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DM Raltus Demon Slaying

Game Master Raltus

Book 1 Maps l Gear Spread sheet l Hand outs

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Irabeth stops at the door leading upstairs, "The warroom is free to use it has a map of the city, I will post these safe houses upon there. Also I will have someone go down to visit with the First Born crusaders along with bringing back the other resources." She smiles and moves upstairs.

Aasimar Warpriest (5) - HP 55, AC 18/12/16, FRW 6/3/7, Ini +4, Perc. +10

"Don't you have someone who can fix broken legs? That makeshift splint I made will leave your wife with a limp if it's not treated properly." Lynn suggests as she sees Aniva hobbling around.

"Sit down take a deep breath and sort through the things to see what has to be done right now, what can be done later, and what is not important enough for you to take care of personally. From the looks of it I'd say you forgot the most important thing at the moment."

M Human Fighter 5 HP 40/65,Init+7,F6R4W3(6 Fear),Per+7,AC18T13FF15

Searching out other places for survivors and supplies is a good idea, plus we can have the chance to strike down more demons and cultists.

Aasimar Warpriest (5) - HP 55, AC 18/12/16, FRW 6/3/7, Ini +4, Perc. +10

"I thinks it is time for a small celebration. We survived, we're back with our kind and we haven't lost a single person on the way." Lynn suggests. "Nothing of this other stuff will happen before sunrise."

M Human Fighter 5 HP 40/65,Init+7,F6R4W3(6 Fear),Per+7,AC18T13FF15

We have gathered some equipment up that we can sort and sell.


Cloudwalking scale(levitate)
3 gp
Fine looking warhammer(Torag temple)
Potion of Cure Mod
Potion of Invisibility
Wand of Spiritual weapon (8 charges)
Alchemist Fire
Chain shirt

Anti Toxin

Order from SV
32 gp
MW Dagger

(three chips of lapis lazuli worth 10 gp each,
two bloodstones worth 50 gp each
citrine worth 50 gp
white pearl worth 100 gp)
scroll of bear’s endurance
scroll of remove disease.
darkwood sword case worth 200 gp.
+1 light wooden shield
ring of climbing
scroll of identify
scroll of magic fang
two potion of darkvision
250 gp

Is there a wizard here that can enchant our wagon to mend itself automatically? It is an excellent Wagon

Don has a pet wagon

Aasimar Warpriest (5) - HP 55, AC 18/12/16, FRW 6/3/7, Ini +4, Perc. +10

"If we start with that - I have a finely worked glaive here and my not so finely worked cold iron glaive. Is there someone around who would trade them for a finely worked cold iron glaive?" Lynn asks Quednys.

"Also a bunch or arrows with cold iron tips would be good."

M Human Fighter 5 HP 40/65,Init+7,F6R4W3(6 Fear),Per+7,AC18T13FF15

I'll need more bolts for my new crossbow. Perhaps something that is good against demons

Aasimar Warpriest (5) - HP 55, AC 18/12/16, FRW 6/3/7, Ini +4, Perc. +10

Yay, shopping spree!

Irabeth stops at Lynn's comment about Aniva. "No right now we don't have anyone with that kind of magic available, maybe when they return from the Library there might be something in there but here we don't." Exasperation, desperation and sadness's is evident in her voice. She takes her leave again to prepare.

what do you want to sell, all that stuff? Plus I updated the loot lists. I really want someone to take that pole arm

The group heads downstairs with their haul to trade and sell. You find a few dwarven smiths banging out dents and repairing armor and weapons, there is a few mages going through stores of magical components and 3 different clerics all taking turns tending to the sick and wounded.

You can find crossbow bolts in a abundance as well as arrows.

The Dwarves will buy the gems at 75% cost, the mundane gear they will take from the Eagle Knights coffers to supply for them. Magical/Masterwork Gear they will buy at 60% cost.

Cold Iron Arrows: 1d12 ⇒ 2 cost is 5gp per arrow

Cold Iron Bolts: 1d12 ⇒ 7 cost is 5gp per bolt

The Dwarven cleric of Torag tells you that he can help you make your two glaives into one but it will have to be on the morrow as he has exhausted himself for the day.

Don’t offer the scales or you might insult some people.

Selling things:

Lapis Luzuli = 22.5 gp
Bloodstone = 75 gp
Citrine = 37.5 gp
Pearl = 75 gp
+1 Light wooden Shield = 600 gp
MW dagger = 160 gp
MW chain mail = 200 gp
Unholy Symbols = 100 gp each ( to the clerics and Irabeth)
MW Scythe = 200 gp
Comp Short bow x 3 = 90 gp
Short swords = 10 gp
Dark wood sword case = 175 gp
MW long bow = 200 gp
Total = 1870.07 + whatever the change is in the online document.

Aasimar Warpriest (5) - HP 55, AC 18/12/16, FRW 6/3/7, Ini +4, Perc. +10

"I don't need it back before tomorrow. I leave them in your able hands. Thank you." Lynn replies. Then she takes a look over the offered goods.

Minor Wonderous/MW items: 4d4 ⇒ (1, 3, 2, 1) = 7

Medium Wonderious/+1 Medium armor or 1h weapons: 2d4 ⇒ (2, 1) = 3

Major Wonder/+1 Heavy armor or 2h weapons: 1d4 ⇒ 4

you can pick something and I will yes/no

Ratfolk Crafter 5 (HP 46)

Tink will look around and spend time watching all those working on new items, but gravitates around those selling worn and used items.
He looks for anything that would stand out as unusual.

Many of the people give him strange looks as he first approaches, and some continue to give them until he moves on.

I will come up with items tonight

There is a half elven cleric of Erastil who eyes Tink but calls him over.

"What are you looking for friend? I have some odd magical items that we recovered in a trip into the world wound. I have this ink pot that I have yet to figure out." He holds the pot up to Tink, it does detect as magical with minor conjuration.

Spell Craft DC 17:

The ink pot when infused with a spell will refill once empty, the user must infuse a cantrip or orison losing that spell slot for the day. The user can speak a word to change the colour of the ink as well.

also Tink how do you want to do the transferring of the powers? I think it would take almost 2 days.

The Dwarves forging weapons take an interest in Don's Crossbow never seeing anything like it before. They take some drawings of it and the cartridges as well.

"We can be having more o' them cartridges made up fer ye by days end tomorrow. 1g a piece seem fair te ya?"

Iko goes and finds a quiet place to meditate for the evening, finding his way to the roof, Iko is shocked to find their mercenary friend up there.

"Ye lookin' for a rematch are ye now?" The Merc says.

"No I came here to relax and find my centre, there is to much going on in the city right now and I need to relax so I can be ready for it."

The Merc nods at Iko, moving further away, so Iko can do what he needs to. After about half an hour, the merc comes back over.

"Names Benjin Lowrow. So will ye keep me round or think them wankers down there will be payin' me for me help?"

M Human Fighter 5 HP 40/65,Init+7,F6R4W3(6 Fear),Per+7,AC18T13FF15

That is a fair price, this seems like it will have great potential. Don shakes on it.

Ratfolk Crafter 5 (HP 46)

"May I?" Tink says as he extends his hand and takes the ink pot.
He turns it over in his hand, and Blue hops down his arm to look at it closer. Blue pecks at it once or twice, but it isn't colorful so Blue quickly gets bored and decides to fly off to have a look at some of the other wares.
Appraise: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (5) + 12 = 17
Spellcraft: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (15) + 11 = 26
"That is peculiar..." Tink says, "This is effectively a bottomless ink well. It can be powered by a weak spell to create more ink, and one can change the inks colour."
Tink offers it back to the man.
"You found it in the world wound? Please tell me more." Tink Requests

M Construct Eidolon (HP 48)

As Tink and Blue are investigating the more unusual magic items, SteelGate followed them for a while. He wondered over to the blacksmiths and watches them work for a while.

I will leave it up to you as to how the blacksmiths react to a giant clockwork mechanism standing next to them.

Which one of the merchants can do the power shift?

M Human Fighter 5 HP 40/65,Init+7,F6R4W3(6 Fear),Per+7,AC18T13FF15

Don puts a down payment of 5 gp more more of those repeating crossbow bolts

"We found it in an abandoned tower, must have belonged to a fellow mage. There were other things but most were destroyed or had probably already been taken. How about 30 gold for it?"

The Dwarves look at SteelGate as he comes down the stairs, then attends to Tink's side. One SteelGate move away on his own they two Dwarves are all around him, looking at his gear, never touching him but making lots of drawings.

"This fine piece o' engineering be yer's there Mr.?? Long tail?" They aren't sure how to refer to Tink without sound rude.

A third Dwarf iron worker, the Dwarven Cleric of Torag and the Human mage all converse with Tink and his idea of taking the powers from the Ranseur and placing them into the Glaive that Lynn wants.

"Ye will be destroying such a fine piece o' craftsmanship just ta turn all these weapons in ta one?" The smith says.

"Just think o' the possibilities if we can be doing this, Torag will be smilin' down upon this piece." The Dwarven cleric says

"They did things like this in Sarkoris, there were known for their odd magical items and bending magic, people say their mages were trying to bring back the power of the Azlant." The human mage comments. "It will take a few days and lots of focus to do so."

Aasimar Warpriest (5) - HP 55, AC 18/12/16, FRW 6/3/7, Ini +4, Perc. +10

Lynn is blissfully unaware of the doings of Tink. She buys from the Inn's owner a bottle of wine, some bread and cheese. Then she searches for a bard or someone able to play an instrument. Once she finds one and persuades him to come along she starts a small celebration with singing, dancing, eating and drinking. For everyone who wants to join and enjoy themselves for a short time in these desperate times.

I really need an avatar with Lynn wearing a dress :D

Ratfolk Crafter 5 (HP 46)

"What do you have that was destroyed? I will give you 40 for this and any of the broken items." Tink says bargaining

Shouting over his shoulder to the smiths, "I made the shell but SteelGate is his own."

M Construct Eidolon (HP 48)

"Tink is a good man, he has spent many hours building me this body." SteelGate says, "I believe the norm is to ask before taking drawings of someone?" He asks the dwarves as they start to sketch

Ratfolk Crafter 5 (HP 46)

To the smiths about the compression of magic

"The craftsmanship is not destroyed, it is transmitted. The skill required to combine is beyond the skill to make either." Tink replies to the arguement of destruction, "This merging of items would be something I would like to see attempted."

The wizard grabs out a box full of spare parts, wand handles, staff toppers, odd looking trinkets and animal bones an other such things.

"Aye yer right laddy, be it alright if I be takin' some sketches o' yer frame?"

The Smith to Tink

"So ye will be combin' the two glaives inta one item then takin' the magic outta the Ranseur and placin' it in ta the glaive? Interestin' neve heard o' that kinda magic before."

M Construct Eidolon (HP 48)

"For what purpose?" SteelGate asks the dwarf, not rudely, but more curious as to why he would want to draw him

Ratfolk Crafter 5 (HP 46)

"Once magic has a grasp of something it seldom let's go. I know some of metalwork and smithing, and by my knowledge it would be easier to rework the Ranseur, amalgamate the cold iron, and reshape the product. There will be a diffusion of the magic, but the shape will remain. If I provide power as it is worked, the power should remain unchanged."
Above to the smith

I am going to assume the box is the broken stuff
As Tink discusses this with the dwarf, he thanks the wizard, hands over the 40 gold, and starts to filter through the box with half a mind as he waits for the response from the Smith

M Human Fighter 5 HP 40/65,Init+7,F6R4W3(6 Fear),Per+7,AC18T13FF15

Don quaffs ale with Lynn. Quaff! Quaff!

Aasimar Warpriest (5) - HP 55, AC 18/12/16, FRW 6/3/7, Ini +4, Perc. +10

Once Don had enough beer to lighten his mood from the brooding rip and tear guy to something more social Lynn approaches him. "How about a dance?"

M Human Fighter 5 HP 40/65,Init+7,F6R4W3(6 Fear),Per+7,AC18T13FF15

Don lumbers around like a mammoth in a china shop

"Like I said lad yer talkin' all mumbo jumbo ta me, I trust ya to work the magic part and I will be helpin' with the weapon comin' ta one." The Dwarf smith says, the Wizard and the Cleric agree with what Tink says.

Don and Lynn find some people to have a good time, Aniva tries to dance a little as well, taking Don from Lynn for a few dance.

The night grows later and people start to filter off to bed.

M Human Fighter 5 HP 40/65,Init+7,F6R4W3(6 Fear),Per+7,AC18T13FF15

Don goes to sleep curled around his crossbow.

Aasimar Warpriest (5) - HP 55, AC 18/12/16, FRW 6/3/7, Ini +4, Perc. +10

Lynn enjoys the time and dancing with Don is very special experience that she wouldn't want to have missed. And as it becomes late she enjoys a bed where she can sleep while others make sure the sleep will not be interrupted by evil creeping up to it.

The night passes uneventful, the smell of cooking fires and the crackling of bacon wafts throughout the Inn. As everyone makes their way down stairs, Aniva and Irabeth are breaking their Fast together and laughing.

Irabeth does look tired, a large pot sits on the table with some dirty plates. The guard are also changing, many muffled quiet conversations are taking place.

Aasimar Warpriest (5) - HP 55, AC 18/12/16, FRW 6/3/7, Ini +4, Perc. +10

As Lynn wakes up she sits an hour in contemplation. Then she folds her dress and stows it away. After putting on her armor she joins Aniva and Irabeth. "What's on the table for today?"

M Human Fighter 5 HP 40/65,Init+7,F6R4W3(6 Fear),Per+7,AC18T13FF15

Don wakes and heads down where he fortifys himself with bacon and coffee. So, where will we be heading today? I believe I heard something about taking on some missions to help people

Aasimar Warpriest (5) - HP 55, AC 18/12/16, FRW 6/3/7, Ini +4, Perc. +10

As the invitation was for board and lodging Lynn helps herself to some breakfast.

Irabeth looks at everyone as they sit down. "I have read that letter you gave me, on the spots that were listed as being Cultist hide outs. Those are places that you can investigate for us, I am more short staffed now that people have gone out to retrieve those who you said were safe else where."

Irabeth takes you upstairs and shows you a map of the city, it shows you where they have troops and shows places that have been either destroyed or have not yet been explored.

Aasimar Warpriest (5) - HP 55, AC 18/12/16, FRW 6/3/7, Ini +4, Perc. +10

"Oh, great. Someone here good with maps and distances and such? With most of the landmarks in town destroyed I don't find my way around here." Lynn admits.

M Human Fighter 5 HP 40/65,Init+7,F6R4W3(6 Fear),Per+7,AC18T13FF15

I have some survival training that might be able to help Survival +8

" will be able to tell you how far and some land marks to follow."

Irabeth points out the 3 areas.

"The Tower of Estrod to the North West, not that far about 5 or so block, the issue is there are some deep holes that will have to go around or over." L

Irabeth moves her hand south, "Topaz solutions, was an Alchemy shop, they supplied potions and herbs for the crusaders. You will have to go through a gate to get there, if it is lowered you will have a difficult time getting into the inner quarter." N

Irabeth moves her hand far to the south in the city, back by Horgus' home. "Nyserian Manor is a rich and influential family in the." Irabeth stops speaking for a moment,"They were an influential family, most of the area where their home was along an inner wall was destroyed, I don't know if their home survived but I assume the demons didn't destroy it." M

K. Local DC 20:

Nyserian Manor was destroyed and you remember seeing that section of the wall and city in nothing but ruins.

M Human Fighter 5 HP 40/65,Init+7,F6R4W3(6 Fear),Per+7,AC18T13FF15

Let us check out The Tower of Estrod first.

Aasimar Warpriest (5) - HP 55, AC 18/12/16, FRW 6/3/7, Ini +4, Perc. +10

"Then the tower it is." Lynn comments. "I just have to get my weapon before we leave."

Lynn walks down in the basement of the building to the dwarven smith. "Good morning. Were you successful merging the weapons?"

The Dwarven priest and the smith look up at you, "about another hour lass and we will have the two Glaive's forged in ta one. The magic from the Ranseur ta the glaive will be taking a day or so/"

Aasimar Warpriest (5) - HP 55, AC 18/12/16, FRW 6/3/7, Ini +4, Perc. +10

"Aaand you're going to work your magic at night, when I'm back from our mission?" Lynn asks curiously at the new prospect presented to her.

M Human Fighter 5 HP 40/65,Init+7,F6R4W3(6 Fear),Per+7,AC18T13FF15

Don gets his armor and weapons ready. I may just have to be ordering in bulk from he smiths. I have a feeling I'll be going through bolts right quick.

The wizard comes over, "We can yes as long as your friend is going to lead this, I have never done this sort of thing before."

The dwarves get to work on making more casing and custom bolts for Don's crossbow.

I am going to do an update tomorrow after work

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