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DM Sully's Kingmaker (Inactive)

Game Master Max Hellspont

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Berenkor Trandoran wrote:
Stay tuned Alex! I spoke to Sully today and he should be back in action by the end of this week.I won't be letting the PbP drop, i'm way too invested in Berenkor ;)

Great news! Thanks Berenkor!

Howdy Folks!

Since we haven't heard back from Sully in a while, I'm interested in picking up our Kingmaker PbP where it left off and taking over the DM'ing duties. I'd just like to know if you all would still be interested in playing.

When we left off, we had the following people:

Talomyr as Karthas the barbarian/rogue;
Alex Kilcoyne as Berenkor Trandoran the bard;
Nazard as Eseldra the conjuror;
Sunset as Tyr Thordinsjon the fighter;
Wakedown as Euron Kelredis the druid; and
Marcus Ewert as Mikmek Scarygrowler the kobold.

If I take up the DM'ing mantle, Harther will bow out of the group.

Just to let you know, I've never run a PbP, but I've played in several - most recently under the best PbP DM's I've ever encountered. So I have some great examples to follow (but some big shoes to fill in order to live up to their examples)!

Please let me know if you would be interested in continuing our Kingmaker campaign.


Nice to see this is maybe going to continue. Rani misses you guys. Good luck!

Male Kellid Human Barbarian 2 / Rogue (Scout) 2

I'm still in if you are going to go forward with this.

mearrin69 - If you have the time, Rani could always come back you know. I know of at least two spots open if Harther runs this.

Thanks for the invite! Wish I could commit but I've got a lot of real-world stuff going on...also I'm thinking about PBP playtesting/previewing an adventure I'm writing for fall release and I think that'll consume a *lot* of time. Edit: and I would, of course, invite you guys to that game if you have time.

I'll be reading though!

Hey Mearrin69! Sounds like you have a lot going on, but please know that Rani always has a spot available if you ever get the chance to jump back in. As it is, I'm planning to have Rani be an important NPC heading up the restoration of the re-discovered temple of Erastil (if that's okay with you). I just hope I can live up to Sully's (and Talomyr's and Alex's) standards as a PbP DM.

Take care!

To Talomyr/Karthas and any of the other players who would like to continue, please feel free to update your characters using the new options in the APG if you would like.

I'll give everyone a few days to decide if they want to continue, and then see if we need to seek any new players.

Shadow Lodge

Friggin post monster...let's try this again.

The only change I see for Karthas is using the Scout archetype for Rogue, but even that won't change anything about him mechanically until 4th level rogue. (Which will be 6th or 7th level for Karthas.)

I am fine with continuing under new management. I've looked through the new stuff for elves and conjurers and don't really see anything that would interest Eseldra so I'll keep her as she is.

*Bows* Thank you for picking the game up.

I shall update Tyr when time and such permits using some of the things in the APG.

Here's to the game! *salutes*

Alright, it looks like we have Karthas, Euron, Tyr, and Eseldra on board. We'll give Marcus/Mikmek another day or two, and then look for another couple of players. Hopefully we can start back up by this weekend.

Thanks Everybody!

I just wanted to let you all know that I invited Berwick to join us. He has multiple interesting character options, and would appreciate some input from the rest of the group.

Hello there!

Is there any character that I have that you would be interested in? Here are some that I had made for some other games:

Hiram Salatin - Paladin of Erastil, a concept that I applied for this game with.

Sir Didymus: Cavalier of the Order of the Sword, and of course his trusty steed, Ambrocious

Bubba Tyler, a half-orc fighter looking at going into eldritch knight, and his background could easily be adapted:

I also have an idea or two about a cleric of erastil that I would really like to try out.

'Course, I love clerics in I also have some interesting concepts for a clerics of Abadar and Pharasma...and a host of others....I make too many characters :-(

Do any of these sound interesting? Or would fit in with the group and theme in your opinion?

And before you say "play what you want", just know that I really really want to play them ALL, but I am not picky about what am playing at the moment...I have too many ideas that interest me.

Let me know,


Shadow Lodge

Hey Berwick!

Of course the standard play what you want comes into play, but of the ones you posted, I like Hiram Salatin the best, particularly with Harther leaving the group (and Rani already gone) we could use another ranged warrior. (Max, thanks again for offering to take over.)

Max, any thoughts on who we might recruit to fill Alexander's vacated slot?

I have a friend who might be interested. We keep trying to get in a game together, and for one reason or other, they keep dying. I let him know, and he'll hopefully have a character idea to put forward.

Talomyr wrote:
Max, any thoughts on who we might recruit to fill Alexander's vacated slot?

I sent an e-mail to Jeremiziah (Gwenyth from Alex's Serpents Skull PbP and Lily D'amico from Sully's CotCT) with an invite to join but haven't heard anything back.

Eseldra wrote:
I have a friend who might be interested. We keep trying to get in a game together, and for one reason or other, they keep dying. I let him know, and he'll hopefully have a character idea to put forward.

Sounds good, Eseldra.

Liberty's Edge

Male Rat Editor 3/Grammarian 3

Oh, hey - I'm totally interested. I just didn't see the email. My bad. What do you need? Hold on, I'll take a look at what you've got so far...

Edit: OK, looks like I'm firmly in Druid or Cleric territory. Let me know if you'd still like me to stat something up - if you want to extend the offer to Nazard's friend first, I totally understand. That's what I get for not paying attention to my email. Out of curiousity, what email did you use? The best one for reaching me is:

jeremymillzz at gmail dot com

Hi, this is Nazard/Eseldra's friend. I'd be interested in joining if you still need someone else. I have an idea for a flame oracle with the wasting curse, but I'm pretty flexible about what kind of character I play.

Jeremiziah: I sent an e-mail to your thenovembertree address, although now that I think about it I think I saw somewhere that you only use that one for msn messenger purposes.

To Jeremiziah and Navior: I've seen examples of your play styles in other PbPs that I've been keeping up with, and think that you would both make fine additions to the team. I'd love to have both of you join, which would make us a party of 7 if that's okay with the others.
Currently we have:

Talomyr as Karthas the Barbarian/Rogue;
Nazard as Eseldra the Wizard (Conjuror);
Sunset as Tyr Thordinsjon the Fighter;
Wakedown as Euron Kelredis the Druid; and
Berwick as (currently undecided, but leaning toward Paladin or Cleric I think).

We're pretty flexible, so feel free to play what you want to play. The only limitation I have is no evil PCs.

Thanks for your interest!

Are you keeping with Sully's creation method so that we're all the same, or can we all tweak to something else closer to your preference?

BTW, here's some information that should help with character creation:

Character Level: 2 (xp = 2485)

Ability Scores: Elite array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) with a single extra point to place in a stat of your choice.

Two Traits: No more than one from the Kingmaker Player's Guide; cannot take Rich Parents.

Hit Points: Max for 1st level; for 2nd level - your choice of either rolling here on the boards, or taking 1/2 hit die + 1 (ex. d8 = 4+1 = 5).

Wealth: Standard for Lvl 2.

Any questions? Just ask!

Liberty's Edge

Male Rat Editor 3/Grammarian 3
Max Hellspont wrote:
We're pretty flexible, so feel free to play what you want to play.

Well, then, Bard (of some kind) it is! Fair warning to my companions, this character is likely to be sub-optimized. I will probably (gasp!) play an instrument. Oration is not my style :-) Shouldn't be a problem, as we've got 7 people in the party.

Is APG stuff OK?

Yes, APG stuff is okay.

Great! I'll do up my flame oracle as soon as I can.

Liberty's Edge

Male Rat Editor 3/Grammarian 3

OK, Now I'm flustered. I'm thinking maybe not Bard. I'll figure something out, and get it up tonight, probably by about 2AM EST. I'll be ready to roll for the weekend!

Edit: berwick, when you figure out what you're going to do, let me know here... I may try to play off of whatever you do. If you run a cleric, I may run a Pally, and vice versa. Not sure.

Well, then, let's get this settled. I will shoot for the paladin, and just so that everyone knows...I am looking at treating LG as follows:

Fairly level-headed approach to LG article here

Liberty's Edge

Male Rat Editor 3/Grammarian 3

Great article! Is that written by our Jason Nelson, of messageboard fame?

Hiram seems to have set a nice tone that I think I can play off of with a Cleric. I'm going to start statting now. if I don't get done this evening, I will get done ASAP.

I am done with everything really but equipment and the little details...I will have this done ASAP.

I start work at 7 am MST tommorrow, and hopefully I will have all the time I need there to finish this in the AM.

Male Human Cleric 2

I actually just completely screwed up... I cannot believe what I just did - I somehow (God knows how) just erased Gwen, my oracle for AK's game. /facepalm.

Well, anyway, I got big-picture stuff done for this fellow, I also need to complete equipment and the like. I will, as I mentioned earlier, get this done ASAP.

I simply cannot believe I just completely erased my favorite PbP character EVER... *sigh* Hopefully AK took good notes...

Sovereign Court


Gwen Survival- +5

Gwen Perception- +1

Gewn Initiative- +1

Hermean Blood feat

Things like aliases might be recoverable via the backup tape on their
servers, pop a topic up and if that doesnt help get rebuilding :P

Edit: Just checked your posts and Gwyneths still there anyway?

Male Human Paladin: 2

Just have to finish up equipment, and I believe that I will be good to go.

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle 2

Okay, finally got my flame oracle ready. Let me know if everything's okay or if anything needs changing.

Male Human Paladin: 2

Okay, got equipment done. Ready to start when you are.

I want to post my equipment list into Google Docs, but I cannot access from work, so bear with me please.

Also, Max, disregard the machete idea, went with a hand axe instead.

Male Human Paladin: 2

Hiram Level 1:

Class chosen: Paladin
Current Class totals: Paladin 1
HP: 10
Favored Class: Paladin: +1 Skill Point: Ride
Class Features Gained:

  • +1 BAB (Base)
  • +2 Fort Save (Base)
  • +0 Ref Save (Base)
  • +2 Will Save (Base)
  • Aura of Good
  • Detect Evil
  • Smite Evil 1/day
  • Feat: 1st level: Point Blank Shot
  • Feat: Human Bonus: Additional Traits
  • 1,000 GP Starting coin

Male Human Paladin: 2

Hiram Level 2:

Class chosen: Paladin
Current Class totals: Paladin 2
HP: 6 [1/2 HD +1 = 5+1]
Favored Class: Paladin: +1 Skill Point: Knowledge (Nobility)
Class Features Gained:

  • +1 BAB (Base)
  • +1 Fort Save (Base) [+3 Total]
  • +0 Ref Save (Base) [+0 Total]
  • +1 Will Save (Base) [+3 Total]
  • Divine Grace
  • Lay on Hands

Hey Berwick! Hiram looks good, just one minor edit: the DEX listed initially in the profile is 14, while the DEX in the spoilered stats is 13 - looks like the 14 is a typo.

I'm good with you taking a mule with horse stats as the mount you gain with the Pioneer campaign trait.

I'm very interested to hear the story behind the heirloom lasso!

Looks good! Welcome to the Stolen Lands!

Male Human Cleric 2

I'll have Jamison ready by sometime tonight... not sure when, but I'll be limited to posting from my Android for the next three days starting tomorrow, so I'll definitely be getting it done tonight.

As a word of explanation, posting from my Droid doesn't stop me or even slow me down, but I'd rather not be doing profile editing with it.

Male Human Cleric 2

Max, I have to backward revise my ETA for tomorrow morning. I am totally doing this, I just am a bit overwhelmed at packing for our camping trip (with two kids, yoi). Ultra Temporary situation, I promise. I really appreciate your patience.

No worries! I hate to say it, but I'm a bit behind myself. Three kids ages 6 and under make for a very busy weekend, but I'm hoping to get something posted by tomorrow evening.

Male Human Paladin: 2

Well howdy there. What's that? Why yes, in fact it IS a wonderful day. Nice weather fer crops and such.

Why thank'ee kindly fer the noticing of my lasso.

Story, sure as hellfire there's a story behind it.

Starts out with six 'er seven great-grand-pappies ago. When all them settlers were coming out t' these here parts from Taldor. M' ances-tor came out and tamed some land down there in them parts that's now called Stolen Lands. Stolen indeed! But anyhow, he done got out there in them fields, and they was nothin much for 'im to use out there to wrangle them sheeps and aurochs and such. So he sat hisself down, and weaved him a lasso.

Made a couple of 'em for he got it jess right, and it was not much to look at, but sturdy and strong. Good rope.

Well, it was passed on to the next great-grand-pappie. It was torn then, and he had to reweave parts of it. And so it has been, passed down from generation t' generation, repaired where it needed it. So this here rope has sections weaved by each one of m' ances-tors, and hopefully someday I will see the fields where it started. How does this sound?

Male Human Cleric 2

Ayuh, Ah'm all ready, I reckon. Take a looksee, if'n yuh please.

Male Human Paladin: 2

Ah, Mister Walker, sir?

Anyway you want to at least know each other?

Hiram's been around helpin folks with the plantin and the harvestin, and you seem to have been a farmer in his area.

Perhaps not friends (though I wouldn't mind), but at least heard of each other, if not that he had worked for you for a season or something.

What'cha think?

Male Human Cleric 2

We could be friends, that'd be right fine.

We could say that you worked fer me in a past harvest, and caught on t'gether once mah farm burned down. 'Sat suit cha?

Male Human Paladin: 2

Sure thing!

Hey Navior! Cinders looks good. Welcome to the Stolen Lands!

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle 2
Max Hellspont wrote:
Hey Navior! Cinders looks good. Welcome to the Stolen Lands!

Great! Looking forward to it!

Hey Jeremiziah! Jamison looks good, just one minor edit: ability scores are the elite array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) plus add 1 point to one stat (plus +2 to one stat for being human). Jamison's stats are 16, 14, 14, 12, 10, 10; I'm assuming that the 16 is the 15+1, and that one of the 10's is the 8+2. If that's the case, then one of the 14's should be a 13? Please double-check.

Otherwise, everything else looks good! Welcome to the Stolen Lands!

First new posts are up!

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