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DM NomadSage's Jade Regent - The Hungry Storm (Inactive)

Game Master nomadicc

A Pathfinder RPG Play-by-Post game following the Jade Regent Adventure Path.

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Level 12 Magus, INIT:6, AC:29, HP:90/90, F:8 R:11 W: 8, Perception 15 (18 Sight)

Agreed. Malnival is still pretty much a glass cannon. Having to be wary on spell combat as with our last run.

Just a warning, I'll be pretty busy for the holidays, so my (already slow) posting will probably be delayed. I still plan to keep thing going, but there's no hurry, so post if/when you can.

AC 18, T 16, FF 12; HP 94/94; F+6, R+7, W+9; Perc +14;

Felix Navipapa to all!

Liberty's Edge

M Half-Orc Ki Mystic Holy Monk

Happy Holidays, all!

Thanks! Preparing for Christmas has been very busy. I should be a bit more active next week.

Merry Christmas!

Sorry for the long delay... just got home from the holiday trip and getting re-settled.

Sorry guys, still behind the power curve. I'll try and catch up this weekend.

The "S" on my laptop keyboard is going bad, making it really difficult to type. I'm getting a new computer, so will be back on it in a few days.

Liberty's Edge

M Half-Orc Ki Mystic Holy Monk
DM NomadSage wrote:
Heng wrote:
can't remember what the other alliance was... meeting with a daimyo or something. might be time to update the campaign page?
Lol? Not much to update, since the last entry is the O-Sayumi rescue. As a result of that, O-Kohaku was working to arrange a meeting with you and the governor's brother. That was 5 days ago, game time.

yeah, and nearly 2.5 months RL... just saying I'm not really even remembering our mission and the campaign page stops at meeting with the geishas. we could use an update for the prince's name, 3 monkeys names, a country map maybe. it doesn't help that these are all faux asian names that are hard to keep straight: O-mygod or O-no?.

I usually angle my campaign pages to jog players memories for what they are doing as well currently as a journal of past events. If possible move current NPCs to the top.

Jade Regent | Crimson Throne

That's a good idea... I still have to look these names up every other day to keep them straight. Doesn't help there are more than a dozen different NPCs. I try to keep them interesting, or give them standout characteristic. I'll drop some info on the campaign tab -- as I've said before, if you guys want me to add anything specific, just let me know.

I sent out a Minkai map a long time ago. Nothing has changed, but I can add some lines and pointers and send a new one.

Jade Regent | Crimson Throne

Ask me here if you have any questions/comments regarding the chase rules/assumptions.

Jade Regent | Crimson Throne

Take a minute to review the chase rules... Each check uses a move action, so you can get 2 checks per round (as well as cast spells, etc like normal). You can attempt to jump 3 cards ahead with a full round action, but you must pass both checks or else you don't move at all.

I understand everyone will find a few checks to be impossible. You can bypass a single card without having to make a check as a full round action... simulates slowing down to find an alternate path.

Male Human Vanguard 12 (AC:29; F:13 R:8 W:11, Perc:+23)
  • HP:120/124
  • Vanguard Blast: 7/7
  • Swift Spell: 4/5
  • SpellGrapple: 7/7
  • Enhance Weap 12/12
  • Spells: 1st: 6/6, 2nd: 4/5, 3rd: 3/4, 4th: 4/4
  • Chaincloth Cloak: 3/3
  • Jingasa negate crit/SA: 1/1
  • Terra Cotta Talisman: Luck Reroll: 1/1, spiritual ally: 1/1
  • Suishen abilities: airwalk: 2/3, see invisibility: 2/3, resist cold: 3/3, daylight:3/3
  • Active effects: Blind, endure elements, light fortification, countless eyes (all-round vision), mirror image (4)

Rules don't say that at all.

They say a move action to move through the card and a standard action to perform the action.

No discussion about the bypass.

If we're using the rules you linked above (which are different than the chase rules) then Parity will take the full round action to bypass the card.

Liberty's Edge

M Half-Orc Ki Mystic Holy Monk

Question: so I get another move , but I wanted to try for both challenges in the cluttered tunnel which takes a full... How does that work?

Jade Regent | Crimson Throne

Ugh, I mis-read that badly. The bypass is my house rule. I should have clarified that.

I think I got some negative transfer from the original rules out of CotCT. Now, the 3 card full-round doesn't make much sense, as you can normally only go through 1 per round...

So, the rules (including house):

Move action to pass through a card. Standard action to make the exit check (choose 1).

Full-round action to pass through 2 cards (ending up at the start of the 3rd); requires making both rolls from the card you are exiting.

Full-round action to bypass a check (still need to move through a card to get to the check point).

Jade Regent | Crimson Throne
Heng wrote:
Question: so I get another move , but I wanted to try for both challenges in the cluttered tunnel which takes a full... How does that work?

Okay, so next round, you can attempt both rolls as a full-round action. If successful, you'll move from card 1 to card 3.

If you fail one by 5 or less, you move 1 forward. If you fail one by 5 or more, you don't move. If you fail both, you're stuck and have to spend another full round getting free.

Jade Regent | Crimson Throne

Aaaand, I was thinking last night... I don't want this to be a full-on railroad scene. Harlan, for example, is going to have a tough time with most of the athletic checks (which makes sense, as the handicapped halfling). If you guys have a spell or special ability that creatively seems like it would help vs the card, go for it! Examples I was thinking of were stone shape vs the door arch to make the door fall off, or fireball the door to pieces, etc. Maybe substitute in a Spellcraft check, if it makes sense.

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