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DM NomadSage's Jade Regent - The Hungry Storm (Inactive)

Game Master nomadicc

A Pathfinder RPG Play-by-Post game following the Jade Regent Adventure Path.

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Level 12 Magus, INIT:6, AC:29, HP:90/90, F:8 R:11 W: 8, Perception 15 (18 Sight)

Agreed. Malnival is still pretty much a glass cannon. Having to be wary on spell combat as with our last run.

Just a warning, I'll be pretty busy for the holidays, so my (already slow) posting will probably be delayed. I still plan to keep thing going, but there's no hurry, so post if/when you can.

AC 18, T 16, FF 12; HP 94/94; F+6, R+7, W+9; Perc +14;

Felix Navipapa to all!

Liberty's Edge

M Half-Orc Ki Mystic Holy Monk

Happy Holidays, all!

Thanks! Preparing for Christmas has been very busy. I should be a bit more active next week.

Merry Christmas!

Sorry for the long delay... just got home from the holiday trip and getting re-settled.

Sorry guys, still behind the power curve. I'll try and catch up this weekend.

The "S" on my laptop keyboard is going bad, making it really difficult to type. I'm getting a new computer, so will be back on it in a few days.

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