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DM Talomyr's Council of Thieves (Inactive)

Game Master Talomyr

A resistance rises in order to stop injustices in the former Chelish capitol, Westcrown.

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Grand Lodge

Just an update folks:

I will be making my decision on the final two spots for this game tomorrow. If you would like to be considered, please have a character concept available for me to review on this thread by 6:00pm CDT.

Grand Lodge

DM Berwick wrote:

If the APG playtest classes are allowed, I would like to put forth my character concept for your consideration:

A halfling alchemist that is tired of the "status quo" and is seeking to stir things up. He was the lab assistant of an unpopular wizard who met the "heavy hand of the law" when he violated a rather obscure zoning law that required him to have prior approval before updating his landscaping to include the petrified statues of some "messengers" from the local theives guild...who knew the HOA's were litterally the provice of devils? As he was considered technically property, he was to become a ward of the state until an heir could be found, but he escaped during the Probate Court period. He has continued to develop his skills in Alchemy and has been using his race and status to gain access to various households and cause all sorts of troubles.

CG Halfing Alchemist Lvl 1

Hmm, well, that is all for now. I shall post more about his little rascal if I can whip up something extra delicious.


Berwick, go ahead and stat your alchemist up. After discussion with the rest of the group, you're in. Feel free to join the discussion thread here.

ONE spot remains until 6:00pm CDT May 5, 2010.

I'd like to throw my had in the ring with Ferro Hasslebottom, a halfing Bard slave of one of the Wiscrani nobility. Background and personality/Appearance below:


Like many halflings, Ferro always seems to be optimistic, even in the face of the society he was forced to grow up in. He is a fan of riddles and has learned when it is best to speak the truth and when it is better to lie. Having spend much of his life serving Westcrani elite, Ferro knows when one should hide and when making a spectacle of oneself is the best camouflage. As a result of his life under the deceptive power of the Phandros , Ferro does not trust easily, and puts his family's safety before his own. Though he has learned to think his actions through, sometimes his instincts cause him to act brashly. In these cases, he often pays a visit to his mother, the elderly halfling woman, with years of experience, often acts as a moral compass to keep her son from doing something that could cause more harm than good for the young halfling.


Born the second son to a widowed cook of the Wiscrani House Phandros, Ferro grew up learning how to serve the Chelaxian elite. His mother also taught him how tact can be his best ally when dealing with the narcissistic personalities that made up the House they served. As such, Ferro learned how to massage the egos of his masters in order to protect himself and his family from the persecution faced by many of his fellow slaves. Sometimes this involved knowing what words to say, or simply entertaining them with a dark play or song. Learning that words posses a magic in themselves, Ferro learned to utilize his performances to awe and stun the nobles he was ordered to perform for. After many years, his skills grew until he became the favorite of Marcus Phandros, the House patriarch, with his rendition of the Rise of Twilight, a short, one man play which depicts an unknown Westcrani noble as he lives the events of Westcrown's return to power as the City of Nine Stars. With this came many benefits, such as use of the House libraries as well as a finer style of living. The young Ferro was even allowed to leave the House on his own to run private errands for his master. On one such trip, Ferro had the opportunity to pass by one of the markets run by the church of Shelyn and was amazed by the beautiful pieces of art and dances he viewed there. Since then, he has taken to secretly following the Eternal Rose and has taken to writing songs and short plays focused on things of beauty instead of the dark themes that his master enjoys.

Even with these freedoms though, Ferro still recognized that he is slave to a society he did not fit in to and that one misstep could spell the end not only for himself, but his entire family. Therefore, he continues to act the part of a good little halfling slave, though deep down, his heart desires to view a Westcrown that can thrive without the need for the diabolical pacts that many of the city's mover and shakers make.


Ferro, bearing the porkchop sideburns, round, likable face and tough, hairy feet of his kind, is only distinguishable from others of his race due to his finely crafted clothing in blues and reds as well as the brand on his arm which marks him as belonging to Marcus Phandros. Possessing of a slim frame, Ferro prefers to avoid combat when possible with many acrobatic moves that help to not only keep him out of harm's way, but to also add theatrical flair to the parts he adapts in his plays. Hanging from his fine, leather belt is a small pouch and a leather sling which he uses to protect himself when necessary as well as a dagger, both sized for a man of his stature. Ferro's blond hair is held back with a strip of fine, red silk and his gray eyes hold a whimsical playfulness that reflects the optimism inherent of his race. Having learned to act in order to please his master, Ferro has learned to take on the role of various people and, with the right resources, can even assume the role of people three feet taller than himself.

* takes a peak at the 6pm deadline*

(awe come on Nazard I could play a seer and be extremely accurate, and Yeah I know Rorse is a bit wild. I don't know why the set up of Rorse invoked what it did, I just hope he doesn't get himself killed.)

Dice wrote:
* takes a peak at the 6pm deadline*

... oh the anticipation!

I think this might be the only PF Adventure Path game with a slot to fill active at the moment. Some kind DM needs to fix that!

Alexander mentioned possibly running a game and Nazard is running an Arcadia game, that has been a blast in the session he is running for us.

Grand Lodge folks really made this difficult for me. I would like to thank everyone who showed interest in my game, and took the time to create a character concept (and in some cases a full character).

With no further delay here is the party that will go forward.

Sully - Cadwyn Tallis, Human Fighter
Nazard - Kevorin, Half-Orc Rogue
Alexander Kilcoyne - Morghrim Maestros, Dwarf Inquisitor of Sheyln
Max Hellspont - Black Addie, Human Witch
Berwick - Wart, Halfling Alchemist
Wakedown - Valeron Legis, Human Cleric of Iomedae

Wakedown, head on over to the discussion thread.

To those of you who did not make it, please keep an eye on this thread from time to time, if for some reason I need a replacement player it will come from your ranks.

Thanks again for the interest.

DM Talomyr wrote:
Wakedown, head on over to the discussion thread.

Heading over, thanks for the opportunity to join you guys.

Once I acclimate to how PbPs play here at Paizo - if I'm not juggling enough PbP action, I'll jump in the DM seat to run something.


Have fun you guys!

Grand Lodge

Good Luck and thanks guys

enjoy it I will lurk just in case.

Is this thread still being used for anything or can I delete it from my "list"?

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Nazard wrote:
Is this thread still being used for anything or can I delete it from my "list"?


Delete at will

Grand Lodge

DM Talomyr casts Raise Dead Thread:

To the folks that had submitted characters before, and anyone else who feels like taking a shot:

It has come to my attention that I will very likely be needing a replacement player for my Council of Thieves game. If you have already submitted a character and are still interested, please let me know if you are still interested. For those who missed the thread originally, feel free to submit basic concepts.



Grand Lodge

Don't know what sort of race/class you might need to make the group more rounded, but this is Quei, who was submitted before. Spec'd up as a sorcerer.

I post daily, and when I can at weekends...

If you want a specific type to round out your party let me know...would really like to get involved and play. I could make the character more 'front-line' based if you like. Changes the background slightly, but not much...If you're interested.

I would also be interested . Same questions as Quei

Grand Lodge

Ok, it's official, I do need a new player for the game. Cadwyn will be going into the background, leaving the party down a fighter. I'm not as concerned with pulling in another warrior type, since the group as constructed does pretty well in combats as is.

Quei, thanks for the quick response. I'll make a decision as to who the new player will be at the end of the party's current combat.

Just about any character class could fit into the group which currently consists of a witch, inquisitor, cleric, rogue, and an alchemist. While a full BAB character class is something they currently lack, I don't feel that it is a gotta have, but my players may feel differently.

I have asked them to put their 2 cp in as well as to what they feel they need.

If you are submitting a full character, make yourself 2nd level, since that is what the party will be after their current fight.

Here's the character creation guidelines.

20 Point Build
Core and APG Playtest classes allowed

Starting gold = 1,000 gp

Pick two traits, one from the Council of Thieves Player's Guide and one from another source. I'm pretty flexible on the source, as I have most of the Pathfinder books these days, just refresh my memory as to the source that you are using.

Use this thread for posting of your basic concepts (preferablly with a short background).

I'd fancy an Oracle, just to get a 4th APG class going! :)

A big meaty character is my preference; but only a minor one. We have a well-rounded party and an AP is a long haul; submit a character your going to enjoy not what you think the group needs :)

Kev needs a strong, buxom, voluptuous half-orc woman to join the party. Only well-endowed half-orc women get Kev's vote so all squishy elves that wish to apply consider carefully.

If she wields a big axe and likes playing both sides of the field (and by that, I mean flanking (let's keep this clean, folks!)), even better!

If we're recommending something from the APG, how about a Cavalier?

A frontline character would be nice, but I agree with Morghrim - submit what you would enjoy!

Well, Setesh would certainly be interested in joining you - he fulfills some of the requirements, although unfortunately not Kev's ;-)

Setesh Bantling, Half-Elf Oracle of Battle
(Full details can be accessed via his character page)

Setesh is lean and muscular, with pale skin, long brunette hair, and piercing blue eyes, which blaze with a fierce zeal. His mixed heritage is betrayed by his long, pointed ears and narrow, aquiline features, although his ears at least are usually hidden under his hair. During the day, he typically dresses in a nondescript fashion, favoring browns and grays. However, when he goes ‘to work’ he wears his banded mail, and straps on his trademark ivory-hilted greatsword.

Setesh knows relatively little about his parents, as he has no memory of them. From what he has been told, his mother was a relatively pretty lass from one of the minor noble families at the Imperial court, who caught the eye of an Elven diplomat; when it was discovered that she was pregnant, she was sent to Westcrown for her confinement, in the care of two family servants. After the birth, she returned to Egorian, but Setesh remained in Westcrown.

Throughout his childhood, his home life was comfortable, albeit loveless; the servants who had been assigned as his keepers kept an eye on him, and made sure that he had ample opportunities to try his hand at various trades. However, they steadfastly refused to provided him with any specifics on his origin, intimating that it would end badly for both Setesh and themselves if he ever attempted to approach his mother’s family.

Consequently, it was little wonder that Setesh came to view Westcrown as his true home. However, he railed against the fear and petty torments that seemed to be endemic throughout the city – everywhere he looked, he saw frightened peasants, uncaring nobles, and city guards and officials who turned a blind eye to citizens’ sufferings, or worse, participated in causing it. Where was the Rule of Law? The government should be working to make the city safe for law-abiding, productive citizens, rather than terrorizing them.

One night whilst he was wrestling with this very issue, a voice echoed out of the darkness, seeming to come from everywhere, and nowhere: “Why don’t you do something about it? There is always power for those who know where to look. All that is needed is willpower, devotion, and the ability to make the hard decisions…”

On that night, Setesh swore that he would do all within his power to restore the balance of the Law to Westcrown, and with his new-found abilities, began to stalk the night, doing his best to protect the citizens of Westcrown from those who would prey upon them. Sometimes, he wonders who, or what, exactly his benefactor is; his tendency to break out into the Infernal tongue when stressed or excited is a little worrying, but if it helps him in his goals, he will accept it, whatever the cost…

Grand Lodge

Quei changed class to Ranger....
...happy to play either that or Sorcerer...

Ranger provides a bit more help to BAB...

Grand Lodge

Kevorin wrote:

Kev needs a strong, buxom, voluptuous half-orc woman to join the party. Only well-endowed half-orc women get Kev's vote so all squishy elves that wish to apply consider carefully.

If she wields a big axe and likes playing both sides of the field (and by that, I mean flanking (let's keep this clean, folks!)), even better!

How about a less than attractive Tiefling female ranger/fighter...sure she can track you down and have a good time....well provide you with some backstabbing opportunities

Kevorin uses a great ax - he doesn't backstab, he back-severs.

Kevorin wrote:
Kevorin uses a great ax - he doesn't backstab, he back-severs.

A perspective on life that Setesh can certainly understand, and support!

I've got a concept for a cavalier that I would like to try out. He would be a human cavalier of the dragon. A former initiate into the Hell Knights but left once he saw how depraved the group could be to achieve their goals. Is rather cold at times but possessing of a good heart and searches for a group who shares his goals, willing to help a city which was rapidly falling to the decadence of its own government.

I'll get him stated up as soon as possible.

Grand Lodge

Kevorin wrote:
Kevorin uses a great ax - he doesn't backstab, he back-severs.

aaah, but we english are the masters of understatement, that probably means you give the enemy a very nasty cut....(smiles)

Grand Lodge

dathom wrote:
I'll get him stated up as soon as possible.


If you can get your concept/character a bit more fleshed out, it sounds like a three way race for the open slot.

Quei and Setesh,

The combat that I mentioned earlier in the thread is about over, so I will be making a decision (with the aid of the rest of the party) soon.

Quei Drathan wrote:
Kevorin wrote:
Kevorin uses a great ax - he doesn't backstab, he back-severs.
aaah, but we english are the masters of understatement, that probably means you give the enemy a very nasty cut....(smiles)

Too true, old bean, but you forget the subtlety of the laconic Australian wit :-)

More generally, Setesh's background and skills have been altered slightly to produce a slightly more charismatic, and social-graces savvy individual.

Still need to change a few things on the sheet as I am using a template from another character but my concept is a Human cavalier of the Order of the Shield. Bellow is a brief background:

Born the son of a Hell Knight commander, Bron was raised to view the Hell Knights' harsh version of justice as the only cure for what ailed the former capital. As such, from an early age, Bron trained to be a Hell Knight. However, once the young man began training as a Hell Knight, he began to learn the brutal truth of the military order. The Hell Knights' harsh treatment of people seen as inappropriate for society began to sicken the young man until he did the one thing he never thought he would do. He turned his back on those he had been loyal to, clearing his own conscience while shaming his family's name. Cast from his family's home, Bron has seen many things that only the common man would see. Men torn from their families by the very order he use to respect and shadowy beasts that lurk the streets at night. Determined to do what he could for the city he has called home and the defenseless folk who populated it, Bron searches for someone who would be willing to help him fight the injustice he has seen in the ordered strength of the Wistcrani elite.

Grand Lodge

Quei, Setesh, and Bron:

You certainly didn't make this an easy decision for me. Each character concept was solid, and I wish I was able to bring each of you into this game.

Rather than drag this out any longer, I would like to welcome Bron Lenthaven to the group.

Bron, please finish up your character and I'll get you into the game as soon as possible.

Here's a LINK to the out of character discussion thread.

Here's the link to the game thread.

Again, thank you all for your interest.

Grand Lodge

Oh well..thanks for looking at Quei agian...guess she'll just hang around for another opening. I'll put her back to a sorcerer again then, which is where I think she fits a little more happily.

Good luck Bron have fun.

Best of luck, Bron :-)

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