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DM Sinvel's A Pound of Flesh in Freeport!

Game Master Sinvel Menter

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Sorry for the extended delay folks. It may continue to be a little spotty this week, but I'll see about getting things moving again.


*Group hugz*

Not to worry! Wishing every one all the very best.

Female elf Cleric/4 HP: 27/27

Sorry been away a while, had my gall bladder removed and forgot to open this game up. My bad ... but glad you're still here.

Not fun! My wife is about to have to go through the same thing later this summer. Glad you're back. I'll get a post back up later today. Heads up that I'm headed for a family vacation in Ireland from the 19th to the 29th. I'll try to keep things moving but they will probably slow.


*Gentle hugz for Karsielle*

Very sorry to hear about your troubles.

Hope things are getting better for yourself.

Wishing every one all the very best.

Female elf Cleric/4 HP: 27/27

Oh, I'm much better after the op. its not that bad, so reassure Mrs Sea Lord Lane, that if she can take it easy after the op, it should make life so much better for her. I was given 3 week off work to get better, which really, really helped, but expect at least 2 weeks to recover.

Hope you have a great vacation in Ireland, I think you could be lucky, cos the weather may be improving in the next week or so. Here's hoping.

Here's to a Sunny outlook for us all ... :)

She's only had one bad incident so far and a few twinges. Really watching what she eats carefully. We're also in the midst of a move to a new home which has to be done by the end of July. We scheduled the family vacation before we decided to buy the house. So, she's hoping to hold off till late summer or early fall. But the gall bladder may have its own ideas. Glad you're feeling a lot better!

Female elf Cleric/4 HP: 27/27

Away until Monday/Tuesday at a music festival - Blues on the Farm.


Have fun. Be well and safe. :)

Very much cheers to every one.


Sorry if my posting slows but life has not been kind.

This winter's flue is of quite good quality and vintage and I believe people will be commenting on its potency for a long time to come.

On top of being struck down by said dreaded lurgo, I have also been involved in a minor vehicle accident caused in no small part due to the horrid weather making the roads slippery and treacherous. No harm to my-self or my flue (I suppose the virus is quite happy about that) so all is good other than the gouge to my financial situation.

Wishing every one else all the very best. (^_^)

Sorry to hear it Suny. I hope you are soon on the mend and your car as well. I should have another post up later on. Going to be a little slow for me too until the end of the weekend.

Male Half-elf Bard(Street Preformer):4

Sorry to hear Suny and hope you get better soon. And glad the surgery went well and hope for a quick recovery. Been a crazy work week for me sorry for the late post.

Female elf Cleric/4 HP: 27/27

Get well soon Suny, glad its only your wallet that's injured.

All, I'm going to take a little break in posting until the weekend. If I get a bit more time, I'll put something up.


Much thanks every one.

Wishing every one all the very best in return. :)

Female elf Cleric/4 HP: 27/27

PaizoConUk this weekend, won't be posting until Monday at the earliest ... please bot as required


*HUGZ* Hope you have a won'erfullest-amazing time! (^_^)

Wish every one all the very best for them and theirs. (^_^)

Male Half-elf Bard(Street Preformer):4

Awesome! Have fun!

Yeah, as mentioned in Carrion Crown, have a great time! Early warning for everyone else that we will take a break for GenCon. I'll let you know when we get a titch closer.

Since I think Karisielle will be back from Paizocon shortly, I'll give a chance for her to update and then post again Monday or Tuesday.

Male Half-elf Bard(Street Preformer):4

Off to Gen Con myself for the rest of the week, everybody have a good week! Cause I know I WILL!


*Hugz* Wishing you a very great time at the Con.

Am jealous, but only a little. (^_~)

Very best cheers and wishes to all.

I had a great time! Hope you did too Bloody Flag. Now exhausted of course, but that goes with the territory.

Sorry, just a little late getting my next post up. Should have it by tomorrow.



Wishing yourself and every one else is having all the bestest times. (^_^)

Female elf Cleric/4 HP: 27/27

you too Suny .. :)

Female elf Cleric/4 HP: 27/27

Back after Christmas...

Have a Happy Christmas everyone ...


*Does happy, skippy, fun, huggy dance.* (^_^)

Wishin' every one all'a very bestest an' season's gretings. Hope very one has lots of good cheers and stuffs. (^_^)

Merry Christmas all! I'll see about getting a post-holiday post up on Thursday.

Male Half-elf Bard(Street Preformer):4

I wish all of you a merry Christmas!


Bumpan'! (^_^)

Hoping every one had a very merry Christmas and the new year is going swell. (^_^)

Male Half-elf Bard(Street Preformer):4

I did! How about you Suny?


I work'd-ed. :(

Still ye take tha' good wiff tha' bad.

Maybe this year me shift pattern will give me tha' days off?

New years has brought some...interestin' developments... But I rilly can't say more.

Still, hopin' peoples is still up fer this game an' that every one be doin' fine! (^_^)

Female elf Cleric/4 HP: 27/27

Happy new year from me too ... glad you both have had a good holiday time.

And yep hoping we can still continue on ....

We can. Sorry folks. Been a crazy couple months. Will see about getting something up before the end of the weekend. We're close to finishing this one out.


*Bounces around 'Glomp' hugging every one* (^_^)

Wishin' every one all'a very bestest.

Male Half-elf Bard(Street Preformer):4

Hope things are settling down Michaelane, hows everyone doing?

Female elf Cleric/4 HP: 27/27

Been off the boards myself for a few weeks, will be back when we finish it off ... :)

Things are good. Just has been busy and I've been working through how to bring this to its conclusion.

I'll be GMing 6 slots at a con this weekend. Will try to post before I go, but you might not hear from me until Sun night/Monday.

Island Elf(link) Fighter(Unarmed)1/Ninja1/Monk1|Perc+5|AC:15,17T:14,16FF:11,13(+3Dex,+1dodge,+1Armor,(+2Tonfa))|HP18/18|F+4,R+5,W+2(+2VsEnch)|Init+3

Have a great time and lots of fun! (^_^)

Female elf Cleric/4 HP: 27/27

Enjoy ...

Island Elf(link) Fighter(Unarmed)1/Ninja1/Monk1|Perc+5|AC:15,17T:14,16FF:11,13(+3Dex,+1dodge,+1Armor,(+2Tonfa))|HP18/18|F+4,R+5,W+2(+2VsEnch)|Init+3

Wishin' every one all'a very bestest! (^_^)

Female elf Cleric/4 HP: 27/27

Yep returning the luv ....

Male Half-elf Bard(Street Preformer):4



HUGZ all 'round!

Female elf Cleric/4 HP: 27/27

Just spreading the luuuvvv...

Male Half-elf Bard(Street Preformer):4

@GM: You running any games at Gen Con?

Yep, playing too. Here's my schedule:

Thursday 8:00:00, Play 06-01: Trial by Machine (1-5)
Thursday 13:00:00, Play 06-03: The Technic Siege (5-9)
Thursday 19:00:00, GM Gen Con Season 6 Special: The Paths We Choose (3-7)
Friday 8:00:00, GM The Merchant's Wake (1-5)
Friday 13:00:00, GM Scars of the Third Crusade (1-5)
Friday 19:00:00, Play Friday Night Special
Saturday 8:00:00, GM Scars of the Third Crusade (1-5)
Saturday 13:00:00, Play 06-02: The Silver Mount Collection (3-7)
Saturday 19:00:00, GM Bonekeep Level 3 (5-9)
Sunday 8:00:00, GM The Merchant's Wake (1-5)

Should have an update this week.


Has fun! (^_^)

Wishin' every one all'a bestest!

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