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DM Maslen's Second Darkness PF Conversion (Inactive)

Game Master Pathfinder Maslen

The third largest city in Varisia, Riddleport is also the most notorious. It is here that the machinations of an ancient race, once again boil up out of the Darklands and into the light. The sinister plots of the subterranean underwriters manifest!

Current Characters

Liberty's Edge Sunphoenix72

Male Human {Black American} Monk 1 / Paladin 2 / Bard 1
(219 posts)
'Tam' "Darquestryder"

male, Elf Fighter 1 / Rogue {Knife Master} 1 {AC 17'18'/f 14'15'/t 13, HP 17/ 17}

played by Sunphoenix72 (130 posts)

played by STR Ranger (2 posts)
Ascaria de Vintre

Female Human Witch 2 (AC 12/12/10, HP 16/16, Conditions: Nil)

played by Markus vD (205 posts)
Friendly Fighter
Asherick Whiteplume

Smite Evil: 4 / 4; Lay On Hands[Channel: PE]: 7[11 c:pe] / 7 [11], Bardic Performance: 8rds
Human Paladin 6 / Bard 1 / Holy Vindicator 2 | AC 24{28 ‘32’} [se: 28{32 ‘36’}] T 12 ‘16’ [se: 15 ‘21’] FF 23{27 ‘31’} [se: 27{31 ‘35’}] | HP 75/75 | F +13 R +12 W +15{+16enh} | Init +1{+2} | Perc {+9}
Common Skills:
Bluff +9, Diplomacy +10(+11K), Heal +15, Kno {Religion} +10, Perform {Sing} +8, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +5, Use Magic Dev +8

played by Sunphoenix72 (2,113 posts)
Golem in Progress
DM Hamied

played by Hamied (1,384 posts)
Market Patron
Ethaniel Meveri

Male Half-Elf Cleric 1 / Fighter (Cad) 1

played by Hamied (384 posts)
Elvish Fighter

Male Elf Rogue 3 | Init +8 | Perc +6, low-light vision | AC 18/14/14 | DR/1 Bludgeoning | HP 14/15 | F +1 R +6 W +1; +2 vs charm and compulsion | CMB +2, CMD 16 | acid splash at will | mwk rapier +7 (1d6+4/18-20)
Acrobatics +10, Bluff +7, Climb +4, Disable Device +10, Escape Artist +10, Intimidate +7, Perception +6, Perform (sing) +5, Perform (string) +5, Sense Motive +6, Sleight of Hand +9, Stealth +10, Swim +4

played by Twigs (375 posts)
Artemis Entreri
Marcus Whiteshae

Male Half-Elf Wild Stalker 7

played by STR Ranger (479 posts)
Bloodless Vessel
Tippy Fullbottle

AC 19/15/15; HP 5/16; Current Effects: None

played by Nazard (288 posts)

Current NPCs

Cinder Wolf

Male Human DM/32

played by Pathfinder Maslen (1,390 posts)

Previous Characters

Market Patron

(76 posts)
STR Ranger

Male Human Ranger 1
(2,195 posts)

M Human Commoner/1, Expert/1
(2,191 posts)
Villamar Koth

Male Half-Orc Wild Rager 2/Witch Hunter Inquisitor1 HP: 42/42 48/48 raging AC18/12/16-2 for Rage , F9/R4/W6+2 Fort/Will while raging Perception: +7, Init:+2

played by STR Ranger (537 posts)
Shadow Lodge GM - Zombie Master

played by Lost Gamer (191 posts)
Hellwasp Host
Grumm Gær

Male Dwarf (Ancient Enmity, Lorekeeper, Deep Warrior) Barbarian (Invunlerable Rager) 2

played by Squawk Featherbeak (60 posts)
Cale the Calistrian
Taanyth Tuilinn

Male Elf Magus 2

played by Squawk Featherbeak (193 posts)
The Exchange Valius Coreton

played by Lost Gamer (37 posts)

Male Elf Magus 7 AC 23/13/21, HP75/75, F9/R5/W6, Init +4, Perception +13+2 Alertness,
Perception +13, HP 29/29, AC 24/15/21, Saves F5/R9/W7, Bite Attack +8, 1d3-2 damage, doesn't provoke when charging

played by STR Ranger (1,171 posts)

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