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Adventure and danger on the high seas! Can you claim your own Pirate destiny in the Shackles?

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Going against my better judgement, I've decided to run the Skull & Shackles AP here on the boards. I'm looking for 5 players. At this point, I don't think I need to sum up the AP, everyone seems to want a piece of this so let's dive into the nitty-gritty.

Character Creation Guide (General):

  • I am looking for a backstory submission and a brief outline of the mechanics you plan on taking (class/race/alignment for sure, then maybe stats, starting feats, etc). I don't expect or require a full character sheet or profile be created for this, feel free to wait till you're accepted if you'd like. I know I hate creating a profile only to be passed up in the end. If you want to do a full build or profile, by all means I'm not stopping you. Although see the next point.
  • I am looking for a solid backstory submission for your character. This will have more weight with me than a fully completed character sheet. My philosophy is that mechanics can be taught, good writing and inventiveness can't. Please don't take the time to build a full character sheet and then only submit 2 sentences about who they are. I want to see how well you write and what type of RPer you're going to be in the game.
  • Please tell me what possible position(s) you see your character filling on the ship. As the AP progresses, you will end up owning your own ship and I'd like to know how you see yourself fitting into this. There are no mechanics behind this and I won't penalize submissions if everyone lists captain as their preferred role. :-) I'm just curious on your character's take.

Character Creation Guide (Mechanics):

  • Everyone starts at 1st level. 20 point buy, Max HP, Avg starting gold for your class.
  • Races: All core. Additionally I will allow 1-2 of the PC's to be any of the following - Goblin, Orc, Tengu, or Gillman. To be clear, I am not purposefully trying to have these races used/filled. If I end up with a party of 5 humans, that's fine. I am just open to the others listed although keep in mind I will want to see a strong backstory to justify the race selection. I want the majority of the party to be "core" but I'm open to a little variety if it's well written.
  • Classes: Pretty much anything Paizo published including Core, APG, UM and UC (and all associated Archetypes) with the following exceptions. No Gunslingers, Ninjas or Samurais. The last two are too heavily Asian-inspired for my taste when running a Pirate-based game. And while the Gunslinger is a perfect fit, I just want to avoid having them in my game this go around, sorry. Also I would ideally like a "well-rounded" party so keep that in mind when people start submitting.
  • Alignment: This is a pirate game, so LG should probably not be your first choice. ;-) Evil is allowed but this is a group game so you must be able to play well with others if you go that route.
  • Traits: You will have 2 traits. 1 must be a campaign trait from the Skull & Shackles Player's Guide that you may choose. The other trait will be chosen by me. This will be based on your backstory submission or the general impression of your character that I take away from your submission. If you want to angle for a specific trait, then write it up well in the backstory but it will ultimately be chosen by me regardless.

General Game Guidelines:
Pretty standard stuff as far as availability expectations. I am a pretty heavy poster Mon-Fri but I'm conversely a very sporadic poster on the weekends. I'm looking for a minimum 1-2 posts per day during the week. If you're going to be away that's fine, just make sure to let the group know ahead of time if you can.

That's about it. If I missed anything or you have questions, feel free to let me know. Typically this AP sees a crap-ton of submissions fairly quickly so I'm not going to be setting a solid deadline for now. I'm assuming and planning that I'll have more than enough people to choose from by the end of the week but it might be longer or shorter depending on the number of submissions.

So good luck to all and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Introducing for your consideration
Randall McNally Human Bard (Sea Singer)

Randall left his home city of Riddleport at the age of 13 as a lowly cabin boy on his first ship. After several years of maritime activity, some legal, some...not Randall quickly rose through the ranks aboard various ships until reaching the rank of Bosun on his last ship until an "incident" with the ship owner's daughter caused him to be cashiered from service. Randall is now cooling his heels in a local watering hole called the Formidably Maid while waiting for another ship to begin recruiting. Sitting at a table in the corner Randall is heavily into his cups thinking to himself "How was I supposed to know she was the owner's daughter? I thought she was just another dockside doxy looking for a good time. Besamara damn the man for choosing that time to check his cargo in the hold. He just wouldn't listen to reason and I barely got off the ship with my dignity, and other things, intact."

Would like to join as Cadj Nassen, a Chelaxian Human male mage (specialist)

Son of a Chelaxian merchant, Cadj is a man used to fine clothes, gold and luxurious goods. But he has something else, a thirst for knowledge that his father could never truly understand.
Year after year, they come to the same old towns, using the same old roads.
Every town was the same for Cadj. Everyone was either afraid of him, or wanted to knock a few teeth away from his mouth, just because he was a Chelaxian.
Cadj never asked for troubles. But when a fight began, his opponents would find that the young boy carried a nasty punch... and that he wasn't above a few dirty blows if no one had the sense to ask specifically BEFORE the fight not to use low blows, choke and other wild stuff.
Sometimes, Cadj would lose the fight, of course. His nose is still broken, and he had his share of blackened eyes over the years.

For a reason unknown for anyone, last year, Cadj and his mercantile father parted their way. He studied magic, but any moment of idleness from his tutor saw him doing push ups or other physical stuff, to the bewilderement of the other pupils.

Cadj seems to be a quiet guy, keeping to himself most of the time. He does like physical bouts, something quite strange for a practicionner of the occult arts.
He has no taste for Illusions and Enchantment school,because that "break the laws of reality", in his own words: he can be abrupt in his relationships a "take it or leave it" kind of guy.
He likes money and luxurious goods, being the son of a merchant,but his mind needs to feel busy too, and he likes books, explorations and intellectual challenges. He loves to learn new langages, especially strange and foreign ones.


STR 12 DEX 14 CON 13 Int 14 Wis 14 Cha 10
human bonus +2 in Strength (14)
Alignement LE
God Asmodee
School Specialisation: Evocation
Banned Schools Illusion, Enchantment

Spells Known
Known mage spells
Mage armor
Summon monster 1
Comprehend Langages

Skills:(2 Mage +2Int +1Human=5)
Knowledge PLanes 1
Estimation 1
Spellcraft 1
Linguistics 1
Knowledge Mysteries 1

Favored Class: Mage (+1HP)

Traits: would like to take Anatomist trait, cause I plan to make Cadj a dual class Monk/Mage at level 2, and Cadj likes to "hit them when it REALLY hurts"

I would like to toss my name in the ring for consideration. Full Story under my page.

Glad to see a few hits already!

Cadj: Could you elaborate a bit on how you end up in the Shackles? I get the general backstory info but I'm still curious as to how you have ended up in the land of the pirates and what brought you to the Formidably Maid at the start of the AP.

Octavia: Same general question as I had for Cadj, could you give me a little flavor on how you ended up shang-haied(sp?) by pirates? Also, your backstory is really cool but I don't recognize any of the flavor. Is that built around a home-brewed campaign organization. I'm unfamiliar with a group called the Nightwings in Golarion.

Also, you're backstory references some strange power you're developing, is this related to a character build concept later on or is this more supposed to be fluff?

A simple Mwangi Fisherman (Fighter, think Queequeg)

His fishing boat smashed to flinders, Ko'ulu finds himself in the "Formidably Maid" looking for a captain who can take him to his home island.

I plan on developing him into a harpoon and spear fighter, but will keep the basic fighter template.

I have to read the Player's Guide once again before giving you my story. I don't want to make mistakes...

Would like to submit:


Sylvanus was born and raised in the city of Botosani in the nation of Rahadoum. Sylvanus is of mixed heritage being part Chelaxian and part Garundi. Sylvanus came from a well to do family while not noble they definitely could afford good schooling as well as fine food.

Sylvanus always had a desire for history and his father, by trade, was both a professor as well as an explorer. Sylvanus studied history with his father on expeditions into the Rahadoum desert and into the Napsune Mountains.

Sylvanus soon was of age to attend the prestigious college of ancient studies in Azir. Sylvanus graduated near top of his class and was one only a few that attended not of any noble birth.

Sylvanus followed his father's footsteps to some degree becoming an "obtainer of rare antiquities" As part of his college years Sylvanus began involved with the Pathfinder Society and soon joined their ranks. Sylvanus has made some connections through the society of individuals that would be able to receive the artifacts he would be able to retrieve. Eventually Sylvanus hopes to open a museum of history in Azir.

It’s been only two years following graduation and Sylvanus has already been involved in three expeditions to the Eternal Oasis looking for clues to an ancient Azlanti city hidden in the Mwangi Expanse.

Unbeknownst to the expedition leader Erodel several member of his team were mercenary assassins who were using Erodel to find the Azlanti city and all of its hidden treasures for their employers; The Red Mantis.
During the expedition Erodel managed to find a stone carving revealing a clue to finding the ancient city of Ghol-Gan in the islands of the Shakles and Erodel was able to find information that would connect that ancient city to the Azlanti.

This was all that the mercenaries needed and they struck. Easily overpowering the other hired hands and subduing Erodel and leaving Sylvanus for dead.

When Sylvanus awoke, he was being treated by a Garundi Nomad named Sefu. Sefu told Sylvanus all that he had seen and told him that the men headed to the west toward the city of Botosani they already had a five day head start. Sefu told Sylvanus that his friend was taken prisoner but he was able to keep this journal from being taken. Sefu gave Sylvanus the journal detailing all of Erodel's notes on the Azlanti city nothing concerning Ghol-Gan.

Sefu traveled with Sylvanus to the city of Botosani and during the journey Sylvanus became friends with Sefu and he was able to learn the strange language of the Mwangi from him. Sefu, being a traveled Nomad had learned many languages in his travels.

With no money available Sylvanus had to get hired on as a deck hand on a merchant ship heading to Port Peril so he could track down those that kidnapped Erodel. The trip was long and it was hard work but Sylvanus was a quick learner and soon was a proficient deck hand. He managed to gather even more information about his destination.

The Ship made port at Port Peril and Sylvanus collected his pay and began his search. Nearly a month in Port Peril and every clue was a dead end. He soon realized he was asking the wrong questions and soon he had a new lead, an old sailor had obtained a map to hidden Cyclops treasure in Ghol-Gan. This seemed promising, so Sylvanus when to meet this sailor at the Formidably Maid.

Possible role on board the ship would be Navigator; coxswain, or ships Engineer/Carpenter, Last choice would be the Bosun.

Sylvanus is a Human Bard (archeologist) “obtainer of rare antiquities”

Too bad, another S&S recruitment vetoing gunslingers... oh well. Good game to all. ;)

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscriber

This is probably the least wordy and simplistic of my character creations, but I like it none the less. Cecic the halfling cleric, who is more the 'cabin boy' than that which he really is.

If you want a few more adventures to hitch some adventure hooks on I'm more than willing to work with you to get that going.

Cecic - His Story:

As a young halfling in the Shackles, his father was a dred pirate, well that's what his mother told him, though she couldn't quite remember his name. She said that his father could beat all the 'uncles' that came to stay and bought her drinks, where she worked in the Inn, 'The Bald Parrot' When he was first old enough, he went with his 'uncles', who taught him a thing or two about being a sailor, not to mention some things he'd best not repeat for his mother. As the eldest of the brood of children, 7 in all, it was up to him to look after them.
It was several years ago that his mother, Ginra fell into the harbour coming home from a heavy nights drinking with one of his 'uncles'. At least that's what uncle Captain Cranchr told the authorities and the children. It was then the children were given to the temple of Besmara and cared for, well some of the time, the rest they were given to various sea captains to use as cabin boys and girls. It is strange, but Cleric Frodthak, saw in Cecic a gift, he said given by the Lord of all Pirates, and so taught him the faith of Besmara. He has developed that ever since, its been invaluable when he's been a cabin boy for a sick captain.
Tonight though, he drinks, he's been 3 months at sea and now its time to forget the rigors and hardships and enjoy what the land has to offer, in the nearest Inn.

Cecic - some notes:

He will take Childlike feat and probably Pass for Human which will bring him to be the 'cabin boy'. After that it will be feats to aid his clerical skills. He will probably take a couple of levels of rogue or bard, which will add a few more skills to aid any ability he might have to be spy like, I mean he's only a child!!!

This is my submission. Have played rpgs for 35 years first attempt at a pbp game. Very interested to try. Can post at least once per day more if needed.

Orc Barbarian(Sea Reaver)

Even as a small child I was drawn to the water. I
discovered quite by accident that I seemed to have a
natural ability to swim and hold my breath underwater. The
other Orcs, including my family, thought I was wierd since
water is only for drinking. One day while looking through
some old chests I found a journal of a pirate captain. I was
able to understand enough that I could see that this was a
very distant relative of mine. i located a very old and wise
woman who told stories of Orcs on the sea. Always
thought these were fairy-tales. Orcs on the sea, HA. Now I
wasn't so sure about my beliefs concerning her stories. I
found her and she noticed the journal right away and
quickly got me inside her hut. Mazon asked me if I now
believed her stories of long ago. I answered yes and asked
her to tell me the truth. Mazon tells me about a great uncle
that seeked his fortune on the sea and became a much
feared pirate captain. That night I gathered my weapon
and armor and headed to
Shackles to seek the fame and fortune that my great uncle
received. Maybe I will Captain my own ship but for now I
will defend the Captain and crew as best as I can.

Strom Burlog (Human Barbarian, Sea Reaver) ooh ninja'd by an orc. Oh well :)

About Strom Burlog
While his fellow tribemen would sing songs and praise the cold breazes and open plains of his homeland, Strom yearned for the ocean. As often as his hunts would allow he'd run the many days and nights needed to bring him to the blue plains of water. Swimming near the shore, hunting fish and bigger game under the water, taking whatever driftwood he could find to go out as far into the blue plains as he could, rolling with the mountainous waves, feeling the power of the plain beneath him. This, this is the true wilderness, he'd often think to himself in these moments. Until one day, drifting on the waves, eyes closed in bliss, a net was thrown over him and he was dragged aboard a passing whaler which happened to be short on slaves. My lucky day he thought, as he was beaten again and again to be forced into submission. He took the beatings, and still he fought and tries to escape many times, ripping his manacles from the wall on more than one occassion. It wasn't till the Captain himself intervened, giving Strom a choice, he could work willingly and without trouble for the remainder of the journey, or he could patch sails with a needle and thread... and minus a leg. After that things became easier for Strom and his love of the sea only grew. He also grew about eight inches and gained a good forty pounds, finally coming into manhood. Not a few of his 'friends' told him it was a good thing he wasn't this big when they first fished him from the water, or they'd have had to cut his throat right off.

He was also introduced to piracy, a part-time occupation of the Murky Gull, the name of the whaler, when easy targets were available and whet the captain's fancy. Soon enough swinging a weapon on a rolling deck felt like second nature to the young Barbarian, and his great strength and natural seamanship soon earned him the respect, and fear, of the rest of the crew. More than once Strom dove into a stormy sea to save a fellow sailor, for while he was strong, he knew to take care of those that took care of him, and understood ships required more than just sails, but hands to set them. Even the captain was happy to see the retreating mans back, now criss-crossed with old scars gained during his 'education'.

Standing on the docks of Port Peril, Strom reached down and jingled the small purse at his belt, remembering the advice of his fellow sailors and keeping the rest in a hiddle portion of his back. Striding forward people melted out of the way, and if they didn't move quickly enough they were sent flying out of the way. He had learned many things on the Murky Gull, and he knew what his assets were, and his wouldn't soon forget the harsh lessons of that pungent ship of death, the death of his youth, and subsequent rebirth as... something more.

trait: Touched by the Sea
Strength : 18 (+4)
Dexterity : 14 (+2)
Constitution : 14 (+2)
Intelligence : 08 (-1)
Wisdom : 12 (+1)
Charisma : 08 (-1)

I'd like to throw a grenade in the, hat in the ring. I believe you were recruiting before and I applied?

Sooty could serve as ships carpenter and eventually a siege engineer, he could also serve as ships surgeon with a skill point change.

His background is in the profile.

Color me three shades of interested. So I present Jirobo the Storm Crow, a Tengu Druid (storm druid archetype).

Born to the Shackles, Jirobo was but a single egg that survived his family’s flight from the Oni invasion of their old home in Tian-Xia. When they had no coin to take them further, Jirobo’s parents were kicked off onto the docks of Port Peril. Equivalent to paupers, only a few coppers to their name, they were not prepared for the harsh dog-eat-dog environment of the Shackles. It was in this first month that Jirobo hatched to a life of poverty. His parents eventually found a place of employment as permanent tenants and tenders of one of Port Peril’s lighthouses but those early years of little to eat stunted some of Jirobo’s growth. The little tengu was rarely allowed to wander from the lighthouse, kept nearby his mother lest some sailor decide he would make a unique pet. Thus Jirobo’s world encompassed a small territory with a view from the top of the tower his only refuge from his captivity.

Atop his windy perch, Jirobo was taught about the ocean by both his father and the whispers of the salty breeze. The gulls told him raunchy stories and the tolling bells of the Port regaled him with mournful tales. But it was the storm, the ever-raging hurricane, the Eye of Abendego that truly trained the young Jirobo. In the long, quiet, alone moments when he was not refueling the great light, Jirobo listened to the secrets of the storm. The rites and guarded words to call the bluster of the winds, the devastation of the waves, and the many forms of nature’s fury, all were laid bare to Jirobo’s insatiable curiosity. During the worst parts of the storms that would periodically crash against the mountains behind Port Peril, Jirobo would practice his newly discovered skills and dreaming of the day when he could ride out atop the ocean and experience the storm as it truly should be experienced.

Unknown to Jirobo, he would soon receive his wish. At an age that his parents finally felt safe sending him to the neighborhood market to pick up a few sundries, Jirobo was thrilled to be let out on his own for the first time ever. He got lost in the first ten minutes of his errand, turning down the wrong street and into the waiting arms of a pirate captain’s press gang…

Possible Positions: Will have to look at the jobs listed in the player's guide again, but something like Navigator.

Also thought about being a captain or a first mate, as far as positions go.

It looks like there are enough leftover characters to sate a dozen more S&S games...
Mine is Linard Toivan, a decommissioned naval artillerist (N Tiefling Wizard (Siege Mage)).

Fellow adventures, I am Diana Seamyst and I am pleased to meet you. Likely you have heard of my father, Captain Seamyst, an infamous Free Captain of the Shackles. Perhaps one day we will draw swords together and plunder the treasures of the isles, no?

Diana is an Oracle of Waves with aspirations to someday command her own ship. She would make an excellent First Mate while proving her skills, or until something unfortunate happens to the captain...

Her background and description is included in this avatar and her sheet is 75% complete. I hope you like her background.

I'd be interested in joining up for some PbP action! I'd probably play something Rogue-like, but if you're full up, it's cool. If you still have some room, however, I can write up a backstory and post it up tonight.

This is my first recruitment for S&S, what you see is what there is for applications. Haven't selected anybody, submit away.

Ho there,

How is multi-classing handled? Character concept requires a class dip later or a full on switch.

Is the RP or circumstance required or can we pick the class at level-up time?


Holy crap hell yes I am so there! I am having a blast in your Wheel of Time game and would LOVE to see how skull and shackles would go. I will have something up later on tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

Hassan: Depends on the situation really. If you're a Barbarian and want to take a level of Wizard, that might be a bit of a stretch and need some extra RP in game. Case by case basis is what it boils down to. What'd you have in mind.

Imimrtl: Glad to see you interested, I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Thought I would provide some basic mechanics for Sylvanus:

character stats:

Male Human Bard (Archaeologist) 1
NN Medium Humanoid (Human)

Str 12, Dex 14, Con 11, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 15

Traits Ancient Explorer: Knowledge (History), + 1 DM Chosen

Feats Bard Weapon Proficiencies, Combat Expertise +/-1, Improved Trip

Thinking long term and rich backgorund.

Fighter, with familial legacy/prophecy awakens the Summoner within. It's a familial trait of sorts... manifesting later in life.

In the long term, Summoner 85-90%, with a starting dip in fighter... works better with the story, but could start with Summoner for simplicity. Would want a dip or two later.. fighter or rogue, maybe.

Thanks for considering it.

Sholos (Half-Elf Sorcerer-Aquatic Bloodline [Seaborn])

About 9 months after that adventuring party rolled through town, Sholos was born to a fisherman's daughter who hadn't heeded the villager's warnings about leading the motley group to the "Haunted Isle". The strange masked elf had brought her back safe and sound, though, with a bagful of loot and a bellyfull of Sholos to show for it.

The boy was odd, no doubt about it. The first time he'd gone missing the whole town had turned out to look for him, only for the tyke to wander out of the surf at midnight with a strange little smile on his face. After that, vanishing was a matter of course. "Just like his father," his mother would say with a wry grin. When he was around, he did odd jobs for the fisherfolk, mended nets, scraped barnacles, and usually for little or no pay. He just sat and listened to the old salts spin yards about the sea and all the manner of strangeness in it.

When he was of age, he signed on with a fishing crew aboard the Wet Rover that plied the deeper waters. He became something of a good luck charm, since they always filled their nets and had the wind at their back when he was aboard. And he had saved Old Tom Durby when he was knocked overboard during that squall, (though some say he only did it because Tom knew the best tales.)

When the Rover came to dock in Port Peril, Sholos took his pay and left and even Cap'n Squint said he was sad to see him go. The last any of the crew saw him, he was headed towards the Formidably Maid.

(Ship's role would be...weird advisor I guess, and ship's caster. The sea affinity trait is the one i'd lean towards.)

Ok, feeling roguish so..
Here's Xanxan, gnome rogue and sailor... (I'll put up a full portfolio of his own if he gets selected)

Stats and Crunch:

Male Gnome Rogue 1
CN Small Humanoid (Gnome)
Init +3; Senses Low-Light Vision; Perception +6
AC 16, touch 14, flat-footed 13. . (+2 armor, +3 Dex, +1 size)
hp 9 (1d8+1)
Fort +1, Ref +5, Will +0
Defensive Abilities Defensive Training
Spd 20 ft.
Melee Rapier +4 (1d4/18-20/x2) and
. . Unarmed Strike +4 (1d2/20/x2)
Ranged Crossbow, Light +4 (1d6/19-20/x2)
Special Attacks Sneak Attack +1d6
Spell-Like Abilities Dancing Lights (1/day), Ghost Sound (1/day), Prestidigitation (1/day), Speak with Animals (1/day)
Str 10, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 14
Base Atk +0; CMB -1; CMD 12
Feats Rogue Weapon Proficiencies, Weapon Finesse
Traits Touched by the Sea
Skills Acrobatics +7, Climb +4, Disable Device +8, Escape Artist +7, Fly +5, Perception +6, Profession (Sailor) +6, Sense Motive +4, Sleight of Hand +7, Stealth +7, Swim +5, Use Magic Device +6
Languages Common, Draconic, Gnome, Sylvan
SQ Gnome Magic, Hatred, Illusion Resistance, Trapfinding +1
Combat Gear Bolts, Crossbow (10), Crossbow, Light, Leather, Rapier; Other Gear Backpack (4 @ 6.75 lbs), Bedroll, Rations, trail (per day) (2), Rope, silk (50 ft.), Thieves' tools, Waterskin
Dancing Lights (1/day) (Sp) With Charisma 11+, cast Dancing Lights once per day.
Defensive Training (+4) +4 dodge bonus to AC against monsters of the Giant subtype.
Ghost Sound (1/day) (Sp) With Charisma 11+, cast Ghost Sound once per day.
Gnome Magic +1 to the save DC of all illusions spells you cast.
Hatred +1 racial bonus to attacks against humanoids of the reptilian and goblinoid subtypes.
Illusion Resistance +2 racial bonus to saves against illusions.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.
Prestidigitation (1/day) (Sp) With Charisma 11+, cast Prestidigitation once per day.
Sneak Attack +1d6 +1d6 damage if you flank your target or your target is flat-footed.
Speak with Animals (1/day) (Sp) Speak with Animals 1/day.
Touched by the Sea Underwater attack penalties are lessened by 1.
Trapfinding +1 +1 to find or disable traps.

Gnomes fear neither man nor beast, nor pastry! But oh how they fear the bleaching, that soul withering condition that has plagued them ever since they were divided from the first world. They'll find any obsession to keep the wonder they need alive.

For Xanxan, it was the sea, and always has been. When he first set eyes on a human merchant ship, many years ago, the first thing he did was stowaway. He learned to hide, sneak, and ...well, with the help of good friends who were bad influences, he gained the skills he needed to survive and thrive. While sailing along the coasts of civilized lands was exciting, eventually he heard of the Shackles, a place not just of sailing, but PIRATES.

How could he resist? Drawn by a lure he couldn't explain, he traveled to the shackles. A few drinks at the formidably maid, and then a walk by the docks with a pleasant buzz.

Then a smack up the backside of his head, and blackness.

Well, he thought just as he winked out, THIS could be interesting...

Other notes: I gave him "touched by the sea" to reflect his way of fighting the bleaching better.

As for what role he might play, I doubt he's really captain material, but he's an excellent standard ABS (Able Bodied Sailor), and could be quite good in the crow's next or among the rigging.

Kira Moonsong; Female Elf Rogue 1 Wizard 0 Arcane Trickster 0

Kira is a forlorn elf in her seventies who grew up raised by tengu in a human settlement within the shackles, she has maturity issues due to her perception being skewed by the short lives of those around her, and she lived a rather eclectic lifestyle. she currently runs errands for a local wizard college funded by the pathfinder society in exchange for a discount on her lessons. she knows a bit of arcane theory, but has yet to learn a simple cantrip. she carries a spellbook but hasn't fully mastered it yet, favoring the art of admixture but forsaking enchantment and necromancy. she is larcenous and a bit playful, like her tengu stepfather. favoring chaos, discord, and flashy colors.


Traits; Eye for plunder, Magical Knack (Wizard)

Ability Scores; Str 10 Dex 16 con 12 int 16 wis 14 cha 10

Feats; Weapon Finesse

Gear; Spellbook (future 1st level spellbook) containing all cantrips and 6 first level spells

Haramaki, Shortbow, 40 arrows, 1 flint and steel, spiked gauntlet, thieves tools, black kimono w/ sleeve pockets (treat as pickpocket's outfit) 4 days rations, masterwork backpack, 1 50 foot coil of silk rope, belt pouch, flint and steel, signet ring, hawk, spell component pouch x2.

Skills; Disable Device +8 Climb +4 Swim +4 Perception +8 (+10 w/ traps or secret doors) Sense motive +6 Stealth +7 Craft (Carpentry) +7 Sleight of hand +7 Appraise +8 Acrobatics +7, Diplomacy +4


sneak attack +1d6, trapfinding, elven magic
low light vision, keen senses, elven weapon familiarity

combat numbers

AC 14 13 touch 11 flat footed CMB 0 CMD 13 fort +1 ref +5 will +2

shortbow +3 20x2

spiked gauntlet +3 1d4 x2


Kira won't be able to benefit from this item until 3rd level, it's essentially dead weight.

all 0 level spells

1st level spells (6 total)
shocking grasp
burning hands
abundant ammunition
mage armor

My intended route with Kira:

Kira is intended to cover the rogue role, providing sneak attack augmented cantrips, a flanking buddy, a scout, a face, trapfinder, secondary mcguyver. specialty school is admixture, ban enchantment and necromancy. she is going to go for an arcane trickster build. i imagine foes will be easier to hit because of the generally lighter armor across the board.

I will probably be making a submission tomorrow.

DM Jonasty wrote:

Octavia: Same general question as I had for Cadj, could you give me a little flavor on how you ended up shang-haied(sp?) by pirates? Also, your backstory is really cool but I don't recognize any of the flavor. Is that built around a home-brewed campaign organization. I'm unfamiliar with a group called the Nightwings in Golarion.

Also, you're backstory references some strange power you're developing, is this related to a character build concept later on or is this more supposed to be fluff?

I apologize. The strange power was a throwback from the last time this concept was used and it refers to psionics which I am not planning on using.

The Nightwings are an assassin guild from Riddleport in my home game, that are part of her founding.

As for why she would be around the pirates

After months of chancing down leads trying to track down the illusive Gav'et, I have finally found a solid lead. It seems he has taken to sailing around a string of isle named 'The Shackles'. Pulling from strings and dropping a bit a coin I have secured passage on a freighter due to sail out this very night.

As to my role aboard a ship, my skill lie in 'wet work' so naturally I would make a welcome addition to any boarding team. Also with my nature skill and intense training securing goods, locked or otherwise, would be a relative breeze.

I forgot to add that I have no real life knowledge of ships, and I don't know if the positions matter in the game like the government positions do in Kingmaker.

If anyone has a list of ship position other than captain and first mate I would like the info. I only know about those two from movies.

I found this site. Is it accurate? Ship Positions

Mr. Swagger wrote:

I forgot to add that I have no real life knowledge of ships, and I don't know if the positions matter in the game like the government positions do in Kingmaker.

If anyone has a list of ship position other than captain and first mate I would like the info. I only know about those two from movies.

I found this site. Is it accurate? Ship Positions

that is about it I usually end up referencing naval positions which are slightly different than Pirate ships but the functions are basically the same

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More to add to Cecic's background previously submitted for application.

Cecic at the docks:

The docks were quiet now, the pale yellow of the sun struggled to penetrate the morning sea mist that draped across the harbour. The sounds of seagulls squarking their morning chorus, as their white and black feathers swooped and dived in the still air above.

On the dull gray stone quay stands a child looking longingly out to sea, his unkempt brown hair tied behind his head attempting to create a small ponytail. The mist clings to his hair, fine droplets grow until they fall onto his worn brown leather waistcoat, which covers a dull yellow shirt. Black breeches hang down, each leg covered to half way up his brown hairy calves. The trousers are held up by a black leather belt with a large intricate silver buckle, the head of a female pirate smiling over the water.

He sways slightly as the sea laps almost silently against the quay, almost unsteady on his large tanned feet, which seem oddly out of proportion with the rest of the boy. Yet the boy holds in his hand a bottle, almost empty, the remains of the tea colored liquid settle and sway in the last inch of the glass container. The boy is surrounded by a smell, he has started the road to ruin young, the sweet smell of rum envelopes him, his clothes and escapes from the bottle.

As you get closer, he turns to you, his green eyes under bushy brown eyebrows, take their time to focus on you. A clean shaven face with a pug nose and smile, slowly words are formed and a slurred voice reaches your ears, "Morning, nice day to go to sea, hic? Best to make the most of dry land and a port while you can." The smiles turns silly and his eyes glaze. This is not the boy you thought you first saw, but a seasoned sailor, a halfling. You move away, not trusting to his ways, the quickness of his hands, the deftness of his touch, for are not all halflings prone to interest in another's wares. Looking back, he has turned once more and looks wistfully over the water, swaying in time with those gentle harbour waves.

Cecic traits:

When I created this character for a previous recruitment Cecic had the following traits:

Magical Knack: Cleric +2 CL for a specific class, to a max of your HD, so he could take 2 levels in either Rogue or Bard. Currently I'm leaning towards Bard, as I can see him telling tales of the sea in the inns and ale houses of the various ports he inhabits.

Touched by the Sea: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Swim checks and Swim is a class skill for you. In addition, penalties on attack rolls made underwater are lessened by 1. As Cecic has been brought up in the confines of a port, no doubt he would have learned to swim young and taken to it when at sea.

Alternatively he could have chosen Besmara's Blessing as he has spent time at sea already, with his calling as a sailor (cabin boy).

Obviously you said you would choose 1 of the 2 traits, so I would choose the Magical Knack trait for character development later, and give you the two other campaign traits I think best suit the characters background.

Deevor traits and Cecic development:

I'm in the UK. I am on the boards daily, often several times a day.
Weekends I will normally be around, but family commitments sometimes interfere with postings. Currently Monday night is RL gaming night, just so you know I'm unavailable to post after 6:30pm UK time.

As for Cecic, I hope he finds favor and a S&S game sometime, as I think he's quite interesting. He will not be the most powerful cleric, but I do hope he will develop in the game stat wise from his character, rather than a mini max type. In fact wanting to take the two feats, Childlike and Pass for Human, are in my mind definitely feats for character role playing rather than power playing. However I do think that Cecic will need to make some concession to game mechanics and take Selective Channeling as the 3rd round feat.

Cecic will be a cleric of Besmara, domains Weather and Trickery

Here's the current submission list, broken by roles in case you're looking to up your chances. (Obviously roles are subjective depending on the specific build so this is broadstrokes classification.) If I missed anyone, let me know. Anyone still wanting to submit, feel free. Recruitment will be open for the next couple of days.

Cadj Nassen: Human, Wizard (Evocation)
Khuzdac "Sooty" Firebreath: Dwarf, Alchemist (Grenadier)
Linard Toivan: Tiefling, Wizard (Siege Mage)
Sholos: Half-Elf, Sorcerer (Aquatic Bloodline)(Seaborn)

Cecic: Halfling, Cleric
Jirobo the Storm Crow: Tengu, Druid (Storm Druid)
Diana Seamyst: Human, Oracle (Waves)

Ko'ulu: Human, Fighter
Sauldor Aqua: Orc, Barbarian(Sea Reaver)
Strom Burlog: Human, Barbarian (Sea Reaver)
Marek ibn Sabbah: Human, Summoner

Randall McNally: Human, Bard (Sea Singer)
Octavia 'Tavi' Delphina: Halfling, Rogue (Knife Fighter)
Sylvanus Backus: Human, Bard (Archeologist)
Xanxan: Gnome, Rogue
Kira Moonsong: Elf, Rogue

imimrtl ?
Mr. Swagger ?
Dark Netwerk ?

Edited based on last few posts.

Regarding Swaggers ship positions question. I was asking to have more of an understanding of your character's goals and personality, etc. The positions aboard ship are not mechanically driven like the ones in the Kingmaker AP, at least not as solidly.

I'd like to throw in my submission. I'll figure a name and write up the background a bit later (at work now).
Thinking about a ranger (freebooter) with buccaneers blood trait.

Human Summoner - Marek ibn Sabbah

The class is technically "arcane", but with Summon Monster x5 per day and a strong eidolon (benefitting from Augemented Summoning)... I'd classify him under Combat.

Spells are limited.


Updated the above list with Darknetwork and Hassan's summoner. And Hassan, I play a Summoner in one of my RL games and agree it's definetly more a combat role than arcane.

His father, the Margrave Tarek of the Cerulean Marches was assassinated when Marek was only seven years old. The sadness weighed heavily on his mother Isabelle. Some say it made her visions stronger, some say it led her to not trust them, her most precious birth-right and gift as Oracle.

But, for years she and Marek's older brother Robert managed the affairs of the Cerulean Marches. But, Robert came into his own... made his own polital moves and friends. His mother lost favor.

This is what Marek remembers, along with the last vision she shared with him. It came as a prophecy or a riddle...

"Holy Diver
You've been down too long in the midnight sea
Oh what's becoming of me

Ride the tiger
You can see his stripes but you know he's clean
Oh don't you see what I mean

Gotta get away

Holy Diver
Shiny diamonds
Like the eyes of a cat in the black and blue
Something is coming for you

Race for the morning
You can hide in the sun 'till you see the light
Oh we will pray it's all right

Gotta get away-get away

Between the velvet lies
There's a truth that's hard as steel
The vision never dies
Life's a never ending wheel

Holy Diver
You're the star of the masquerade
No need to look so afraid

Jump on the tiger
You can feel his heart but you know he's mean
Some light can never be seen"

Marek did not understand. And Isabelle could not decipher it, save in one manner. "Run, Marek... Run as fast as you can, as far as you can. For me, Marek. I love you, my son... Now, run!"

And, grabbing whatever was at hand... Marek ran, as he heard marching feet coming down the hall. Not yet a man, he ran from everything he knew. He believed in his mother's vision.

And he had nightmares, cold and wet sleeping out of doors. The feeling of being watched. Of someone or something getting closer. Stalking him. And one day, as he washed his face at a stream, he saw his own reflection... and something was on his forehead, a mark.

No one else could see it.

Then there was that night on the docks years after leaving home, when they came for him. No one in particular, just bad men. Cruel men that had chosen them as their quarry. There was nowhere to run, so he hunkered down in the back of the dark alley... praying they'd not find him.

But, they did... and they tortured him by walking slowly into the darkness. And a strange thing happened. His fear slowly turned to anger and rage... But, it was not "his" nature.

The rage swelled and he felt that very familiar and unsettling feeling of being watched, followed... stalked. But, it was not "them". Yet, as they approached he screamed with his soul into the moonlit sky that barely lit the alley.

And, from above him came the most glorious thing he could imagine. For that is exactly where it came from after years of forming, his very imagination.

It had feline eyes, and a near ursine body... all black, with silvery teeth and claws with that same mark he'd seem upon his own brow on its forehead. That unmistakable sigil. Snarling as it circled for position and silent in it's strike, it was seconds until all the men were laid low.

And them the beast turned to come for him.

He remembered his mother's words then, as he slipped into oblivion.

"Shiny diamonds. Like the eyes of a cat in the black and blue. Something is coming for you..." He had never thought it was coming to save him.

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Just realised I gave the wrong domains for Cecic, should be Besmara (Trickery and Oceans)

Here's my submission - Calvin, a human witch. The stats and all that in the profile are from another application and may be disregarded.


Calvin was born at sea, aboard a merchant ship. His birth happened in the midst of chaos - the ship on which his parents' sailed was under siege by a notorious pirate. The pirates began storming the ship, right as Calvin entered the world. His father, the ship's surgeon, worked furiously to ensure that Calvin was healthy and the mother attended to. The pirates quickly overcame the ship's meager crew and took control of the vessel. Both his father and mother were conscripted by the pirates who, in a rare act of mercy, allowed them to bring their newborn child aboard.

Calvin lived his entire childhood aboard the pirate vessel - his father served his role as surgeon and his mother died when he was almost two. He kept to himself and most of the crew - including, perhaps, his father - thought he was touched mentally. He always seemed to be talking to someone that only he could see and spent far more time with the small animals or insects found aboard the ship. He earned his nickname from the numerous times he tried to combine the features of certain animals together - unsuccessfully. Fortunately, he was much better at helping his father with the human patients and became a serviceable surgeon's assistant.

Unfortunately for Calvin, as he got older, it became clear that he really was "touched" by the arcane. This combination of mental instability and arcane ability frightened his father and the crew, so he was let off at Port Peril to make his own way in the world. Feeling compelled by a strange sense of urgency, he made his way to the Formidably Maid where, for the first time in his life, he consumed a strong alcoholic beverage. He passed out almost instantly.


Calvin is a little off-putting upon first meeting him. He'll bounce between complete lucidity and inane ramblings from one moment to the next. When forced into combat, he leverages his arcane ability to befuddle the foes and buff his compatriots - often without their approval.

He is not cruel, but he isn't fully sane. This leads to some potentially awkward situations with those he travels with, particularly those of the lawful good sort. Fortunately, he doesn't encounter those types very often.


Ideally, he would function as the ship's surgeon - assuming the crew would trust him. In combat, depending upon the group's makeup, he could fill the support or debuffer role.

Thanks for the consideration, Jonasty. And just remember, I hold Darius' life in my hands...

Your threats scare me not! ;-) Glad to see your interest Idyll.

The Cerulean Marches are thus named because they border the sea and command a small but tactical port and a long swath of beach.

Skills: Craft (Ships), Profession (Sailor), Swim.

One day, Marek aims to find out what happened to his mother and return to the Cerulean Marches.

If he were to join the crew of a ship, he'd be happy to maintain the vessel and lead the away/boarding team... wanting no part in politics or power-plays.

So head's up to those on the fence or reading this now. I will be closing the Recruitment for this game tomorrow(Wednsday) night. If you have not submitted a character then you still have a little time. With the large number of entries already, I don't really need to keep this open that much longer.

Barring any really last minute submissions, I should have the selected group posted tomorrow night. When I do post my selections, I'll go into checking in, alternate spots, etc. But for now focus on the Wed date if you haven't already submitted.

Here's is my submission for your consideration - Tully, Half-Elf Buccaneer (Bard)

The rain lashed off of the tarpaulin above him. Ostensibly, the cover had been rigged for his comfort. Though in truth, the rain seemed to come from every direction but directly above and he was thoroughly drenched. It was blowing a three-reef gale directly from the south, and despite the Mediogalti storm-runner's more weatherly qualities, she was making prodigious leeway away from her intended destination.

Port Peril was no more than a looming grey shadow on the horizon. At this moment, it stood due south, which meant it was right in the wind's eye. The ships petty officers were stirring, which could only mean that the ship was soon to go about on the other tack, an evolution which would call for "All Hands".

A rogue wave caught the bow right as 'Young' Tully moved towards the ship's railing. He fetched up hard against the netting, the movement dispelling the last vestige of his control. Grasping the rigging with the strength of desperation, he leaned as far out as he dared and surrendered to his sea-sickness. The first excruciating qualm passed and he mastered himself as the boatswains piped the call for all hands. Tully held his place at the rail, so as to make himself less of a nuisance as the hands went about the business of the ship.

When the ship was comfortably on the starboard tack, and the watch dismissed, he went back to the labor that had drawn him on deck. The next item he pulled from his 'dunnage', that strange nautical term for luggage had caught him off guard at the Westcrown docks, was a dagger with his noble House Tilernos crest engraved into the handle. The silvered item was lovely to look upon, but purely ornamental. He doubted the temper of the steel would survive striking anything thicker than parchment. With the casualness of a life of privilege and wealth, he tossed the dagger into the sea and dove back into his bag for more of his past life.

Ledgers, duplicates of course, of the family holdings in Corentyn. His flimsy excuse for escaping Westcrown and his overbearing father's house. They went overboard easily. Several novels, high adventure in the high seas, the trappings of childhood fancy, were the next to find the deep. These two were technical manuals, Gannymeade's "Seamanship" and Claiborne's "Navigation in the South Sea". They were worth keeping. Noble's finery, not so fine after weeks at sea, was the next victim, though. Slowly, piece by piece, Master Aloysius Kejanus Tilernos, was abandoning his former life. Finally, he lifted the last bag, overturning it on deck.

The last article of his past clattered to the deck. He picked up his father's old iron holy symbol. His father, Kejan Tilernos, Patriarch of House Tilernos, one of the twelve rulers of Westcrown, and a staunch Paladin of Iomedae, had never given up hoping his son would eventually follow his path. Tully suspected his father had easily seen through his "desire" to check over the family's estates in Corentyn. But, he had let him go all the same. Tully would never be a Paladin, there was too much of a wild streak within him. All he had to do was cast this last trinket into the unfathomable depths to be forever done with his past.

The wind had backed several points, and moderated so much that only a single reef was necessary. If they could hold this course for another few hours, they would easily weather the point. Then a single tack would fetch them into the harbor within half a day. The choppy seas had calmed substantially, and Tully was once again master of his stomach. The rain and spray felt refreshing, rather than disheartening. 'Young' Tully swayed easily with the motion of the ship, the comforting weight of the iron 'sword and sunburst' bouncing against his chest as he dashed towards adventure.

'Young' Tully has grown up with an infatuation with sailing and piracy. All of his education, family obligations, civic duties, etc. have been neglected while he reads adventure tales, and fishes for stories from the old salts at the Westcrown docks. Consequently, he has an incredibly starry-eyed, highly romanticized idea of what the life of a pirate is like. He envisions a future of dashing heroics, dazzling sword-fights, lusty wenches, and hearty camaraderie like the stories. The true atrocities and hardships of life aboard ship, and particularly the life of a pirate are likely to be a rude awakening for him.

He has strong conceptual knowledge of the workings of a ship, but very little in the way of practical knowledge. Nevertheless, his knowledge and his very strong personality and leadership skills (read as diplomacy) make him potentially a successful officer or even captain.

His father imparted to him a very strong ethical stance (though very little else), meaning he would much rather subdue or accept the surrender of an opponent than kill him. Mostly, he is a spinner of tall tales of heroism and gallantry, and would like to bring those tales to life.

I will have stats posted soon. Thanks for the consideration!

It will not alter my story significantly, but I would like to consider adding duel cursed to my oracle unless you think Misfortune is just to OP or difficult to handle in a PBP. Without duel curse Oracles are a little low on the power curve but I like the flavor of this Waves oracle so would he happy either way. Her skill set is sooo pirate. It will be fun.

DM Jonasty wrote:
Regarding Swaggers ship positions question. I was asking to have more of an understanding of your character's goals and personality, etc. The positions aboard ship are not mechanically driven like the ones in the Kingmaker AP, at least not as solidly.

Ok. I just have to decide if being a pirate is something I intended to do, or if I just happened to see an opportunity and go for it. I might even decide to do it out of necessity.

well, elf rogue/wizard/arcane trickster is Kira's mechanical goal. covering the skill role using both skills and spells to do so.

may i ask if we can just Ditch the XP system and level when you say we level?

i also took the liberty of starting with a wizard's spellbook (paying only the cost of the book itself), if only, to have one for when i reach level 3. and the hawk i bought is to become my familiar. assuming it survives.

the UMD is so i can use divine consumables and "Cheat" the requirements of specific items. like gloves of dueling. to milk a better to hit bonus when flanking.

On that note, do we all level together... or are there individual merits that allow us to level sooner/later?

I understand some feel this creates a rift in XP, and could create a rift in power level (from character to character). Just wondering how you play it...

Lastly, understanding that deciphering the DM's request for info is part of the "test", and your instructions are rather clear... But, do you need anything else from Marek, the Summoner to properly evaluate him as a candidate?


This would be my first PbP here.

Here is my submission. I'll create an Alias for him later.

Callum Carnvegas, Ranger (freebooter) 1 {may consider dip into Rogue (Pirate) and prestige into Inner Sea Pirate}

Callum Carnvegas was born to a humble family in a small fishing village along the shores of Sargava near Eleder. His namesake was his great grandfather Callum “Stormchaser” Carnvegas, one of the first Free Captain’s of the Shackles to have braved and survived the Eye of Abendego when it had appeared a century ago. Callum’s father, formerly a bo’sun in the Shackles who left to start a family with his new Sargavan wife, loved to regale his son with tales of the exploits of Callum Stormchaser and, wistfully, of his own adventures at sea. When travelling to Eleder to sell his catch, Callum was often brought along to see the huge ships at port there.

Callum dreamt of the day where he would become a great pirate, jumping around on his father’s fishing skiff wielding sticks in mock battles. He received many a bruise with his roughhousing, and his mother demanded that his father stop “filling the boy’s head with wild fantasies”, but the idea had already taken root.

Shortly after his 12th birthday, during a visit to Eleder, Callum stowed away on the nearest ship, leaving his family behind, his eyes full of adventure. Shortly after the ship put out to sea the quartermaster of the ship found him huddled in with the stores. After a discussion with the crew, the quartermaster, with their backing, requested to the captain of the ship that Callum remain on board and work for him. After all, having the blood of Stormchaser on board, had to be a sign of Beshaba’s approval.

Over the years, Callum earned his share of beatings, but also learned much of the functioning of the ship and her crew. His skill with the cutlass and boarding axe was passable, but his ability to rally the crew and his tactical acumen was impressive. Even that paled in comparison to his ability to steer the ship through some of the worst winds coming out of the Eye of Abendego. When the wheelsman had been knocked out during a storm near the Eye, Callum was able to take control of the wheel and guide the ship through the storm to safety. The crew knew the blood of Stormchaser was strong in him.

The ship was friendly, but apart from the many runs he was allowed to drive around the Eye, they generally played things safe when it came to piracy and potential battles. Callum wanted more. And so, when the ship docked in Port Peril, Callum left the ship to strike out on his own, follow in his great grandfather’s shoes, and become a notorious pirate.

He went into the Formidably Maid, a tavern the crew would visit on occasion. There he would find his destiny.

Or at least some drink and a woman… and what a woman! What was her name again? A corsair too! She might be able to get me a decent spot on her ship… and the added benefits wouldn’t hurt. “Hey wherrr you going… pretty lady?” he slurred drunkenly.

Callum’s recent lover opened the door to the room. The shadows and drink made it impossible to tell who came in, but he heard a few rough male voices before the shapes closed in on him and he began to feel the pain through the alcoholic fog as these men beat him. Just before slipping into unconsciousness, he thought of his father leaving the free pirates to marry his mother... Can never trust a woman, he thought before passing out.

Prelim mechanics:

STR: 16
DEX: 14
CON: 13
INT: 10
WIS: 12
CHA: 14

Skills: Acrobatics +3, Climb +7, Diplomacy +3, Intimidate +7, Perception +5, Profession (sail) +6 {+10 when driving waterborne vessels}, Swim +7

Feats: Skilled Driver (water), Expert Driver

Traits: Buccaneer's Blood (campaign), Hurricane Savy (wishful thinking, from Pirates of the Inner Sea, p15)

Callum wants to be a renowned pirate, perhaps even become one of the pirate lords, and one doesn't get much renown as the cook. Captain is his ultimate goal. That being said, his leadership and tactical skill (Freebooter's Bane @1, Freebooter's Bond @4, above average CHA) could place him as a good quartermaster/first mate. Some of his skills (Skilled Driver, Expert Driver feats & hopefully Hurricane Savy trait), however, would best place him behind the wheel (which one can still do as Captain or first mate... wink wink).

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