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DM Maslen's Second Darkness PF Conversion (Inactive)

Game Master Pathfinder Maslen

The third largest city in Varisia, Riddleport is also the most notorious. It is here that the machinations of an ancient race, once again boil up out of the Darklands and into the light. The sinister plots of the subterranean underwriters manifest!

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Male Human DM/32

It's just like any other day in Riddleport as it is in any other city of the world. People mill about for their own reasons with motivations and goals like any other being out there, yet in Riddleport, the 'average' citizens' means of achieving their goals is not what most in Golarion would coin to be congenial. Even though the city is moving toward a more civilized order, it is still a city birthed on piracy and raiding and this be the reason why Riddleport so thrives! One may build wealth to last him a lifetime yet many covet the success of the 'lucky' few who do, so heed well all ye prospectors, protect that which you glean with your blood, sweat and wit.

As all residents and visitors well know, a shadow has lingered in the sky near town for many weeks now. That is to say that enough time has passed that business must continue as normal,lest those distracted from their own concerns, give opportunity to the focused and relentlessly motivated. The scholars and cyphers make it their business however and the influx of academics to Riddleport to study both the Blot and the Cyphergate has stirred the cauldron of commerce and palms are itching about every corner.

There are some particular souls within Riddleport at this time who are either desperate to make a swift gold purse or are interested in turning a quick profit. Whatever the point of view of the individual matters not to the owner of Golden Goblin Gaming Hall who is organizing a gala to celebrate the reopening of his grand investment. In almost every tavern and inn commons in town there are flyers posted spurring rowdy discussions about ones luck in fortune and whether it be ample enough to enter and win. This seems to have increased of late, the tabletop gambling and swindling in all districts by those trying to earn a purse enough to buy entry to the tourney.

Before you Post:
See discussion thread for your character please.

Male Human DM/32

Tonight is the evening of the tournament. You ready yourself for whatever the evening may bring and make your way to the establishment. Your first indication that you are nearly there is the throng of voices and buzz of excitement coming from down the cobbled road. A large group of people wait eagerly out front in a semi ordered line to gain entry into the gala. You also notice small groups of suspicious looking vagrants milling about in the shadows in the surrounding alleys, no doubt appraising those in attendance. You think to yourself, 'Someones getting fleeced tonight whether it be the person or the house,' the thought alone causing you to hustle forward a little quicker to join the line of hopefuls. A breeze gusts bringing with it the unmistakeable pong of the river and turn to see the moonlight shimmering off its waters in the distance. Unusual how something so 'down trodden' can still appear beautiful at times. You snap out of that revery and as you continue to wait you appraise the building knowing that this grand establishment has seen better days. A wide veranda runs along the front between two short wings of the building. A massive, brass half-dome tops the building, but it is now tarnished and marred by the impact of years of weathering and bears a patina of greenish brown. This all due to the slide toward order in Riddleport accelerating, the once thriving wharf district has fallen on hard times and prosperity has moved to the Free-coin District mostly under Cromarcky's ownership.

A gorgeous young female appears at the top of the stair and greets you all saying, 'Welcome to the Gold Goblin, the hot spot for turning fortunes and winning wagers beneath the arch. Looking for the squarest games, most honest dealers, and prettiest blamed barmaids anywhere in the port? Well, you found em, sugar! Ready to be a rich man? Hope so, cause tonight’s your night. Belly up to a table and get to winnin, we’ve got the gold to make your dreams glitter. Good drink, fine food, and warm company’s extra, but we’ve got all that too—at prices so cheap we might as well be giving it away. So find a spot, honey, order a pint, and leave it all to us, cause here, even a goblin could win his weight in gold!

Cheers ring out from the crowd as the greeter departs, obviously some of those in attendance are already half drunk and looking to stay in the same high spirits. As long as it takes the edge off their luck may their spirits soar higher.

Standing before the main doors of the building is an 8-foot-tall statue cast in shining gold to resemble a larger than-life goblin. It balances a golden dogslicer on a pile of gold as it smiles smugly down on all customers who pass beneath its gaze.

Goblin Statue

The doors themselves are of a strong dark wood imported from southern lands and are decorated with multiple panels depicting signs of luck and good fortune (four-leaf clovers, crossed fingers, and so on).

Just inside the main doors, two sultry beauties scantily clad and
wearing faux bat wings, devil horns, and tails play the part of
alluring succubi. Both are employees of the Gold Goblin, and they cheerfully register contestants for the tournament and process entry fees of 1gp after the contestant agrees to sign a 'Cheat the Devil' Contract.

Gamers Contract

Armed guards stand nearby to either side of an immense treasure chest into which each patron’s entry fee is added. The guards are on hand to not only protect the money, but to prevent any overzealous admirers from trying to dare the infamous touch of a succubus. Beyond the registration table is the hall’s game floor. Dozens of gamblers, waitresses dressed as succubi, and bouncers mill about the room, wandering amid tables offering various games while dealers shuffle cards, roll dice, and spin wheels. Moving through this throng are a dozen more of the barely clad, batwinged vixens serving drinks and batting coal-black eyelashes flirtatiously for tips. In the center of the chamber is a short podium atop which sits a massive gold chest affixed to the floor by similarly gaudy chains. On either side of it stands a barechested bouncer in the exotic garb of some foreign sultan’s
court. Each stands with muscled arms crossed over his chest and with a naked scimitar of prodigious size tucked through his waistband. High above them, from the hall’s cloth-draped ceiling, hangs a brass birdcage within which crouches a small, bat-winged, pointy-tailed devilish creature that sulks as it gazes over the room and occasionally rattles the bars threateningly.

The casino floor is a wide room carpeted in rich red that has been recently patched in many places. Spread throughout the chamber are tables where different games are run. Silken banners hang from floor to ceiling along the walls, and wide vertical blinds are drawn over the windows. The ceiling 20 feet above, is draped in layers of horizontally hung, gauzy beige curtains. Light is provided by numerous chandeliers hanging below the ceiling as well as several large copper braziers spaced around the room with live coals to give the chamber a more hellish light. At the back of the chamber is a small dais bearing a bust of Desna, goddess of luck.

The Goblin in full swing

As the last of the hopefuls are registered and the doors close, the air of excitement peaks. Looking about the chamber, you number approximately 100 participants either already seated and trying their luck or rushing to either the cashier, the bar or the lavatory. The burly bouncers stick out among the thrall as do the sexy succubus-costumed barmaids.

When the windows begin darkening with twilight, several gamehall employees enter, carrying torches shaped like pitchforks skewering burning heads made of straw and cloth to light several large braziers,
giving the hall a more infernal hue. A hush falls over the gathered crowd as a short man climbs to the central podium, accompanied by two gorgeous “succubi,” and stands before the gold, chain-shrouded chest there with a demoness on either side. He wears a formal suit, and his thinning black hair is slicked back. His left arm ends in a stump just above the wrist, and affixed to it is a bronze cap from which protrudes an oddly shaped key. This is Saul Vancaskerkin, the owner of the Gold Goblin and host of the tournament. He bows before the crowd and clears his throat before speaking.

Saul Vancaskerin

“Welcome, one and all, to the Gold Goblin Gambling Hall and your chance to cheat the Devil and win back not only your soul but all of his gold as well.” He says this last as he pats the large chest before which he stands. “I hope you found your reception by the Devil’s lovely temptresses suitably entertaining.”

This is met by a general murmur of laughter and a few catcalls.

“Let’s take this moment to thank Old Scratch himself for attending this event. Not only did he loan us these lovely, dark angels, but he also emptied the deepest vaults of Hell itself to provide the gold for this tournament.”

He directs your attention to the creature in the Cage and Old Scratch flies into a flurry of rage, banging the cage bars, spitting, howling and screaming vile epithets at the crowd. The theatrics are greeted with both guffaws and a smattering of applause. As the crowd quietens down, Vancaskerkin continues.

“Of course, he plans on replacing what he loses in gold with the souls of those of you who don’t win. The tournament rules are quite simple—as you play, you’ll earn more chips. And with those chips, you’ll be able to bribe your way out of the current Hell you’re trapped in, working your way down deeper until you get to Old Scratch’s treasury. Currently, all of you are Old Scratch’s prisoners in the first of the Hells, Avernus. If you want to work your way down to the ninth circle, you need to win games. Each time you win, you’ll be awarded a golden eye. If you come in second, you’ll get a silver tooth. And third place wins a copper heart. These bits of flesh and bone are what the devils use in Hell for currency, and they’re what you’ll need to pay in order to bribe your way into the next layer of hell. The first player to win a game after reaching Nessus not only keeps his winnings for that game, but also earns back his soul and the ten thousand silver coins that the Devil put up for this tournament. You can, of course, decide to cash out your winnings at any time you want, but if you do, or if you run out of money entirely… well, that means Old Scratch gets you.”

Vancaskerkin grins evilly and the caged imp cuts loose with another
profane tirade.

“And that earns you the Devil’s Mark and an escort out of the game hall until the tournament is over. What, you ask, exactly is this Devil’s Mark? Well, it’s something too utterly horrible to even contemplate. The
forfeiture of your very soul, it is. But I suppose I can show you what it is— gods know I more than deserve the Devil’s Mark. In fact, better
make it two, girls!”

With that, the two succubi accompanying him lean over and each firmly plants a kiss on Saul’s cheek with her ruby-red lips. When they pull away, their lip rouge has left clearly visible prints in the same shocking red on his cheeks. Saul beams as he cries out.

“The Devil’s Mark, everyone!” which is greeted by a flurry of shouts, catcalls and hoots. “Now, let’s cheat the Devil and take his gold!” which prompts one more rabid flurry from the imprisoned fiend above, and with that, the tournament begins.

The Exchange

These was not at all what Valius expected. He wanted (needed) to find Lamm and if it would be anywhere in Riddleport this would be the place, but all this was - strange. Almost stranger than the creature in the cage.

Walking the length of the gambling den floor he didn't spit his target, and it fustratued him.

"Deep breaths. Deep breaths, and the mark will show itself no need to look." he could hear Earidissle saying to him. Just like all those times he did at practice.

"Were you here with me now," Valius mumbled to himself wishing the gnome wasn't miles away. He stood at the far wall and stood still taking deep breaths as he looked about the chaotic packed room.

"And where is my new friend, I wonder?" Valius thinks to himself. Shifting a hand through his sandy brown hair he wonders if it is getting hot in the room - like being in Hell.

By new friend I mean a PC - since I took Into Enemy Territory as my campaign trait. I can read write the trait fluff to mean my search for Gaeden. It says though to pick a PC as the friend. Maybe the next guy to post will "wave" Valius over.

Male Half-Elf Wild Stalker 7

Gods it was hot. Marcus HATED being cooped up inside. Especially inside a bloody firetrap of sin and greed, with a mob of fools he'd sooner spit on than give the time of day.

More slaves to thier purses. Hoping against the odds for good fortune to miraculously give them what they were looking for.

And for a while at least he was one of them. Except he was gambling on a live snake rather than a game of chance. At least Valius was around, that made ONE person in the room who he wasn't likely to feed to Sampson before the night was through. He petted the Mastiff's head, at least Saul at least informed the man at the door, the dog was to be allowed in. People wanting Marcus's skills got the whole package or not at all.

What are you thinking about Coreton, you've had the cutpurse's eyeing you for a while, so get that starry look out of your eye if you want to keep your coins.

Where the hells did Saul get to, if I'm gonna make any inroads into this damn fool quest of mine I need a job and word is he's paying.

Male Half-Elf Cleric 1 / Fighter (Cad) 1

Spells for today:
1st - Obscuring Mist, Bless
Domain: 1st - True Strike

Ethaniel flips the coin between his fingers and pockets it.

Lady Calistria, get me through this.

Ethaniel's hand clutches tightly at the wooden holy symbol of the Savored Sting. Its three points are well-worn by the years, but they still feel sharp against his palm. He surveys the gambling hall as he emerges from the restroom.

I am not the only man in this place lifting prayers to Calistria. Does mine sound louder because of my deed? I have known her all my life. I have been her child.

His palm starts to bleed. A drop of blood falls onto the floorboards.

Blood. I should not have come here. Saul could use eyes like mine, but I cannot be a watcher without being watched. I should not have come here.

Ethaniel makes his way through the crowd. A darkened face looks up at him as he pushes through the throng of people.

Don't look. They see you already. You're rushing. They'll see you, bursting out in the middle of the tournament. They'll be waiting. Sit. Play. Leave later among the other rabble. Yes. Thank you, Lady Calistria. That will be my method.

Ethaniel senses something and whirls around.

The creature in the cage watches me! Or does it? Yes, it was watching. A second ago it was. Pitiful beast. Foolish theatrics. And the heat of the fire. Why does it need to be so-

Ethaniel, walking backward, bumps awkwardly into somebody. He turns. He has interrupted a conversation between two men. One of them has a large dog.

Don't apologize. Don't look.

"Sorry." Ethaniel stammers. "Didn't see you."

Male Elf Magus 7 AC 23/13/21, HP75/75, F9/R5/W6, Init +4, Perception +13+2 Alertness,
Perception +13, HP 29/29, AC 24/15/21, Saves F5/R9/W7, Bite Attack +8, 1d3-2 damage, doesn't provoke when charging

Annoyed at the interruption, Marcus scowls, That's because your travelling backwards fool

It seemed at least 1/2 the room were into their cups already.

AC 19/15/15; HP 5/16; Current Effects: None

A small, almost invisible presence moves about gambling hall. Only the most observant would notice the scowling halving move about the crowd. He has the grace and nimbleness of a street thief, though the marks he's sizing up today have more to do with their level of drunkenness than their displays of wealth. Ethaniel finds himself a second shadow, as the halfling flashes him a friendly smile.

"You look lost, friend. Perhaps we can help each other find a table and get this show on the road?"

Male Half-Elf Cleric 1 / Fighter (Cad) 1

Ethaniel stares blankly at Marcus, seemingly unable to speak. He is greatly relieved when the halfling interjects, though he does not immediately respond. He cocks his head as he looks down at Tippy Fullbottle. There is something familiar about him.

Have I seen this one before? If so, I do not truly remember him, but perhaps it is time I found a seat. A friend, even if just in appearance, may help my cause.

"Certainly." Ethaniel says. "I will follow your lead."

He turns quickly and gives a polite bow to Marcus.

AC 19/15/15; HP 5/16; Current Effects: None

"Excellent! This way!"

The halfling ends him through the crowd, easily slipping between legs, even under tables, to make his way. He's scoping out likely groups of players - folks who've already had a few drinks and look like their acumen has been sufficiently compromised.

Perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9

Male Human DM/32
Tippy Fullbottle wrote:
"Excellent! This way!"

Well your first impression of this pigeon (A person targeted by a criminal to be the victim of a crime) seems to have been not quite correct. He wasn't a soggy plum (a drunk)at all, just clumsy. Nevertheless, as any good employee, you prevented what may have escalated into a brawl and a dampener in festivities.

As everyone starts to filter back to their seats after buying chips to get them underway, you look around and see many different games on offer. From the usual games like poker to unusual regional games; Bounder, Ghoulette, Golem and Skiffs. Alot of people are well into their drink so possibilities are almost endless who to mark. You lead your new 'friend' to a table closer to the private rooms, just out of curiosity of course. And the festivities begin.

Betting and Chips


  • Copper Heart 1cp
  • Silver Tooth 1sp
  • Gold Eye 1gp

Must be at least 1 silver tooth and requires you to state your bet first. Next, make a D20 roll + CHA Mod or Prof: Gambler Mod.
Each game lasts approximately 5mins.

Male Human DM/32

The Gold Goblin Game Floor

  • 2 Game floor
  • 3 Cashier
  • 4 Cashier Cage
  • 10 Private Rooms Curtained off
  • 12 Kitchen
  • 15 Bar
  • 16 Privies (lavatory)
  • 17 Atrium, entrance to guest wing
  • 18 Master Suite 3gp per night
  • 19 Guest Rooms 5sp per night
  • 20 Guest Suite with small side room 1gp per night.

All NPCs with Blue Halo's are Bouncers. The Dealers and croupiers are Red tokens. And you, the PCs have yellow halos.

Male Half-Elf Cleric 1 / Fighter (Cad) 1

Ethaniel is just playing to get a sense of the place and what it might like to be a spotter for Saul. He's paying more attention to what others are doing than to his own hand.

Perception - 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (1) + 12 = 13

With a wary eye towards the other players in the hall, Ethaniel tosses a Silver Tooth onto the table.

Gambling - 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (16) + 0 = 16

AC 19/15/15; HP 5/16; Current Effects: None

Over the length of the first game, Tippy bets 3 sp.
Gambling check: 1d20 ⇒ 10


While all sorts of action is gong on on top of the table, Tippy is hard at work beneath it, too. The Qadiran man to his right has had a bit too much to drink already.
Sleight of Hand: 1d20 + 8 - 1 ⇒ (20) + 8 - 1 = 27

Once that game is over,Tippy excuses himself and heads to the cashier to drop off his delivery.

Male Half-Elf Wild Stalker 7

Marcus continues to look around, scanning for Saul. Move to be adjacent to Saul, if seen and ask about this musclework he has, if can't be seen just continues to scan.

Perception1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12

Male Human DM/32


So you have found Marcus who seems preoccupied with his need to find Saul. You can either stick close to Marcus or go about searching for Gaedren. You think that perhaps, if he were here, he would most likely be in one of the private booths as he obviously isn't out in the commons. Where do you go from here?

Male Human DM/32


After making his speech, Saul makes his way from the dais and heads toward the curtained off rooms to bid his high rolling customers a good evening as is customary. It's definitely not hard to spot Saul for all one need do is first find his lumbering body guard Bojask. You recognise all the traits in Bojask of an urban Ranger, one not to be under estimated and his rough exterior cannot betray the discerning eye this man has. You catch Saul and Bojask just before he enters one of the private rooms. Bojask is about to intervene, but before he can act, Saul stops him

Saul wrote:
Ah, Marcus and .....Samson, nice of you to join us this evening. I take it you are enjoying yourself and this would be reflected much better if you at least appeared to be somewhat amused by all of my efforts so far tonight. Yes, yes, I know its business lad and we shall get around to it but I have managerial duties to seet to you know. I will have Bojask, here show you the way upto the rafters where your glum face will remain out of sight and will still be put to good use spotting the swindlers. Wait where you will and he will be with you shortly.

Male Human DM/32


From what you can see from your current position, not much is happening apart from the occasional groping of one of the waitresses which is swiftly reprimanded by one of Saul's bouncers. It appears one strike and fair warning, strike two and your a dogs breakfast. Even though you aren't paying much attention your attention comes back to the table when you get your first win, minor as it was it's a good start.

Minor Win:
A profit of 2cp

Male Human DM/32


Your luck in the game isn't nearly as good as your choice of drunken target. You loose half your stake in your first game but manage to flawlessly remove the purse from the drunk next to you. The game ends and you depart the table to make your delivery. You mosey on upto the cashiers counter and slide the bag over the counter. Without knowing the contents in the purse, the cashier slides back 5 Gold Eye chips. You are now, well and truly in the game. Where to now?

Male Half-Elf Cleric 1 / Fighter (Cad) 1

Ethaniel sends a silent prayer of thanks to Calistria.

Thank you, Lady.

He accepts another hand from the dealer. He takes stock of his cards, but his attention wanders again. This time, he focuses on what he hears.

Perception check - 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (11) + 12 = 23

He tosses out another Silver Tooth.

Coin is good, but fortune fades fast. Best play for a time and not be noticed.

Gambling - 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (8) + 0 = 8

The Exchange

Just about to answer and ask Marcus if he wanted to get a drink at the bar in the back (away from all the body heat), Val notices that both man and mutt are already off and in conversation with someone.

He shakes the chips in his hand and looks about for Gaedren from his spot.

Then he notices the bouncer looking at him. The big bare chested man taps his buudy on the arm and nods towards Val.

"Uh-oh. What do I..." he starts to think as the chips clink in his hands, "...right."

Val moves to the nearest table and takes a seat placing a small bet and watches the room more than the game.

1d20 + 0 ⇒ (7) + 0 = 7

Male Human DM/32


Above all the noise, you are drawn to the most unusual sounds about you and your gaze is lifted up to the roof where Old Scratch is caged. The little devil seems to be looking down at you, scowl turning into a toothy grin as your eyes meet. Then he sinks back out of your view and you would be forgiven for getting a chill run down your spine. As you look back down you notice a guard standing in front of a closed door (V,6) keeps returning his gaze to you after short periods of time. Perhaps your nervous energy coupled with your surveying the room is gaining you misplaced and unwanted attention.

You loose 5copper in chips this game

Male Half-Elf Wild Stalker 7

Marcus inclines his head in acknowledgement to Saul and follows his instruction to head upstairs, but he is sure to cast a deep scowl at the other ranger before he leaves.

There was no event that caused the animosity between the two. Just the tension that comes from putting 2 bulls in the same paddock. One word word is all it's going to take, these two will come to blows...

Male Human DM/32


GG Second Floor

You are met by another bouncer, he says Bojask has had to retire for the rest of the evening as he is feeling the after affects of a big day on the mead. He takes you through the kitchen (area 12) and through a door into a simple staff lounge and continues up the stair case to the second floor. Once upstairs you travel down a small hallway and through what appears to be a waiting room (area 24) where two well-worn suede couches sit before a roaring fire place. You then enter an adjoining dining room (area 27). This room is dressed to a higher standard. A fine table marred by a few nicks and scratches stands surrounded by eight chairs and surmounted by a trio of gold candlesticks. The walls of the chamber are covered in thick purple tapestries depicting gold-threaded nymphs frolicking in a silver-threaded forest. The bouncer leads you to one of the tapestries and pulls the thick fabric aside, revealing an entry way out to the security catwalks. These narrow, swaying, railed catwalks hang suspended by chains hooked to the ceiling 10 feet above. Immediately below them is a layer of gauzy curtains serving as the false ceiling to the gaming floor below. The bouncer makes his way out on the walks and as he goes by you he says, "and the shift begins".

Female Human Witch 2 (AC 12/12/10, HP 16/16, Conditions: Nil)

Spells for today:

0: Detect Magic, Guidance, Message
1: Charm Person, Cure Light Wounds


I am assuming that Saul lets me stay in one of the guest rooms as part of returning the favor (curing his aunt).

Ascaria cast detect magic. Then, she patted Blackbeard one last time before she left her room. She had briefly considered taking him with her but had decided against it. All the people would probably make him nervous and it would also draw unwanted attention to her. And that she didn't need.

When she entered the gambling floor, the sensation nearly overwhelmed her. It was incredibly crowded, the chatter had already reached deafening levels and it stank even though the tournament had barely begun. Ascaria rolled her eyes and sighed. This could prove to be much more unpleasant than she had expected.

A little insecure, she started into the large room. She had never attended one of these events and didn't really know what to do. Then she noticed the queue at the cashier's desk. It was probably a good idea to get some chips. She pressed through the crowd, avoiding a grim-looking human with a large dog and stood in line behind a halfling.

While waiting, she let her gaze wonder about the room, inconspicuously looking for a sign of magical auras.

Perception: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (14) + 3 = 17

Male Half-Elf Wild Stalker 7

Marcus surveys the crowd below, being a spotter wasn't his forte but he was in no position to dictate terms to Saul. He takes his Shortbow off his back and lays it beside him, both to have it ready and hide it from view from the crowd below. He didn't really expect trouble, but he was taught if he was going to spot from a hide, he should always be ready to shoot.

1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23 to look for trouble and keep an eye on Valius.

"Up in a f*#!ing nest like a damn bird! This is work for Valius."

He gives Samson a pat to calm the dog, who lays down to settle in.
"Good Boy!"

Male Half-Elf Cleric 1 / Fighter (Cad) 1

I shouldn't have come here. I shouldn't have come. Wretched beast! Where did Saul get it? What's he thinking hanging it in here?

Ethaniel does his best to pretend to ignore Old Scratch. He turns and looks hard at the the guard that has been watching him.

Sense Motive - 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (9) + 6 = 15

AC 19/15/15; HP 5/16; Current Effects: None

Tippy comes up behind Ethaniel with a strong drink in hand. "Ethaniel, my friend. Shame about that last hand, but I'm sure you can win it back. Here, I brought you Cayden Cailean's own courage to help, and found us a good table where the gold is freely flowing away from the other's coin purses. You play the cards well, friend, but you're sweating up a storm. Lets the other players know you aren't confident. Never good at the card table to show weakness."

Tippy leads him towards another table of drunks.
Perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (7) + 4 = 11 to find one.

Male Half-Elf Cleric 1 / Fighter (Cad) 1

Ethaniel sits very still.

"You know my name?" He grips his holy symbol tightly. "From where?"

He takes the drink from Tippy and places it on the table without sipping from it. He does not take his eyes from the halfling.

It's very possible that Tippy knows who Ethaniel is, but Ethaniel doesn't really recognize Tippy beyond a passing familiarity.

AC 19/15/15; HP 5/16; Current Effects: None
Ethaniel Meveri wrote:

Ethaniel sits very still.

"You know my name?" He grips his holy symbol tightly. "From where?"

He takes the drink from Tippy and places it on the table without sipping from it. He does not take his eyes from the halfling.

It's very possible that Tippy knows who Ethaniel is, but Ethaniel doesn't really recognize Tippy beyond a passing familiarity.

Oops, that's my fault for not reading over back posts carefully enough, but if you're willing to go with it...

"From the temple of Calistra, aren't you? I used to stay there from time to time, with Melisse and sometimes Carressa. Don't worry if you don't remember me, I have a knack for going unnoticed places. My ma was a working girl in Magnimar, and when I needed a pace to stay here, some of the girls at the temple would give me a bed for a few nights. When they weren't using them with a paying congregate, of course, although like I said, I have a knack for people not noticing me when I don't want to be seen, and man I'm telling you, a bloke can really get an education watching the sacred prostitutes at work!"

Tippy laughs.
It's already in his backstory that he spent the night being sheltered by prostitutes, so is seems a natural extension, and nicely connects two PCs.

Male Half-Elf Cleric 1 / Fighter (Cad) 1

I'm totally willing to go with it!

Ethaniel has never been in the employ of the House of Silken Veil; he's more of a private worshiper. They do know him well there, however, as he occasionally comes to the temple and hires one of the abbesses to tell him stories. He pays for their time, but never partakes in sexual acts with them. He is interested in hearing of their lives before they entered service to the Savored Sting, and in their feelings on the lessons within Calistria's Book of Joy. Many of the sacred prostitutes will have nothing to do with him. He knows Melisse well, though, and she likely would have mentioned him and his strange practice.

Ethaniel chuckles lightly. "That must be it. I will try to remember you from this point forward, friend. And your name?"

AC 19/15/15; HP 5/16; Current Effects: None

"Tippy Fullbottle, and yeah, my da did have a weird sense of humour. Now, shall a couple of non-sexed whore pets go and make themselves some coin?"

Male Human DM/32


Well there are numerous minor magical items in all areas about the place but nothing is issuing any particularly strong auras. As you return to the gaming floor you, cast your eyes into the private rooms and you see far more auras coming from within there. You take a moment and see a couple who of contestants who have magical auras surrounding them. This, of all that you have seen is the most concerning, but you would need to study the auras for a short time to determine what it could be. In the common gaming area you see three folks that have multiple auras about their person but no full bodied auras.

Spellcraft checks as you see fit. One of them is a Tiefling in leathers (AB,12), the next looks to be a street thug of some kind or maybe a sailor (T,9) and the last is a robed figure perhaps a wizard (P,11)

Male Human DM/32

@Valius (currently at Grid (O,13))

You loss half your bet (be sure to post what your bet was please)

There is a halfling at your table with an annoying stutter which wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't trying to make conversation with everyone. Noone at the table seems to be whelmed by his attempts.

Male Human DM/32


You spot someone pulling a swifty at one of the tables closest to the bar area. A bearded fellow just slyly removed something out of his sleeve very skillfully and sat back afterward with a big smile on his face. (O,16) sitting directly opposite Valius at the next table.

Male Half-Elf Cleric 1 / Fighter (Cad) 1

Not to be trusted, this one, but I'll with him. To not only engage me out of the entire crowd, but to return and offer a drink? I shan't risk ignoring him. I may find him to be a poor friend, but he would likely prove a worse enemy.

"Yes. And I do not wish to seem ungrateful...but...I do not drink. It puts a shine on my sight that I do not care for. But let me gift the drink to you instead." Ethaniel reaches for his purse. "What did you pay for it?"

Male Human DM/32


You conclude there is nothing to worry about with that guard, he is just doing his job and keep his eyes peeled for suspicious looking characters

Male Human DM/32

@Tippy (Grid Location O,14) Valius (GL O,13)

You lead Valius to another table, different game this time. Good luck

Male Half-Elf Wild Stalker 7

Well time to do what I'm being paid for. The 'Great Ranger', scourge of card cheats and lowlifes alike. Better tell Bojask, lest the fool think I'm disrupting the party

Varrel grabs his gear and moves downstairs, moves close enough to ensure Bojask can read his lips and mouths 'CHEAT' and goes over and lays a rough hand on the mans shoulder. He doesn't pull steel yet, no need to escalate things more than necessary, but his Spring loaded wrist sheath already if he needed a dagger in a hurry.

I believe the house takes a dim view of swindlers. Dealer, you'll want to replay that last hand and this fools coin on the table belongs to the house

Varrel, drags the man from his chair and muscles him towards the door, making checks as necessary.

Grapple check1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21

Samson, knowing when his master is being aggressive, puts in a deep throated growl.

Move. Before I tell my dog to 'Sic Balls'.

Female Human Witch 2 (AC 12/12/10, HP 16/16, Conditions: Nil)

Ascaria slowly wanders around the game floor. To an unsuspecting onlooker it might look as if she is trying to decide for a game table. In reality, she keeps an eye out for magical auras.

A figure on a table in the back gets her attention. He looks like the typical Grog-Blossom trying to make his luck here at the tournament. However, there is a weak but distinct magical aura about him. It is strange that someone like him should have access to magic.

Maybe someone's trying to further his own luck a bit, Ascaria thinks.

She moves a bit closer and tries to identify the aura.

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6

Male Human DM/32


Bojask has retired for the evening, yet you do give the nod to the other bouncers on staff, who wait and see how you handle the situation. Your rigid grip on the man cannot be thwarted, the man looks around at you expecting to see a brick-s%!+ house behind him and is even more so taken aback at the strength you exude in your hold on him. He relaxes and goes with the flow as you maneuver him out the door. Samson's presence and guttural growl causing the man to gulp down an imaginary apple in his throat.

Male Human DM/32


Please give me an indication to which of the grid references you are focusing on before i can make reply.

Male Human DM/32
DM_Waife_the_BiPolar wrote:

@Tippy (Grid Location O,14) Ethaniel (GL O,13)

You lead Ethaniel to another table, different game this time. Good luck

Edited out Valius' name

AC 19/15/15; HP 5/16; Current Effects: None

First, the gambling. This time, he lays down 5sp worth of chips.

Gambling: 1d20 ⇒ 5

Then, the real gambling.

Sleight of hand: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (17) + 7 = 24

Success!! Probably...

Female Human Witch 2 (AC 12/12/10, HP 16/16, Conditions: Nil)
DM_Waife_the_BiPolar wrote:


** spoiler omitted **

I focus on the street thug or sailor (T,9).

Male Half-Elf Wild Stalker 7

Having tossed the cheat out on his arse, Marcus returns to his nest on the second floor and gets out a Chakram beside him. Once again, ready to throw if needed. He continues to scan, he may not be enjoying himself, but at least he was getting paid for a change.

The Exchange

Sorry not sure how much the character starts with in tokens. He would have bet the minimum for that first game as he wasn't really paying attention. Please let me know what we start with for our 1gp admission. Thanks

Valius skips the next round of betting will he looks about towards the private rooms in the southwest corner. He hopes to catch just a glimmer of Gaedren.

"What? What was that?" he asks the halfling catching on a bit of the stuttered conversation.

Perception 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6

Will bet again next round.

Male Half-Elf Cleric 1 / Fighter (Cad) 1

Ethaniel hands Tippy a silver along with the drink before moving to the new table.

Male Human DM/32

The 1gp entry is a cover charge for entry only. You each must determine how much you have out of your gold stash to purchase chips from the cashier.

Male Human DM/32


Yes, you do successfully lift another coin bag and this one seems particularly heavy. From your experience, even if you lift a heavy purse successfully, the mark usually realises it sooner than if it were a lite purse.

Bad luck Tippy, your table top gambling is not paying off. You loose 2silver 5copper this round.

Male Human DM/32


You may feel a little under utilised at the moment but the guard who greets you back up in the catwalks says,

Bouncer wrote:
Nice work there. You know Saul usually gives a bonus for each cheat you uncover. Looks like someones eating and sleeping cosy tonight.

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