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DM Voice's Osirion Expedition (Inactive)

Game Master Mark Sweetman

Sent into the Sahure Wastes by Lathrat Ke'shin an 'entrepreneur', the party seeks to recover ancient treasures of the Four Pharoahs....

Lathrat Ke’shin: a witchwyrd, stout of figure and bedecked in red silk robes.
Bas’rac: a living monolith, bare chested wearing a shendyt and blue stone in his forehead.
The Four Pharaohs: Anok Fero (the Cerulean Pharoah), Hetshepsu (the Fiend Pharoah), Ankana (the Radiant Pharoah), Pharoah of Numbers (whose true name is lost).
Camels: Al Haml – white with a scarred foreleg and spirited; Al Fahl – short haired brown and promiscuous; Al Midifaa – lithe with long tan coat.
Khepera: a being composed entirely of scarabs, though able of conjuring great magical power.
Ta’zeer: a indebted lesser rakshasa that can appear as either a snake or a spyglass.

Sothis: Karisht’s Emporium – Lathrat’s place of business.
Shimian-Sekh: Akeema’s – a high class Taldan style tavern with attached bath-house; The Ebon Scarab – emporium of items mundane and magic.
Cerulean Vault: in central Osirion at the foot of the Pillars of the Sun.
Hetshepsu’s Vault: in northern Osirion in the Sahure Wastes.

Committed to the Annals of Time:
Hired by Lathrat to seek what lies at the end of a map. Terms were agreed and the expedition begun. Once outside the walls the party conferred with Bas’rac and plumbed the meaning of the words on the scroll. Along the way the party encountered a warning that their path was unwise delivered by a dead man astride a horse of scarabs.

Respite was taken in a village before pushing on to the first vault where the party faced a force of gremlins that had overtaken the upper ruins. A fierce battle was fought that left a foul taste in Setesh’s mouth. However to the party’s relief the vault itself was deeper within the complex. After facing trials of the soul the key was gained as well as the means to find the vaults of the other pharaoh.

Before being able to leave the party was beset by servants of the Mother. Moving after the red stone of Hetshepsu, the party saved a group of Ouat caste dwarves – avenging their brethren’s slaughter at the hands of orcs, before continuing on their way.

After a freak snowstorm the party was attacked by scorpions, and after tracking them back to their lair. Descending the party fought and slew a servant of the rough beast. When Bas’rac was informed of the scorpion tailed lamia, he grew uneasy.

Forging on to the vault of Hetshepsu you gained entry alone through subterfuge. The party was forced into a battle of wills. The key was retrieved, as well as a curious spyglass. Parting ways with Jaru and Bas’rac, the remaining members of the party pressed on to Shimian-Sekh, following the wayfinder’s light towards a target that appeared in motion.

Arriving to welcome luxury a trip to market turned out to be more exciting than first envisaged. The party was assaulted by a figure of scarabs and met two who might become fellow companions. When all hope was momentarily lost, salvation came from the most unlikely of places. The party retreated to a tavern where questions could be asked and answers sought…

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