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DM Nick's-Ferelden "The Calm Before the Storm" (Inactive)

Game Master HarbinNick

DM Nick's-Ferelden "The Calm Before the Storm"

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Kalyn too drops on her knees, her voice broken.
"What about me? I'm a miserable thief,i robbed countless people in Denerim but never got rich.My parents surely must be turning in their graves now, luckily for them i never got to know them.What i'm still struggling for ? Dargail, why you simply don't give me the deathblow here and now ?"

Male Qunari Fighter 1

"If that is truly your wish, child, I will oblige you. However, I have felt this way a long time. I left my Qun. I disowned my people. But I survive! This is all we can do, no matter how hopless it gets."

"Oi! What's with all this talk, then?" Aloris starts, furrowing his brow and looking around angrily. "If my memory stands, we just felled a group of darkspawn and discovered an altar. Do you city dwellers have no sense of accomplishment?"

Is there anything Aloris could do to determine what all this depression is about?


Spellcraft check: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 24

It's as if an alien mind has reached out and touched the mind of your fellow party members. It whispers thoughts of doubt, hopelessness and fear. The altar serves as a beacon for some horrific 'mind'...It's certain that the altar exists both here and also in the fade...Perhaps it could be destroyed by entering the fade...

Would Aloris know of any way to enter the fade? I mean, he's first to a Dalish Keeper.

It's done by old, powerful Keepers, Blood Mages, and groups of mages with lots of lyrium. It's also possible that pouring blood on the altar could create 'intersting' results...and upset the templar

Aloris's face snaps sober as he realizes what has come over the party. "The altar has affected all of you. It's a... beacon of sorts, calling to something, and it's working into your minds. You have to shut it out!"

He pauses, and looks back towards the mouth of the cavern. "Or we could be done with this here and now."

Her hands closed on her face, Kalyn started to weep.
"I don't want to feel like this,i know there is something wrong but cannot help it.Let's do something please"

Male Dwarf Templar lvl 1

"All this being depressed is making me sleepy. Wake me when the world end so I can welcome my fate with open arms." Dargail begins to nap.

Does Aloris have any idea what would happen if he applied blood to the altar?

Aloris of the Survik Clan wrote:
Does Aloris have any idea what would happen if he applied blood to the altar?

Blood magic is powerful and very good for you. By the way, the party is not cursed, you are capable of any normal actions, you just feel a strong depression. I hope you guys didn't get the idea you couldn't leave the area...sorry if you did...

Waiting for the others anyway, if they leave Kalyn will as well,hope the depression has a limited duration

DM Nick wrote:
Aloris of the Survik Clan wrote:
Does Aloris have any idea what would happen if he applied blood to the altar?

Blood magic is powerful and very good for you. By the way, the party is not cursed, you are capable of any normal actions, you just feel a strong depression. I hope you guys didn't get the idea you couldn't leave the area...sorry if you did...

Very good for me?

Aloris of the Survik Clan wrote:
Very good for me?

That was an attempt at sarcasm. After about 15 mins the feelings of self pity and fear begin to fade. You still feel an unpleasent ringing in your ears, coming from the cave. It's as if something is calling to you. You could return to the chantry and tell them what you have found, perhaps someone there would know more. Or you could try to destroy the altar yourself, and risk another mental attack.

Who ever made the altar it certainly isn't human, dwarf, or elf which means it certainly isn't good, or harmless. That said it could certainly be educational.

Male Dwarf Templar lvl 1

"zzzzzzz *Pop* Huh...wha...who...where? Oh. I must of dozed off. Egad what is that annoying ringing. Beh lets get out of here."

When we arrive at the chantry, I address the mother. "Your reverence. Me and some comrades came across an evil darkspwan alter in the woods not farm from the farmer who posted the request on the chanter's board. This thing must be destroyed. I regret to say that I myself may not be strong enough. Others of the order may have greater prowess to deal with this thing. I say at least it must not be left alone. It is a danger to all in this area and should be dealt with in the utmost urgency." I say this in the most dignified tone I can muster. I wait for her response.

If the rest of the party wants to go back to the chantry kalyn'll follow.Are we assuming we are already there or something else has to happen on the way?

When Kalyn recovers from her depression, she looks the others for a moment, says "Wait a minute please" a bit worried.
She cleans her face from the tears she has shed with some leaves,but still looks uneasy.
On the way "Please, don't mind what i said during that attack, and don't ask questions"

Aloris will go along with everyone to the chantry. He's interested in seeing what one looks like.

Net was down for a few days. Sorry bout that, will try to post a long one soon.


Sorry about the delay
-You return to the chantry. And our introduced to the Reverend Mother Elizabeta. She greets you, coldy it seems
I hear you have been investigating reports of darkspawn. Clearly these creatures are not a threat to us? We have already had trouble with outsiders and foreigners coming here to profit from our hardships.
She points to a woman standing in the corner. Her clothes seem exotic Any knowledge check you think related. The Reverened Mother continues This woman clams to be a greywarden, and to have been 'called' here by something. She says our town is threatened by something ancient and evil. I myself see no need to panic as the threat of blight has been ended by the Hero of Ferelden. Although we all owe the greywardnes a great deal, why has a foreigner come here? Haven't we wardens of our own? What is worse this 'woman' is an apostate, and makes no secret of being a mage.

Kalyn,still slightly shocked by what happened outside the cave, remains silent. She just greets the self proclaimed Grey Warden.

Male Dwarf Templar lvl 1

Dargail stares at the mother. "We discover an evil darkspawn alter and a warden happens to show up lookin fer evil? Coincidence? I tink not."

Dargail makes his way over to the warden. "Scuse me madam. I understand you are a grey warden in search of darkspawn evil. I will start with an introduction. My name is knight lieutenant Dargail Bogan. I wer out investigat'n a darkspwan treat wen I happ'n upon some kinda evil darkspawn alter. Bein ill equipped ta handle such a think. I an da folks I wer travelin wit left it. Since the good chanry mother doesn't seem ta recognize the severity of this treat, I will take matters in ta my own hands an ask yer assistance in dealin wit dis problem. Can I count on yer aid in dis endeavor?"

Kalyn takes a shower in the waiting

Male Qunari Fighter 1

*peeks cause he's curious...*

Maraas of the Tal-Voshoth wrote:
*peeks cause he's curious...*

And since when qunari are interested in elven women?

Male Qunari Fighter 1

You don't know the mysteries of the Qunari heart! lol...

The exoticly dressed woman answers Dargail and the party. She speaks with a delightful accent I am Susanna, a greywarden of Antiva, and see you have found what I am seeking. I have heard a strange 'call' to this area. Not so powerful as an arch demon, but something quiter, yet still threatening. I should like to go with you to this altar and see what it means. The Reverended mother finds me threatening as I was a hedge witch before being recruited as a warden. That was another part of my life, and one that the Mother need not worry about.
Susanna has a mage's staff on her back, and wears an antivan leather dress, trimmed with fur. She is clearly not poor.
LEVEL UP!Please use MAX hp
The Chantry pays you the 10 gold coins agreed on. You can try to sell some of the things you have found,or buy supplies. When you are ready you can return to the wood. Now would be a good time to make some potions.
End of Cahpter 1 The Altar

Male Dwarf Templar lvl 1

Dargail snorts. "Bah! I been bumpin inta wild mages all the live long day. I just come ta except it fer now. I will be watchin an ready though so don't get too cozy. Jest at da moment we got dem darkspawn ta worry about an yer da only greywarden about. So were allies. Welcome aboard. Honestly I don't feel da need to worry bout you anyways. Dem wardens usually have decent enough judgement ta trust so we'll head back to da alter afta some prep. Will that do?"

While gathering her money 10 gold each or to the party? each i hope Kalyn observes Susanna and her outfit.

"I'm not too eager of going back there, but maybe you can do something against that horrific thing.I need to have a bath, to buy and sell and other preparations myself. See you all later"

Then to the Mother Superior "Speaking of what, where a very dirty girl can have a good hot bath?"

10 gold coins each
The reverended mother suggests There is a inn, that is popular with passing wealthy travellers,I've seen many women with elven servants there. The name of the inn is The Unicorn

Kalyn quietly replies "I'll be heading there. Do we have a estabilished time and place to meet and return to work?"

"Also before i go, Dargail, who is going to sell the loot we don't use and to make sure we have potions for the next part ? I need to rest a lot, i could see into that later"

Level 2 for Kalyn completed. Check out if you please

This time, Kalyn performs a lap-dance

Male Qunari Fighter 1


I never said it was for free

Male Qunari Fighter 1

Maraas happily gives Kalyn is coin purse and his

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