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DM Talomyr's Council of Thieves (Inactive)

Game Master Talomyr

A resistance rises in order to stop injustices in the former Chelish capitol, Westcrown.

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Grand Lodge

Yes, Thraxius will be on the arena floor too.

HP: 44 /44; 0 non-lethal AC 19; touch 14; flat-footed 16 Fort: +5; Reflex: +5; Will: -1

"That's a shame you and Thraxius aren't getting along at the moment. You and he must have known each other a long time. Falling-outs between friends can be the hardest. Why, I'm sure you've seen him in your arena so much, you could probably tell what he was going to do before even he knows it. Probably good that you aren't betting, really. After all, it probably wouldn't be fair for you to take sides, and I'm sure you wouldn't want any harm to befall him, even if you have had a falling out."

Do I need to spoiler the subtext of that little spiel, or do we all know what Kev is really saying here?;)

Grand Lodge

"Friends may be a bit of a strong word, my good sir. Business associates may be more appropriate, as Thraxius and I have both made a good deal of coin from our partnership throughout the years, and as long as he continues to make money for me, he is certainly welcome here."

Rance pauses a moment before adding, "Though that is not to say that someone new holding the Hellcaller's Cup wouldn't be good for business too."

It seems pretty certain at this point that Rance Lucca is not going to tip his hand if he has a preference as to who wins your bout with Thraxius.

Male Human Cleric 5 / Inheritor's Crusader 1

"I have every confidence our match will be entertaining. I'm certain you've ensured it will be well attended, given the... popularity of our troupe since our performance in the Six Trials."

Valeron adjusts his breastplate to a more comfortable position, grateful for the added mobility against whatever battle awaits them with Thraxius.

"It's unfortunate you aren't interested in making an exception for a wager on the fight's outcome, but as they say in Galt, c'est la vie. We appreciate the tour of your home, and look forward to returning so we can... take sketches of your impressive statues for our Art of Westcrown effort."

Grand Lodge

After giving you a tour of his home and artwork that lasts nearly an hour, Rance informs you that he must end the visit in order to prepare for today's bouts.

"I wish you luck in your battle with Thraxius tomorrow. Take care and rest well. I shall see you tomorrow. Try to arrive around 10:30 or so."

With that, Lucca shows you out and you are once again on the streets of Rego Cader.

It is just after 11 am, what would you like to do with the rest of your day?

"Well, gentlemen. It seems we have the rest of the day to prepare. Anyone interested in watching some of today's bouts? It might give us the opportunity to watch this Traxius fellow in action." Addie suggests.

HP: 44 /44; 0 non-lethal AC 19; touch 14; flat-footed 16 Fort: +5; Reflex: +5; Will: -1

"It would be a refreshing change to actually know what we'll be facing in advance of facing it," Kev says, looking about for the audience entrance to the arena.

Grand Lodge

The four of you approach the Devildrome to take in the day's spectacle. A rather large, surly looking half-orc at the gate is about to ask you for the admission price, when he catches a glimpse of the near-by Rance Lucca waving the four of you in.

Once inside the arena, you see the list of competitors for the day and the current odds on each bout. Unfortunately, you note that Thraxius is not slated to compete today.

As you take your seats, you see the masses also filing in to watch today's bouts. Vendors make their way through the aisles, selling any manner of food and drink.

A few moments before the start of the first bout, the same gruff looking half-orc you met at the gates approaches you.

"Lucca said he wants you guys to sit up with him." he says heading off toward Lucca's box without waiting for your response. He stops briefly and says, "Oh...he also said to tell you that Thraxius would also be there."

Male Human Cleric 5 / Inheritor's Crusader 1

Valeron looks out upon the combat, with an expression that mixes shock with veiled distaste.

Seeing the half-orc, he nods in reply while standing and addressing the others.

"Perhaps Lucca will tell us a little more than he did yesterday if we sit with him..."

Addie's left eyebrow arches with curiosity when she hears that Lucca has invited the group to join him in his box - along with Traxius. "This should be interesting..." she muses aloud as she and her companions follow their escort.

HP: 44 /44; 0 non-lethal AC 19; touch 14; flat-footed 16 Fort: +5; Reflex: +5; Will: -1

Kev follows, also eager to get a look at the man they'd be trying to kill tomorrow. "I sure hope he doesn't turn out to be a charming, friendly, decent chap," he whispers to the others.

HP 53/53, AC- 21, Flat-Footed- 19, Touch- 12 CMD 19, Fort- +9, Reflex- +6, Will- +10, Perception- +13, Init- +5, AOO- +9 (1d10+6), Judgement 2/2, Bane 6/6

Morghrim wore a grim grin as he ascended eagerly to the box.

Best not be another damned Tiefling...

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