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PaizoCon 2014!

DM Stormwind's Legacy of Fire - The Heavens aligned against us.

Game Master LastNameOnEarth

DM Stormwind brings you the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path, in a no holds barred, optimization required, high difficulty delivery.

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Current Map

Any opinions in regards to Akhom's situation?

HP 34/36 (Rafhik 20/26) || AC 15/12/13 +1 with shield || F+5/R+3/W+6 || Init. +4 || Perc. +8+1

I defer to you DM, it's your game. I must say though that the rhythm has turned quite slow, which, in my view, leads to more slowness. I find it's like a spiral.

Current Map

Agreed. So let's do what we can to pick up the pace.

HP:27/27;1st Sor- 6/6, 1st Or- 2/5, Flame ray 9/9

I think you should set a rule for some kind of pace that you yourself can maintain, and then boot players who aren't keeping it. Say 1 post per 48 or 72 hours. If the party shrinks significantly then recruit replacements. Otherwise things will continue on at the pace they've been going.

No offense slow posting players. Your guy's posts are great when they're there and I enjoy playing with you, but a game's got to move.

Current Map

Just to keep you in the loop, I've had a death in the family, and I need to travel for the memorial. I don't know what internet will be like there as it's a small town way out in the desert. I should be back by mid-week next week. I am hoping to get an update completed before I go.

HP:27/27;1st Sor- 6/6, 1st Or- 2/5, Flame ray 9/9

Sorry for your loss :(

Happy to be here

Sorry DM. My condolences. Hope it goes ok.

Current Map

Thank you. It was my wife's grandmother, who had been suffering from Alzheimer's for a while, so it was not unexpected. My wife was not close to her, but we want to be able to go to support the family that were.

HP 35/41 (-7, -5, +6)

Sorry for your loss. I lost my grandfather a few years ago, so I know what it's like.

HP 34/36 (Rafhik 20/26) || AC 15/12/13 +1 with shield || F+5/R+3/W+6 || Init. +4 || Perc. +8+1

Heads up: I'm on vacation from Feb. 5 to Feb. 18, and will most likely be unable to post at all. Please DMPC me as needed.

Current Map

I've invited Akholm to join back in. He'll have his own story to tell as to where he was...

(AC 15/12/13; HP 10/30; Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +3; Init +2 (but roll twice), Perception +6) Suli Planar Oracle of Battle 3

Since it came up earlier...

I have trawled back through the thread, and updated the loot page (still available on Seif's page as a link, but replicated here for your convenience).


Basically, Akhom would *definitely* have been able to afford the 250gp for a camel ;-)

There is also a Brooch of Shielding, and a Ring of Feather Fall which should both be claimed by someone...

I also have a question for the GM:

The magical armor retrieved from the boss pugwampi, what is it actually?

You initially referred to it as a +1 breastplate, but then referred to it as a suit of +1 half-plate later on... Personally, I would prefer the breastplate, but I thought that I should check ;-)

We should also have a look at that book Muqaq pocketed - 'Courts of Stone and Flame'; the only book, strangely untouched, to survive the monastery's fall...

...obviously not when we are in combat, of course ;-)

Current Map

Sorry, the armour was definitely meant to be +1 Breastplate (Medium armour) and not Half-Plate (Heavy Armour).

Current Map

My 4 year old son saw me updating some posts on the weekend, and asked me what I was doing. I explained it to him, and he started getting really excited, especially about the maps. For the rest of the weekend he kept asking me if he could look at the map again, zoom in on the last gnoll, or if it was time to update the story yet. He thought N'Dateh was a very special warrior. He kept asking, "Has N'Dateh defeated the last gnoll yet?" (we've taken to pronouncing the name as n-da-tay, which seems like the most logical way of saying it, with the N being the n sound, as opposed to the letter "N").

Thought you guys would like to know you have a fan, and that he is rooting for you.

HP 34/36 (Rafhik 20/26) || AC 15/12/13 +1 with shield || F+5/R+3/W+6 || Init. +4 || Perc. +8+1


I can sign him an autograph ;-P

HP:27/27;1st Sor- 6/6, 1st Or- 2/5, Flame ray 9/9

Whenever my kindergarteners at school see me checking posts on my phone during breaks they always ask me about it too. The kids love the message board avatars.

Tell him Muqaq (mu-kack) says hello in a funny voice.

HP 34/36 (Rafhik 20/26) || AC 15/12/13 +1 with shield || F+5/R+3/W+6 || Init. +4 || Perc. +8+1

I'm away for the weekend and will most likely be unable to post.

Current Map

Really heavy workload right now. Will update as soon as I get the chance.

Current Map

I'm going to be moving this weekend, so I may be incommunicado for a few days. I'll touch base as soon as I can.

Hp 39/39

How'd the move go boss?

Current Map

Move itself went ok. I'm back at work today, but I still don't have internet set up at home yet. The place is pretty chaotic. I had to take some time off to get the move done as well, so now I'm playing catch up as well. Please hang in there a little longer, and I'll get this party moving again asap.

HP 34/36 (Rafhik 20/26) || AC 15/12/13 +1 with shield || F+5/R+3/W+6 || Init. +4 || Perc. +8+1

No worries. Thanks for the heads up!

Hp 39/39

No worries DM.

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