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DM Wellards Hook Mountain Massacre

Game Master Wellard

Azoun The Sage

Guard Captain Blacklock
Muchorak "Windstriker"

Male Human Ranger 10// AC 19 (20 w/2 weap), FF 16, T 15 // HP 109/109 // Percept +14 (+18 Forests/+16 Mtns) // Init +3 (+7 Forests/+5 Mtns)
(1,043 posts)

Bill Lumberg

Sajan Gadadvara

Male Human Binder 11 |Init +7 |HP 68/102 |AC 19 FF 16 T 13| CMD +8 | F+10 R+10 W+9 Percep +8
(1,053 posts)
Bill Lumberg


Esteriande d'Litran

Female Elf Paladin (Swift Justice) 10 | AC26/T19/FF18 CMD30 HP86/86 F+10/R+11/W+10 Per+15 (Low Light) Init +7
(757 posts)

Kevin Mack

Keyra Palin
Naria Yamyra

Female Halfling lvl 10 sorceror (Arcane)
(475 posts)
Kevin Mack



M Brownin (Half Pale Skin/Half Dark Skin) Healer 8/Merchant 3
(1,161 posts)
Doll, Soulbound

Female Forest Gnome Wild Druid / 9| G AC17, W AC18 H AC17 DW AC21; HP 81/81, CMD 21, F/R/W 10/10/6 **, Percep +11 Low-light & Scent, Init +7
(926 posts)


The Exchange Marak Quan

Human 10th Cleric of Nethys | AC 21/T 12/FF 15, CMD 20, HP 103 / 103, F+12, R +7, W+15, Per +8, Init +6
(598 posts)



He's got pointed ears, like Spock. // AC 17, FF 14, T 15 // HP 68/73 // F,R,W 7,11,4 // Percept 14 + // Init +4
(1,120 posts)

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