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DM Sinvel's Tales of the Night Watchmen

Game Master Sinvel Menter

Follows the journey of four new members of the Night Watchmen in the Great City of Azir.

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Nathaniel enters the room as quickly as he is able and attempts to move into a flanking position to make it clear to the man that he is outmatched. Nathaniel is willing to risk the possibility that this punk has Combat Reflexes and takes any AoAs that come.

"You don't have to die today; make the right decision: put down the weapon and live to count your gold another day. You can't win."

Diplomacy 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (19) + 5 = 24

The man is about to strike Xarina when he sees the other Watchmen enter the room. He glances at the door leading out to the alley, which is blocked by crates of stolen goods. Being outnumbered, he decides to listen to Xarina's and Nathaniel's warnings. He drops his swords and backs up. "I be jus' a helper here. I didna do anythin' to no one!"

Xarina hold her attack when the man yields.

"What type of goods or services do you help with?"

The man, about 30 years in age, is wearing large britches and shirtless. Several tattoos of poor quality cover his arms and chest. He looks humiliated and answers Xarina. "Whaterethey brin' up through that door thar. All sorts o' things. Anythin' that be dubloon, liquor, sculptures, e'en books. I be jus' a helper, really."

As he finishes, another tremor starts to shake the building. The rattle of stolen goods are drowned out by loud terror-filled screams from outside.

"Your cooperation and relatively minor role will be taken into consideration." Turning to the group, "Let's get manacles on this cooperative, soon-to-be-rehabilitated citizen and see what in the Nine Hells is going on outside."

"If I didn't know better -and right now I don't- I'd say were about to have a big earthquake." Garret offers. "Which is pretty bad if we stay underground, so I agree with Nathaniel."

Xarina moves over to the window to try and see what is going on outside.

Perception: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (14) + 9 = 23

Nathaniel whispers to Garret, "Do you have any manacles? Or rope?"

Sorry all, very busy at work. May be a few days before I can post.

...and I'm back! Sorry for the delay and thanks for waiting. Had to work a ton of hours to meet a deadline for work, but now things should be getting back to normal.

Xarina looks out the window and can see the street filled with people running, all with a look of panic on their face. Some are screaming, others crying. Some are holding their children in their arms, others have most of their personal belongings.

From the look of the buildings along the street, Xarina can tell that the building they find themselves in is one of the many warehouses in the southeastern part of the Trades Ward, close to the Docks. Reminder: There is a link for the map of the districts in the Campaign Info tab. Most of the panicked people are coming from the north and the east.

Everyone in the Night's Watch is issued one pair of manacles. Not sure if I told you that at the beginning, but everyone please add that to their inventory if you haven't already done so.

Unaware of the details of the confusion outside, Nathaniel proceeds to shackle the subdued thief, "You made the right decision." If it's all the same to you, I'll take 10 on my "apply manacles" skill check.

"I see a lot of people running around in a panic. They seem to be coming from the north and the east. Looks like we are in the Trades Ward near the docks."

Nathaniel scans about for an exit. Assuming he finds one, he heads toward it and then outside, shuffling his prisoner along ahead of him. Looking for the first citizen he sees not in an absolute panic, he asks, "What's happened?"

Malchius does similar to Nathaniel. Hopefully between the two of them, they can find somebody coherent enough to give an answer.

"Xarina, should we go check this out? We are Night Watchmen and close, it's the least we can do. If any of the other Watchmen are at the scene we can learn what happened a lot quicker."

"Agreed. Shall we?"

"We shall. North or East?"

Garret Nihks wrote:
"We shall. North or East?"

"My vote is north. Anyone else?"


All, sorry to do this, but I need to end this campaign. My work life has been and will be too hectic for the next several months, and I don't have the time needed to make this a fun and compelling adventure.

Crowds of people race about covered in dust, shrieking for loved ones. Others riot and loot. Prophets walk the ruins burning incense from small braziers and chanting doom. Suddenly, a torrent of city guards race past, violently pushing through anyone blocking their path. The guards head in a northeasterly direction towards the center of the City. A dazed merchant runs by shouting something about a massive sinkhole suddenly appearing that swallowed the center of the City.

The group continues toward the devastation where a great many of the Night Watchmen create a living wall that surrounds the perimeter of a massive and inexplicable sinkhole. All citizens are told to stand clear and vacate the premises.

Eventually the tremors stop and the sinkhole remains seemingly devoid of any further activity. As the weeks go by the City gets attempts to get back to normal, but the people of the City seem to get more and more superstitious as they look for a reason that this great calamity has befallen them. As this happens, so does a startling increase in underground religious networks, their actions becoming more and more brazen and bold.

That's it! I truly enjoyed GM'ing this adventure and I'd like to thank each of you for your time. I hope you had a little fun along the way.

Awww, I was really enjoying the game! This was my very first PbP too! Ah well. Good luck with everything.

No worries, DM. Life happens. Good luck with all.

I truly enjoyed it; it was my first PbP as well!

I had a great time playing.

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