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DM - Narkari's Kingmaker Campaign

Game Master Narkari

Chapter 1: Stolen Lands? Well, steal them back!

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Hello. This is my first attempt at running a PbP campaign. I know that Kingmaker is a very popular adventure path at the moment and I want to give more players a chance to try it out. It's a great path and for those who have not played it yet so I hope I can do it justice here. I will choose 4-6 players with 2 replacements.

Creation Deadline: Friday, June 1st, 12:00 Noon PST

Selections Published: Saturday afternoon after review

Build Rule

Material: NO THIRD PARTY. Paizo material only
Ability Scores: 20 Point buy
Races: Core. Possible consideration of others.
Class restrictions: No Gunslinger
Traits: Three total. Two + one Kingmaker trait from the Kingmaker Player's Guide.
Books: Core, APG, UC, and UM.
Average starting gold from each class. I will not be accepting any evil characters.

Application requirements:

Character concept: I do not need a long detailed history of your player. I would like a paragraph or two of your character concept, personality and background. Please add why your character wishes to be part of this group taking control of the Stolen Lands.

Posting: Being active for me will not be a probelm. I do not wish to close this due to inactivity of the players. If you cannot post at least one time a day I will give you a notice and wait two days before choosing one of the replacements.

A well balanced party is not required so do not worry about posting a character based off the needs of others. I will be choosing characters that will I beileve will intereact well together and belief of who the Swordlords of Restov would have chosen.

Post interest / questions / character below. Looking forward to a fun game - Cheers!

Hi there! I've been lurking on that previous thread for days waiting for this. I guess I should have made myself known so I could have gotten that extra look. Oh, well.

All the pertinent information is in my alias


Liberty's Edge

Reiterating my character concept and stating my interest in the new thread: I would like to play a human Bladebound magus with the Sword Scion trait. I will have a full concept and backstory posted just as soon as I make it with an alias.

Her Excellency Lady Umbriere Nera Nox Astrum Luna Moonwhisper IV, Shadow Tainted Neice of Earl Maximillian Moonwhisper. (Her Excellency Goes by the Alias Maximilia)

Race, Class and gender; Female Fetchling (Chelexian Ethnicity) Bard

Ability Scores (20 point Alotment)

Str 7 Con 7 Dex 16 Int 17 Wis 12 Cha 16

Feats; Toughness FC HP

Traits; Resilient (To shore up fortitude save) Focused Mind, Noble (Orlovsky, Diplomacy, Moonwhispers are an offshoot)

Trained Skills.

Climb +2 Acrobatics +7 Swim +2 Diplomacy +8 perform (oratory) +7 Perform (Dance) +7 Perception +5 Stealth +9 Sense Motive +5

Bardic Knowledge +4 (+6 for planes)

Class Abilities; Bardic knowledge, Bardic Performance (7 rounds/day) Countersong, Distraction, Fascinate, Cantrips

Gear; masterwork backpack, haramaki, belt pouch, 4 days rations, flint/steel, waterskin, nobles clothes, signet ring, hanbo, 10 silver pieces unspent.

Combat Info;

CMD 12 CMB -2 AC 14 Touch 13 Flat Footed 11 HP 10 Fort -1 ref +5 will +3

Resist Electricity/Cold 5 Senses; Darkvision 60 low light vision

Spells; 0 level (at will)
mage hand
ghost sound

1st level (2/day)

cure light wounds
disguise self

spell like abilities
disguise self 1/day

other; Shadow Blending (50% miss chance in dim light)

Character Concept. an Earl's Errant "Cursed" neice who seeks a cure for her supernatural seemingly incurable terminal illness. many clerics have failed, but she seeks leads towards what alchemists call the "Shard of Thassilon." a rare flower that supposedly, when the petals are brewed into a tea and the tea is consumed, cures any ailment.

Role; Face, Secondary Healer, Scout, Buffer,

physical description, a small framed young woman standing 5 feet tall, with ankle length black hair she wears in a pair of twintails and velvet textured crimson eyes. her skin, despite being unnaturally soft and smooth is pale as that of a ghost. appearing drained of color. her fancy monochrome ankle length dress is loose and longsleeved with many petticoats, mostly black with a white undershirt and a black tie. on her feet are a pair of black buckle on shoes and on her legs are a black pair of thighlength leggings protruding between the bottom of her dress and the top of her shoes. her small frame appears sickly and frail and she almost looks like a living china doll about to snap at any moment.

Made Garvok for another Kingmaker PBP and didn't make the cut, thought I'd give it another go here. Gunning for spymaster. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the character and thank you for your consideration.

Please message or post to me, I can understand many a reasons you'd have questions about this, just ask, all in the alias.

Definitely some great character concepts already.

Alan: I love the concept and liked that you added relations. I like knowing enough background because I like adding a bit into the story. You can also choose another standard trait if you wish.

Neo: I can't wait to hear more about your concept.

Lunas: Interesting concept but I would like to know a bit more about her backstory. I also do not like the fact that she is a Fetchling and would prefer that you chose another race.

Garvok:He is very interesting but I did set in my first post that I did not want any evil characters.

Russell I'll let you know when I have some questions.

Sweet, checked back in and excited to see that you've decided to follow through. I'll have my submission up in a bit.

Missed that bit, I'll switch him over to CN with a bit of background changing.

Here is Endrance, which is my (NeoSeraphi) character concept. Ask any questions you like of me. (Sorry if the background is longer than you wanted).

Can't wait to see it.

Thank you. I'll keep a eye on it.

Don't fret. I enjoy longer backgrounds. I wouldn't mind knowing a bit more about his personality but other then that it looks good.

Well, I'm off for the the night. If you have any questions please let me know. Characters are looking great so far.

Updated for CN. Didn't find his dad burning to death quite so humorous this time round, and his motivations for wanting power changed a bit.

Narkari wrote:

Lunas: Interesting concept but I would like to know a bit more about her backstory. I also do not like the fact that she is a Fetchling and would prefer that you chose another race.

the reason i went with a fetchling was to represent her shadowtouched taint. i updated her profile a bit and added a list of mansion connections. the race hinted at shadowtouched taint and is intended as part of her "Curse". she just wouldn't feel the same if she were a stock human or whatever.

edit; about her backstory. i added a section about her daily pre adventuring life of sneaking out to pick up gossip. she loves learning, especially about others. has a taste for the exotic, and enjoys honey because it helps her unhealthy drawback of frequently coughing up blood at inconvenient moments. her preffered performances are dance, poetry, and storytelling. like any noble, she appreciates fine art and colorful scenery.

I'll give it a shot. Submitting Kridor the Red for your approval. Let me know if any adjustments are required to qualify.

Narkari wrote:

Don't fret. I enjoy longer backgrounds. I wouldn't mind knowing a bit more about his personality but other then that it looks good.

Alright. I'll update that now.

Sovereign Court

Okay, here he is, Sade Aquino IV of Surtova.

Sade Aquino IV of Surtova

Narkari, if you’re worried about Umbriere being a Fetchling because it would make her more powerful than those of use choosing a base race (Fetchling being a 14 racial point race while human, elf, dwarf ect are 10 rp) might I suggest letting her trade her two non campaign traits for the race? That’s the trade off a DM of mine let me do to play a tiefling in his campaign, and it should roughly cover the power discrepancy.

Sovereign Court

Sade=Kybryn :D

Sovereign Court

NeoSeraphi wrote:
Reiterating my character concept and stating my interest in the new thread: I would like to play a human Bladebound magus with the Sword Scion trait. I will have a full concept and backstory posted just as soon as I make it with an alias.

Just a reminder that the trait does not grant proficiency with the weapon!

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Want to register my interest here, always loved Kingmaker, though as I was preparingto run it at one point I do have some knowledge of the first three or four books. Will try and avoid letting that affect me however.

Only just found this thread, so have yet to actually work up a character, but wanted to see whether my concept would be okay with you. Basically, I would like the play the upcoming Treesinger Druid archetype (Elf racial Archetype) from Advanced Race Guide. I know it's not quite out yet, but it's currently sitting in my sidecart, and I will have the PDF for it by the 15th of June. If that is okay with you then I will stat up a core elf druid with the Treant companion, and can change to the treesinger archetype once that is released.

If that's okay then I'll have a writeup for you in approx 12 hours.

Offical Character submission:

Ranzo vonLebeda - Male Human Fighter

Stats and Stature:

Ranzo vonLebeda- Male Human Fighter 1 Lawful Neutral - Age 22
Medium Length Black Hair braided back, Brown eyes, no facial hair
Height 6' 1" tall, Weight 180lbs. (Medium)
Homeland: Lebeda
Campaign Kingmaker

Strength 16 (+3)
Dexterity 14 (+2)
Constitution 12 (+1)
Intelligence 14 (+2)
Wisdom 10 (+0)
Charisma 13 (+1)


Climb* +3 = STR 3+0+0
Craft Carpentry +6 = INT 2+1+3
Profession Soldier +4 = WIS 0+1+3
Ride +6 = DEX 2+1+3
Survival +4 = WIS 0+1+3
Swim* +7 = STR 3+1+3
* Armor Check Penalty -5**

Saves and Numbers:

HP 11
Initiative +2
Action Points (Lifetime) 5

Base Speed [ 30 (6 sq.) ] In armor 20’
AC [19] = 10 + 5 [Scalemail] + 2 [Heavy Steel Shield] +2 [Dex] Touch AC [12] Flat-Footed [17]

Base Attack Bonus +1 Basic Melee Attack +4 Basic Ranged Attack +3
Weapon Attack Bonus Critical
Longsword +5 19-20 / x2 Slash 1d8+3
Shortbow +3 (+4 within 30’) 20 / x3 Pierce 1d6 (+1 within 30’)

Fortitude Save +3 = 2 [base] +1
Reflex Save +2 = 0 [base] +2
Will Save +0 = 0 [base] +0

CMB +4 = 1 [BAB] +3 [Str] +0 [size]
CMD +16 = 1 [BAB] +3 [Str] +2 [Dex] +0 [size] + 10

Carrying Capacity:
Light Load: 76lbs.
Medium Load: 153lbs.
Heavy Load: 230lbs.
Lift Over Head: 230lbs.
Lift Off Ground: 460lbs.
Push or Drag: 1150lbs.

Languages, Feats and Traits:

Languages: Common, Dwarven, Orc, Sylvan

Point Blank Shot
Mounted Combat
Weapon Focus (Long Sword)

Noble Born: Lebeda (One additional language {Sylvan})
Natural-Born Leader (+1 will save vs. mind affecting for followers)
Armor Expert: (-1 to armor check)


Ranzo is the forth son of one of the minor nobles of the Lebeda house. His family prides itself as one of giving the most service back to the Kingdom. Ranzo grew up well outside the effect of the house seat at Silverhall, not learning interhouse politics. As a child, he and several other children gathered together, hunted and killed a young bear that had killed a friend’s dog. Ranzo keep the skull that was given to him by the children as a prize to this day. His family was mad but proud at the same time. The family business came easy to him, learning from his father and uncles. He always knew that he was destined to become a solider in the Kingdoms military, then taking that back and teaching the new generation of his house. When he was seventeen, he was given a direct commission as a junior officer in the heavy infantry. He served the way he that he was taught by his family; leading from the front during the fighting and watching and protecting his troops back in peace. After four years and one promotion, Ranzo became disillusioned with the senior officer corp. He was putting together bits of conversations and some orders that the troopers are only numbers and don’t care if they live or die as long as the goal is reached. He hoped it was a singular occurrence, received a transfer to another unit (engineering and siege), and saw it was worse there, because he was closer to the headquarters.
At the end of his term he did not re-enlist, he said it because his Mother died and went back home. His father, Vessy von Lebeda was still emotional over the death of his wife, Elsignor. He only seemed to spit acid at his son who he thought wasted his opportunity. His two uncles, Klagas and Rothswater did their best to shield Ranzo from this, but ultimately failed.
He gathered his possessions and moved East. He worked a year as a caravan guard, bouncer and bodyguard for a year. He felt that he was spinning his wheels and heard of the advertisement for the Shattered lands and directly applied.
Ranzo is looking for a group of people that he can think on like family, he misses his, but feels it is inappropriate at this time to go home. He wants to make it on his own instead of being given a job by his father. He falls in easier with other swordsmen, taking more time with magic slingers. He will never betray anyone that is at least a travelling companion, it is not his way. Commanding troops comes easy to him and will take over that role without thinking. He hopes this is the first step to making something more out of his life.


Good Friend: Current military officer, Renault Youngs; a peer of his during his military service, the type of friend he would drop everything for.

Friend: Daughter of a large Inn and provision store, Onora Ui'Rauirc, a brown haired busty woman that he has dated before and wants to again.

Acquaintance: Kelvach Mivoric, factor for a caravan company, organizes guards and security for same.

See me fail: My Father, he has softened during the last year and wants me to come home, he has a job for me.

See me dead: Anton Surtova, a Baron’s son surviving on his fathers’ financial allotment, supposedly going to school. I kicked him out of the bar, broke his nose and insulted him all at the same time.


Shield heavy steel
Long sword
Short bow
60 arrows
Grappling Hook
Clay Jug with Lebeda crest
Common Lamp
Mug with Lebeda crest
3 pints oil
10 pitons
Miners pick
Iron Pot
4 belt pouches
100' Hemp Rope
3 sacks
Sewing needle with thread
Signal Whistle
1 lbs soap
10 torches
3 waterskins
Artisan tools (carpentry)

Thanks for the opportunity, I just lost out on the last opening, this is my second submission, let me know if you need anything else. If selected, I will make a alias for the character.

I put this guy up for consideration. ;)

So not to be selfish, but as I'm the one who originally posted this, I expect to be selected. Not trying to be a jerk or anything, just seems like a pretty fair expectation to have given the circumstances.

That being said, I present Quentin Lovelace, Inquisitor of Cayden Cailean.

Born into a minor merchant family in Restov, Quentin and his two older brothers watched their father in the forge and minded the shop most of their youth. Aiden, the oldest, made his father proud by apprenticing to the older smith from a young age. Phillip, the middle, surprised no-one when he joined the local militia, the stocky, aggressive boy's constant fight-picking between his brothers turned toward a more useful purpose in a martial profession.
Quentin, though...never really seemed to have any definable interest that could be turned towards a good honest professions, much to his stern father's chagrin. He seemed more adept at finding ways to escape his tutor and slack off than anything else, shirking his duties as often as possible to slip away to the local "temple" of Caiden Caylean.
Not that Quentin was particularly devout, far from it. The "temple" - a festhall, really - simply was the most interesting place he could think of to be. The colorful dress of the revelers and exciting stories they would tell of exotic adventures seemed to be the main draw, and given the nature of the temples faithful, there was hardly ever a lack of them.
Fortunately, one of the friars there saw too it that the young rogue never got in -too- much trouble, even threatening the boy with a report to his parents if he felt a particular "adventure" with some of the other boys he met at the tavern would land the youngster in -too- much trouble.
Friar Nigel, as he was called, guided the boy's adventuresome spirit as best he could, but his father still didn't approve of his lack of focus. In his late teens, one particular bout of harsh words with his father ended with the observation by his father that, "for all the time you spend there, you'd think you were a friar yourself!"
Though it didn't seem much to Quentin at the time, the more he thought about it in the following days, the more spreading the folk wisdom of Cayden Caylean he'd learned over the years - all of which fit onto a single scroll, fortunately - didn't seem like such a bad idea. After all, wasn't that was friars did? Adventure, fight monsters, and meet women - all as a holy mission!
So it was that Quentin joined the church of Cayden Caylean as formally as is possible. Under the further tutelage of Friar Nigel and some of the cit's other brothers, he quickly found that the life of a cleric, even that of Cayden Caylean, wasn't as exciting as he thought it might be.
Quentin also wasn't the most faithful youngster at the "abbey," sometimes finding ways to shirk prayer time and other less glamorous duties when he could get away with it. Spending time goofing off, even though he had voluntarily dedicated himself to Cayden Caylean's service, seemed to persist into his apprenticeship. He seemed to always be one of most well-informed brothers in the abbey, spending as much time carousing with ne'er-do-wells as he did actually performing his duties.
Friar Nigel saw the boy's talents could be put to use in Cayden Caylean's service in ways that might suit him better - and so he was made one of the very, very few Inquisitors of the church of Cayden Caylean. When things needed finding out or something dangerous was rumored to be going on, Quentin was there to ferret it out. Mostly mundane dangers such as intrigues amongst the other churches or local guilds, but as his years in service grew, some church elders saw his quick mind suited for something darker - the recognition of the Demonic and its influence in society. Schooled as well as he could be about most things Infernal and other related studies, he has found himself in an interesting position, having received a Letter of Marque delivered to him by the Church of Cayden Cailean. Apparently the need of the Rostland nobility for those skilled at diplomacy, treachery, and arms meets quite neatly with the desire of the Church to root out cults of varying sorts in the Stolen Lands - which has until now been unfeasible. But with a group of equally skilled adventurers being sent south, the chance to establish the faith, root out heretics, and root the interests of the Church in the founding of a new kingdom is too great to pass up, and Quentin has been chosen for the task.

Quentin is a confident, gregarious sort more oft than not, quick with a smile and a joke and keenly aware of the force of his own presence. Following his own mish-mash of ideas regarding good and evil that mostly fit in with the teachings of Cayden Caylean, he sees little problem with lies, misdirection, and double-dealing if it's in the name of a greater good.
While generally quite talkative and friendly, Quentin's familiarity with disguise goes beyond the applying of an eyepatch or fake mustache; keenly in control of his emotions and body language when the situation warrants it.

Standing about average height, Quentin isn't much a physical specimen - in fact, one might say his most outstanding characteristic is his fit into the average - neither attractive nor unattractive, of middling height, and possessing the same dark hair and eyes as half the rest of the population. He'd be easy to miss in a crowd even if you were looking for him.
Quentin has no "average" outfit - never too far from his trusty traveling trunk, his myriad collection of clothing allows for outfits that are suited to the task at hand, from impressing the local gentry in finery to skulking in shadows as a pickpocket.

Hey Garvok and Septa from the last recruitment. Good luck!

Narkari, I added the extra trait. Thanks.

Hello Alan, Garvok, good luck!

I would like to offer up my Half-elf Inquisitor(infiltrator) of Calistria, all his information is on his alias let me know if I forgot anything.

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'll submit Bridgette

Sade Aquino IV wrote:

Just a reminder that the trait does not grant proficiency with the weapon!

The Aldori dueling sword can be used without the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat, in which case, it functions exactly like a longsword with a different name.

And a sincere good luck to infoweasel.

Sovereign Court

Endrance wrote:
Sade Aquino IV wrote:

Just a reminder that the trait does not grant proficiency with the weapon!

The Aldori dueling sword can be used without the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat, in which case, it functions exactly like a longsword with a different name.

And a sincere good luck to infoweasel.


the race point system is flawed.

here is what the fetchling gets
+2 Dex/Cha -2 wis. not too bad
Shadow resistances; these 2 types aren't as common as fire
Shadow blending; this can be negated by either having darkvision or casting a light spell.
Disuise Self 1/day (flsvor)
Dsrkvision 60
Low Light Vision
+2 to stealth and knowledge (planes) skill bonuses are overpriced
Later abilities i am willing to drop if RP cost is truly an issue
Plane Shift (gained at 13th) 1/day
Shadow Walk (gained at 9th) 1/day

I suppose I should not be surprised with the activity while I have been gone. Where to get started?

Thank you for changing you alignment and the suggestion.

Thank you for adding more to you background. I may ask you later to give up something in exchange for your race as Garvok suggested but will think on it a bit more.

Thank you. Gave me everything I asked for. You may take one more trait if you wish since you only have two listed.

Thank you for updating.

Another very engaging concept. Thank you for submitting. I noticed he had four feats instead of three and am curious if this is a mistake or am I missing something that grants you another feat.

I do find the concept very entertaining to play with so I will give the ok for you to try it out. I hope to see the build soon.

Another great character. Gave me everything and I can't find a problem with it. Thank you!

Thank you and he is definitely up for consideration.

You may expect whatever you wish. I will not make any promises. I consider it fair to judge everyone while those that gave me a idea get extra consideration. Quentin may also take more traits.

Thank you for submiting. Looked good.

Last but not least. Bridgette looks great. Gave me everything I wanted and more. May also select one more trait.

Later abilities i am willing to drop if RP cost is truly an issue
Plane Shift (gained at 13th) 1/day
Shadow Walk (gained at 9th) 1/day

these 2 abiltiies make up the bulk of my Race Points.

maybe turn resist 5 cold and electricity into +2 on saves made against those energy types.

i could also make a gentlemens agreement not to minmax her excellency to the hilt.

Sovereign Court

Narkari wrote:

I suppose I should not be surprised with the activity while I have been gone. Where to get started?

Another very engaging concept. Thank you for submitting. I noticed he had four feats instead of three and am curious if this is a mistake or am I missing something that grants you another feat.

No problem, it's from the "Heirloom Weapon" trait. Since it's been errata'd, I chose the first option, which is proficiency with a chosen weapon. Since I get a sword from the trait "Sword Scion" I would be interested to know if you'd allow the the benefits of the original text minus the masterwork sword.

Heirloom Weapon:
You carry a weapon that has been
passed down from generation to generation in your
family. This heirloom weapon is of masterwork quality
(but you pay only the standard cost at character creation).
You gain a +1 trait bonus on attack rolls with this specific
weapon and are considered proficient with that specific
(but not other weapons of that type) even if you
do not have the required proficiencies.

edit: Actually, scratch that. Trait bonuses don't stack. If I were able to gain the original benefits of the trait, instead of Sword Scion I'd take Noble Born (Surtova), but i'm pleased with things as they are if not.

I was worried about my background being too short. If you want more of anything feel free to ask. ^.^

Narkari wrote:

I suppose I should not be surprised with the activity while I have been gone. Where to get started?

You may expect whatever you wish. I will not make any promises. I consider it fair to judge everyone while those that gave me a idea get extra consideration. Quentin may also take more traits.

I suppose that's as good as I could hope for given that I'm not DM'ing. Thanks.

Also in regards to poison crafting. Looking at this guide and this Paizo PF message borad thread, making poison takes a long time and is pretty expensive. I was wondering, in regards to those poisons made from natural components - e.g. blue whinnis, terinav root, hemlock and such - could one not bypass or reduce the need to 'pay' for components by using Survival to go out and find them? Or maybe Knowledge (Nature)?

Just asking as I'm trying to balance his budget and starting off with some poison darts for his blowgun would be great, assuming that he would have had the time to go looking for the necessary ingredients and such.

In regards to the first link above, I was actually looking for something almost exactly the listed 'knock-out' poison. Not trying to kill people, just effectively make some tranq darts.

Finally, traits have been added.

Umbriere: For now don't worry about it. It's not that powerful of a race and if its shown to powerful in game if your chosen we can handle it at another time.

Sade:Ah. I see that now. One giving you the proficiency to use it while the other gives a bonus. As long as we agree you only have one sword I see no problem with taking both. They don't give the same bonuses.

Arumil: It was fine. I enjoy reading more about the character but it is not mandatory.

infoweasel: It would be a high knowledge nature check I would have you roll before we started playing. Then the necessary alchemy and a chance that you were hit by the poison yourself. It certainly may be possible for your character but they would have to succeed on a few high rolls first and take the chance they might be suffering from poison in the beginning of the game. Honestly, I think he may be a bit too low in level for finding and using poison and if chosen he might just find some later down the road.

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Glad you like Bridgette,
I'll add the charming trait.

thanks *Sighs in relief*

Sounds fair enough, would probably a bit complicated at low levels anyway.

Just because their are so many applicants and I expect more to come I'm going to move the Creation Deadline to Wednesday evening and selections published Thursday Morning. I'm eager to start with so many great concepts and hope to begin Thursday afternoon. I hope this is acceptable to everyone.

I will think a little on adding to his background. I keep it simple sense DMs in the past used my character info to bite me in the butt. XD

Sovereign Court


I've added more background info to my character if you like that kind of stuff. A lot of it is specific to Inner Sea Guide, Inner Sea Primer, and Campaign Setting, so it can be as engaging as you'd like to make it (I would love for any of this stuff to come in as plot hooks if the opportunity arises)!

As for the deadline, I think that's a good idea. I can understand how it could get overwhelming. I'm busy mornings and free in the early afternoons so that type of schedule works for me.


@Endrance re: Arcane Strike:

Arcane Strike cannot be 'always on.' Is only last for 1 minute, requires a swift action to activate, and can only be used for as many minutes per day as you have Arcane Pool points. So in your case, 4 minutes (40 rounds @ 10 rounds / use) per day.

Just pointing that out as I just spent a decent amount of time playing a Magus in a live PF game.

The Arcane Strike feat: As a swift action, you can imbue your weapons with a fraction of your power. For 1 round, your weapons deal +1 damage and are treated as magic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. For every five caster levels you possess, this bonus increases by +1, to a maximum of +5 at 20th level.

I think you believe he is talking about the Arcane pool the Magus is granted. Both are two different abilities. As long as he doesn't use any more swift actions he can use it every round.

Sade & Arumil: Thank you for adding more. I love having more info.

Added a little more to my background. As for posting I can post most of the time. Once a day is no problem or a few times a day etheir. Making a spoiler with my guy's goals, doubt even at the end of Kingmaker that he would be half done. Still enjoy. ;D

Arumil's Goals:

Thought I would let you know what this character seeks to do in Kingmaker. He wants to reclaim any elven relics/ruins/treasures/etc etc. Also create a settlement for all elves the forlorn most of all. Create friendly relationships with the rest of the world and break his race's isolation policy. As well as recreate or restore the portal network of the elf gates, only among friendly allies anyways.

@Narkari: Ahh, right you are. Didn't see that he had that feat...effectively replicates part of Arcane Pool's ability for free, 1 round at a time. Interesting.

Alright Narkari, Peanuts here, and here is my Druid, hope you like him :) Haven't statted the Companion up yet, but can do that relatively simply, just have to do it by hand rather than Hero Labs :p

Hmm, I'm surprised I'm the only one who seems to have submitted a druid for this wilderness heavy AP. Not even any Rangers either.

I would like to submit my character idea / backstory.

I apologize for the length.

this is only the background story character sheet will follow once I had a chance to flesh it out a bit.

concept will be a Human Druid Eagle Shaman.

I need to create his own tribe and I stole a bit of a character concept from the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting I originally created this character for back in 3.0 days.

Chief White Eagle:

Arcadia, the mysterious continent, lies across the Arcadian sea. A place of mystery and wonder; Centuries ago Ulfen settlers called Arcadia their new home, until the natives took offence to their presence and nearly drove them from their home.

The native tribes called skraelings by the Ulfen settlers were considered savage and ruthless. But this I can tell you is not entirely true.

I am White Eagle, son of Ten Bears, and I am a skraeling. Though I was not born on the land my ancestors once called home My Father and I have held to the teachings passed down to us by my father’s father and his father before him. I am of the Defohy tribe, Nomads always moving with the changing seasons making our home in the plains of Arcadia in places where our horses may graze and the fish are abundant.

The Defohy depended on the land for their survival. The earth and rivers provided roots and berries, fish and game. Farming and land ownership were foreign to the Defohy. They believed (and still do today) the earth was not to be disturbed by hoe and plow. The land was their home, not a commodity to be bought or sold.
Chief Yellow Wolf, a relative of Chief Ten Bears said, “We were always here. The Great Spirit placed us on this land of ours.”

Many miles south of the Ulfen settlement others from your world also journeyed to Arcadia. Settlers, seeking trees, animals and metals came to our home. These settlers moved into land we have journeyed to for countless generations. We sought to make peace with the newcomers and many of them welcomed us. We showed the settlers how to farm the soil in Arcadia and where to hunt good food. The Ulfen were friends. My people called all who came to our land as Ulfen as we had no concept of the different races of other lands. To us what you call elf was called spirit beings that were as mysterious to us as our home is to you.

Not all settlers who came to our home were friend. Bad Ulfen, I have learned were called Cheliax in your tongue, came to take gold from the hills and mountains of Arcadia. They enslaved many skraeling to dig the gold from the earth.

My ancestors became scattered and many were sent on ships to Cheliax home. Among them was my grandfather Chief Charlo, whose wife was with child. My father was the first of the skraelings to be born on this new world.

My father was strong and it is said that he had the strength of a bear and would do the work of ten men and so was given the name Ten Bears. Ten Bears was a slave like all the skraelings brought over to Cheliax.

However the Great Spirit saw what was happening to the people of Arcadia and took pity on them. Many skraelings were freed when guardians of freedom who bore the sign of the eagle freed our people.

Ten Bears lead a small group of Defohy north until we found land to call home in what is called Restov Plains. There. Our people prospered living peacefully on the plains and many new Defohy were born.

Ten Bears took a wife and bore a son, White Eagle.

For many years my people lived freely on the Rostov plains, trading goods with the settlements in this new land. My brother, Swift Elk, would lead hunting parties and trade furs with other Ulfen hunters and trappers.

Soon though Cheliax warriors would try and destroy the peace my people have created. (Note Cheliax is the name given to all human bandits, brigands, or other unsavory types, including warlords). Many disguised as Defohy attacked and scalped local Brevoy villagers.
Trust of the local villages and settlements was beginning to deteriorate. Ten Bears journeyed to the Ulfen city of Restov to plead the case of our people.

The Mayor agreed to a treaty with Ten Bears. The Defohy people would provide one of their own and explore the place called the Stolen Lands and there the Defohy could go and make a new home. And in return the people of Restov would assist and help protect the Defohy people.

During this time White Eagle had recently returned from his journey of the Wyakin to receive his guardian spirit. White Eagle had a vision while alone that he would be a great leader of his people guiding them to new lands and better hunting grounds. White Eagle was to go to fulfill Ten Bears promise to the Chief of Restov.

The Defohy have a strong belief in dreams and visions. Young boys and girls went alone to remote places hoping to receive knowledge of a personal guardian spirit. This personal WYAKIN would warn them of danger and give them special powers. In all phases of daily life, the Defohy thought of the spirits of forces and objects around them as supernatural WYAKIN

If there any Kingdoms of Kalamar fans out there I can send them the original story for that game world setting. (totally different than what is posted here.

Sovereign Court

Alendiri Faladiir wrote:

Hmm, I'm surprised I'm the only one who seems to have submitted a druid for this wilderness heavy AP. Not even any Rangers either.

Flavor > cheese in my book! I think the druid/ranger thing works really well, as long as it fits the character, background, and his motives!

Thank you for your help, infoweasel. As Narkari pointed out, you were mistaken, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate it. I'm still new to PF and I make mistakes all the time, so I'm always grateful to have outside people checking out my sheets and giving me feedback.

Hmm, I'm surprised I'm the only one who seems to have submitted a druid for this wilderness heavy AP. Not even any Rangers either.

Huh. You're right. That is pretty surprising. I would have rolled a ranger for this game, but I'm already playing an Urban Ranger in a Council of Thieves game that just started.

Druids are fun, but I wanted to be Lawful Good. The swordlord concept just called to me for this game.

Best of luck, hope you get picked.

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