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DM-Tareth's Modified Kingmaker Campaign

Game Master Tareth

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Male Human Ranger

Sense Motives Checks:
DC15 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21 DC 10 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 13

Master Thad, I don't see this execution as a privilege, more a responsibility. Justice should be meted out as appropriate. Yes, this man took pleasure in what he's done, and likely reveled in the terror he caused. Yet I cannot see his corpse swinging from a tree as a positive bit of justice. The imagery of his short drop will leave a stain upon our more innocent villagers, one that will do more harm than good. In Galt I saw once timid neighbors turned blood-thirsty and rabid at the thought of watching Razor Jenny, then again saw others turn a blind eye to the evils wrought as they could no longer bear, or be brought to care, for the fate of others, even their own. Leave this stain for me and perhaps a few or single witness to bear.

Looking to the newly freed men, Kams pauses a moment, thinking, deciding. Let two men assist me in digging the grave, then one you feel that can be trusted to bear witness. I will do the deed. This man's death will be swift and painless. It'll be better than he gave his victims, but justice will be done. May Erastil guide my strike.

As Kams moves to leave the proceedings, first to confirm the prisoner remains securely bound, shackled, and gagged, then to grab a light morning's snack, he pauses. If you think it necessary, I can bring back his head, for a few days of gawking. I'll bury it on the third day, as a custom, just in case his body seems too eager to come find it.

Elf Paladin 2

Thad shakes his head, vaguely offended at the idea of displaying the head as a trophy. The things he'd heard about Galt must be true.... He bears another of those damned charms under his shirt, it may be of some value to bring back and study. I think we can trust you as a headsman... I do not 'think it necessary' to bring the head back." Thad then fetches two shovels and brings them to Cal and Hemp, telling them to go with Kams to help dig a grave for the bandit who chose to remain loyal to the Stag Lord.

Male Human Ranger

Kams will confer with Master Oleg as to where the gruop would like the grave to lay. He will then lead Cal and Hemp to the spot, taking his turn on a shovel during the process. Once complete, Kams will thank the men, then ask if either or both would be willing to stand in witness that the man's sentence is carried out fairly and justly. No offense will be taken should either of you wish to bow out, it is a dark turn, but one fairly earned by this man's own words and deeds.

Kams will then head back to Oleg's, confirm the man remains securely bound, lead him to the grave, kneel him down, remove his gag if the man chooses to share any last words, then, when all seems right, strike the killing blow. Afterwards, Kams will remove the man's talisman, using the man's own cloak, cape, or shirt to avoid physical contact with the item, roll him into the grave, and finish the burial. Once done, he will return to the fort, one of how many other chores yet to be completed.

Action Rolls:

Perception check to confirm the secure bindings 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (12) + 8 = 20
Sense Motive check to sense if the bandit intends mischief with his dying declaration 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 4 = 14
Initiative should such mischief occur 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 13
Killing Attack roll 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (1) + 8 = 9 {Wasn't sure if the man would be helpless, prone, grappled, or a Coup de grace attack}
Damage roll 1d8 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10 {If a Coup de grace, do we just double the damage?}
{I added the human +2 bonus, but no other situational modifiers to the above rolls.}

Another down Ali, rest a little easier, sis

Cal and Hemp take the shovels and follow Kams to the proposed grave and begin digging. When asked about being witnesses, they reluctantly agree to do it but keep their distance from the prisoner. It doesn't appear the men are squeamish about the execution, but they do seem afraid of the big bandit and act as if he could break free at any moment.

When Kams comes to collect the prisoner, he simply continues to act as if nothing important is happening. With the exception of the burning hatred and anger filling his eyes, he seems perfectly calm and at ease before being led off to the execution site.

Kams and anyone who goes to the execution:
Given the opportunity to speak, he merely spits at the ranger's feet and says with the same lopsided grin, "I'll see all of you in the dark hells sooner than you think."

Cal and Hemp, both turn white at the man's words and point to where he just spat. The red glob is clearly blood, and closer observation reveals more blood just beginning to trickle down out of the man's mouth.

As Kams brings his sword down in a single killing blow, the man lunges and twists, but not to avoid the blow. Instead Kams' blade lands solidly in the mans chest directly above the heart. As the blade strikes there is the sound of metal striking against metal and a thunderclap erupts. As the blood wells up from the wound, a burst of black energy erupts from the dying man's chest blasting all those within several paces of the execution.

Hemp falls to the ground unconscious. Cal hits the dirt and avoids some of the damage but is stunned and too afraid to move. The prisoner doesn't move and at first glance appears to be dead or dying.

Negative Energy Burst Damage(Reflex DC10 for Half Damage): 2d6 ⇒ (5, 2) = 7
Prisoner Acrobatics Roll: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (11) + 5 = 16
Cal Reflex Save: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 1 = 12
Hemp Reflex Save: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7

A few minutes after Kams leaves the trading post with the prisoner, a loud clap of thunder fills the air. It sounded like it came from the direction of the spot selected for the execution.

Male Human Ranger

Reflex Save:
1d20 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 13

Kams stands through the blast of energy, shaken and shuddering, then swings another blow at the man's throat, attempting to sever the head from the body.

Follow Up:
Attack roll 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18 Damage 1d8 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8

Should the blow succeed, Kams then staggers over and ministers to Hemp. Heal Check 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 2 = 14

Elf Paladin 2

After Kams departs with his charge, Thad sets to speaking with Oleg and Fulton about organizing the day's work. He hasn't had time to touch on more than one or two points when the thunderclap sounds from outside the walls. Thad looks up at the clear sky, startled, then sets off at a sprint to find out what has happened.

Kams' blade slices through the air and this time cuts cleanly through the mans neck. Blood rushes from the wound, but does not geyser like it would if the victim's heart were still beating. Instead it merely flows into a large pool near the corpse and slowly starts to seep into the soil.

Trying to shake off the effects of the blast Kams moves over to where Hemp is face down in the dirt. Bending down to check if the former bandit is still breathing, the ranger easily notices that the man is covered in the same black, ash like substance that coated Thad's arm after he was attacked by the first charm. Although unconscious, Hemp is still breathing and doesn't seem to be bleeding from any obvious injuries.

Just as Kams finishes checking Hemp and helping Cal get back to his feet. Thad comes running up. Breathing rapidly after his sprint from Oleg's.

Several of the other settlers are not far behind, all carry looks of concern and confusion on their faces.

You and Donal continue to discuss the design of your shield and begin marking out the boundaries of a new building for a forge. When you are about halfway through, you notice Kams make his way from the trading post to an open area just beyond a small group of trees. He seems to be accompanied by three other men, one of which is clearly bound and gagged.

As they disappear beyond the trees, Donal comments in a serious voice, "It appears at least one man decided to give up his life rather than turn over a new leaf." Shaking his head he adds, "I've seen stubborn fools do many things for a variety of reasons, but to die for some petty bandit lord. Well, that's foolish beyond my experience."

He then returns to the work at hand. About a half hour later, a thunderclap erupts from the same area and the young sorceress can easily sense a release of magical energy.

Startled by the sudden sound, Donal turns toward the trees saying with concern in his voice, "Master Kams wasn't planning to tinker with Porter's alchemical potions again was he?"

Female Human Sorceress (Fey) 1/ Oracle (Life) 1

Donal Egillson:

Tityanna is delighted to be of what little help she can be when plotting Donal's future. Her eyes narrow and she casts them down when Kams takes the prisoner away. She cannot say that she disagrees with Donal's assessment, but she did mean to abstain from judgment in any case. At the rush of magical energy, she looks up and swears in Sylvan.

"Not that I am aware of," she answers. "Please, ensure the safety of the children," she implores and begins moving in the direction of the blast.

Tityanna pauses to cast Detect Magic and keeps concentrating as she jogs to the scene, sees the corpse and his blood seeping into the earth. "Thad, please attend the settlers," she says decisively, her eyes a ghastly shade of blue as she continues to concentrate on the area.

Tityanna Kn. Arcana1d20 + 5 ⇒ (20) + 5 = 25
Tityanna Spellcraft 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18

Male Human Ranger

Everyone, please stay back. This is not a sight you will wish to have seen. Hemp, help Cal back to the fort. Please everyone else, join them. We will follow in a few moments.

Kams stumbles slightly, the wounds of the past few days taking their toll on his body. He approaches Thad and Tityanna, as the villagers-to-be move back towards Oleg's, no doubt plying Cal and Hemp with questions. Musing aloud, They'll be the center of the gossip, for awhile at least. Let them have their tale. Should build some connection between the two groups.

Turning to his companions, This blast was different I fear than your first one, Master Thad. The man invoked something, I know not what. He was spitting blood and spun himself to take the blow on the amulet. Oh, but he first pronounced a curse on us all as his final words. He was too eager for his end. Kams stares off to the south, and the rough direction they assume Kressle and the Stag Lord dwell. I fear his defiance was from knowing his death would alert his masters. We may not have much time before others come to finish the job they started yesterday. We should summon everyone together now and make our plans,...Today.

With that, Kams moves over to the graveside, kicking the head into the waiting hole. Bending down, he tears open the man's tunic, exposing what remains of a gashed and burnt chest, that the spellslingers might retrieve the amulet. I'll get him covered and then be back to the fort. Turning to the pair, Is it wrong I'm starting to feel too old for all this? he mutters, behind a half hearted smile.

Cal offer a simple nod at Kams' orders and takes Hemp by the shoulders. Dell and Grubby arrive a few seconds later and help carry the man to safety.

As Kams tears open the dead mans tunic, he discovers a gaping hole in what remains of his chest. The wound certainly wasn't caused by the initial sword strike. That cut can clearly be seen slashing across the fist sized hole. The charm is no where to be found, although a broken leather thong still hangs around the lower half of the dead mans neck.

As you move in for a closer look, you notice the skin beneath the surface of his chest ripple slightly as if something was crawling around in the corpse's chest cavity.

Extremely fine strands of jet black energy can be seen growing from the gaping chest wound. Although difficult to see, they seem to be rapidly spreading, creating a dense intricate web of energy that looks like it may ultimately cover the entire corpse.

The corpse nearly burns with the black aura of necromantic magic and negative energy. Although some is obviously residue from the earlier blast, there is still a significant amount of energy radiating from the corpse especially around a large open wound the size of a man's fist. The wound is centered right above where the heart should be and is crossed with another shallower cutting wound clearly caused by a sword. Delicate threads of necromantic power are growing from the wound and weaving some kind of pattern across the body.

Aliana arrives towards the end of Kams' speech, her bow in hand. With a quick glance at the situation she nods simply and turns to head back. "I will gather everyone to be ready upon your return."

When she arrives back at the fort, Aliana speaks with Donal, Fulton, Porter, Oleg, and Kesten in turn, informing each of events and Kam's fear, saying, "We need to meet in council to discuss what course we should take to prepare. The others will return shortly. Have you a suitable place to talk Master Oleg?"

The settlers follow Kams advice and join Alaina in returning to the security of the trading post. Answering Alaina's question, Oleg gestures toward the space used for the trials and says, "I think we can arrange these benches and the large table to better accommodate everyone."

He gestures to Donal and some of the other men, "If you men can give me a hand. Lets shift these tables...."

Soon enough the others have an area large enough to seat the entire group with room to spread out Fulton's rough map of the region.

Ursula arrives and looks to both Cal and Hemp. Frowning at the wounds, she darts a worried glance toward the trees. Muttering a quick prayer under her breath she then begins giving instructions to Duella for another herbal healing tea. Hearing Ursula's need, Duella ducks into the kitchens to put another kettle on the fire to get the water boiling while she prepares the necessary herbs.

With a worried look, Andrea Meyerson comes up to Alaina and asks, "Is there any danger to the children? Should I get them inside the wagon or the house?"

Female Human Sorceress (Fey) 1/ Oracle (Life) 1

Tityanna Perception 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (13) + 1 = 14 oh, one shy huh? why I oughtta!

"Unless you have attained arcane prowess without my knowledge, I will remain," Tityanna refuses Kams, her eyes still glowing ethereal blue. "We cannot afford to remain ignorant of our enemy's tactics," she continues firmly.

Tityanna continues to watch the curse swell. She is uncertain what if anything she could tell Kams of the effect and make him ready for... what? An attack?

Then she notices the movement in the corpses's chest cavity. "Kams, I believe that this man wore a charm like Happs, and we are soon to discover its true potential," she warns in a low hiss. "Please, prepare yourself..."

Male Human Ranger

1d20 + 6 ⇒ (11) + 6 = 17

By Erastil's Whiskers. Kams is taken aback as the tendrils move around and below the wound. Fearing some creature is taking form, Kams makes a quick sign of the drawn bow over the body. Father Deadeye, let this evil not prevail, banish it back to the mists of hell. Let it not escape into the lands we are growing under your guidance.

Kams starts smashing, grappling, grasping, or batting at the wisps and tendrils, hoping Erastil will be kind, guiding, protecting and helping him stop the evil growing or escaping from the dead bandit. As his fingers probe the wound, Kams will attempt to pull free the amulet, should he find it.

Perception 2:
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16

Aliana chews her lip thoughtfully then shakes her head. "No, I do not think they are in immediate danger. They are close by, yes? I should think if they are in view and within the fort with us, they should be safe enough.

...and besides, she thought to herself,a wagon is not likely to provide safety against whatever happened back there...

Warren is surprised at the dark magic he witnessed first hand.

"Well done Kams, you act decisively when others would tarry."

Elf Paladin 2

Thad strings his bow and heads back to the fort with the settlers. Once Cal and Hemp are turned over to Ursula's care he speaks with Kesten and some of the guardsmen about moving up to the wall to stand watch, in case the thunderclap brings unwelcome attention. Thad posts himself on the wall closest to where the execution was being conducted, even if it at a difficult range for a bow shot.

After speaking with Andrea, Aliana supervises the creation of the improvised council room. She also gathers a pitcher of water, wine, and refreshments for when they gather. Then, seeing Thad up on the wall, she goes up to join him, her own bow in hand.

As you watch the delicate threads of magical energy weave their way across the corpse, you notice a pattern starting to emerge among the multitude of interlacing strands. Concentrating on the eerie weaving, your heart begins to beat rapidly and the blood pounds in your ears. A cold chill runs down your spine as one by one you begin to recognize several powerful necromantic runes. Things you had only seen in dusty tomes deep in the family library.

Now that you recognize them, the symbols practically burn with malevolent brilliance. Their meaning is clear. This is no simple raising of the dead to create a mindless zombie. You're certain that if not stopped, you will be witness to the birth of a newly created Spectre.

Your critical success on the Knowledge roll finally kicked in.

As Kams strikes at the weaving threads of energy his blows seem to pass through the threads without causing any harm. It's as if his weapon doesn't even exist.

Thrusting his hand into the open wound he desperately conducts a grizzly search for the amulet. The stench is nearly overpowering as he burrows his hand into the chest cavity. Unfortunately, his first attempt results in nothing but a handful of gore as the thing buries itself further into the body.

Kams: Fort Save(DC10) or be sick for one round.
Grabbing the charm requires a Grapple(DC15)

Kesten nods grimly at Thad and signals to the other guardsmen. As they take up positions in the other platforms he turns to Thad and Alaina saying, "My men are in position, but the others are still out there. Should we close the gate?"

Elf Paladin 2

Thad weighs the safety and competence of those near the body against the safety of the settlers and comes to a decision."Yes... but prepare some knotted ropes we can lower in case they need to retreat."

Male Human Ranger

Fort Save 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6 Kams retches at his task, even as he digs his fingers further after the unholy relic. He turns his head as much as possible to avoid defiling himself or the body, at least any more so than already done.

Broken strings this thing seems a mind to its own. He shoves his grip a little further, attempting to ensnare the device.

Grapple Check, modified for sickened condition 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19 Yes, Erastil be praised. Kams jerks the device and his arm from the man's torso, flinging the device away from himself, his gruesome tableu, and any onlookers. His whole body shudders at the unholiness of it all, and he leans back, drawing a breath of fresher air, then watches towards the remains of the necklace.

Looking to Tityanna, For a human, yes, quickly growing too old for all this. He sharply exhales as he struggles to his feet, gazing around at what he has unintentionally wrought.

Female Human Sorceress (Fey) 1/ Oracle (Life) 1

Tityanna stands determined, yet mute as Kams pulls the relic from the bandit's chest. A second talisman could not be a mistaken find, and such powerful necromantic auras - these creatures were here in these very lands!

"Excuse me, but if someone could toss down a shovel and some kindling I would like to burn this creatures remains, and the earth that he fell upon," she calls up to their audience.

She looks to Kams then. "When I have finished here, I need for someone to tell me exactly what this lot said," she tells him firmly.

As Kams grabs the charm, the foul chill of death races along his arm.
It's as if he grabbed a piece of the abyss itself.

Kams - Will Save(DC15) or take 1d4 ⇒ 3 damage

Following Kams' toss the evil bit of magic lands in a patch of ankle tall grass and dirt several feet away. The device itself is completely covered in blood and gore, but a think band of black energy still reaches out and connects to the corpse. As it reaches the dead flesh, the single band splits into the dozens of smaller threads that continue to weave their necromantic pattern across the body. So far the black weaving completely covers about a quarter of the remains.

Elf Paladin 2

Thad relays Tityanna's request to Oleg and when the supplies (assumedly) arrive he tosses down a shovel and a small bundle of kindling wrapped in a burlap tarp.

Male Human Ranger

Take my eye, the chilling burn... Will Save 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 2 = 9

Kams stumbles, the toll wearing his system down. He clumsily bends over, grabbing up the bandit about the shoulders, and jerking his corpse away from the grave, the hole containing the bandit's head. Mindful, he tries to avoid the encoiling black tendrils as he does so. By the black abyss, they may take his body, but they'll not have his head.

Oleg brings Thad the wood, shovel and tinder as asked. Only a few moments later they land with a clattering thud not far from Tityanna.

Porter, studiously watches from the wall with the others as the magic weaves its dark tapestry. Hearing Tityanna's request he thinks for a second and then shouts down, "I've something that will make it burn hot and bright if you'd like!" With a glance toward Kams he adds with a bit of a grin, "It's not explosive if that makes a difference!"

The link between the body and the charm seems unaffected as Kams drags the grizzly remains back from the graveside. Even those untrained in the arcane arts can start to recognize a few of the patterns within the larger magical weaving. Clearly there are runic symbols interlaced within the larger pattern that now covers a good third of the corpse.

The threads of magic swirl around your hands and arms as you drag the body. It is nearly impossible to avoid all contact, although you manage to find a handhold where relatively few threads can touch your skin. Despite your efforts a few of the dark strands brush against or pass through your hands. The burning cold is much weaker compared to touching the actual charm, yet the power still seeps into your soul slowly draining away the heat of life.

Kams 1 point of damage

"This is some twisted evil magic."

Male Human Ranger

Realizing he can do no more, Kams dumps the body, leaving it to the consumption of the dark magic. He stands back, hoping the spellslingers can do something to stop the spread of this evil.

Great Erastil, I can do no more, it is up to you and your blessings now.

Female Human Sorceress (Fey) 1/ Oracle (Life) 1

Tityanna feels prostrate as she can do naught but continue to watch the dark magic swirling in front of her eyes independent of the catalyst.

"Kams, we must destroy the host. Now!" she says. She looks up at Porter's offer. "If you please, Master Porter. And, how far should we stand apart from setting this solution?"

With a wave, Porter disappears off of the wall as he runs down to his wagon. After a few minutes he slips out the gate carrying two pint-sized flasks of glass. One contains a clear liquid, while the other is a dark, rusty brown color. His tall hat, bobbing up and down as he runs quickly to where Kams and Tityanna are busily laying out the firewood around the body.

Arriving at Tityanna's side a little out of breath, he says "I thought it best to bring these out to you. Didn't want to take the chance of them breaking in a bad toss or something."

He hands the first flask to Tityanna, "It's not nearly as volatile as my other device. It's more of an...enhanced alchemist's fire. Burns several degrees hotter and a little longer than usual. Just toss it onto the wood. It should break and ignite easily."

He holds out the second glass flask containing the clear liquid. This one is stamped with the seal of Erastil.

"Don't know if this will help, but it's holy water, blessed by a priest in Restov before we left. Sometimes I use it for my experiments, but it seems like it could be put to better use now." He points to the charm, still covered in gore and pouring its dark power into the magic surrounding the corpse.

"Perhaps against that...thing."

By now the magic covers a little over sixty percent of the corpse. The tendrils continue to weave the pattern creating a solid tapestry of interweaving runic symbols over the entire upper half of the body.

The remains seem to be getting a little less 'solid.' As you watch it's as if you can almost see through some of the edges of the body where the magical pattern is complete.

Another set of chills run along your spine as you hear a faint wailing cry emerge from the area where the charm rests. As the seconds pass, it grows louder.

Female Human Sorceress (Fey) 1/ Oracle (Life) 1

Tityanna untrained Perception 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (18) + 1 = 19

Tityanna nods at Porter's words, and opens the flask of holy water and pours it on the corpse. She is uncertain what dark magics have gathered to change its properties, but should the water fail, she will use the fire to burn whatever may be left.

"Good lord Erastil and the benevolent spirits of these lands, protect us," she prays as she pours the liquid over the densest concentration of dark magics.

The blessed water cuts through the necromantic tapestry like a seamstress ripping fabric. Wherever the water lands, the black threads break apart as if melted. As Tityanna pours the last of the water onto the remains, the charm suddenly starts to smoke and pop and the thick black thread of magic no longer links to the body. The faint wailing erupts into a high-pitched, ear shattering scream as the emerging spirit is banished once again into the darkest pits of the abyss. A few seconds later the weaving unravels and the black magic dissipates leaving nothing but the grim, brutal remains of the bandit and the twisted, melted remains of the charm.

Elf Paladin 2

As the sound of the tortured scream reaches the fort Thad tenses, his every sense wary and alert for whatever may follow. For long moments after the sound fades he stands sentry with his bow drawn taut, waiting for a threat to show itself. He eventually realizes he's holding his breath and lets it out in a relief and takes his leave of Kesten. "This only adds to the urgency of the day's discussion. I'd like to have at least two people on lookout at a time, until we know whether that drew any unwelcome attention..."

Thad figures it will take a little while until everyone is ready to continue the meeting, so spends a bit of time checking in on everyone to see how they're doing and reassure the children. When he drops in on Ursula he lingers a while to see how Cal and Hemp are faring. He pats the unconscious man on the shoulder and offers his well-wishes and a brief, quiet prayer for a swift recovery. "Looks like you get to rest in bed for the first few days of your sentence. There's easier ways of getting out of work, you know? Stag's strength be with you Hemp." He is *completely* dumbstruck by the soft glow that spreads from his touch, bringing warmth and healing light to attack the black filth that clings to the unconscious man.

Lay on hands: 2d6 ⇒ (2, 5) = 7

Aliana remains on the wall, her eyes scanning the treeline. The unearthly wail had set her nerves on edge as she tests the tautness of her bowstring. This cannot be good...

She continues her vigilance until the others arrive back from the grave site.

Female Human Sorceress (Fey) 1/ Oracle (Life) 1

Tityanna bites her lip harshly against crying out with the charm’s final throes, then sits back on her heels as she watches its foul magics dissipate, leaving not but the husk of the man it previously occupied. She wonders if a charm so evil could influence his behavior as well, or, did the makers choose their victims so well as to determine the perfect hosts to mature their abominations.

Tityanna grips the flask of holy water, and offers thanks to Erastil, only… the voice in her mind that inspired her words was the only that she heard. Her eyes widen briefly, and she looks to Kams and believe she asks ”May I have the shovel?” but is uncertain if she is making the appropriate sounds to compliment her intent, for she can hear nothing but her interior monologue. She lowers her eyes and looks to the flask in her hand. Had she not prayed to the Good Lord for protection? What manner of change was this?

Standing at Hemp's side as Thad approaches, Cal watches as the paladin rests his hands on the former bandit's blackened body. Stifling a startled intake of breath as the healing power removes the necromantic taint, he looks to Thad with surprise and just a bit of awe in his expression.

"You've truly the power of the good gods with you Sir Knight. The Stag Lord should fear your arrival."

After the magical glow dissipates, Hemp is breathing easier and resting much more peacefully.

Male Human Ranger

Milady, this is not a chore you should be taking, but if you desire it, so be it. Kams reaches out the shovel to Tityanna, while still surveying the remains for any inkling of more dark magicks.

HP Roll:
1d10 + 1 ⇒ (8) + 1 = 9

Warren is visibly relieved that the evil was countered somewhat.
"I feel better knowing the holy water can stop this evil. The forces of good can keep evil in balance as it should."

Female Human Sorceress (Fey) 1/ Oracle (Life) 1

Tityanna sees the shovel come into her view and looks to Kams. His mouth is moving but there is no sound. No sound... She picks up the shovel and places it upright, and uses it as a brace to pull herself up, but it is clearly a struggle. She ends on her knees, mutely gasping for breath. Mute to herself.

'Burn the host, and the soil,' Tityanna hears her interior monologue say. 'Let nothing of their sin remain to pollute the earth. I... cannot-'

Tityanna leans heavily over the shovel and begins crying. 'I cannot hear. I cannot hear.'

"That is a fine specimen. You know we could make you a good strong chain of silver to hang it from..."

Seeing Thad come down from the palisade, Donal hands the large serpent tooth back to Sari Meyerson saying, "Why don't you see to your little brother for a spell. I'm sure your mother could use a bit of help. I promise we'll work on that chain later."

He tussles the girl's hair as she gives him a look. "Okay, if you promise." she says sternly, but then runs over to her mother after the big blacksmith smiles and promises again.

Stepping over to the others, he asks in a quiet, worried voice, "Is all well Master Tanner? I've not seen Tityanna or Kams come back through the gate. And with that last...whatever that noise was...I admit I'm a bit...concerned."

Porter reaches an arm out to help steady Tityanna as the young woman breaks down in tears. Not understanding the source of her distress he says thinking she's concerned about the body and her brush with the evil magic, "Aye, I'll see the body burnt and taken care of. You and Master Kams have already done enough. This isn't something a young woman should have to see to anyway."

Giving her a light pat on the arm and a concerned look, he tries to guide her over to a large flat rock where she can sit and rest.

He turns to his brother looking down from the palisade with the others and shouts, "Burdo or one of you folk up there! Could you fetch Miss Ursula? I think Tityanna might be having a reaction to that magic or something!"

Female Human Sorceress (Fey) 1/ Oracle (Life) 1

Tityanna follows Porter to the rock and remains a while. She scrubs the tears from her eyes and tries to calm herself, knowing that she is the authority on magic in the group, and that there are likely several persons looking for guidance concerning... the incident. The inclination to run to Donal and hide for the remainder of the day is overwhelming, but she will not allow herself to be responsible for terrorizing the settlers she escorted to these lands.

Tityanna Untrained Bluff 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5

Though she makes an effort, Tityanna's expression is grave when she returns to the others. Seeing that the children have been drawn away as she requested, she addresses the adults. The voice in her head is stoic, but she feels her mouth and tongue flub several words in her delivery:

'With the aide of the Good Lord Erastil, we have triumphed over evil,' she holds the vial up for emphasis. 'Please lend thanks in all your prayers, and ask for guidance. The trials that lie ahead of us will bind us as one community if we maintain our faith, and... love.'

Warren addresses the children.
"Tuney this eagle here, is now capable of spotting anyone trying to sneak up on us. We are going to play a game of hide and seek, and the winner gets a Brevoy gold sovereign."

Taking the children to the other side of the camp, Warren will help distract the children and show them that almost nothing can get past the eagle's perceptive gaze. The best hider will get the gold coin.

It will be intersting to see how building animal friends to optimize scouting abilities works out.

Porter steps over to where Kams stands guard over the corpse. A few wisps of black energy still linger, but most of the necromantic magic has dissipated into the ether. Using the shovel, the dwarf lifts the bandit's head from the grave where Kams had kicked it. He carefully places the macabre trophy on a pile of wood next to the corps. Stepping back he says to Kams, "Step back if you would sir. Wouldn't want you to get caught in any splash."

Once the ranger is clear, Porter tosses the fragile flask onto remains where it shatters releasing the liquid which instantly bursts into flame. The substance burns white hot for several seconds easily lighting the dry wood. Soon enough the smell of burning flesh drifts into the air, but with the destruction of the body, the final remnants of the magic disappear completely.

Nothing else threatens the outpost for the remainder of the day. When Thad and the rest of the group ask the former bandits about Kressle, her camp, and anything else that might be useful, the men are willing and eager to help. It's clear the magic displayed earlier has shaken them and there is no longer any lingering sense of loyalty to the bandit lord and his minions.

Unfortunately, the men have little in the way of useful information about the Stag Lord himself or those higher up in the organization. Most have never been to the Stag Lord's castle since they were recruited by Kressle or one of the bandit leader's other lieutenants. They only know he gives the orders from his center of power in the south.

All are nearly terrified of mentioning those they call the Blackrobes and have very little to offer other than they are the bandit lord's enforcers. They're led by a shadowy man who none of the group have ever met, but rumors say he goes by the name of Synder. The bandits simply call him Soulripper because of those who believe he can rip a man's soul from his body with a simple look.

They're more knowledgeable of Kressle and her strategies being part of her band. Cal, draws sketches a rough map and directions to her camp. Chance and Devon guess that she still has at least a half dozen, maybe more, men based at the camp in the woods. Those assaulting the trading post were supposed to send someone back as soon as it was secured, but they have no idea if the charm sent some kind of warning and how that might affect her plans.

Cal adds, "She's a tough woman, is Kressle. A nasty, bloody fighter with those axes o' hers and a mind for trickery. She'll have that camp trapped and a right tough ambush set up if she's tipped off. But in general discipline ain't much if things appear to be goin' smooth."

The general thought among the men is, assuming she doesn't get magical assistance, she won't be expecting word for another day or two.

"Well, I am willing to bet with my eagles we can avoid being surprised and probably achieve surprise. Let's grab this Kressle and her band!"

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