 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (13) + 6 = 19

Zaladrel rises from his table, feeling better from his embarrassing moment at the bar. Overhearing the large man Ulf and the declared arcanist Tavlor speaking on the matter of goblins, Zaladrel moves to approach them, Hopeful friends, I heard a thing or two about goblins and bravery. Splitting skulls and protecting the town. I know some about the roads throughout this area and my Lady smiles to know her servant might strive to protect them. The caravans cannot move and the travelers cannot journey in safety. If you are off to test the goblins perhaps I might assist?

Almost as an after thought Zaldrel dips his head to the men and gestures at his own chest. Zaladrel, servant of Desna, at your aid if you will.

Female Human (Ulfen/Tien) Witch/3
Namuril Xae-Tal wrote:
Namuril bows again, this time with more deference. "My apologies, Runa; I did not mean to diminish the good your hands have worked among the downtrodden. Please forgive my blithe effrontery."

Runa looks over at the elf and blushes slightly. "Oh..I am sorry. I did not mean to sound so pompous." She looks back over to the newly formed group around the Ulfen, frowning, then back to the elf.

"Do you know them", she ask pointing at the group.

Male Elf Ranger (Guide) 2

"No apologies are necessary, fair Runa. I'm simply glad I've not offended you." Namuril glances at the group congregating near the proclamation. "I know them not, though I've seen the Ulfen about in Sandpoint."

He nods to Zaladrel. "This one, I've known since my youth. We hail from the elven village of Arsmeril, in the Meirani Forest to the north. Zaladrel Orain is a priest of Desna, and a devotee of fine wines." He shrugs, smiling.

"I believe this group may be assembling in order to relieve some goblins of their ears. I was considering offering my assistance to them; I am familiar with the wilds around the Lost Coast, and daresay I could track some goblins. Perhaps you would like to join me in this venture . . . what say you?"

Female Human (Ulfen/Tien) Witch/3

Runa prepares to tell him that she is not interrested, when she feel a tiny tug in the back of her mind. Tofa! Sighing inwardly she changes her head shake to a nod.
"So, I am new to this. Do we just go and ask to join or what?" She looks a little angry, and helpless at the same time.

Female Human - Taldan/Garundi Rogue (Swashbuckler) 3

Omara quietly comes up behind the group of eager goblin slayers, and in her best Sheriff Hemlock imitation says: Now boys, don't do anything rash. We don't know what we're up against, and I'd hate to have to tell your mothers that you got beaten up by goblins."

Performance: Act1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25

She gets an almost surprised look on her face and says "Ooh, I'm kinda proud of that one", with a grin.

Female Human - Taldan/Garundi Rogue (Swashbuckler) 3

DM Wellard, when you said that this will take place shortly after the Skinsaw Murders, I changed my back story to remove an element that had not happened yet. If this is taking place years after the events in Rise of the Rune Lords, then I need to go back and add that element back in.

Male Human (Ulfen) Fighter 1; HP 41/41; AC 18/12/16; F+5/R+3/W+1; Init +8; Per +1

Úlf, hearing the voice behind him, immediately turns, ready to greet the Sheriff he has spent many hours alongside training with the militia. Seeing only a woman where he heard the almost spot-on voice of Hemlock, a flash of confusion went through his eyes before he seemed to realize what had happened. He laughed heartily, clapping her lightly on the back. "Ha Ha! If you did not want eager goblin hunters, you should not have posted their bounty! But I am curious, Sheriff. Something about you seems different today, but I cannot quite put my finger on it." he replies, a broad grin on his face as he plays along.

Female Human (Varisian/Shoanti) Summoner (Synthesist) 3

What I really need is a good strong drink, Lissa thought to herself as she entered the Rusty Dragon. That fool Jamos had almost caused a scene at the Kitten. He was about to get on his knee for the gods' sakes, and would have if she hadn't got out of there when she did. Her sigh caught in her throat as she entered and saw the crowd beginning to gather around the Dragon's news post.
"What have we here," Lissa thought aloud, her mind racing at possible reasons. But no, it couldn't be. Others got to go have adventures, not her.
Lissa walked forward to see what had been posted while keeping her ear on the ulfen man's bellowing proclamations.

Male Elf Ranger (Guide) 2

Namuril tries to read into Runa's hesitance.
Sense Motive:
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 2 = 18

Namuril notices Runa's conflicted response with some interest, particularly captivated with how she could display both anger and vulnerability at once. Was she unsure, afraid? Intrigued, perhaps?

"I, too, am new at this. I propose that we follow your suggestion, Runa." He turns to walk toward the group, pauses, and looks back at Runa. "I'm certain this group will appreciate our talents. Would you like to accompany me?" He offers her a reassuring smile, extending a hand.

Female Human (Ulfen/Tien) Witch/3

Nodding, Runa follows the elf over to the group. She seem to be waiting for him to do the introductions, perfering to remain quiet and in the background. As they near the group, she seems to be sniffing the air and seems somewhat disappointed.

Female Human (Varisian/Shoanti) Summoner (Synthesist) 3

As the pale woman and the elf moved towards the ulfen man's table, Lissa stepped up to the post to see what all the fuss was about.

"Unrest... goblins... gold," Lissa mused aloud. Adventure! She had to do this. This one thing could be her ticket out of here. And away from Jamos she thought with a visible shudder. But was she up to it? What if she failed? Death? Was it really worth the possibility of dying just to get out of Sandpoint? Besides, it might just be a short-time thing. 300 was a lot of gold to be sure, but traveling it wouldn't last long. Lissa had even heard of real adventurers like the Pathfinders dropping hundreds of thousands of gold just to purchase a single magical trinket. Then what? Come dragging her feat back home to...

"NO!" She yelled aloud to herself before she allowed the doubt to keep her from what she knew she had to do. With that, Lissa ripped the parchment off the post, spun on her heel, and marched over to the table around which the crowd was gathering.

Slamming it on the table, Lissa cockily proclaimed "I'm in this as well. Who wants to rid this place of goblins once again?"

Well, hard part's over with, Lissa inwardly hoped. How bad can goblins really be anyway? And where did I stash my sword?


As the large man Úlf and the Hemlock impersonator seem to share a joke Zaladrel will look around the room. Perception 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14

It isn't until Namuril is practically on the group that Zaladrel recognizes his fellow elf with an exotic woman in tow. Opening his mouth to make some jape, Zaladrel is interrupted by an assertive and self sure voice coming from behind Namuril,

Lissa wrote:
"I'm in this as well. Who wants to rid this place of goblins once again?"

Quickly counting those around him Zaladrel nods with confidence, Well that settles it then. If the "Sheriff" joins us that makes seven. Seven is an auspicious number it is oft said and it is well known that my Lady, the Song of Spheres herself, traffics in lucky portent. Add to that we met at an inn where travelers often meet and I would dare say that this is a sign from Desna herself.

Zaladrel rubs his hands together with enthusiasm. With the caravans not moving I've been stuck here for days. Time to get on the road, even if it is to deal with goblins... Zaladrel looks at his fellow patrons expectantly.

Male Elf Ranger (Guide) 2

Namuril continues toward the group. He nods a quick bow, and addresses them while gesturing to Runa. "Well met, and pleasant evening. I am Namuril Xae-Tal, and this is Runa. We couldn't help but overhear your desire to teach courtesy to our goblin neighbors, and would join you, if you'd have us. Runa is a healer by trade--a peer of Hannah Velerin--and I am a tracker and scout, kin to Shalelu Andosana. Might our skills be of service to so diverse and worldly a party?"

Just as he finishes his introduction, Namuril is startled by the outburst from the fiery, green-eyed woman. After he recognizes her, he relaxes, uttering a quiet chuckle. "I daresay a Pixie's Kitten shall also make a fine addition."

Tavlor takes a look at the group assembled.

"Well, what are we waiting for?!" He smiles his charming smile. "Those goblins don't stand a chance."

Female Human (Varisian/Shoanti) Summoner (Synthesist) 3

To see if Lissa hears Namuril's comment
Perception: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2

Lissa hears the elf standing near her mutter something under his breath but is too distracted by the rush of adrenaline to pay him any heed.

Tavlor wrote:
"Well, what are we waiting for?! Those goblins don't stand a chance."

"Agreed. Where shall we meet? I must go gather my equipment."

Omara Dalaston wrote:
DM Wellard, when you said that this will take place shortly after the Skinsaw Murders, I changed my back story to remove an element that had not happened yet. If this is taking place years after the events in Rise of the Rune Lords, then I need to go back and add that element back in.

I'd forgotten about Shalelu's involvement in part 3 off Runelords which would put my timelines all wrong..all in all it makes more sense to have it set when it is supposed to be..sorry for any confusion

Your words have been heard by a few of the other patrons who begins to take more interest in you.

"So..heading into the swamp are you..well look out for the bugs..big as a man some of them and just as eager to suck on your blood as their tiny cousins"

"Big as a man..nay big as a house I heard and then there's the Soggy Bottom Monster an' all"

"Oh'd best be careful or the Monster will get you sure as I'm sitting here"

lthough the comments are good natured they brin Bethana scurrying out from behind the bar

"Shame on you all..these fine young folk are talking about risking their lives to defend us and you can only make fun o' them..I'd like to see you out there hunting goblins Will Wainwright..or you Seth Black.."

She turns towards you..

"Pay no heed to those idiots..but if you are serious about entering the Marsh then you had best speak to Walthus Proudstump..."

At the mantion of that name there's a bark of laughter quickly quelled by a glare from the tiny halfling woman

"Now I know folks around here say he's mazed but he knows the Brinestump better than any hereabouts."

"I'll say he's mazed, crazy halfling keeps snakes for pets...sides you have to be mad to live in the Marsh"

"He lives in the marsh?"

"Aye " comes the reply.."He lives in some ruined old shack at the end of the fishing trail.If you really want to find him just keep to the trail until you run out off land."

There is general laughter at this comment.

Male Human (Ulfen) Fighter 1; HP 41/41; AC 18/12/16; F+5/R+3/W+1; Init +8; Per +1

"Aah, Proudstump is not so bad as the people say! Is true that he is not always running at full sail, but he is good man. And his smell is not so bad as they say, either! Reminds me of home. Ha!" he answers, broad grin still on his face.

Female Human - Taldan/Garundi Rogue (Swashbuckler) 3
Zaladrel wrote:
If the "Sheriff" joins us, that makes seven.

Omara stands proudly with her fists on her hips and says "Ha! Of course I'm in." She abandons her pose and moves to the table where everyone is gathered. "Of course, goblins aren't really my idea of Adventure. But, hey," she points to the paintings of the heroes "that's how they started."

Female Human (Ulfen/Tien) Witch/3

Well looks like I going on an adventure, Runa thinks to herself. She quirks a smile as the Ulfen quips about the halflings smell...but she keeps to herself. Maybe she should head back to Hannah's and gather up some equipment before they all go rushing off into the swamp. And maybe Ilsoari might have some information about these goblins and the swamp.
She starts to speak, but no one can really hear her...she is being much too quiet for the ruckus in this place. The Ulfen himself sounds more like a mammoth, trumpeting his voice above those around him...sigh...just like home!
"Excuse me. Perhaps we should leave this place and prepare ourselves for this expedition. I know I have supplies to gather, and perhaps some information to glean from a friend. Mayhap we should gather tomorrow on the road to the swamp?"

Male Elf Ranger (Guide) 2

Namuril nods in agreement at both Omara's and Runa's statements. "Perhaps we should embark on the morrow; a night-excursion may be more liability than it's worth. Runa has made a good point, as well: supplies must be gathered, weapons whetted . . . and maybe a good night's rest would sharpen us for the hunt. We could retire for the evening and meet back here in the morning, just after dawn. How does this strike you?"


Zaladrel nods at Namuril, On the morrow, I agree. It'll be good to stretch my legs. Gesturing towards Lissa as to acknowledge her earlier comment, Where should we meet? I know I would favor outside the chapel that way I could offer a prayer to Desna in an official manner to start us off. Zaladrel sweeps his eyes over the party to gauge responses to his suggestion.

Male Human (Ulfen) Fighter 1; HP 41/41; AC 18/12/16; F+5/R+3/W+1; Init +8; Per +1

Úlf folds his arms over his chest, looking back and forth between the other six people gathered. "It makes no difference to me where we all gather come the morning, here at the Dragon or at the chapel or wherever. Somewhere in Sandpoint would be best, though. It will give us a central place we all know before we depart."

Male Elf Ranger (Guide) 2

"Desna's temple would be a good place, Zaladrel. If we're all agreed, that is." Namuril smiles, regarding the group with a questioning look.

Female Human (Ulfen/Tien) Witch/3

Runa shrugs "As good a place as any. What time?

"Fair enough. We could always use a bit of luck. Until the morning then?"

Female Human (Varisian/Shoanti) Summoner (Synthesist) 3

Lissa grins and tries to keep too much of her excitement from showing in her voice, "On the morrow then. Sun up?"

Male Human (Ulfen) Fighter 1; HP 41/41; AC 18/12/16; F+5/R+3/W+1; Init +8; Per +1

"Sun up! It is unlikely I will find much sleep this night, anyway. I look forward to seeing everyone again! My axe will be pleased with a chance to relieve some Licktoads of their heads."

Male Elf Ranger (Guide) 2

"I suppose that's settled, then! On the morrow, at sunup, at Desna's temple. I bid you all good evening, and look forward to our task." After speaking to the group at large, Namuril turns to Runa. "It was good to meet you, Runa. Sleep well." With a smile, he turns and walks upstairs to his room.


Zaladrel will nod at the group, Sun up it is. He then stands and contemplates his next step.

It occurs to Zaladrel that he has his gear but not provisions. Assuming it is too late to go shopping Zaladrel will, rather sheepishly, check in with Bethana to see if there are things he can get from her that will cover basic rations for the next 3 or 4 days.

Bethana shakes her head sadly.."There's always one..Aye I can sell you rations this is a Travellers Inn after all"

She bustles off and comes back with a pack of waybread, dried meats and fruit.

"Those should see you for the time you need..theres good fishing in the marsh too if any of you are skilled in that direction"

Female Human (Varisian/Shoanti) Summoner (Synthesist) 3

Lissa crossed the cobbled streets on her way back home in a daze, her mind racing. What will Mother say? Who cares, if she gets her way I'll be stuck here running the place just like she does. But what if it doesn't go well? She's only worried about me. All that worry won't be good for her, and she's not getting any younger...And Cinder, I'll need his help. It's been four years. Do i remember the ritual?
Lissa continued across the old, worn cobbled road. Her thoughts continued to plague her causing her to think that she had perhaps reacted a bit too rashly. Doubt filled her.

DM Wellard wrote:

Bethana shakes her head sadly.."There's always one..Aye I can sell you rations this is a Travellers Inn after all"

She bustles off and comes back with a pack of waybread, dried meats and fruit.

"Those should see you for the time you need..theres good fishing in the marsh too if any of you are skilled in that direction"

Zaladrel will put 2 gp on the bar. Traveler's inn it may be but one must convince the beautiful and kind staff that a traveler is worth aiding, especially one who acts like me. Zaladrel will attempt to give her a winning smile. Diplomacy 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

Unsure if he has won Bethana over, Zaladrel coughs and scoops up the rations. He dips his head in thanks and makes his way to his room to rest.

Female Human (Ulfen/Tien) Witch/3

Runa nod a farewell to the elf then starts to head home. Hmm...maybe I should stop at the academy. Perhaps I can get some information from the old man!
Turning she starts to head for the academy, her thought a whirl. Tofa came slinking from the shadows to join her on her trip to the scholar's home.

Before heading home for the night, Tavlor approaches Bethana.

"Hey, Bethana. Is Ameiko around this evening? I wanted to thank her for the pleasant evening here... at the Dragon that is..."

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