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DM Stephens Serpents Skull Campaign - Chp1:The Smugglers Shiv (Inactive)

Game Master terok

With the defeat of the dark Dryad and surviving many of the islands others challenges, the party is well on their way to becoming the Shiv's masters...only Ieana stands in their way...

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I haven't updated your xp in a while for a combat and a couple of misc. bonus'. 300xp each.

Male Human 6th level Druid
Init +1 Perception +12 AC 20 Tch 13 FF 19 HP 59 Fort+7(+8 vs disease) Ref+3 Will+8 Spd 20' CMB +11 CMD 23 Acro-2*Climb+6*Esc Art-2*Spellcraft+5 Stealth-2*Swim +6 ACP -2 (shield)

I say we try and sneak up the back slope and take them by surprise if we can. Remember, our first priority is rescuing our comrades. Everything we do should be done with that in mind. Once they are secure, we can re-evaluate. If we need to retreat, I have two castings of entangle in me for today. Remember these warriors are strongest in the early bit of the fight. They tire and become less effective. And beware the cannibal witch. She sounds like the most dangerous foe here.

Anton, are you up for some reconnaissance?

Any other suggestions or preparations to be made?

Nim will start up the hill with spear and shield in hand after casting longstrider upon himself.

HP 39/30, AC- 11 (15 MA) T- 11 FF- 10 (14MA), CMD- 12, F +6, R +4, W +7, P +7, In +5

Aedalis cast Mage Armor on both himself and Tilsini. He then placed his Ward upon Nim. He informed the Druid of his plan to cast Enlarge Person on him as soon as the camp is in sight. Finally, he cast Touch of Fatigue, holding the spells magic in his left hand. Finally, he made sure his crossbow was loaded and put a smokestick into his spring loaded wrist sheath.

Was going to cast Touch of Fatigue and transfer it to Tilsini to hold the charge, but the little blighter can't do that until next level. Roll on level 3!

Male Human (Varisian) Cleric (Varisian Pilgrim archetype) 6

Before the group moves forward, Mihai moves among them and renews his bond of brotherhood with them. He also solemnly hands over a harrow card from his treasured deck with the words "Keep this safe for me... and return it under your own power when we are done today." Once that is done, he returns himself to the back of the group and readies himself for the fray.

To Pezzock he does not provide a card, but speaks with open heart "Do not think yourself lesser for the bond I share with the others. You stand at our shoulder today, and we will fight or fall as one. I consider you brother in this, and am honored by your trust in us"
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (12) + 8 = 20 Just to allay any concern he had by being excluded from the harrow cards

The card you received is The Bear - the neutral card of strength. It represents pure strength that cannot be truly tamed or trained

The card you received is The Wanderer - the neutral good card of intelligence. It represents a centaur collector who appreciates things others discard as junk

The card you received is The Hidden Truth - the lawful good card of intelligence. It represents the discovery of the greater truth within.

The card you received is The Trumpet - the lawful good card of constitution. It represents an archon who dives aggressively and righteously into danger.

The card you received is The Juggler - the chaotic good card of dexterity. It represents destiny, deities, and those who play with the fates of others.

Male Human 6th level Druid
Init +1 Perception +12 AC 20 Tch 13 FF 19 HP 59 Fort+7(+8 vs disease) Ref+3 Will+8 Spd 20' CMB +11 CMD 23 Acro-2*Climb+6*Esc Art-2*Spellcraft+5 Stealth-2*Swim +6 ACP -2 (shield)

Nim nods in gratitude. Understood.

To Mihai he remarks with a smile, How appropriate...

Current XP total 3340 of 5000 for 3rd. :)

Just need a indication from Anton if he wants to roll his stealth or take a 10 then I will proceed. Assume that Anton approaches from the North since that is the jungle side?

HP 39/30, AC- 11 (15 MA) T- 11 FF- 10 (14MA), CMD- 12, F +6, R +4, W +7, P +7, In +5

I missed that Anton is scouting. Ward on him for now, Nim later.

Male Halfling (Molthuni) Barbarian 1 Ranger (Trapper) 3

Hasty lunchtime post to keep things moving along...

Niɱ wrote:
Anton, are you up for some reconnaissance?

Anton smiles wolfishly. "Of course! I live for this moment." After thanking Mihai for the card, the intrepid halfling heads out through the jungle, sling staff loaded.

Stealth: 1d20 + 12 - 3 ⇒ (16) + 12 - 3 = 25
Perception: Take 10 + 11 for 21; then once he can see the village, another +5 for 26 total, using the Extraordinay Skill power from Skill Focus (Perception).

Male Halfling (Molthuni) Barbarian 1 Ranger (Trapper) 3

Umm... I mean Take 20 on Perception for 36. Unless Anton thinks that waiting and watching for a couple of minutes would significantly increase his odds of being spotted, in which case never mind.


You approach from the jungle quietly. It is about 6pm and you can hear some noise coming from the Cannibals camp. It appears to be some singing or chanting or something. Just ahead of you the jungle breaks open to what appears to be two buildings and a open paths between them. Straight ahead of you appears to be a firepit with a moderate fire going. A large cauldron sits on top of it. You see several cannibals moving around.
They seem to be adding wood to the fire and stoking in to get it hotter. The jungle and building make it tough to see anything other than the side of them and the opening to what looks like a larger open area in the middle of them. You decide to go left then right and explore the southern area of the camp that seems safe from being spotted. To the left (west) is a building that has partially collasped. The open area next to it seems to be a refuse pit. The building itself is partially open and you see some type of Bamboo cage or enclosure, although it will be very hard to get near enough to see into it without being seen. To the east is a fairly good share hut with a door facing south. To the east of that is a pen of some type, the kind yo would have to keep pigs or something like that. You don't see anyone in these areas so far. Going any further in would give you a definite chance to be seen.
Do you continue to scout? If so where do yo go first? If you go back to the others they can view this as well since you can draw it out.
Map: Partial Cannibal Map

Male Halfling (Molthuni) Barbarian 1 Ranger (Trapper) 3

DM Stephen:
I will continue to scout only as long as I can stick to the jungle and avoid being seen. (Also avoiding where I'd guess the path in to go by, since I don't know exactly where on the path the Shiv Dragon is.) First I'd explore further to the west, to get a better sense of the scale of the building with the bamboo cage in it. Then I'd explore further to the east, to assess the village as a whole -- but giving some distance to the pen, to avoid disturbing any animals with sensitive noses. Being sensitive to Nim's previously-expressed concerns about him being cut off from the rest of the group, Anton wouldn't bother trying to map the north side even if he could.


The building to the west seems to part part of a larger structure. It appears as though there is a tower in the NW corner. The building with the cage and the refuse pit appears to be part of a larger building attached to the base of that tower.
You can't really see anymore without getting close enough to the main part of the camp to possibly be picked up by a creature with scent.

Male Halfling (Molthuni) Barbarian 1 Ranger (Trapper) 3

Anton returns from scouting, holding a map that he made with his map making kit. Go ahead and read DM Stephen's spoilers now; Anton would tell you everything.

"This looks like a good way to approach. I'd guess that they're probably in the bamboo enclosure in the southwest building, and we might be able to create a distraction by letting out whatever's in the pen in the southeast."

"I believe that, rather than looking at this as strictly a rescue mission, we must plan to wipe them out. Every last one of them. If any survive the coming battle, they are likely to use their superior knowledge of the environment to hound us, harrass us, try to pick us off slowly. We can finish the threat they pose now."

Male Human 6th level Druid
Init +1 Perception +12 AC 20 Tch 13 FF 19 HP 59 Fort+7(+8 vs disease) Ref+3 Will+8 Spd 20' CMB +11 CMD 23 Acro-2*Climb+6*Esc Art-2*Spellcraft+5 Stealth-2*Swim +6 ACP -2 (shield)

You had time to draw a map?! With ink? On vellum? ;)

Nim takes in all that Anton has to report before remarking, Sounds like we may have gotten here just in time. I doubt that cauldron is for vegetable soup... Whatever we are going to do, we should decide quickly!

It would have been nice if you could have confirmed where our comrades are being held... but maintaining the element of surprise was paramount of course. If there is anything in the pen to release, whatever it is may not provide the distraction you hope for. We will see...

Should we split into two groups? That we can check both of those buildings at the same time? Whichever group finds them, the other group distracts the cannibals until we can release them and join up?

Nim nods at Tragershen's comment. Agreed. First we secure our comrades and then we see about ending this constant threat...

If you guys decide to split, just let me know who is in what group and which group is searching what building.

Male Halfling (Molthuni) Barbarian 1 Ranger (Trapper) 3
Niɱ wrote:
Should we split into two groups? That we can check both of those buildings at the same time? Whichever group finds them, the other group distracts the cannibals until we can release them and join up?

"You mean the southern-most building that is set apart from the others? We might be able to explore that one first without causing an alarm, because the door faces the jungle... and I just realized something."

"A house is not just a house. It is also communication. That building says to the village, 'You are unwelcome here. But I can eat your pigs whenever I want to.' I bet it's the witch's home. If we could take her out first, without any others there to help her, that would be a great relief to me."

"I think that we should stick together, for the most part. There just aren't enough of us; three would be too-easily surrounded."

"But after we kill the witch, if everyone else attacks the town square -- where there look to be plenty of places to put your backs to a wall -- then I might be able to sneak through the refuse pit to rescue our friends (if they're in the bamboo cages like I assume)."

"Then, depending on what shape they're in, I could either take those two through the jungle to hide in the witch's house while we exterminate the man-eaters, or I could arm them to help out."

Speaking of which, did Pezcock accept the offered dagger?

Pezcock reveals that he already has a dagger. He seems to have some equipment, although he hasn't told you much else, he also has a backpack and several pouches at his belt.

Male Human (Varisian) Cleric (Varisian Pilgrim archetype) 6

"I think we should remain a group... we are strongest together" apart from that, Mihai leaves the talk of tactics to the others - listening attentively but not offering many words.

DC 20 Heal check:

Know that you have spent some time with Pezcock, you think he might actually be a little unhinged. Maybe from a few years alone on the island being hunted by several different groups of creatures.
You notices that he talks to himself quite a bit and although most of the group assumes he is talking to his Raven, you have noticed otherwise.

Pezcock nods his head in agreement at Mihai's statement, although it is obvious that he is afraid.

HP 39/30, AC- 11 (15 MA) T- 11 FF- 10 (14MA), CMD- 12, F +6, R +4, W +7, P +7, In +5

I am in agreement with Mihai. A surprise attack, and then stick close together, at least until we see what we're up against.

Male Halfling (Molthuni) Barbarian 1 Ranger (Trapper) 3

Anton considers what Mihai and Aedalis have said. "I don't see much point in us all going through the refuse pit. We'd be spotted, our intent clear -- if our friends are in the bamboo cages like I assume -- and the cannibals would probably be able to reach them before we could, clambering through slime and filth. Fighting through the center of town to a door would take even longer. How for us to all stay together... hmmm." He purses his mouth, holding his chin in one hand, looking around and tapping his chin with his forefinger.

Anton snaps his fingers. "I've got it! We swing across the pit one at a time. Grappling hook to the roof of ruined end of the building, great big rock tied to the other end of a silk rope, which is tied off at the right length to swing freely at a catchable height... crap. We'd slam into the other side of the pit."

Anton begins to pace, then snaps his fingers again. "New idea! After we (hopefully) kill the witch, Nim gets big again and smashes through the southern wall of the western building. Corbius and Wicewakan go through to rescue the captives, if they're where I think -- since architecture is communication -- and I doubt that these primitives have proper locks. A sharp sword will likely be better, and he'll need someone to keep any cannibals inside occupied. Anyone else who wants to can go with them, while I stay between Nim and the town center; he's far too easy to hit when he's big, and they couldn't even get me once with an entire volley of javelins."

"So I have a lot of ideas, but I'm not so good at seeing the flaws in them -- except for, you know. Physics." The creative halfling grimaces. "They're building the fire while we speak. We have consensus against splitting into two groups. What should we do? Attack the town center while I go through the refuse pit, attack the town center together, go through the wall while I draw fire from Nim, or some other incredibly clever plan that I'll kick myself all day for not thinking of?"

Male Halfling (Molthuni) Barbarian 1 Ranger (Trapper) 3

Retcon: 23rd of Lamashan to 31st of Lamashan

Ever since he got his dagger back from Gelik, every night before bed, Anton has been practicing throwing it at some nearby tree. There's no point in learning how to throw it far or between comrades; he already knows that he's going to be at the front anyway. He just needs to get better at hitting things before they reach him. Of course, he wouldn't dream of practicing like that on a dryad's hill...

Ranger style chosen: Archery. 2nd-level feat: Point Blank Shot.

Right now, on the evening of the 2nd of Neth

"Oh, and if we decide to go through the wall, I have a couple of big daggers -- the pirate's magic one, and one of Nora's -- to arm whoever was captured. And a right-sized dagger if one is Gelik. Not that it would matter much. So, if we do it that way, then I'd need to give those to someone to give to the captives."

Male Human (Varisian) Cleric (Varisian Pilgrim archetype) 6

Heal: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13

Male Halfling (Molthuni) Barbarian 1 Ranger (Trapper) 3

Heal: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7 Anton is completely oblivious to any whatever. He just doesn't know.

HP 39/30, AC- 11 (15 MA) T- 11 FF- 10 (14MA), CMD- 12, F +6, R +4, W +7, P +7, In +5

Truthfully, to make the plan too complex would be more of a hindrance than a help right now. Although your scouting foray was valuable in determining which direction to strike from, I do not feel we have the information to plan in such detail right now. We should strike together from one direction, for my talents as well as Mihai's rely on primarily supporting other warriors.

Aedalis placed his Ward on Nim and asked Pezock if he could place his own on Anton or Corbrius.

We cannot afford a long debate here. Anton, make a decision and we will follow it.

Male Halfling (Molthuni) Barbarian 1 Ranger (Trapper) 3

"In that case, let's hit that southeast building with the jungle-facing door that I bet is the witch's, and then play it by ear from there. Let's go!" Anton gives a wolfish grin and beckons the rest to follow him.

HP 39/30, AC- 11 (15 MA) T- 11 FF- 10 (14MA), CMD- 12, F +6, R +4, W +7, P +7, In +5

As we just see the building, Nim gets Enlarge Person. Everyone gets Guidance when Anton thinks we're getting close.

Male Halfling (Molthuni) Barbarian 1 Ranger (Trapper) 3

Anton's plan for enlarging Nim was for the southwest building. He's made it clear that for now, it would be best to try and keep things discreet, if they possibly can. For the southeast building, they'll still have the jungle in-between them and the rest of the village. If they're incredibly lucky, they can kill the witch without raising an alarm.

ETA: Halflings count on being incredibly lucky.

HP 39/30, AC- 11 (15 MA) T- 11 FF- 10 (14MA), CMD- 12, F +6, R +4, W +7, P +7, In +5

Casting it as we spot the buildings. We still get two minutes on it and its a nightmare to cast in combat- the element of surprise is not going to last long in any rate and Nim can always squeeze.

Male Halfling (Molthuni) Barbarian 1 Ranger (Trapper) 3

"Come on Corbius, we need you to go in first, since Nim will be too big and I'm too small! If we can take the witch down fast enough, maybe there won't be an alarm!" Anton leads the way to the southeast building.

You approach the hut from the south. Aedalis casts guidance on the group and then casts an enlarge on Nim. assume you want the enlarge to last since you can re-cast guidance. Otherwise I will reverse.
Pezcock puts his ward Corbrius if he is going to be entering first. Your group moves up to the door and Anton listens at it Take a 10.
There is no locking mechanism so you open the door and start to move in.

This area appears to be some type of alchemical or magical workshop. You decide not to spend much time looking as there is a door in the west wall. You move over to it and burst through. This appears to be bedroom?
This filthy chamber is decorated with hundreds of tiny bones and feathers hanging from twine. The place smells hideous—a combination of
body odor, bitter alchemical waste, and dung. But it is empty of people.

5 Rounds have gone by with the enlarge and the guidance's are getting ready to wear off on the first one's cast.

You can hear more voices from the main area, Anton can pick out the following, said in a croaky female voice, We gather here to pay tribute to our mother, Nylithati. By consuming this flesh we grow strong so that we may one day know the immortality that awaits us.
Gronig, one this sacrifice is cooked you may eat the heart and prove you are worthy of becoming the next chief!

The voice seems to be coming from the main area that Anton described.

We are going to post in round actions going forward, I will put up a full map later today but since you can't see any enemies or see the main open area yet no new map. Here is the old map with the hut exposed and grids though.
I am fine with "we move up to X as a group this round" though " vs.posting individually. You are in Q,R 16,17 approx.

Cannibal Camp Round 6

HP 39/30, AC- 11 (15 MA) T- 11 FF- 10 (14MA), CMD- 12, F +6, R +4, W +7, P +7, In +5


Male Halfling (Molthuni) Barbarian 1 Ranger (Trapper) 3

"Sonuva... New plan! Nim, you and Wice go straight up the center, since at least we know you'll fit! Corbius, you're with me; we'll go up by the pen and in from the east, so that no one can circle around and hit us from behind. Everyone else, stick behind Nim!"

Male Human (Varisian) Cleric (Varisian Pilgrim archetype) 6

As the time has come for action, Mihai calls upon the Walker to guide their steps - channeling the power of his patron through to the harrow cards borne by his companions.

Casting bless for +1 on attack rolls and +1 on saves vs fear. (20 round duration)
Therefore will fall slightly behind the lead group, as I'll only hustle 30ft this 'round'

HP 39/30, AC- 11 (15 MA) T- 11 FF- 10 (14MA), CMD- 12, F +6, R +4, W +7, P +7, In +5

Guidance cast order- Aedalis (about to expire), Mihai, Tragershen, Corbrius, Anton, Nim.

Map upcoming tonight EST since it will take me a little while and don't have maptools at work. I will post a full description though in a little while to set the scene as well as get the combat setup.
Don't worry, you have the birdman on your long as he doesn't turn tail and run...

Male Human 6th level Druid
Init +1 Perception +12 AC 20 Tch 13 FF 19 HP 59 Fort+7(+8 vs disease) Ref+3 Will+8 Spd 20' CMB +11 CMD 23 Acro-2*Climb+6*Esc Art-2*Spellcraft+5 Stealth-2*Swim +6 ACP -2 (shield)

Sorry, long weekend here. Busy with friends and family.

I was not suggesting we split the party, more like split our focus. It does not take all of us to look into one doorway. I believe we can stay together but accomplish more in a shorter time period.

That being said, the time for talk has passed! If we delay any longer the point will be moot as our friends with be in the pot before we act!

Nim then charges up the hill with Wicewakan, heading for the gap between the two buildings...

Tragershen will cast Mage Armor on himself and follow the brute squad forward, dipping his fingers into his pouch for a bit of sand as he does so.

Corbrius and Anton skirt east while Mihai casts a spell and the rest of the group including the scared bird man move through 10 feet of jungle and then straight between the two buildings with Mihai trailing behind.

The scene that opens before you is an interesting one to be sure. 8 Cannibals, 4 to either side, sit around the boiling pot chanting and girating to some kind of ceremony.
On the far side of the pot to you stands an old women with a dirty black monkey on her shoulder. She appears to preciding over the ceremony and leading the chant. 2 skeletons stand to either side of her. One of them to the old women's right stands holding Aerys. She looks alive but badly injured with obvious cuts a bruises evident on her face and exposed skin.

You don't surprise the Cannibals or the old women, but none of them in their wildest imagination could fathom the sudden appearance of what could be a hill giant wielding a sword, followed by a small group of people, they are a little startled to inaction.

In the background is a building, dwarfed by a tower.

Anton and Corbrius also spot a Shiv dragon to the northeast, away from this main open area. It appears to be tethered to a tree with a rope.

Aedalis and Tragershen:

You recognize this as a mostly finished Light ower.

We will start initiative with neither side surprised, although the cannibals are all prone except for the women and the skeletons.

DM Only:

initiative strings:
Nim 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7
Anton 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (18) + 3 = 21
Mihai 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (16) + 0 = 16
Tragershen 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8
Corbrius 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (16) + 1 = 17
Aedalis 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22
Malikadna & Skeletons 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (14) - 1 = 13
Cannibals 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3
Shiv Dragon 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6

Order of Combat Round 11:
Aedalis 22
Anton 21
Corbrius 17
Mihai 16
Malikadna & Skeletons 13
Tragershen 8
Nim 7a
Wic 7b
Shiv Dragon 6
Cannibals 3

First Guidance has expired.

Cannibal Camp Battle Rnd 11

Let the games begin! Aedalis to start it off.

Male Human (Varisian) Cleric (Varisian Pilgrim archetype) 6

Round 11: 15/15 HP, 5/6 Bit o' Luck

Mihai quails at the wall of opposition that stands against them... but takes courage in the skills of his companions. Gesturing at Nim he calls "Let the grace of the Walker guide your hands Nim... strike down those who oppose our path." and Nim feels a the light touch of Sinishakti descend upon him.

Move to L,18; Apply Bit o' Luck to Nim through Caravan Bond.
Nim can roll 2 x d20s and take the better roll for 1 round.
Bless still in effect.

The good news is if you win this battle you won't have to worry about the Cannibal threat after this... :]

Male Human Magus 4(Bladebound)
Asilande +9(1d6+4/18-20x2), Dagger +6 (1d4+2/19-20x2), Longbw +7 (1d6/20x3)
CL 4 +6 melee, +6 ranged, Conc +9
Init+3, Perc+2,AC19/14/15 HP 37,Frt+5,Will+4,Ref+4,Spd 30',CMB+5,CMD 19,Str 14, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 10

Sorry will not get to post till late tomorrow due to work so wanted to post action tonight

Round 11 action:

Corbius moves around the end of the building his rapier flashing glinting Enhance Rapier Swift Action in one hand Move action to C20 while thrusting his other hand into one of his pouches. As he stops, he throws forth a spray of coloured sand. Words of power leave his lips the sand transforms into a multicoloured spray of light that washes over the cannibals. Standard action cast color spray (DC 14)on canibals in c17-18 and d17-18 obviously no effect on the skeletons. If Antons action puts him in the way he will position and cast to whatever area gives his spell maximum affect.

Current Status

AC 18
HP 16/16
Arcane Pool 4/4

Male Halfling (Molthuni) Barbarian 1 Ranger (Trapper) 3

Going now, since it could be half a day before I get another chance to post. Also, I forgot to say earlier which weapon Anton was holding, because it kind of goes without saying. Although focusing more on ranged now -- which you'll see soon enough -- he still wants the AoOs from his polearm in a big scrum like this.

Round 11, Init 21

AC 18 until next turn, HP 18/18, bless through round 30, guidance through round 14, Extraordinary Perception 0/1, Perceive the Enemy 1/1

Anton's eyes widen at the sight of all the cannibals, their numbers bolstered by the witch's skeletons. Then he scowls and runs toward them wordlessly, intent on drawing their fire and getting in their way. The thoroughly-mundane ranger trusts Corbius to back him up, even though he doesn't really understand all of the swordsman/magician's abilities.

Anton swings his trusty lucerne hammer as he runs, pivoting when he reaches the northern building, and bringing the hammerhead down on the skull of the nearest skeleton. It crumples into a loose collection of bones under the force of the blow. Just guessing. The dangerous halfling looks at the witch and smiles. "Hello."

Charge 20' to B-20, because Anton used up his boots' magic speed for the day to reach the village sooner. AC 20 - 2 = 18 until next turn.
Charging blessed attack w/lucerne hammer against B-18: 1d20 + 4 + 2 + 1 ⇒ (14) + 4 + 2 + 1 = 21
...for 1d10 + 1 ⇒ (9) + 1 = 10 damage.

A skeleton mindlessly closes with Anton, or maybe a cannibal stands up. He swings at them with his hammer, but misses.

Blessed attack w/lucerne hammer: 1d20 + 4 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 4 + 1 = 9
...for 1d10 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4 damage.

HP 39/30, AC- 11 (15 MA) T- 11 FF- 10 (14MA), CMD- 12, F +6, R +4, W +7, P +7, In +5

Aedalis hoped that his ward would last upon Nim who was clearly going to be facing the brunt of the counterattack. Aedalis began to cast an enchantment spell, one he had not yet used upon the island and prepared for just such an occasion.

Casting Sleep throughout the round. Spellcraft DC16 to identify the spell.

BTW Pezcock is on the list, he is going just after Nim.

The Cannibals in C17/18 crumple into a pile on the ground from Corbrius' spell. The other two are not affected.

The old women screams, Get up you fools and kill them. You two, talking to the skeletons to her left, kill the little one and the swordsmen. You two move in front of me and protect me. she says to the other two skeletons.
She begins to cast a spell.

DC 18 Spellcraft:

Summon Monster III

Revised Round 11 Map

DM Only:

Willpower Save 4 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13
Willpower Save 5 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7
Willpower Save 6 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (18) + 3 = 21
Willpower Save 7 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (16) + 3 = 19

HP 39/30, AC- 11 (15 MA) T- 11 FF- 10 (14MA), CMD- 12, F +6, R +4, W +7, P +7, In +5

1d20 + 10 ⇒ (9) + 10 = 19 Spellcraft (Success)

She's casting a powerful summoning spell- make harming her and disrupting it your main priority! Aedalis shouted.

Reminder- everyone except Aedalis has Guidance and the rounds on it are rapidly running out- use it asap. Mihai's expires this round. Considering the difficuly of reaching her and disrupting it, I recommend Tragershen uses his bond to cast Magic Missile :P.

Spellcraft (old woman) 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (6) + 9 = 15
Spellcraft (Aedalis) 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (16) + 9 = 25

In response to Aedalis "It must be powerful indeed, for I don't recongize it." He smiles as he recognizes what Aedalis is casting and adds "Exactly what I was thinking. But since you have that underway already, I'll help cover you while you complete it."

Tragershen lets the pinch of sand fall from his fingers, which then go to draw his rapier instead. His keen intellect quickly takes in the scene, evaluates the risks and options. While his right hand starts to slide the rapier free, his left hand raises, the simple ring upon it seeming to stand out more clearly for a moment. In a brief flash of light, an arcane dart launches forth, snaking past allies and enemies alike and tracing an unpredictible path to the old woman working on her powerful magic.

So, that is a move action to ready rapier, standard action to use bonded object to cast Magic Missile at the old woman, damage 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4.

Male Human 6th level Druid
Init +1 Perception +12 AC 20 Tch 13 FF 19 HP 59 Fort+7(+8 vs disease) Ref+3 Will+8 Spd 20' CMB +11 CMD 23 Acro-2*Climb+6*Esc Art-2*Spellcraft+5 Stealth-2*Swim +6 ACP -2 (shield)

Sorry super busy today... Nim will throw his spear at the witch (w/bless, guidance, enlarged, ward and bit o' luck all active I believe) and then draw his sword and 5' step forward. My rolls are below (without mods or damage I'm afraid). Please DMNPC the rest. Sorry again.

handle animal1d20 ⇒ 19
Wic attack1d20 ⇒ 15
Wic trip 1d20 ⇒ 17
Nim spear1d20 ⇒ 13
Nim bit o' luck roll1d20 ⇒ 18

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