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DM Sothal's Kingmaker PBP

Game Master Franz Lunzer

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Information to all:
My desktop isn't behaving like it should, so right now I'm re-installing Windows and things.
Typing this on my iPad, so I'm at least online...

Good thing is, I keep all my Data on a harddrive, external harddrive and flash stick, syncing nearly every day.

Just thought you should know.


My desktop is up and running again, most software installed and everything, no data loss and I was able to snatch a SSD for the system drive now. (Nice speed boost there!)

So much for the good news. Bad news is the new project I'm assigned to, at work. It's got me swamped. I'll try to update later today, but no promises.

I'll be on vacation until Sep. 16, so I probably won't have much chance to post until then.


I'm sorry. Work is really tackling me right now. It really should be better this week, but next week is really important to the project I'm working on, so I can feel that already.

Due to that, I don't know when I next update, sorry.


Simply riding on, it is?


male human

Well, time again for me to add to my bank of airline miles. I'm leaving again for Turin on Saturday, and won't be back until the following Saturday (the 6th). Please feel free to DMPC me in that time when needed.


Got it Bryan. Have a nice trip!

Bah! Victim to the "did not update" bug. I apologize.

Okay, somehow I appear to have deleted the "Spells" section in my character sheet. I will try and get that back up and updated today, if I have time.


Guys, I have a problem.

I used the wrong advancement track up until now. With the next encounter you would all hit third level already, way ahead of the campaign-outline.

So, instead of the 3300xp to gain the next level, we have to correct that to 5000xp, as per the medium advancement track.

Sorry, this was a serious oversight on my part.

Considering that I haven't been keeping track of experience, your revelation makes no difference to me. :-)


Anyone of you having had experience with

I've tried other "virtual tabletop" programs, but not that one.


male human

I'll be away on business again beginning tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon and returning Friday. Please DMPC me as needed.


Didn't have time to update today, will try to do that tomorrow.

I apologize for my silence recently. i haven't been able to access the Paizo forums for days.


I had trouble getting to paizo today as well.

sorry for the quiet all, I got sick on Thursday and haven't felt like checking the boards.


After the recent re-installation of my home PC, I didn't properly setup my backups, running with the two external solutions for the time.

Turns out that yes, there is a possibility of both saves turning sour at the same time...

The thing I lost that hurts me most is the save of my TTop-files.
I'm going to have to rework those maps from ground up.

I also lost all records of the groups money and values...
I'm going through the thread right now, rerecording all things gained, but that's tedious with 50 pages of posts.
Queslin did have a list of groups treasure, but I guess that's out of date by now.


I am sorry that I currently am not as available as I'd like to be.

I recently started my own real-life game and that took quite some time out of my schedule, more than I thought it would.
That and the loss of my files and most recent backups set me back a bit.

I'll be on vacation until Jan 29.

Hoping every one is doing well.

much cheers to all.


male human

Well, it's that time again. I'm going to be traveling to Italy on business on Saturday and I'll be back the following Saturday. I actually may have some internet access this time, so I will try and keep up-to-date. If I go too slow, though, please feel free to DMPC me as needed.

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