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DM Sothal's Kingmaker PBP

Game Master Franz Lunzer

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Big Ern snorts derisively at the holy symbol. "You want to keep that doohickey, knock yourself out. I'll stick with believing in yours truly, thanks."

If it's still early in the day and they still have some provisions (e.g. boar meat), Big Ern is amenable to exploring the neighbourhood and coming back to the temple to spend the night.

Male Elf Ftr (Archer) 1 / Wiz (Illusion) 1

Answering Tyr's question when asked, "I've been raised to venerate Erastil my whole life. Don't get me wrong I'm not a priest or anything. I've just found his teachings very comforting throughout my life, especially during my ordeals traveling alone." pausing at Ern's remark he almost shakes his head before turning back to Tyr. "What about you Tyr, do you have anyone who watches over and tends to your soul?"

Looking around the mid afternoon sky he turns to address the rest of the group, "Should we stay here tonight and head out in the morning or head out now and look for a camp site closer to dark?"

And if its about the monetary value of the gold symbol Nero will gladly pay for it from his own money. I just want it for RP reasons.It's not magic right?

Warpriest 8 | AC 26 T 10 F 26 | HP 63/63| F +9* R +3 W +12* | Init +2 | Perc +12*

"Keep it, elf. I got me' it ain't right fer a piece like tha' not t' go t' a believer. Whiskeyjack motioned with his shield and the symbol of Moradin on it. "I'm fer goin' or stayin'. Ain't in no hurry, an' either way there're stories t' be told"

Keep it. There's no reason to split hairs about money if you can use it

Tyr simply ignores Ern's remark as he looks steadily at Nero. His face is neutral as re reaches back and gently taps the hilt of the great blade across his back.

"Ive always put fiath in my training and skill with this. Time will tell if that is enough." He replies to Nero's question of faith. He glances up towards the setting sun.

"This clearing seems like as good a place as any. The ledge before the cave mouth is extra defense should we get any sort of attention through the night..." Are his thoughts about camp. "Here has water, shelter...given the lateness of the day, will we find better?" He asks.


Having accomplished the finding and cleaning of the Erastil temple, you take the rest of the day off, making yourself comfortable inside the temple, hearing Whiskeyjack tell his (more or less) old stories.
The night that follows this day is quiet, most of the predators around this area seem to have let the bear have his territory, and those that didn't ended up as his food.

Pharast 26th, Fireday
The next morning reminds you that it's spring, and while the air is still a bit cold, the sun comes out and shines promising a nice day.
Map of the Stolen Lands, Updated

Plan for the day?
Back to Olegs for the reward for finding the temple? (Quick, or explore the hexes in between?)
Or something completely different?

"Well, we might as well take a look around since we're here," Big Ern suggests.

Male Elf Ftr (Archer) 1 / Wiz (Illusion) 1

"I agree, we can use this temple as our camp and explore and map the surrounding area. Plus I'd feel bad if there were bandits nearby and they took the temple after we left."


Leaving your camping gear behind at the temple, you ride out to explore and map the immediate lands around.
Most of the ground is covered by the forest, with the occasional clearing dotting the map you make. The rock in which the temple of Erastil is erected is surrounded by high trees and a wall of brambles, so it was a good thing Nero had that hawk searching for it, else you might have missed it entirely.
Other than the temple not much of interest is to be found in the lands.

Late in the day you arrive back at the temple, bored and sleepy, but you still notice that the clearing around the shrine lost it's 'shine' it had the day before, after you took care of the bear.
A quick check reveals that the pool still has clear water in it, but it too lost it's healing ability.

Tyr frowns...

"So...without a Cleric this place normal." Tyr notes. He goes about the business of getting camp ready for the night.

"Good to be on middle watch." He offers.

Male Human (Kellid) Oracle 2

Agerron looks to Whiskeyjack and Nero for answers. "Is that true? We need a priest of Deadeye out here to get it fully back up to snuff? Or do you think something else caused the downturn?"

Male Elf Ftr (Archer) 1 / Wiz (Illusion) 1

"I don't know but it makes sense that a shrine untended would be less attached to its deity. And I'll take first watch. "

Have we explored the whole hex?

Big Ern grumbles but says, "At least we'll have a roof over our head for once." He'll take the last watch.


Yes, the whole hex around the temple has been explored and mapped.
I'll be updating tomorrow, if nothing else happens.
Your plan for the next day?

Warpriest 8 | AC 26 T 10 F 26 | HP 63/63| F +9* R +3 W +12* | Init +2 | Perc +12*

K. religion to see what might cause the downturn. Is it really because it needs constant attention, or does it need to be sanctified, or something else? 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9...apparently not


You don't remember ever hearing of a constant healing spring, neither in your religion, nor in any other.
It sounds much more like a short term boon has been granted by Erastil, for clearing the shrine of the bear-man inhabiting it.

Big Ern suggests exploring the terrain that lies between the shrine and Oleg's fort, assuming we can hunt up enough food to keep us going. Then we can tell Jhod that we're cleaned up the shrine to Erastil.


Warpriest 8 | AC 26 T 10 F 26 | HP 63/63| F +9* R +3 W +12* | Init +2 | Perc +12*

"I ain't never heared of no place like this what could keep a healin' spring up ferever. Musta been a one-time thing. Mebbe a boon granted by Ol' Deadeye? Thank fer clearin' me shrine o' evil, and here's a reward, like?"

Tyr nods at Jack's assessment.

" that it's safe, maybe when we get back to Oleg's and spread the word we'll attract a Cleric to keep the place going."

Onwards to adventure.

Male Elf Ftr (Archer) 1 / Wiz (Illusion) 1

"Yes, i think making our way back to Olegs, mapping as we go would be best. That way the path should be clear and the father there will most likely wish to see the temple as soon as possible."


Sorry, my Computer was acting up again...

You have a quiet night at the temple again, no wild creature disturbing your sleep.

Pharast 27th, Starday
Like the day before, spring is on the rise. Though it is cool in the morning, it gets warmer and warmer.

You make your way back towards Olegs until you reach the point where you stopped making the map yesterday (at around 10 am). The rest of the day is spent riding up and down through the woods, oftentimes coming back to places you've been, correcting and refining the map here and there.

Big Ern: please make a survival roll (aid other possible) and a craft (mapmaking) roll

Survival: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 4 = 14

Big Ern doesn't have Craft (mapmaking). Would Knowledge (geography) help?


I was under the impression that you took up the mapmaking after Queslin parted? I thought I granted one player, the cartographer, a boon to have one bonus skill-point per level he takes over the mapmaking for that skill. You'd have a +7 right now (1 rank, +3 class, +3 Int).

I probably forgot about that bit. For some reason I just had it written down that Know (geography) became a class skill.

Craft (maps): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (11) + 7 = 18


That as well. The roll's good enough

Having mapped a portion of land (around the temple) not directly adjacent to the parts you mapped before (around Olegs), you have to be careful to get the lands in between just right.

Riding back and forth through the woods you realize that you've been lucky some days earlier, when you had to cross the Thorn River. You found a crossing further upstream than the crossing near the bandit camp you cleared 3 weeks ago.
The banks of the Thorn River are thick with stinging nettles and tangles of sharp brambles. The river itself is relatively narrow, averaging 60 feet in width and 30 feet deep.

I blame my bad eyesight and the map for not making the winding stream more clear. Totally missed it and let you cross over where you shouldn't have been able to.

The day goes by without much interesting to happen. You are able to shoot a pair of rabbits for the evening meal, and when the sun goes down you find a nice spot to make your camp.

You mapped a bit more than half of that hex this day.
I guess next day you want to map the other half, then proceed back to Olegs?

*Nods* Sounds good.

Male Human (Kellid) Oracle 2

Agreed. We need to get an actual priest out here.

Male Elf Ftr (Archer) 1 / Wiz (Illusion) 1

Sounds good. "Can I have a small piece of parchment and your ink, I can have Ryel, my hawk take a message back to the father/ priest so he can prepare to occupy the shrine."


"Knock yourself out, buddy." Big Ern gives him a scrap of paper covered with his dirty fingerprints.

Male Elf Ftr (Archer) 1 / Wiz (Illusion) 1

casting prestigitation to clean up the paper before writing a note and having his familiar take it back to Oleg's to give to the priest there.


Would you please write out the text of that note?
Also, do you want the hawk to stay at Olegs or return to you immediately?

Once you prepared your camp for the night, lit a campfire and set up any tents, catered your mounts and such, you hear a shout.
"You are the chartered ones, right?"
In the dim light still shining, you make out a figure on horseback in the woods, waving to you. Leather pants and a thick leather jacket over a plain shirt, a coat of different furs protecting the woman from the cold. She has a bow and quiver on one shoulder, a larger backpack on the horse behind her.

Warpriest 8 | AC 26 T 10 F 26 | HP 63/63| F +9* R +3 W +12* | Init +2 | Perc +12*

"Hah! She says 'chartered' like we were one o' them fool fishin' boats fer rich people. I 'member once in th' Raven's Fists - funny name that, cause Ravens' got claws, not fingers, and can't make fists fer s%!!e - we were guardin' this highfalutin', stuck-nose elf who just had t' go fishin' ou' in th' Obari Ocean. Well, I say this dwarf ain't got no love fer water, specially not deep water, but he was th' client, so's twelve o' us jumped on this little boat in full gear. What idiots we were. If'n tha' bot'd gone down it's done us fer sure cause o' all tha' metal we was all wearing. But this elf wanted t' pull in a big pikefish. An' he did, though the fish almost pulled him in first. If Snorgi hadnae shoved a spear inta th' elf's leg and pinned it t' th' deck, he mighta gone overboard, and then we'da not got paid. Course, th' blasted elf only paid us half, then threatened to take Cap'n Dunlio t' th' magistrates for willful damage to his person. Can ye believe tha?!"


The woman slowly rides a bit closer to your camp while the dwarf tells his story, then shouts over the remaining distance:
"Ah, now. I do believe that most wouldn't want to have a spear poked in their leg.
But, coming back to my question, word is that you have a Charter from Restov, so you'd be chartered, wouldn't you?"

"Yup, you got me. I'm a big damn chartered hero all right. Come looking for a warm bedroll?" Big Ern suggests with a hideous leering wink.

Male Elf Ftr (Archer) 1 / Wiz (Illusion) 1

Letter to father (i dont rwemember his name), Ryel will take the letter and wait for a reply then seek us out again.


Blessed Father,
I write to you to share some wonderful news, we have found the shrine. It's a few days to the west hidden from people by briars and thorns until now. We have started to clean it up since it had been used by some form of polymorphed human as a lair. Please make preparations, we are making our way back to Oleg's a hope to be able to take you to the shrine when we return.
Erastil's humble servant,

"Who might you be?"

Male Human (Kellid) Oracle 2

Agerron strides forward toward the woman. "Yes, we're chartered out of Restov. I am Agerron of Numeria. Who might you be? And are you friend or foe?"

Tyr calmly keeps his own council. Stands near his horse and belongings and watches silently.

Perception:1d20 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7(Not that I expect something to jump through the bushes...but you never know.)

And with a score like that, Tyr really will never know. :P


Nero: Look into my DM profile, he is listed.
Getting the hawk to fly to Olegs and back to you (or staying there) is easily communicable over the empathic link.
Dropping the note (or letting someone take it from the hawk) is borderline.
Ordering him to wait for another before flying to you again is near impossible, to my understanding of the link.

"Greetings Agerron. My name's Karinna, and I'm not looking to aim my weapons on you."
With that she unmounts and guides her horse by the reins to Agerron, offering a hand in greeting.

Male Elf Ftr (Archer) 1 / Wiz (Illusion) 1

My familiar also has INT 6 so I was relying on her natural intelligence since she's much smarter than most animals

familiar info:

Master's Level / Nat armour / INT / abilities
1st–2nd / +1 / 6 / Alertness, improved evasion, share spells, empathic link

Male Human (Kellid) Oracle 2

Agerron takes the woman's and gives a firm, but not overpowering, greeting. "Greetings." Agerron does peer around the area, just to see if the woman is truly alone or not.

Perception 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23

"Glad to hear you're not looking for a fight. Not very common to find that out here. So it would seem you're looking specifically for us, and now that you've found us, what can we do for you, Karinna?"

Agerron smiles, and tries to put on a good impression.

diplomacy 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23


Nero: yeah, missed that small column. She'll wait for a return-note.

The hand-clasp Karinna returns is just as firm. Agerron finds that the woman really is alone save for her horse.

Nodding at Agerron's first two sentences, she speaks: "I wasn't really looking for you, I was just looking for a spot to spend the night. It seems you found a spot I often frequent when I'm in the area.
Do you mind if I join your fire for the night?"

"So, what're you doing wandering around the wilderness at night? I don't think you're looking for love, honey."


Nero:I just did the math, it's about 4 hours of flight for the hawk to Olegs from your current position.
All: It's not that late in the night yet. Around sunset.

Looking at Big Ern a scowl runs over Karinnas face for a second, before she turns away. "No, I wasn't looking for that either."

F Gnome Alchamist 2

"Well pleased to meet you." Majet trying to be diplomatic

Male Elf Ftr (Archer) 1 / Wiz (Illusion) 1

Finishing off his note to father Jhod, whispering to his hawk, "See you tomorrow night." He lets Reyl fly off into dimming light before turning back to the woman, "Good evening miss Karinna. Pleased to make your acquaintance. I am Nero Thelaris."

[editted to correct autocorrect]

Warpriest 8 | AC 26 T 10 F 26 | HP 63/63| F +9* R +3 W +12* | Init +2 | Perc +12*

"Quit yer harassment o' the woman, Ern. Looks like she ain't in th' mood. Whatcha doin' out here, missy, traipsin' around some o' th' most untamed areas o' this land? It ain't exactly easy goin' out here, as my companions have found out...which is why they be all jumpy-like."

Male Human (Kellid) Oracle 2

"Don't let the big oaf bother, you, Karrina. He's harmless. Mostly. Besides, his natural defensive odor tends to keep some of the predators at bay. And people. And non-predators. Hells, I think even orcs and trogs may get offended by it.

"In any event, if you wanna share our fire this evening, you're welcome to it. Our only charge is a good story or two."

Agerron smiles broadly, and those who have traveled with him for some time can see he's a bit friendlier than usual.

Big Ern looks at Agerron, all signs of humour gone. "I'm as serious as a f*@#in' heart attack -- I don't want any vampires or werewolves or s**% chewing my face off when I'm sleeping."

Male Human (Kellid) Oracle 2
Big Ern wrote:
Big Ern looks at Agerron, all signs of humour gone. "I'm as serious as a f&!~in' heart attack -- I don't want any vampires or werewolves or s@+% chewing my face off when I'm sleeping."

"Don't doubt for a second you were serious. And I don't intend to let my guard down for a second. But we can still be hospitable while we do so."

Tyr makes space for the woman's horse amongst the groups own. Moving on to arranging things so that she has some place to set up camp for the evening...

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