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DM Mittean's Greed of the Runelord's of Eberron (Inactive)

Game Master mittean

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And the bar at the top that connected discussion, gamethread and campaign tabs...where the bloody hell did that go? Bugger.

Edit: Oh there it is. It showed up after I posted this...

Male Human Pistolero 1

Why was Wanderer invited to the party?

Honestly, I'm guessing he wasn't invited. More likely, Marrada was, and Wanderer tagged along as her "+1."

Although he is pretty sentimental about weddings and young love, for numerous reasons...

Is the Wanderer on good terms with Sheriff Avertin?

Male Human Pistolero 1

No reason he would not be.

He is an out of work cowboy with a revenge complex & a chip on his shoulder. Not sure if that'll complicate things.

Sherriff Avertin likely makes a point to know what you're up to, but since you've never caused real trouble, it has made you two good friends. He invited you.

Kendra invited Marrada.

Anything else we need to discuss before we go on this? Any more questions?

Darn it I forgot to mention in my background....I hate that b&~*&. :D. Lol

All sounds good to me

Male Human Pistolero 1

Let's roll.

LMAO. You hate Kendra? Alright...Casp invited you as well, Marrada.

Alright, go ahead on over to the game. Anything else we find we'll address as we go.

You two are sitting in the back row, talking to each other. :)

I'm going to have Marrada call "The Wanderer", "Uncle". His protective tendencies reminder her of one of her uncles back home who acted similarly. Plus, she can't be calling him Mr Wanderer or "hey, wanderer"...Uncle works much better.


Male Human Pistolero 1

Hurricane Sandy messing up my schedule.

May be offline for a bit.

Go ahead & bot my pc if needed.

You're fine. :) Any conversations Marrada has will just assume you are there. Hope all is well.

Male Human Pistolero 1

Survived the storm ok, but no power at my house.

I'll try to play from my phone, and/or laptop at the GFs house.

Thanks, mate. Welcome back. Glad you survived. :)

Yeah sounds like it was a interesting facts ride

Male Human Pistolero 1

Appreciate it.

Glad it turned out like it did.

I have a question for you both on "table" protocol.

A lot of times, as a DM at a table, I will roll a characters save, or skill check, (especially for things like perception and sense motive), and tell them what they sense, rather than state "give me a sense motive. You got a 4? You sense he's telling the truth."

Because now the player knows the guy is lying. And their character will act suspicious to him, almost no matter what. I've seen the best players do it. I've done it.

But if I just say "he seems sincere in what he's saying", because I know you failed a roll (cause I rolled it), you get to roll-play more sincerely, plus feel the mystery and shock when the truth is revealed that the guy is a lying jerk.

My question is this: I don't ever want to take rolls from you...that's a lot of the fun. But are you two okay if I do this on occasion, for story effect? Not all the time...just on occasion.

An example would be my last post under "Crunch". Please don't normally look under those, but go ahead this time. You'll see I rolled all the checks...your characters failed the Sense motive. So what you see is what your character knows. What I described. No suspicion that shouldn't be there.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? I'm willing to do either, I just like this to keep the story "real" and engaging, and it actually speeds things up on occasion. :)

That's ok by me :)

Male Human Pistolero 1

Good by me.

I often do similar things at the table myself

Sweet. I accept that. :)

I'm going to wait a little longer for PsionicHamster, what with the storm and all. Don't want to leave him out too much. :)

Massive post just eaten. And it was beautiful. Grrr. Have to head to an event this evening. I'll post after. Then I am off to LA again tommorrow on a bright early AM flight.

When I'm doing big posts ,ie updating a profile I do it in Notepad then copy it over, that way I won't timeout :)

Yeah...I usually don't have that issue. I'll try and type it up again tonight.

As I posted earlier, I am heading to LA for AFM, and about a dozen meetings with production houses and a couple of the mini-majors. I'll be busy, but I'll check it daily, and try to post daily as well. I'm enjoying crafting this again, letting me stretch my legs telling a story. I hope you guys are liking it.

Yup I likes it ! :)

Male Human Pistolero 1


I'm home.

Each of you gain 50 XP for RPing at the wedding.

Marrada, you gain 180 XP for posting, and Wanderer you gain 140 XP.

I'm sure you both saw the post in Shackled City about my next trip, so I won't repeat it here. :)

Both of you need to pick your languages, btw. One for Wanderer, three for Marrada.

And post your XP on your page, along with a running tally of all I award, please. :)

And the first Silver Tsuto award, as per NobodysHome's campaign thread that I love, goes to the goblins critical fumble of a natural 1 followed by a natural 100 on a d100. Shoving your torch down your mates throat and then having him fireball your face, killing you both, all the while Marrada stands FF...brilliant.

I was laughing too hard when I wrote that.

Sorry, been on location with the Discover channel the last few days. I'll try and gat a post up tonight. :)

I'm flying to LA this morning for two days. I'll keep up on this campaign. :) Welcome back you two.

Wanderer, how fairs back east after the hurricane? Since the news is covering bupkis on it now.

Male Human Pistolero 1

Most of the shoreline had some damage.

Still some people out of homes, but mostly everyone is back to normal.

Jersey & NYC got whacked but good...Staten Island & the Jersey Shore are still patching themselves together.

Dark Archive

Male Hagspawn Witch 13/Souldrinker 2

Just following along for now. Enjoying the story/dynamic thus far!

Thanks and welcome. Our DM is a bit of sickie right now, hopefully he's feeling better soon :)

Not yet, *cough, cough*. I'll get better, though.

What u need is some 'tussin :)

Totally thought about getting some...but I'm mostly through it now. Mostly.

Male Human Pistolero 1

'Tussin fixes everything.

Oh wait, no, that's Windex

I got the 'Tussin 30 minutes after you mentioned it. Like, "Oh my God, how did I forget about that nasty miracle working stuff?"

I feel much better today. :) Thanks Wanderer!

I say we continiue adventuring? What say you all? Lol.

Oh sure thank wanderer and not me....sheesh. ;)

Glad to hear you're feeling better!

Male Human Pistolero 1

Sure. If you're feeling better,that sounds fantastic!

LMAO. That is how out of it I have been, and why I have not posted. That is a minor offense compared to some of the bat-Scheiße stuff I have done and said the last few days.

My posts would have been meeningless, illogical, and told the story wrong. When I look at that - I totally did, Marrada...I read it wrong, 100%, lmao.


Alright, I need both of your Round 4 actions. :)

Still haven't quite kicked this cough. Sorry, mates. Lets kick out some more!

You each gain 235 XP.

Wanderer you are at 425, and Marrada you are at 465.

Great job, you guys. :)

Thanks Mittean, hope your feeling better

Mostly. This thing has been ridiculously tenacious.

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