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DM Talomyr's Council of Thieves (Inactive)

Game Master Talomyr

A resistance rises in order to stop injustices in the former Chelish capitol, Westcrown.

Current Characters

Mithral Scarab
Black Addie

played by Max Hellspont (601 posts)

HP: 44 /44; 0 non-lethal AC 19; touch 14; flat-footed 16 Fort: +5; Reflex: +5; Will: -1

played by Nazard (479 posts)
Market Patron
Morghrim Maestros

HP 53/53, AC- 21, Flat-Footed- 19, Touch- 12 CMD 19, Fort- +9, Reflex- +6, Will- +10, Perception- +13, Init- +5, AOO- +9 (1d10+6), Judgement 2/2, Bane 6/6

played by Alexander Kilcoyne (686 posts)
Man in the Desert
Valeron Legis

Male Human Cleric 5 / Inheritor's Crusader 1

played by wakedown (493 posts)

Current NPCs

Ydersius (Symbol)
Grand Lodge DM Talomyr

played by Talomyr (1,490 posts)

Previous Characters

Ekaym Smallcask
Sovereign Court Alexander Kilcoyne

(4,675 posts)
DM Berwick

Male Why's it always got to be that way? DM 14
(469 posts)
Max Hellspont

(183 posts)

(5,270 posts)
The Master of Heresy
Shadow Lodge Talomyr

(745 posts)
Tanner Nielsen

Human Psychomancer
(785 posts)
Mystic Theurge
Andrezi Zeldana

Male Varisan Human Cleric (Varisian Pilgrim) of Desna 3 | HP 21/24 | AC 17 T 13 FF 14 | Fort+5 Ref +4 Will+7 (+8) | Initiative +3 | Perception +4 | Channel Energy 6/8 | Bit of Luck 3/7 | Agile Feet 7/7

played by Talomyr (471 posts)
Dr Lucky

played by DM Berwick (42 posts)
Friendly Fighter
Bron Lenthaven

Male Human Fighter

played by dathom (70 posts)
Shoanti Fighter
Cadwyn Tallis

Male Human Fighter 1

played by Bandersnatch1110 (129 posts)
Man in Mask
DM Alexander Kilcoyne

Your Humble Narrator

played by Alexander Kilcoyne (7,450 posts)
Sejanus Corvus

Male Human Sorcerer (Arcane) 1 -- HP 13 : AC 12 CMD 12 TAC 12 FAC 10 : dagger+0; 1d4 : F+5 R+3 W+3 : INIT+2 Perc+5 CMB+0

played by Tanner Nielsen (206 posts)

Male Halfling Alchemist : 4

played by DM Berwick (320 posts)

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