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Game Master Franz Lunzer

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Big Ern blinks slowly. "So is Leafy Joe Jr. a bandit or not?"

Male Elf Ftr (Archer) 1 / Wiz (Illusion) 1

Turning to the ... Sight before him Nero replies, "Who's leafy Joe Jr.?"

Tyr shakes his head, not quite knowing whee the discussion between Ern and Nero is going, as he walks off to do more things around the place or continue to prepare for the group's foray into the wolds South.

Whiskeyjack grumbled something about elves, that was almost, but not quite, out of hearing, and plunked himself down on the ground, flask in hand.

Big Ern looks around. "Anyone? Bandit or not?"

"Elf, not bandit. Bad enough, in me mind. Still, mebbe he could stop an arrow fer ye, if'n ye held 'im up quick."

"All right then," Big Ern grunts, satisfied for now.

At the passing conversation between 'Jack and Ern, Tyr pauses... looking some what intently at the pair...before again going about his buisness around the place.

So, kitting up for heading out?


Not on this day. It's already afternoon, I'd say. As I'm not online much the next two days or so, I let you play out that day / evening a bit more, and will update to the next day, if nothing else happens.

Note that Big Ern is still sick; he needs one more successful save to end the disease.

Male Elf Ftr (Archer) 1 / Wiz (Illusion) 1

"So what's with the polkadots?"

"Yer talking to me? I got sick fighting off an army of mites and giant bugs single-handedly. Only my iron constitution and balls the size of boulders have kept me going so far, elf." He snorks up a big load of snot and spits it on the ground for emphasis.

Male Elf Ftr (Archer) 1 / Wiz (Illusion) 1

"Guess I better buy you a drink so you can regale me with the story. Unless you don't like beer."

"A drink? Now, ye're talkin' elf! Let's grab a mug o' brown and swap tales. Ern'll tell ye about his crabs, I kin tell ye about the Copper Dragoons, and ye can listen!" Swapping stories is what has kept Whiskeyjack going for years, and he's not about to let a chance pass up...even if no one else is listening.

Big Ern grins. "Booze and people to listen to my stories? I like you boys much better than the old Leafy Joe and Beardo (Rovagug bless their souls)."

Male Elf Ftr (Archer) 1 / Wiz (Illusion) 1

"first rounds on me as long as it's not wine."


The following night is a wet one, even though it's not raining. Oleg has to fill the tankyards of the men a bunch of times, and some of them are drowned to honor fallen comrades, most others just to wet one's throats.

Late in the night Oleg closes his house and not even so much promises of gold bring you more ale or beer, bringing you sullenly to bed as well.

The next morning, when most of you awake late, is wet as well, though this time it is rain pouring down. The guards atop the wall of the trading post have their hoods drawn low to fend of the water.

Svetlana brings you a healthy breakfast of bacon and venison stripes and a loaf of bread, asking: "You aren't going to ride out today, are you?"

Try looks at the weather, looks to the others and shrugs.

"I think that is up for debate..." He adds to Svetlana, though with a polite nod and thanks for the breakfast.

"Wouldnae be th' first time I been out in th' rain. Ain't like we're made o' spun sugar, girl! Still an' all, if there be no pressin' need, I be happy t' stay an' sample some more o' tha' fine brown al from last night?" He made the last into a question, looking around at the others.

"One more day of bed rest couldn't hurt for a big damn hero like me, honey," Big Ern suggests. "Care to look at my scabs again, Whiskey?"

Male Human (Kellid) Oracle 2

"I think Ern needs a bit more time to throw off the ache," Agerron finally adds, having quietly drunk his fill the previous evening. Admittedly, the fallen weren't exactly what he'd call friends, but anytime an ally falls is something he took personally.

"I suggest we wait until he's fully cured. Another day or two, hopefully."

Tyr nods, agreeing

"I must admit to not being the best at riding. Getting used to the saddle in the rain does not exactly appeal to me." He adds, looking slightly sheepish.


okay, so if nothing else is on the board today, we can look if Big Ern finally fends off that disease.
Thanks to Father Kavkens and Whiskeyjacks divine magics he is currently at -0 STR damage, after the full day of rest, and only one successful save away from being at full health.

Male Elf Ftr (Archer) 1 / Wiz (Illusion) 1

"At least its not hail. But I do agree that making sure everyone is at their best is a good idea because I've heard trolls inhabit these lands."

F Gnome Alchamist 2

"Yes waiting for another day may be best....maybe a few to be on the safe side."


So, any heal checks to help Big Ern's Fort-save?

Heal Check:1d20 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4 (Aid another)

'Um...the man is sick...?' :P

Whiskeyjack has the best modifier, but his player is out of town. Perhaps the GM would care to roll for him? Big Ern lends WJ a healer's kit as well.


Good thinking, here's the roll: 1d20 + 6 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 6 + 2 = 15

Can Agerron also try (using a healing kit as well)? If so, PLEASE TAKE 10!

Fort save: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22

Doesn't matter anyways, I guess.

Big Ern stretches. "You know, I'm starting to feel better already. Must be the booze."

Male Elf Ftr (Archer) 1 / Wiz (Illusion) 1

"Alcohol, the cause and cure of all of life's problems."

Tyr shrugs at people's comments about alcohol as he goes about his work around the fort as people wait for the rain to ease off.

Male Elf Ftr (Archer) 1 / Wiz (Illusion) 1

since this is a trading post are there any other merchants or better yet some hunters or trappers? If there are Nero will spend some time trying to learn more about the surrounding area and if anyone can point him towards Erastils lost shrine.


Had some issues with my network.
Olegs currently isn't much more than an old fort with the Levetons and their shop, a barrack for guests and the tents of the guards outside.
Here's a description and map of the trading post burried.
There usually is one, maybe two hunters or trappers a day visiting Olegs, trading their goods, restocking supplies or some such.
But there's also Father Kavken:

Hearing that you are looking for a shrine of Erastil, Father Kavken approaches you sometimes during the day. The elderly human cleric of Erastil tells you much of the same he told Queslin before: that he had a vision of an old, lost temple of Erastil, who seems to be protected by a bear. It should be some 50-60 miles west of Olegs, but no one seems to really have stumbled into it.
"The bear and the vithon....the plath felt... tainted. it wath not in contact with mighty Old Deadeye, like if the divine power of our god couldn't reach the temple.
If you find it, take a good look. Maybe we can clean it or do whatever is needed to reconnect it to Erathtil.
If we can do that, I will grant you all the divine magic I am able to invoke, for free."

Tyr wanders over.

"Um...what's this about a bear?" He asks.

Male Elf Ftr (Archer) 1 / Wiz (Illusion) 1

"Well Tyr I've been looking for a lost shrine to Erastil in this region and the father just told me that he had a vision that it is protected by a bear of sorts that may be tainted and preventing Erastil from reaching out to the shrine."

Male Human (Kellid) Oracle 2
Tyr Thordinsjon wrote:

Tyr wanders over.

"Um...what's this about a bear?" He asks.

"Eh, bear shmear. I think it might be better to get this shrine back up to snuff before we go after the Stag Lord. The free healing might come in handy and attract a few more of Deadeye's followers here. He's not really for my tastes, but there's no denying he'd be good to develop some farmland out this ways."

Tyr nods, though he double checks his armor and his weapons...


I guess that's it for the day then?
In that case, we move on to the next, now that all players are at the same location and at best condition to wander the Stolen Lands again.

Pharast 23rd, Toilday:
Having rained the whole night long, it doesn't clear up this morning much, though it's a light dripping right now.
Svetlana brings you your breakfast, as usual, and asks what you plan for the day.

Yay! Everything moved in and internet connected. I feel like an addict just finished with the DTs and now getting hooked all over again!

Whiskeyjack pours a dram of his namesake into his tea as he munched on hard bread and a cheese that probably once wasn't the shade of green it now showed. "Now tha' Ern's back up an' healthy, mebbe we ken be off an' huntin'? Bears, bandits, elfs, it's all th' same t' me. Jest lookin' for'ards t' some good clobberin'."

Male Elf Ftr (Archer) 1 / Wiz (Illusion) 1

"Where do you suggest we start Ern? Since you've been out here longer than me or grumpy over here." pointing to Whiskeyjack.

"I don't know about any bears, but we might as well finish exploring just southeast of here. Maybe we'll come across a hunter who knows something about that bear of yours."

Male Human (Kellid) Oracle 2

"Why not head west to find that shrine?"

Male Elf Ftr (Archer) 1 / Wiz (Illusion) 1

"I'd like to find the shrine."

Agerron wrote:
"Why not head west to find that shrine?"

Big Ern shrugs. "Cause my suggestion's closer? Hey, if you don't want my advice, don't ask for it."

Male Human (Kellid) Oracle 2
Big Ern wrote:
Agerron wrote:
"Why not head west to find that shrine?"
Big Ern shrugs. "Cause my suggestion's closer? Hey, if you don't want my advice, don't ask for it."

"I don't think I did, actually. It was two of the newbies. They obviously haven't learned better, yet." Agerron laughs, and smacks the big man on his back.

Tyr continues to prepare his horse and gear for heading out.

Happy to head South-west and then West.

Male Elf Ftr (Archer) 1 / Wiz (Illusion) 1

"As Agerron said, I'm new, I don't know where you've been yet. Whatever you two decide on is fine by me."

" 'Ere now, don't be lumpin me in wit' th' elf! I ain't never asked such a thing. I jest asked if'n we're t' be off huntin'. I reckon any direction's' good as another. Torag sent me here t' be doin' somethin', but by his hairy sack he ain't seen fit t' tell me what yet!"

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