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DM Voice's Envoy of Geb - An Undead Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master Mark Sweetman

The Shadow Claw has sent you forth as a vanguard of Geb to seek a book that may hold the key to where Nex has been hiding all these years...

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Female Human (ghost) Shadow Sorcerer 10
Monkeygod wrote:

What about a delay effect ala breath weapon? Can't use it again for 1d4 rounds?

Then maybe at a later level have her able to obtain an ability or feat that lessens it to just a one round delay.

The delay i a non-issue. It wouldn't really have the effect you're going for. I can't retry on the same target anyhow.

Male Weremonkey Rogue/Ranger/Trickster

So the only thing stopping you from going from enemy to enemy attempting to posses them is RP reasons??

Female Human (ghost) Shadow Sorcerer 10
Monkeygod wrote:
So the only thing stopping you from going from enemy to enemy attempting to posses them is RP reasons??

Basically, yea. Though if they succeed I can't try again on that target for 24 hours.

Minor Crab-beast

Just a note - had today off work and hence the lackage of posts. Weekends being weekends with chidlets makes it hard to get a decent post in also. It will improve over time, but at present my evenings are curtailed with the amusement of one that does not sleep much.

So apologies, update will be incoming as soon as able - but might not be until later this weekend.

Male Dullahan(formerly an Elf) Weapon Master 4

Hey Voiceless,

Now that I have 3 soulpoints, how would you feel about a couple of abilities that allow me to consume more than 1 point at a time?

One thing that I would really like is an AoE/Ranged energy attack. I could pick either each time, perhaps with the AoE costing two points(or more) base, and then having the attack deal damage based on the number of soulpoints I use.

Also, how about an extra attack?

Finally, it would be pretty awesome to have like some badass ability, perhaps that requires at least 10 SPs and consume them all in the process. Not sure what just yet, but it would be kinda cool.

and for the record, I am cool with what I can currently do, but I just thought I'd throw these ideas out there. Also, maybe some of them need to be unlocked somehow, so I don't auto have them. If none of these work for you, no worries. I am quite happy with what you've given me so far, but who doesn't want more goodies? LOL

Minor Crab-beast

I'd have to say no to the extra attacks, as you can already get hasted up for that by Vesta or Daemon.

I'd be open to a burst from self AoE of negative energy; or a single target ray type attack for weapon damage. Is that the sort of thing you're thinking of?

Female Human (ghost) Shadow Sorcerer 10

Looks like the betrayer is being set up do do some betraying. That'll make him happy. ;-)

Male Human(Lich) Cleric 3, Wizard 3, Mystic Theurge 4

Ok, so I am a little confused, when we were originally planning this attack around the table at the shadow claw's ziggurat I am pretty sure we had decided that the poison would weaken the leader of the pack enough for us to kill it and we had received a figurative 'thumbs up' from the DM that that could be the case. The last post about the power of the leaders from the DM seems to suggest this is not the case however and we should think of a secondary plan of attack. I however don't really see a way to take out enough of this group, short of starting a war of us vs them once they are poisoned, to ensure that they are significantly weakened for the upcoming battle. Are we, or are we not going to attempt to attack the leader?

Minor Crab-beast

I've always tried to be upfront that the leaders of the groups are likely beyond you from day 1, and I certainly had no intent to suggest that the poison would be a magic bullet. For the first few times I implied it OOC, it wasn't really taken seriously... so I stopped trying to warn.

Part of my hopeful intent with this set of adversarial missions was to get a little away from a straight murder-death-kill mission, but it seems to somehow turn into a leader assassination quest regardless.

There is a lot that you could accomplish here still - remember that you still appear as though servants of the vampires...

I can give some suggestions if you like.

Male Human(Lich) Cleric 3, Wizard 3, Mystic Theurge 4

I am sure that we can think up something, I had just assumed that since that had seemed to be the plan from the get go it was feasible.

Minor Crab-beast

For clarity - the big one that left is a good target to go after.

The campfire / kumbaya atmosphere they're engaging in will likely continue until the dawn - so just need to know where you're planning to spend the 'day'?

Minor Crab-beast

It is with a heavy heart and after much reflection over the last few days that I must shut-down this PbP. The travel I was on over the last three days has combined with the general slow and steady building of relative busy-ness at work to make me need to reassess what time I have available to be a DM.

I know that I've not been as active as I would have liked recently, and I don't see it improving in even the medium term. This is compounded by the time needed to put together a decent high level threat that isn't just a set em up and rock-em-sock-em robots them down challenge. Given that I would rather run a good game than a half-assed one, I'm needing to drop both this game and a few others from my PbP roster.

I truly enjoyed the time that I was able to spend as your DM and feel an absolute heel for pulling the rug out from under you like this - but it really is the only real way that I have to move forwards with some degree of confidence with being able to service the games that I will continue with.

Best of luck in your future gaming, and I'm sure I'll see you around the boards.

Male Human(Lich) Cleric 3, Wizard 3, Mystic Theurge 4

This game will be missed, I did enjoy it while it lasted and it gave me insight into running mid level games myself. Thank you for your time that you did put into it, I hope that your future endeavors find success.

'Male' Crawling Claw (Human) Rogue 10

I am sorry to see this game go :-/

Best of luck with the rest of your games, and life in general, Voiceless :-)

Hopefully, we will be able to game together again at some point in the future...

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