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Go ahead and dot in. :)

Female Halfling Cavalier (Beast Rider) of the Blue Rose, Level 1

What does dotting in mean? o3o

Female Human Cleric (Ecclesitheurge) of Desna - Level 1
Mari Valeri wrote:
What does dotting in mean? o3o

Posting in the Thread, once you do so if you go to the Messageboards main page and click on the FOCUS tab, it will show only the games or threads you have posted in (in some cases looked at but that seems to be somewhat unreliable in my experience).

Talene wakes in the morning to say a devotion to Desna. As the sun rises she sighs as she walks alone about the village of Sandpoint. By Desna, it's been 11 years now. Is this it? Is this my life? I love Ameiko as I do a sister but I certainly miss Lia, Ro, Gwydd and Windsight. Even crazy Karmid! I never really knew Fran, or Drasven or Xarmas. I would have if, if. If, if, if... the story of my life!

9/9 HP, AC, Fort +1, Ref +2, Will -1, Perception -1, Initiative +2 Dancing Lights 3/3, Martial Flex 4/4, Spells: 1st 2/2

Inari was frustrated. The healer Koya didn't seem to be much help. She was full of information, but no actual solutions.

Wounds of the mind, they are beyond most healing. You need powerful magics for that. Dreamwalks with great shamans, or the alchemical experiments of specialized doctors. Things like that. She'd said. For now, I think you should try to find something you like doing. Most people have instincts about what they enjoy. You just have to find them, and see if you remember why. Try new things, and try to have fun. Oh, and you might consider praying. There might be a connection to one of the gods that is still there inside you.

Easy for her to say. When you can't remember anything, it's really easy to try new things. Everything is new. So far, all he knew is that he really liked some of the people he'd met.

Ameiko and her little sister were feisty and fun. Shalelu was intimidating but still kind. Sandru was easy going and easy to talk to. Koya was good natured in spite of the fact that she couldn't do much for him.

Still, he felt aimless. He worked during the day, fixing the endless number of little things wrong with the Rusty Dragon. He had a knack for that, at least. At night, he found himself drawn into games and drink. And women. That had already caused a fight or two. Ameiko ended up having to explain relationships and jealousy and social etiquette to him while he held a piece of cold meat to his swollen eye. It all seemed so strange and silly. Romance was definitely something he liked, but clearly had no instincts for. Not the right ones, at least. Ameiko thought it was hilarious.

It was the next day, still nursing a bruise and a hangover, that Inari found himself wandering Sandpoint, listening to people, watching, hoping for some kind of spark that would give him a memory. Anything. Something new that would give him a glimpse of who he was.

The small temple with the butterfly on it caught his eye. Well, if he was being honest it was the attractive elf that had just walked in. Still, butterflies were nice. Certainly more inviting than the one with the sword, or the one with the big graveyard.

He wandered inside and looked around, looking like a lost puppy.

If this game were a movie, Inari would be played by Jensen Ackles. So, imagine that face and voice when you picture the character.

Chapter 1: The Brinewall Legacy

Sandpoint: Wealday, Arodus 11th approximately 10:00 AM

Deputy Pirrip Doyce stands up from the garrison desk where he has spent the last two hours at work. In front of him is a pile of a dozen notices, painstakingly copied out in print from the original. Sheriff Hemlock had handed him the notice as soon as Doyce arrived that morning, telling him to copy and distribute it to all the usual announcement boards around town.

Doyce collects a hammer and some nails then starts his route around town. It’s a pleasant morning for a walk around the town. The air is warming, but the late summer heat won’t arrive for a few hours yet. Starting closest to the Garrison, he tacks up a copy of the notice where it is most likely to be seen by the public. The White Deer is first, then the Cathedral. Winding his way downhill, he stops by Risa’s Place, Cracktooth’s, the Sandpoint Theater, and a couple of prominent stores. He makes his way the Grocer’s Hall, the Mercantile League, the Rusty Dragon, the Hagfish, and ends at the public notice board down at the docks.

In each place he leaves behind the following:

Bounty Notice

As Ordered by Sheriff Belor Hemlock and Approved by Mayor Francesca Brishen:

Due to increases in goblin hostility toward merchants and travelers in the Sandpoint area, a bounty on goblins is declared. Any person who presents a goblin ear in good condition at the Sandpoint Garrison is entitled to collect a reward of 10 gold sails. Any person presenting indisputable evidence of the elimination of Gutwad, Chief of the Licktoad tribe, is entitled to collect 300 gold sails. These bounties will continue to be honored until rescinded by Sheriff Belor Hemlock’s public order.

Sandpoint: Wealday, Arodus 11th approximately 9:30 PM

“…and we will see to the end of Gutwad and the Licktoads, every last one of them! Then that jingle of bounty coin in our purses will mean a round for each of you now here!”

Micawber Lewsome raises his flagon, thrusting it out toward the crowd to punctuate the last part of his announcement. The evening's patrons at the Rusty Dragon cheer and pound the tables in response.

Lewsome, a handsome and smooth talking enough man wearing a well-enough made longsword, grins back at the crowd. He and his two friends had arrived in town a couple of weeks ago saying they were there to delve into whatever was below the Old Light. Losbern, a Halfling, plies in alchemy and potions. Milly Swidger is pretty, cruel-eyed, and likes bows and knives. They had shown themselves to be skilled at drinking, telling doubtful stories of their achievements, and maybe cheating at dice.

People were beginning to wonder if they really did have a plan after the first week though. They occasionally surveyed around the area of the Old Light, but never went in. Otherwise they mostly spent their time entertaining and sleeping. Even Ameiko, the Rusty Dragon’s owner, who was especially pleased to see a few promising new faces in town, seems to be cooling to them.

But the announcement of a goblin bounty energizes the trio. Now they are seizing on a chance to show their mettle.

Female Human Cleric (Ecclesitheurge) of Desna - Level 1

At the Rusty Dragon

Talene sits at the bar in her usual spot watching the newcomers running their mouths yet again. That's it i have to do something i camt take it anymore! She slaps her hand on the bar.

"Ameiko, Ameiko". She gestures urgently for her friend to come hither.

Sandpoint: Sunday, Arodus 15th, Mid-Afternoon

All of Sandpoint is quickly abuzz after the arrival of a caravan in the early afternoon. The caravan wagons showed scorch marks and one had caught fire. It had burned more than half away, and the cargo it carried was lost.

It was traveling up from Magnimar along the Lost Coast Road when it was ambushed that morning. Blasts of fireworks came in among the horses and wagons, panicking the animals and creating confusion. A swarm of goblins followed. Three people were injured. One drover was trampled by a horse and suffered a broken leg. One guard suffered a couple of nasty cuts from dogslicers while driving away the goblins. Both he and another man had suffered some minor burns while putting out the wagon fire. A horse also died.

Most all of the attacks recently had involved fireworks, but his one was by far the worst. The others had caused only one serious injury and a couple of horses lost after a goblin had cut them free and they ran off.

People began to speculate that the Licktoad Tribe, and it surely was the Licktoads, were getting more practiced with using the fireworks. Old timers remarked that the Licktoads had never been one of the more troublesome goblin tribes in the past. They had even sat out the Runewar a few years back. The newer chief, Gutwad, who had taken over since then must surely be far more aggressive. No doubt the fireworks were also working them up and giving them courage.

Others noted the large amount of fireworks the goblins must have. They must have learned to make them. If they can manufacture all the fireworks they want, what’s to stop them from burning Sandpoint itself to the ground?

Almost everyone noted that Micawber Lewsome and his friends are almost four days gone now, without a word from them.

9/9 HP, AC, Fort +1, Ref +2, Will -1, Perception -1, Initiative +2 Dancing Lights 3/3, Martial Flex 4/4, Spells: 1st 2/2

Goblins... fireworks... Finally, something that seems familiar and it's the worst thing I've ever been though. Worst thing that I know of, at any rate.

Maybe if I can join with some bounty hunters I can get back into goblin territory and find something that I recognize.

Inari was sitting at a small table in the Rusty Dragon common room nursing a slight hangover and putting a new handle on an old kettle. He'd been subtly watching the pretty priestess at her usual table, appreciating the view. When he'd gone into the temple of Desna a week ago, he'd meant to talk with her but she had already gone into the back. Instead he'd found himself reading from the beautiful writing that covered the walls for nearly an hour before wandering back out into town. He hadn't found what he'd hoped to find, but he'd found something good. The Lady of Dreams had a message that he'd needed to hear. He never had spoken with the priestess. After his last disaster with an attractive woman he'd decided that maybe he aught to wait until he figured out the social norms before diving into the world of romance.

Still, it was fun to look.

When she got Amieko's attention she already had his. He knew he probably shouldn't eavesdrop, but the Dragon wasn't that big, and it wasn't that busy. So he listened.

@Talene: Ameiko is splitting her attention between bickering with a farmer over a tab and Micawber and his crew. When she hears you she doesn't look over, instead holding up a finger in your direction signaling "hold on a minute". In a couple more minutes she is finished with both customer and announcement making. She walks down the bar and rests her elbows on it across from you.

"What is it Tally?"

Female Halfling Cavalier (Beast Rider) of the Blue Rose, Level 1

"C'mon, Mari. You can do this. She's probably several times as old as you are, but you can do this. Just... talk to her like a regular person."

The emerald-eyed halfling was nursing her pint of ale, looking very antsy herself as she tried to psych herself up for something or other; her eyes darted hither and yon, looking for someone, watching the entrance with trepidation. It was just after her patrol, and, like always, she stopped by the Rusty Dragon, partly due to habit, and partly due to one of its regular patrons, a blonde, dusky-skinned elf.

She knew about the bounty for the goblins, of course, but she was not really concerned with it at first; she was a town guard, not an adventurer, after all, and the militia tended to concern itself with the defense of the town rather than personal glory or gain. However, a part of her wished to go out and defend Sandpoint, to prove herself like Shalelu did.

However, when the Magnimar caravan came in on Sunday, limping from its attack by the Licktoads, she started getting more and more worried; no word had been received from the adventurers that went out to defeat the goblins, and the attacks were getting worse. She told herself to voice her concerns to the Sheriff when she saw him next, before putting it at the back of her mind for now.

She then noticed Ameiko, the owner of the Dragon, talking to a priestess of Desna; she recognised the woman as one of the folk that rescued Ameiko five years ago, and a local as well. Her interest briefly piqued, Mari listened in on that conversation while waiting for Shalelu to appear, nursing her pint with her nerves on edge.

Female Human Cleric (Ecclesitheurge) of Desna - Level 1

Rusty Dragon

"We have to respond to the Gobos! It's happening all over again! You me, maybe Gwydd and Fran. We can take it to them Ameiko. I know we can and you know we can. The Dragon can be run by someone else but I'll need your help to stop these attacks!"

9/9 HP, AC, Fort +1, Ref +2, Will -1, Perception -1, Initiative +2 Dancing Lights 3/3, Martial Flex 4/4, Spells: 1st 2/2

That perked Inari's ears. He was glad he wasn't the only one thinking about the goblins. He all but stopped working while he listened intently.


Ameiko's brows rise and her eyes widen, just a flicker for an instant. She shifts from her elbows to her hands on the bar. Taking that little pause before replying.

"Talene, you know I'm very, very retired from that sort of thing. I had my turn at it, and I'm finished. You could talk to Francesca, but you know Gwyddym, won't,..can't take up weapons again."

She gives you a slightly sad smile.

'It's time for others now." She gestures with a glance toward Micawber and his friends. "That group. They know how to use the weapons they carry. I've watched them and I can tell. They just have to get off their butts and do something. They can handle this if they will."

Perception 12:
You notice that Ameiko is gripping the edge of the bar very hard with her hands. So much so that her knuckles are white.

9/9 HP, AC, Fort +1, Ref +2, Will -1, Perception -1, Initiative +2 Dancing Lights 3/3, Martial Flex 4/4, Spells: 1st 2/2

Perception: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (8) - 1 = 7

Female Halfling Cavalier (Beast Rider) of the Blue Rose, Level 1

Perception: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (17) + 1 = 18

Female Human Cleric (Ecclesitheurge) of Desna - Level 1

"Honey, I don't believe you believe that and I know you don't believe that! Gwydd I grant you will not, never did, want to wield a weapon. Fran you and I am sure we could find a few like minded people here in town. Sandpoint has always attracted the restless ready for adventure".

Perception 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 3 = 4

HP: 12/12 | AP 0/0 | AC:16(21) / T:16(21) / FF:10 | Fort: 4, Ref: 5, Will: 3 | CMD: 14 | Init: 3, Perception: 6

Yuki follows Inari's gaze. He's been a regular, hanging out at the Dragon and helping with odd jobs recently.
Seeing Talene, who he had had an eye for a couple of nights already, she smiles, placing a mug in front of him, disrupting his concentration, smiling broadly:"See something you like? Or just browsing?"

Seeing his startled reaction, she sighs:"You know, you can just walk over there and join the chat. Those Goblins-problems are the talk of the town since that bounty was posted...", before picking up his empty mug and returning to the counter.

Perception Take 10 for 16 total, I'm moderately aware of whats going on at my workplace. Kind of assumed of a waitress ;)

9/9 HP, AC, Fort +1, Ref +2, Will -1, Perception -1, Initiative +2 Dancing Lights 3/3, Martial Flex 4/4, Spells: 1st 2/2

"Last time I just went over and started talking to a pretty girl, I got punched in the face." Inari said wryly. "I am interested in what they're talking about though. I have a score to settle with those goblins."

Im assuming Yuki and Inari know each other. Maybe not super well, but enough that they are comfortable around each other.

Ameiko smiles at Talene's pep talk.

"Oh sure, I'll admit to feeling a little restless, and maybe I could use a bit more adventure in my life sometime soon. But slogging around in a reeking swamp isn't at all what I have in mind. I have a bit of money set aside and a trip would be a good way to use it. It's just a matter of deciding where to go. What do you think Tally? Fancy a journey to Absalom? It's called the center of the world! Or maybe Sothis to see the Great Carapace firsthand?"

Having slipped the conversation around Talene's intent, Ameiko starts warming to the subject. Then Bethana, the elderly Halfling woman who is Ameiko's right hand at the Rusty Dragon, calls for her from the kitchen.

"Have to go see what Bethana needs, talk to you later Tally."

And with that Ameiko is off to the kitchen.

Female Human Cleric (Ecclesitheurge) of Desna - Level 1

Talene grins, Wow, Absalom!

She sits back and sips her drink contemplating what Ameiko told her.

If Everyone is finished with the evening at the Rusty Dragon, shall we move on to the afternoon of Sunday, after the damaged caravan arrives in town? What do you do?

HP: 12/12 | AP 0/0 | AC:16(21) / T:16(21) / FF:10 | Fort: 4, Ref: 5, Will: 3 | CMD: 14 | Init: 3, Perception: 6

Yuki is heading to the House of Blue Stones.
While she was enthusiastic about learning martial arts when she was younger, she had been skipping training more and more in the past two years.
She still was a regular there, but it simply felt less important.
Besides, people normally knew better than to cause trouble at the Rusty Dragon, so what was she going to do with her training?
Honor my dead father? Make him proud?
Quickly changing topics in her mind, not wishing to dwell on that particular area of her past, Yuki instead considers the implications of the recent attacks on Caravans.
Fireworks. It's surprising they didn't blow themselves up with it before learning to use it...

Honestly, for now I'll simply continue my everyday life. If Ameiko is roused to action, I'll follow, but before then, there's little reason for me to consider acting out of the ordinary.

Ah, maybe there's some misunderstanding about the role of the NPCs. Don't wait for Ameiko, or anyone else to set the pace or take action. They won't until supplied with different reasons to do so, which the party will provide later. The party will be on it's own until that time. The practical reason for this is the level of the NPCs, who are in the 4-5 level range. Ameiko et al's involvement with the early stuff would render you all almost inconsequential.

9/9 HP, AC, Fort +1, Ref +2, Will -1, Perception -1, Initiative +2 Dancing Lights 3/3, Martial Flex 4/4, Spells: 1st 2/2

When Yuki left Inari sat for a moment longer, then sighed and went to plunk himself down in the seat opposite the pretty elf.

"Hi. I'm Inari." he said with a smile. "So... goblins?"

Female Human Cleric (Ecclesitheurge) of Desna - Level 1

Rusty Dragon

Tal starts as Inari sits next to her, "Hey, were you listening in on our conversation?! I should be mad but I've seen you around here before helping Ameiko so I'll give you a pas this time. Yes indeed Goblins, they are a real problem that someone should do something about, don't you agree?"

I assume that was meant for me Inari? Note that Tal is Human even if the pic is a bit elvish...

9/9 HP, AC, Fort +1, Ref +2, Will -1, Perception -1, Initiative +2 Dancing Lights 3/3, Martial Flex 4/4, Spells: 1st 2/2

Oh, I thought she was an elf. My mistake.

Inari looked confused. "Were you trying to keep the conversation secret?"

"Anyway, yeah. I definitely agree. I was thinking about going after them anyway, so when you started talking about them, I figured I should speak up."

"What do you have in mind?"

HP: 12/12 | AP 0/0 | AC:16(21) / T:16(21) / FF:10 | Fort: 4, Ref: 5, Will: 3 | CMD: 14 | Init: 3, Perception: 6

---- Earlier, at the bar ----

With Ameiko off in the kitchen, it was Yuki's duty to hold the fort in the main room.
Standing behind the counter, polishing mugs, she - per chance, of course, not curiosity of any kind - did her work near enough to the two regulars to eavesdrop - not that Yuki would, but if there was something to overhear, there's no helping that, right?

Female Human Cleric (Ecclesitheurge) of Desna - Level 1

Rusty Dragon

Tal shrugs and respond to Inari, "I guess if I was I wasn't doing a very good job having that conversation here at the Dragon.

Well, I have a few friends who certainly have experience fighting Goblins. I was going to try and persuade them to come with me to get to the bottom of these attacks. Does your curiosity mean that you are interested in that type of endeavor?"

9/9 HP, AC, Fort +1, Ref +2, Will -1, Perception -1, Initiative +2 Dancing Lights 3/3, Martial Flex 4/4, Spells: 1st 2/2

"Definitely. We might need a few more people though. From what I gather, there's a lot of goblins." Inari said with a wry smile. He looked over his shoulder and called out to the counter. "Hey Yuki! Want to go goblin hunting?"

Female Halfling Cavalier (Beast Rider) of the Blue Rose, Level 1

"You guys said goblins?"

Mari had glanced over to their side of the bar, frowning a bit. She still was nursing her pint, but with Shalelu not magically materializing in front of her for a while now, her attention wandered to the two discussing. "Name's Mari, I'm a guardsman. I'm not exactly inexperienced with goblins, but I can help you guys out if you want. Sitting on my butt here or going out and patrolling near the city while people are getting hurt don't sit right with me."

Female Human Cleric (Ecclesitheurge) of Desna - Level 1

Tal smiles at Mari, "So if Yuki joins that makes four. Hmmm, is that enough of us to investigate?"

9/9 HP, AC, Fort +1, Ref +2, Will -1, Perception -1, Initiative +2 Dancing Lights 3/3, Martial Flex 4/4, Spells: 1st 2/2

"Works for me." Inari shrugged.

HP: 12/12 | AP 0/0 | AC:16(21) / T:16(21) / FF:10 | Fort: 4, Ref: 5, Will: 3 | CMD: 14 | Init: 3, Perception: 6

"Hum...I'll have to talk with Ameiko(can happen off-screen to keep things moving), but I think SOMEONE has to make sure our resident repair-man doesn't skip his tab by disappearing into the woods. The roof is not finished, yet, Inari! Besides, with a local City Guard and a former Godsmarked, what could possibly go wrong?", Yuki muses behind the counter, smiling. Having heard plenty of stories, she knows what nasty little buggers goblins could be...they'd also been involved in the events surrounding her fathers death...and they'd been involved with her half-brother.
Her mind wandering into these darker corners of her memory, only her professional training keeps the smile on her lips:"I would gladly come join you in hunting some of those little demons!"

Female Halfling Cavalier (Beast Rider) of the Blue Rose, Level 1

"I'll tell Sheriff Hemlock I'm goin' out with a bunch of adventurers to help solve the goblin problem (This can happen offscreen as well if the Sheriff doesn't mind) an' I'll be right with you." Mari was already a little excited; finally, a proper way to prove herself! She bounces on her seat a little, taking a big swig this time, and an eager smile comes up. "I'm kinda a bit stir-crazy right now, truth be told, with all the goblin talk and attacks. Would be good to get some real fightin' in, like, proactive guard duty, right?" Besides, maybe Shalelu will notice her efforts like this!

"So... when are we leaving?"

9/9 HP, AC, Fort +1, Ref +2, Will -1, Perception -1, Initiative +2 Dancing Lights 3/3, Martial Flex 4/4, Spells: 1st 2/2

"You can blame your sister for that!" Inari sniped back. "She's the one who made the list. I'm just doing things in the order she laid them out in. I still have this kettle, the leaky horse trough, and those three chairs in the back before I get to the roof."

"Rusty Dragon's a good name for this place. Everything's busted."

HP: 12/12 | AP 0/0 | AC:16(21) / T:16(21) / FF:10 | Fort: 4, Ref: 5, Will: 3 | CMD: 14 | Init: 3, Perception: 6

"Didn't stop you from making yourself comfortable around here. If the environment is so not-to-your-liking, it must be the company keeping you around. So I'll simply take that as a compliment.", Yuki returned, before returning to her duties, for the moment.

9/9 HP, AC, Fort +1, Ref +2, Will -1, Perception -1, Initiative +2 Dancing Lights 3/3, Martial Flex 4/4, Spells: 1st 2/2

Inari rolled his eyes and turned to the Halfling guard. "So, Mari, how's the guard force usually handle goblin-related problems? What's different this time?"

Female Halfling Cavalier (Beast Rider) of the Blue Rose, Level 1

Mari shrugs, sighing and sipping at her pint. "I mean, so far we've mostly just patrolled and kept the goblins out of town. We're guards; as long as they kept out, we don't do anything. I mean... five years ago the goblins did attack us directly in force, but... We usually just deal with rowdy travelers an' the occasional goblin raid or bandits." She rubs the back of her head sheepishly. "You'd have to talk to my dad; he was active when it went down. All I know is, the goblins are gettin' more bold, attacking caravans closer to town like that."

9/9 HP, AC, Fort +1, Ref +2, Will -1, Perception -1, Initiative +2 Dancing Lights 3/3, Martial Flex 4/4, Spells: 1st 2/2

"Yeah, I heard something about that. One of the caravans that got attacked is here in town now, right? Maybe we should go talk to them first?"

Female Human Cleric (Ecclesitheurge) of Desna - Level 1

"Good idea Inari. Maybe we can find Shalelu Andosana, she knows a lot about the local Goblin tribes and could point us in the right direction. If she's in town she can anyway".

Female Halfling Cavalier (Beast Rider) of the Blue Rose, Level 1

Mari immediately turned a bit red just by the mention of the elf. "Y-Yeah! We can find Shalelu, she can probably help us! I mean... uhm, she doesn't like... talking to people though. If, uh, you can... I mean, if you can convince her to help you, it'll make things much easier! She's been protecting Sandpoint since before I was even born, you know!" The halfling seems to be making a conscious effort to stop herself from gushing too much, though she's sitting just a little straighter.

9/9 HP, AC, Fort +1, Ref +2, Will -1, Perception -1, Initiative +2 Dancing Lights 3/3, Martial Flex 4/4, Spells: 1st 2/2

"She'll talk to me." Inari shrugged. "Assuming we can find her."

Female Halfling Cavalier (Beast Rider) of the Blue Rose, Level 1

Mari gives Inari a surprised look. "W-what do you mean she'll talk to you?"

Coming back out of the kitchen to the bar, Ameiko passes by and catches a couple of snippets of your conversation. She stops, turns, and gives you all a sly grin.

"So you're plotting to save Sandpoint and collect some coin for your services? You are determined aren't you Talane? If you're looking to to talk with Shalelu though you'll have to wait a week or two. The last time she was in town was when she dropped you off Inari, and she doesn't typically make it back to town for close to a month after a stop in. Try Hemlock instead, or maybe the Mayor. I'm sure Francesca would make some time for you Tally.

9/9 HP, AC, Fort +1, Ref +2, Will -1, Perception -1, Initiative +2 Dancing Lights 3/3, Martial Flex 4/4, Spells: 1st 2/2

Inari was about to answer when Ameiko spoke up. "Haven't met them. Who's Hemlock? Isn't that a poison?

Why do I know that?

Female Halfling Cavalier (Beast Rider) of the Blue Rose, Level 1

Mari raises an eyebrow at Inari, frowning. "You're new around here huh, Inari? Sheriff Hemlock, he's the one what put out the bounty, after all. I mean, I can probably get you some time with him if you guys wanted to talk."

9/9 HP, AC, Fort +1, Ref +2, Will -1, Perception -1, Initiative +2 Dancing Lights 3/3, Martial Flex 4/4, Spells: 1st 2/2

"Oh, yeah, I guess I should probably meet with him. We all should. If anyone has the full information on the goblins, its him. We should probably let him know what we're up to."

Female Human Cleric (Ecclesitheurge) of Desna - Level 1

"I told you Ameiko, I am serious this time.

Alright, let's talk to the Sheriff then to Francesca. Unless anyone else has a better idea at the moment?"

Female Halfling Cavalier (Beast Rider) of the Blue Rose, Level 1

Mari sighs at Ameiko's comment about Shalelu being gone for at least a week, but she finishes her drink and pushes off her seat. "A'ight. I ain't got nothing better to do except drink right now, anyway, so I'll lead you to the Sheriff." She makes for the door, adjusting her armor as she did.

It is well into the evening and very unlikely the Sheriff will be available at his office.

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