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DM Sully's Kingmaker (Inactive)

Game Master Max Hellspont

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Male Dwarf Bard (savage skald) 3

Greetings, and thanks for having me. It feels good to have this character in a game again. He was one of the hardest ones for me to drop when life got busy.

1d8 ⇒ 8

Welcome aboard, Edrukk!

I'll have a post up later this weekend.

Male Dwarf Bard (savage skald) 3

I'll be out of town for Easter, so my posting this weekend is going to be more sporadic than usual.

Sovereign Court


Yelena- please try not to kill the Stag Lord in such a horrific manner this time round! :P.

Female Changeling Summoner (First World) 3

Hah! I played a witch that time. I used a sleep hex on the Stag Lord, then performed a coup de grace. Messy business, that. :)

Female Changeling Summoner (First World) 3

Alright, I have dotted the I's and crossed the T's. Yelena Shukhov is ready to go. As is...

None Ghoran Sorcerer (Verdant) 1 -- HP 8 : AC 12 CMD 12 TAC 12 FAC 10 : dagger +0; 1d4 : F+2 R+2 W+2 : INIT+8 CMB+0


Hit Points
1d6 ⇒ 6
1d6 ⇒ 5

Male Human (Varisian/Ulfen) Druid 3

Welcome aboard folks, and have a good Easter if you're celebrating it.

Init:+4,Perc:+11,AC:17,HP: 39/39,Fort:+6,Ref:+10,Wil:+7:Perc+12

Okies, pretty much ready t'go. Gear, stats, skills etc is all there. (^_^)

Looking forwards to playing with every one. :)

Male Dwarf Bard (savage skald) 3

Edrukk is good and ready to go.

Female Changeling Summoner (First World) 3

@Edrukk - Did you just put your modifiers in your stat field rather than your actual ability scores?

Male Dwarf Bard (savage skald) 3

Yes, the actual stats are listed in the keys stats. I found that trying to recalculate the modifiers every time to get a bit annoying.

Female Changeling Summoner (First World) 3

Gotcha, I see it.

Thanks for your patience, everyone! Let's get this party started: First new post is up!

Apologies for the prolonged absence. My wife's grandfather passed away Wednesday night, and we've been out of town dealing with the funeral and associated family issues. I'll have a post up in the IC thread shortly.

Init:+4,Perc:+11,AC:17,HP: 39/39,Fort:+6,Ref:+10,Wil:+7:Perc+12

Sorry for your loss. *hugz*

Rest and recover from your ordeal.

Best wishes to you and yours.

Male Human (Varisian/Ulfen) Druid 3

I realized I missed some things on Euron that last fight, and never finalized them...

Specifically I never picked his 2nd level spells, and I never wrote anything down for the "catch up" gear allotment of 2000gp... I mentioned considering an enchant for the ranseur, but never recorded that.

For his second level spells, I picked: Frigid Touch and Summon Swarm.

Max: For the 2000gp, would a 1st level pearl of power (1000gp) and a cloak of resistance (1000gp) be okay? Are these things that would be on order, or would those things come right away?

Euron, the 1st level pearl of power and the cloak of resistance are fine. We can say you acquired them from Harther Medvyed's caravan.

Init:+4,Perc:+11,AC:17,HP: 39/39,Fort:+6,Ref:+10,Wil:+7:Perc+12

To every one in the game. Should the character's antics be taking up too much time/space etc feel free to just dump a blanket over it or something. *Bows*

I just thought it would be a fun 'Roll Playing' experience. I apologize if it's too much of a distraction.

Much cheers to all involved.

Male Dwarf Bard (savage skald) 3

It's one of those things that the in character reaction may not be the same as the player reaction. In character, most folks would be rather shocked, or at least surprised. As a player, however, I for one, find reading the reactions a nice light break.

Init:+4,Perc:+11,AC:17,HP: 39/39,Fort:+6,Ref:+10,Wil:+7:Perc+12

*Bows* Thank you. Though I do hope I'm not going too far 'Over board'. Plus, I can only hope such sentiments are the majority, though I am prepared to 'reign the character in' should this not be the case.

Male Dwarf Bard (savage skald) 3

You can, and probably should, 'reign the character in' in an entirely in character way as other PCs and NPCs react. But generally if a player dislikes a situation like this, my response is quite simple. I tell them to express it in character so that it can be reacted to in character.

Init:+4,Perc:+11,AC:17,HP: 39/39,Fort:+6,Ref:+10,Wil:+7:Perc+12


Much cheers to you and yours.

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