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DMJ's Skull & Shackles

Game Master Jonasty1031

Adventure and danger on the high seas! Can you claim your own Pirate destiny in the Shackles?

Current Map

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Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

Exhausted as he is, Xanxan faces the day with a little less enthusiasm, but when he finds his task is not the bilges, he brightens. When he gets to hang around Rosie, it cheers up even more.

"Poor name for a ship, the Wormwood...if you be asking me, which I'm sure no one is." He tells her merrily as he wearily places hammer to nail. He ponders where to sneak, but realizes there isn't any particular place to sneak to that won't involve locks and the like.

Such work, he thinks, is better done by dark. Sides, the ship does need some love. Poor beat up lady, tis a cruel set of officers you have on you. He continues to chatter to Rosie, "So, Rosie, what's the crew thinking of me and my mates now? If you don''t mind me asking? Plugg tried to put a bad spin on us more than once if I recall."

Working Diligently , Pro sailor which is wisdom based so no penalty for fatigue IIRC. If I'm wrong on that just subtract a bit from what I roll. Bonuses for Diligence and Rosie's help already below.

1d20 + 13 ⇒ (15) + 13 = 28

Looks like no Con check required for Xanxan if I read that right?

Kroop laughs and shrugs his shoulders at your barrage of questions. You sure do like to talk, don't you lad? Well as far as the crew and officers, I leave them be and they leave me to my own. But I guess it takes all sorts to be a pirate. Harrigan is a capable captain, that's for sure. And Plugg, he's a sorry little s@$@ but he's knows enough apparently to get the job done. As to the officers, I wouldn't mix it up with them if I were you, they generally don't like talking to the crew unless they're giving orders but if you want to, go ahead.

During a break you make your way down to Grok to inquire about a feather. She gives a laugh at your reason for it but manages to find a rather resplendant blue parrot feather. Keep in mind that it might not last long without some care and protection. It's just a regular feather so it won't stand up to too much wear and tear, just to keep in mind. But it sure looks spiffy!

At your question of "quality" goods, Grok smiles a little more broadly and waves a hand behind her. Cap'n wouldn't notice a thing or two being traded off, if the price is right of course. What exactly are you looking for?

Cog gives you a look as you move up to him, trying to turn himself to the side. As you speak, you quickly realize that he seems pretty angry at you. Quickly vocalising the words, you fog his mind and change the subject, wishing you had more of a gift for interacting with folks.

Both Diplomacy checks will receive a penalty as you specifically went to talk to the man while he was taking a piss. But the spell works and you are able to avoid damaging the group's relations with the man. His attitude is Unchanged. (You never talk to a man with his junk in hand lol! Eyes forward and no talking!)

You spend the day focusing on your work and with Jak's help you manage to do a worthy job at it. Unfortunately, during a small break, it wasn't more than a minute!, you nod off. The gentle rocking of the ship was too much for your weary bones. The loud thud of a rope slamming to the deck near you starles you awake.

Scourge looks down at you with a sneer. We're all tired squirt but that's no excuse for sleeping at your post! That'll be lashes tonight! As he moves off, you put your head down and hope to avoid any more attention for yourself.

You work hard through the day, thankful that you were given an easy enough task. You notice Jirobo nod off at one point during the day and are thankful that you didn't have to worry about that.

At your question Rosie shrugs. There's those that hate you, usually are on any filthy bucket like this one. But you got me in your corner so never you mind, sweetness! With a bawdy laugh she continues working.

You are correct, no Con check needed.

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

Xanxan looks worried at the sleeping Jirobo I hope he don't get caught. I'd go to his aid but that might just draw more attention to him.

Rosie however amuses him, "Ah, you're worth ten of most and that's no lie. A shame not all love me. I consider myself rather adorable. MIGHT be biased," he admits

As you berate the man, the half-orc gives you a cold look before and an unpleasant gesture before moving off back to work. It seems the threat of violence didn't hold enough sway this time to make any friends. Maheem grunts as Callum returns back to work. Screw the mute, he's a greedy summa b+#$~ with no sense of humor. It was then you noticed the ragged scar over the half-orc's throat, likely from a knife fight in some tavern.

Your post seemed to indicate that the person you met was a man, so I have introduced the last unknown male crew member, Jaundiced Jape. He is decidedly Hostile to the PC's.

Male Fisherman 4, Hp: 31/31, AC 17, T:12, FF:15, F+3, R+0, W+1

Ko'ulu moves in a daze, his head fogged by the exertions of the previous night first among the rigging, then his fateful swim. He yawns toothily and repeatedly as he settles into his task of scrubbing the decks.

"At least scrubbing be easier than holystoning. Badger, you want me to scrub first and you rinse? I think that I need to work a bit until I wake up if you don't mind."

The day settles into a long dreary drudge of work. On his first break from scrubbing, as he gets water to rinse down the deck, Ko'ulu takes the time to drop a few lines into the water, baiting them with bits of his breakfast. His hands deftly knotting the line with the ease of long practice.

"Badger, look! The fish are biting today. I think that we be eating good tonight!" he says as he holds up a tuna as long as his forearm. Distracted by the fishing, Ko'ulu doesn't do as good a job as he should have, but he pulls fish after fish up onto the deck of the ship, guts them with his dagger, and uses the offal to re-bait the hook.

Scrubbing Strength with some help 1d20 + 4 - 2 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 4 - 2 + 2 = 9
Scrubbing Con 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3
Sneak: Fishing 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23

As the sun begins sinking, Ko'ulu is wavering on his feet. Every so often he dozes off as he stands, nearly toppling over.

Male Human Sea Singer 1
Cut-throat Grok wrote:
At your question of "quality" goods, Grok smiles a little more broadly and waves a hand behind her. Cap'n wouldn't notice a thing or two being traded off, if the price is right of course. What exactly are you looking for?

Well, as to that, you see... I seem to be in mortal peril a bit more frequently than I'm comfortable with. What would be of most use, would be items that might offer greater protection to my physical person. Though, items with properties of healing and physical renewal would be welcome as well.

I don't really have enough gp for anything significant, right now. Maybe potions or a wand with only a few charges. I thought she might have a very specific inventory that I could peruse for future reference.

Nevertheless, we should come to an agreement regarding this fine accoutrement. Shall we say... three silver?

Grok waves off the offer of money for the feather as she turns and begins rifling through the various lockers and crates in her storeroom before laying a number of various items out for your perusal. You're pretty sure you don't have much about your person that would be valuable enough to trade or sell for the items but it is nice to know that they're on the ship.

As she watches you eye the supplies and think she gives you a laugh and a shrug. Don't worry, eventually the cap'n will find us a nice plump ship and you'll get some coin to spend.

She does have a very specific inventory for most things, that's why I wanted to know what you were looking for. Even the mundane items aren't going to be exactly like shopping at a store but most other things are specific in nature. Based off your described request types you learn she has the following in the stores:

  • potion of barkskin
  • potion of cure light wounds
  • potion of haste
  • 1 banded mail
  • 1 breastplate
  • 2 chain shirts
  • 1 MW leather
  • 3 studded leather
  • 12 bucklers
  • 2 MW bucklers
  • scroll of cure moderate wounds
  • scroll of mage armor

Remember this isn't everything, only what she has based on your request type.

Also, if the three silver is for the parrot feather, she offered that for free.

Next update coming shortly.

The day is long and the work brutal after the previous night's insanity. By the end of the day, Ko'ulu also found himself dozing and was called out by Scourge for it. Bloody hour arrived and as Kroop and Tully brought up the food, Ko'ulu and Jirobo were each tied to the post with a few others and given their lashes. You did notice that except for one crew member who passed out from exhaustion during the storm, no one else received any beratings for their performance the other day. Keeping the ship afloat was enough. It's a small comfort for those receiving lashings today.

Whip rolls, 1 is auto miss.
Jirobo 1: 1d20 ⇒ 17, Damage: 1d3 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3 nonlethal
Jirobo 2: 1d20 ⇒ 7, Damage: 1d3 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3 nonlethal
Jirobo 3: 1d20 ⇒ 16, Damage: 1d3 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3 nonlethal
Ko'ulu 1: 1d20 ⇒ 20, Damage: 1d3 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4 nonlethal
Ko'ulu 2: 1d20 ⇒ 12, Damage: 1d3 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3 nonlethal
Ko'ulu 3: 1d20 ⇒ 9, Damage: 1d3 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3 nonlethal

Afterwards Kroop and Tully dish out the food while Grok passes out the rum rations. Most of the sailors are subdued while they eat and more than a few head straight for their hammocks after the meal is done.

Rum rolls for those that drink:
Callum: +1d4 ⇒ 1 to Cha and Fatigued for 1d8 ⇒ 1 hours, 1d3 ⇒ 3 Con damage, Fort save DC 5 to avoid addiction 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13
Xanxan: +1d4 ⇒ 3 to Cha and Fatigued for 1d8 ⇒ 7 hours, 1d3 ⇒ 2 Con damage, Fort save DC 5 to avoid addiction 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 1 = 12
Ko'ulu: +1d4 ⇒ 1 to Cha and Fatigued for 1d8 ⇒ 7 hours, 1d3 ⇒ 3 Con damage, Fort save DC 5 to avoid addiction 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 3 = 4
Calvin: +1d4 ⇒ 4 to Cha and Fatigued for 1d8 ⇒ 2 hours, 1d3 ⇒ 1 Con damage, Fort save DC 5 to avoid addiction 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (10) + 1 = 11
Jirobo: +1d4 ⇒ 1 to Cha and Fatigued for 1d8 ⇒ 5 hours, 1d3 ⇒ 3 Con damage, Fort save DC 5 to avoid addiction 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5
Tully: +1d4 ⇒ 4 to Cha and Fatigued for 1d8 ⇒ 6 hours, 1d3 ⇒ 3 Con damage, Fort save DC 5 to avoid addiction 1d20 ⇒ 18

Campaign tab has been updated with your current statuses, except for the rum selection. Please post your Day 9 Night Time Ship Action(s) and make sure to take any relevnt statuses into account.

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)



The day is long and the work brutal after the previous night's insanity. By the end of the day, Ko'ulu also found himself dozing and was called out by Scourge for it. Bloody hour arrived and as Kroop and Tully brought up the food, Ko'ulu and Jirobo were each tied to the post with a few others and given their lashes. You did notice that except for one crew member who passed out from exhaustion during the storm, no one else received any beratings for their performance the other day. Keeping the ship afloat was enough. It's a small comfort for those receiving lashings today.

Xanxan watches the lashes of his friend and the remarkably brave fellow both with a scowl he tries to hide.

When it is over, he moves to help Jirobo , "easy... you need some rest. Sleep as much as you can tonight"

When the drink comes his way, he tries to lose it again.

Stealth roll to ditch drink. Fatigue counted in
1d20 + 10 ⇒ (20) + 10 = 30

That night is no night for sneaking and picking logs, not with weariness nipping at his finger tips. Instead, he watches some of the crew he hasn't met yet. Rosie's advice aside, they'll need more than her to have a chance to turn things around.

Night time Action, influence

From the info wrote:
5 unmet crew (female gnome, female human, female human, female human, female human)

Should he see any of those ladies, he'll approach her and try to get a feel for her...

Sense Motive
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

And introduce himself, "Pardon, Name's Xanxan Gimblewabe. Figuring as we nearly lost folks from the storm, I thought I might want to get to know more o the crew. Most o us may not have wanted this cruise, but we're all on it together eh?"

Using Charmer Rogue Talent for best of two diplomacy rolls
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23

Xanxan random crew choice: 1d5 ⇒ 1

Male Human Freebooter 3 / Pirate 1 [HP 37/37 || AC 17, T 12, FF 14 || F +4, R +7, W +2]

Callum sat at the table, bone sore and tired from the triple shift. He tried to quielty dump his rum but felt eyes on him as he did so, although he didn't know who saw when he looked around.

Stealth: 1d20 + 2 - 1 ⇒ (8) + 2 - 1 = 9

During the meal he had some subdued but friendly conversations with those they had befriended. He noticed Xanxan going up to one of the crew they hadn't met yet. Aye, he's got the right idea, he does. We need te keep at it. Gettin them whats unknown on our side.

With that he stood and went to one of the crew he had yet to meet. Ah, 'tis harrowing work, gettin' a ship through a storm. But, in the end, there's no place I'd rather be but on the open water. We may need te take the waves an' the wind an' the rain... an' maybe a few bumps and bruises, he said with a self depreciating smirk, but we makes the best o' it, aye?

Diplomacy - Angle DC 15: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22
Diplomacy - Influence DC ?: 1d20 + 6 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 6 + 2 = 25

Male Human Sea Singer 1

Tully examined one of the finer bucklers that Grok showed him. He mimicked, empty handed, his way through a few attack routines and barely felt the weight of the buckler in his off-hand. This is a fine device. Perhaps later.

He bowed over Grok's hand, holding the feather lightly. You are a lady of tremendous generosity, dearest Grok. Though, I fear these other items shall have to wait until our 'ship comes in', as it were. For now, I can only offer my gratitude, and hope you fare well.

Serving dinner to the crew was quickly draining Tully's last reserves of strength. Forced conversation with Fishguts had killed the last vestiges of loquacity he could summon. He practically had to drag himself across the deck, discarding his rum as went. He leaned heavily against the ship's rail, relaxing in the relative calm of the choppy, but no longer deadly, seas.

Discard Rum - Stealth + Fatigue 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (14) + 5 = 19

At the rail, Tully found himself standing beside a large, and somewhat surly, half-orc. The sneer the half-breed gave him, left Tully in no doubt that he was in no mood for polite conversation. With no store of energy or conversation remaining, Tully was, for once, pleased with that situation. He gave the half-orc a nod, then stood silently at the rail, staring out at the sea.

I'm not sure if I can use silence as an influence action. For sure I can't use Perform (Oratory), though. So...
Diplomacy + Fight Bonus 1d20 + 8 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 8 + 2 = 16
Diplomacy (Angle) 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (7) + 8 = 15

As he descended the gangway into the hold, Tully made his way over to Callum. No gift or gratitude I could offer would balance the scales against saving my life, Mister Carnvegas. This meager decoration, Tully displayed the feather, shall have to hold the debt until fortune, or misfortune, grants me the opportunity to repay you fully. Tully feels honor-bound to repay such debts. But, don't feel obligated to make much out of it. =)

HP 27 || AC 15, T 13, FF 12 || F +4, R +4, W +8 || Init +7, Per +12

Jirobo is so tired by the end of the day, he just slumps against the mast when lashes are doled out. He lets out little squawks with each hit, but they are so low and breathless that it's hard to hear them. The tengu drags himself over to the meal with Xanxan's assistance, "Thanks, Xanxan. I don't know if I could do another day like today. So tired." After gnawing on his meal without really tasting it, Jirobo drains his rum off the side of the rail. With eyes drooping low, Jirobo is barely able to make it back to the crew hammocks as he slides into one of them just before everything goes dark.

Night Action: Sleep
Stealth Check: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14

Male Fisherman 4, Hp: 31/31, AC 17, T:12, FF:15, F+3, R+0, W+1

Ko'ulu is barely holding himself up by the end of the day. Everytime he looks up, the sun is swimming in the sky. Out of the corner of his eye he starts to see ropes moving and uncoiling, or planks of the deck begin to shift and slide towards him, only to be perfectly normal whenever he looks directly at them. As the sun begins to set, and the shadows begin to lengthen, it only gets worse.

He is almost grateful for the sharp crack of the whip across his back. He doesn't even remember being hauled up to the mast, but the sting of pain is enough to bring the world back into focus. He takes his lashes in silence, glaring out at the crew, his eyes darting back and forth between the ropes, tackle and deck, daring them to move while he has his wits.

I saw you moving...I know it...

The shock of pain doesn't last for long though, and soon he is drooping once again. In a daze, he hands his rum to Badger, and simply heads below decks, for his bunk.

Night action:Sleep

Human Witch 2 || HP 14/14 || AC 12 Touch 12, FF 10 || Fort +1, Ref +2, W +3 || Init +2, Per +6

When it comes time for the rum, Calvin again tries to stealthily dump it using Tobias as a decoy.

Stealth Check: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 2 = 22

He spills his rum flawlessly, managing to to convince any who were looking that he consumed the drink in one mighty gulp.

After that, he will head down below deck with the rest of the crew for a long night's sleep. He didn't feel as tired as the others looked, but he was in need of rest. He climbed into his hammock, pulled out a stick and continued to carve some ornate designs and creatures into it. One of the unmet crew walked up and appeared to take an interest in the work, so he showed him what he was working on.

Craft:Carpentry Check: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (1) + 11 = 12

Turns out he was just coming to tell Calvin to knock it off - that his whittling was keeping everyone awake and that if Calvin didn't stop, that he would shove the stick up his f*&~ing dodo.

Calvin put away his tools and lay still. "I'm not sure which dodo he was referring to, but I must confess, I hope it was you, Tobias," he says quietly. Tobias, for his part, was already snoring loudly and didn't hear what Calvin said.

Night Action: Sleep in Fear

Callum random crew: 1d4 ⇒ 3

Callum: 1d6 ⇒ 2
Xanxan: 1d6 ⇒ 4
Jirobo: 1d6 ⇒ 2
Ko'ulu: 1d6 ⇒ 1
Calvin: 1d6 ⇒ 6
Tully: 1d6 ⇒ 1
Tully: 1d100 ⇒ 56, high is good

Some of you drop off to sleep immediately while others attempt to meet more of the crew. The day was long and most folks simply long for sleep.

Xanxan piles on the charm with Giffer the gnomish woman and it isn't long before she's laughing along with him, talking about the various exploits of the sea she's seen. Callum has a steeper road to travel with Aretta, who gives him a snarl as he approaches. He counts it a positive sign that she doesn't try to stick her knife into him as he leaves to head to bed. Jape gives Tully an evil look as the half-elf tries to bond silently with the man. Apparently silence wasn't enough of a common bond to bring the half-orc out of his shell.

Xanxan met Giffer Tibbs and managed to move her from Indifferent to Helpful. Callum met Aretta Bansion and moved her from Hostile to Unfriendly. Tully couldn't budge Jaundiced Jape out of Hostile.

The following morning arives and you all head out to the top deck. The light is almost blinding after the last few days as the storm clouds have disappeared over the evening and the sun shines brightly down on the deck. Everyone's spirits seem a little higher at the good weather's return.

Plugg assigns the duties for the day and everyone sets about them.

Day 10:

Plugg has you working the lines again, although it's a bit more pleasant with the sun finally out.

Your daily task requires either a Profession (sailor) or Dex check, DC 10. Additionally you also need to make a Con check, DC 10, to see if you are Fatigued at the end of your shift.

Kroop has managed to hold on to his sobriety another day you are grateful to see. He seems to have everything in hand and just looks to you for various help throughout the day.

You will be assisting with the cooking today but as Kroop is sober, no checks are required.

Everyone else:
Scourge looks at Ko'ulu with anger in his eyes. You'll get your extra lashes tonight for dumping your rum again savage but might as well give you some bilge work as well. Lashes will look pleasant after that.

Your daily task requires a Strength check, DC 12. Additionally you also need to make a Con check, DC 10, to see if you are Fatigued at the end of your shift.

Jirobo heads towards the main hold at Plugg's direction. It appears that the return of the nice weather has been a welcome call to the various pests around the ship and there are plenty of rats and bugs to be dealt with.

Your daily task requires either a Stealth, Survival, or Dex check, DC 10.

Scourge directs Xanxan to the ropes. There are still plenty of knots to unkink and rope to coil.

Your daily task requires either a Profession (sailor) or Strength check, DC 10. Additionally you also need to make a Con check, DC 10, to see if you are Fatigued at the end of your shift.

Calvin moves over to a damaged section of railing at Plugg's direction and begins helping with the repairds to the ship.

Your daily task requires either a Profession (sailor) or Dex check, DC 10.

The following NPC's will help you at your various tasks. Remember this adds a +2 to your job checks only, not the Con checks for Fatigue. Feel free to roleplay the interactions in your post.
Callum: Maheem
Jirobo: Rosie Cusswell
Xanxan: Sandara Quinn
Ko'ulu: Jak Scrimshaw
Calvin: Giffer Tibbs
Tully: Kroop (since it's already built into your daily task)

The Campaign Tab is updated with everyone's current conditions after the night of rest. Everyone please post your Day 10 Job checks along with your Day Time Ship action.

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

Xanxan is happy to talk with Sandara.

"So, lass, have you decided to grace me with your charms , or must I compete with taller, and therefore uglier fellows?" Xanxan winks.

The priestess laughs at him, "You'll be needing these ropes for climbing is that what you think? A girl should be flattered I suppose, but how can I cause dissension among such mates by favoring just one of you?"

"You're a peace loving woman, you are, Miss Quinn," The gnome smiles in response, "And the loss is mine for it."

Between talking about ships, sails, the weather and flirtations, he chats in a softer voice about other debts due,"Well, I've been praying to the Pirate Queen like I promised, and mark me, I'm glad to be alive, but I'm hoping for a bit of shall we say payback upon certain parties who shall remain nameless. Always happy to seek spiritual advice on such matters if you have any."

The pace is more relaxed today despite his treasonous whispers to the cleric while she helps take a few lines away as he unknots them, or applies oils to ease the same.

Sailor roll, bonus for help counted in
1d20 + 9 ⇒ (2) + 9 = 11

Edit: forgot the con check. Here we go.
1d20 + 1 ⇒ (18) + 1 = 19

Between working on the ropes and chatter, Xanxan continues to try to make friends among the crew. Even the ones he hasn't met yet. Seeing one of the human women he doesn't know handling her own batch of ropes, he gives a smile, "Ahoy there tall legs, allow a fellow to offer a hand?"

Yup. Charmer plus diplomacy again. Just to add a bit of flavor, he may see if said lady, if she's not unpleasant looking, has been eying one of his human friends with interest. The weather's too fine not to play a bit at matchmaking, and sometimes being a gnome is all about keeping it fresh, lively, and complicated.

Best of two diplomacy rolls. Not sure if I get any bonuses for being a mate of tully or the others after Tully took down Owlbear
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (11) + 6 = 17
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23

especially appropriate if he's possibly going play matchmaker...
sense motive

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6

HP 27 || AC 15, T 13, FF 12 || F +4, R +4, W +8 || Init +7, Per +12

The rising of the sun brings with it a revival of Jirobo's spirits. With a mighty stretch, the tengu clambers out of his hammock, tapping the others to rise and join the rest of the crew up deck for daily duties. His energy returned and clarity of mind back, Jirobo takes a moment to examine Callum's still healing bruises from the storm. A few quick words to the winds, Jirobo gives the rigger a friendly pat on the back as he hops up in line with the other sailors.

The tengu rubs his hands together in excitement as he gets another job he's good at, hunting down pests below deck. He joins Rosie below as he goes about his task with relish, "We'll catch so many critters today, Ms. Rosie. So many. Maybe I can talk Mr. Fishguts into making us fried rat legs for supper. A delicious treat if I do say so myself." The hours fly by as Jirobo runs down several rodents and another infestation of mealworms.

During one of his breaks, Jirobo offers Rosie a mealworm for a snack while he munches on a handful himself. He grins between beakfuls, "Yummy. You should try."

Cure Light Wounds on Callum: 1d8 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7
Day Action: Work Diligently
Survival Check: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (8) + 15 = 23

Male Human Sea Singer 1

Tully woke to a glorious, sunny day. The wind was a gentle breeze, just maintaining steerage way for the Wormwood. The sea was a glassy calm, markedly differing from the violent waves of the last two stormy days. In the galley, Fishguts was bright-eyed, cheerful, and already hard at work. Even Scourge and Mister Plugg were less unpleasant than usual.

It might have been a conspiracy by all the elements aboard the ship to draw Tully into state of blissful optimism. He was positively lighthearted as he walked from the hold to the galley. His mind was wandering along delightful paths when someone turned the corner, tripped over his feet, and went sprawling across the deck.

Oh, my goodness! What dreadful bad fortune! I most humbly beg your pardon, sir!

The scowling, sneering, crimson face of Crimson Cogward spun back to face him. "Shut the hell up! I told you before, your high and mightiness, you'll not have my pardon! Cross my lee again, and you'll be sorrier for it!"

Tully gaped. Then the dam of his resolve finally broke. He grabbed Cog by the shirt-front, dragging him to his feet. That is quite enough of that! I have endured more than I care to of poor manners aboard this ship! If you can't speak politely, then kindly keep your mouth closed! Tully backed the man against the bulkhead, leaning in close. When I greet you this evening, I'll expect you to have found a civil tongue. Otherwise, I'll see if you dance any better than the Owlbear...

Influence Action - Intimidate 1d20 + 3 + 2 + 2 ⇒ (19) + 3 + 2 + 2 = 26

Male Human Freebooter 3 / Pirate 1 [HP 37/37 || AC 17, T 12, FF 14 || F +4, R +7, W +2]
Tully wrote:
No gift or gratitude I could offer would balance the scales against saving my life, Mister Carnvegas. This meager decoration shall have to hold the debt until fortune, or misfortune, grants me the opportunity to repay you fully.

Ah, lad, ye didn't have te go an' do anythin'. Ye're a crewmate an' a friend an' 'tis somethin' I'd do fer any o' ye, Callum said looking around at his allies, with a pointed glance towards those who were still on the fence regarding their attitde with his friends. Well... Mayhap not fer the Scourge or Plugg, if ye savvy, he said with a chuckle. That being said, he continued, smiling and admiring the feather, 'Tis a fine bit o' plumage ye found fer me. It'll festoon me hat wonderfully. I'll keep it safe with me hat fer when I have the occasion te wear it again. Thank ye, lad. Callum then gently wrapped the feather and placed it in his locker before heading to the hammock for a much needed rest.

In the morning, Callum woke refreshed and content, even though still somewhat bruised, and made his way to the deck. He felt a tingle as Jirobo touched him and much of his remaining pain dissipated. He glanced over at Jirobo as they separated to their separate tasks and nodded his thanks.

Callum then headed over to the lines with Maheem, feeling much better than he had the previous day. 'Tis amazin' how much can change after a night's sleep, aye? Yesterday, I had the feelin' o' death warmed over, yet today, with a little assistance from me friends, I'm practically right as rain.

Maheem chuckled as they began hauling the lines.

Profession - Sailor DC 10: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19

During a break he went to the water barrel to refresh himself. One of the other crew approached, looking parched. Mayhap ye be needin' this more than I, Callum said, offering the water cup to her. The day is bright, the weather fine an' nary a stormcloud in sight, but while the storms can beat ye down one way, the sun gots another way te do it.

For one of the remaining unknown crew (if any):
Angle - Diplomacy DC 15: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7
Influence - Diplomacy DC ?: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18

CON Check DC 10: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2

Human Witch 2 || HP 14/14 || AC 12 Touch 12, FF 10 || Fort +1, Ref +2, W +3 || Init +2, Per +6

Calvin heads to untangle the knots with Tobias. When he arrives, he sees Gaffer there already. She turns to smile at him and he frowns when he sees her missing eye. "I could replace that for you," Calvin says, pointing to her eye. "Assuming, of course, that we can find a spare somewhere. Tobias thinks Socurge's eyes are pretty. I disagree - I think Sandara's are the fairest. But I don't see them very often as she doesn't look at me too much. It's ok, though, because I'm used to that. You probably are, too, what with the one eye thing and all. How'd you lose it?"

Calvin then turns to the work, awaiting her reply.

Dexterity Check: 1d20 + 1 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 1 + 2 = 18

Untying the knots isn't difficult, particularly with Gaffer's help.

During the work, Calvin sees Jaundiced Jape walk by. "Hey - you. You don't say much, do you? Did someone cut out your voice? I was telling Gaffer I could replace her eye - perhaps I could replace your voice, too. Tobias and I will keep our eyes - or ears, I suppose - open for you."

Diplomacy: 1d20 - 2 + 2 ⇒ (4) - 2 + 2 = 4

Again, Calvin realizes that he's said something offensive, so he wipes the orc's memory and tries again. "Would you like a new voice if we could find you one?"

Diplomacy: 1d20 - 2 + 2 ⇒ (9) - 2 + 2 = 9

The effort doesn't go much better, and the half-orc bares his teeth at Calvin in anger.

Assuming a 9 won't endear him to us.

Daytime Ship Action: Failing to Make Friends and Influence Others

Male Fisherman 4, Hp: 31/31, AC 17, T:12, FF:15, F+3, R+0, W+1

"You know," Ko'ulu begins, scratching at his braids, "I don't even remember much of yesterday...I don't know if I am getting punished for something by being sent to the bilge...or not."

"Well Jak, just you and me, off to the more day of trying to keep Wormy floating."

The low space is as cold and confining as ever. The dank air is heavy with moisture, and every so often there is a surruss of noise from a rat surrying in the darkness...or a larger predator chasing it.

Ko'ulu I don't know if you were planning to take a ship action or not but you need to at least post your rolls for the daily job. I'll give you a little while to add something otherwise I'll roll for you and move on.

Male Fisherman 4, Hp: 31/31, AC 17, T:12, FF:15, F+3, R+0, W+1

Sorry, I started posting before I had to run out the door to work...then I was in meetings all day. Its been crazy today.
Strength 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (14) + 4 = 18
Con 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (9) + 1 = 10

The work went smoother than Ko'ulu expected, the sludge and slurry in the bowls of the ship pumped overboard into the deep ocean.

"Jak, it looks like we be done here. What do you say to a little fishing? We can go and see if we can improve dinner some for the crew?"

Ko'ulu led the way up to the deck and found an out of the way nook where he could cast a few lines out.

Fishing 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9
Action: Influence...with fish! 1d20 ⇒ 17

"Well that was disappointing...", Ko'ulu smiles and shrugs, "The good thing is that there is always tomorrow...there are more fish somewhere else, and the Wormy will be taking us there."

Ko'ulu, since you didn't announce which possible NPC you were attempting to Influence, I will randomly roll to determine who it is. The available pool will be any NPC not currently at Helpful, since those are the ones you would be targeting anyways. (Here's hoping you get a Friendly one.)
Random crew: 1d10 ⇒ 2

Update coming shortly.

Callum random crew dice roll: 1d2 ⇒ 1

As you work, the warmth of the day and the good spirits it puts you in makes you want to have a little fun. Matchmaking does indeed seem like a good idea and you've got just the "lovebirds" in mind.

Taking a moment, you approach the Mwangi woman you've seen around the ship. She seems a bit mean-tempered and you think that only makes her more perfect for your companion Ko'ulu. Tall legs was right, too. Easily the tallest woman on the ship, she towers over some of the men as well. At your prompting she pauses for a moment before a smile creeps on her face. Yes, he does seem a glutton for punishment but a real man should be able to take a beating if he's to be with a real woman.

As you move back to work, you can only hope that Ko'ulu appreciates all the hard work you've done for his love life.

Oh man, you made that too easy to have fun with lol. You've met Shivikah and turned her from Unfriendly to Indifferent. And also created interesting future roleplaying. When thinking of her, picture Grace Jones in pretty much any movie she's ever been in.

At your outburst, Cog starts backwards. His face looks shocked at your words and tone. Moving up to you he sneers but his tone is level. Seems that fight with the lummox finally helped you find your spine little lordling. You'll get no more trouble for me although don't expect us to be bosom buddies or anything. He gives you a nod of respect before returning back to work.

You've brought Cog up from Friendly to Helpful.

Approaching the woman, you can smell the rotgut on her breath easily. At your words she chuckles. Yeah, the days do shift sure enough. Still rest makes a world of difference. That and a good beverage! She laughs as she gets back to work.

You've met Tilly and moved her from Indifferent to Friendly.

You don't know what possesed you to talk to the scarred half-orc but whatever it was, it certainly didn't help you. The man snarls at you as you talk to him before pushing you to the deck. As you lay there, expecting a blow to fall he simply spits over the side of the boat and moves off. Scourge looks down at you with a sneer. You comfortable maggot? Get your ass up and back to work!

I've already explained the situation with this in the OOC thread lol. But nice try. ;-)

You return to the bilges with a small fish in hand. You hold it up to Jak with disgust, although he gives you a wan smile in return. Well I appreciate the effort master Ko'ulu, maybe tomorrow there'll be better game in the sea. As you dump the fish, he quickly removes it and you think perhaps bringing a fish to the bilges wasn't the best idea.

Despite your poor fishing results for the day, you've still managed to move Jak from Friendly to Helpful.

The day passes and the work gets done. Already it seems like many of you are finally adjusting to life aboard a pirate ship. Many of the crew give you companionable nods during the day and even the work seems to go by easier, none of messing up your tasks that gave you such trouble earlier. As the bloody hour arrives, Callum is brought up for his rum discarding and takes his whippings. Moving back towards the group, he watches as Ko'ulu takes his now familiar place at the whipping post for dumping his rum.

Scourge looks at him with a grin. Two nights in a row, again? You're going to make my arm tired savage. Laughing he begins to swing. The strikes come quickly and painfully. Ko'ulu grits his teeth and doesn't utter a sound. Right before he passes out, he notices the Mwangi woman looking at him hungrily with a hard-to-place look on her face.

Whip rolls, 1 is auto-miss:
Callum 1: 1d20 ⇒ 8, Damage: 1d3 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3 nonlethal
Callum 2: 1d20 ⇒ 14, Damage: 1d3 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4 nonlethal
Callum 3: 1d20 ⇒ 4, Damage: 1d3 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5 nonlethal
Ko'ulu 1: 1d20 ⇒ 11, Damage: 1d3 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4 nonlethal
Ko'ulu 2: 1d20 ⇒ 20, Damage: 1d3 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5 nonlethal
Ko'ulu 3: 1d20 ⇒ 4, Damage: 1d3 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3 nonlethal
Ko'ulu 4: 1d20 ⇒ 3, Damage: 1d3 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5 nonlethal
Ko'ulu 5: 1d20 ⇒ 3, Damage: 1d3 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4 nonlethal
Ko'ulu 6: 1d20 ⇒ 16, Damage: 1d3 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5 nonlethal

Tully and Kroop come around with the food and Grok with the rum. The warm clear night is refreshing and most of the crew and some of the officers stay on deck. It's the first "peaceful" night you've seen in the last few days.

Rum rolls for those that drink:
Callum: +1d4 ⇒ 2 to Cha and Fatigued for 1d8 ⇒ 4 hours, 1d3 ⇒ 3 Con damage, Fort save DC 5 to avoid addiction 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13
Xanxan: +1d4 ⇒ 2 to Cha and Fatigued for 1d8 ⇒ 5 hours, 1d3 ⇒ 1 Con damage, Fort save DC 5 to avoid addiction 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (14) + 1 = 15
Ko'ulu: +1d4 ⇒ 1 to Cha and Fatigued for 1d8 ⇒ 8 hours, 1d3 ⇒ 3 Con damage, Fort save DC 5 to avoid addiction 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7
Calvin: +1d4 ⇒ 1 to Cha and Fatigued for 1d8 ⇒ 3 hours, 1d3 ⇒ 1 Con damage, Fort save DC 5 to avoid addiction 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7
Jirobo: +1d4 ⇒ 1 to Cha and Fatigued for 1d8 ⇒ 4 hours, 1d3 ⇒ 3 Con damage, Fort save DC 5 to avoid addiction 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (14) + 2 = 16
Tully: +1d4 ⇒ 2 to Cha and Fatigued for 1d8 ⇒ 4 hours, 1d3 ⇒ 2 Con damage, Fort save DC 5 to avoid addiction 1d20 ⇒ 12

Campaign tab has been updated for the various changes from the Day time stuff as well as the whippings. As usual, rum stuff will be updated should anyone drink it. Ko'ulu: If you receive healing of any kind, you will have to decide on if you attempt to dump the rum as you'll be awake. If you're not healed, you will be unconscious and not have to worry about it.

Everyone post your Day 10 Night Time Ship Action(s).

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

Oh man, you made that too easy to have fun with lol. You've met Shivikah and turned her from Unfriendly to Indifferent. And also created interesting future roleplaying. When thinking of her, picture Grace Jones in pretty much any movie she's ever been in.

Glad I could help :)I'm sure a certain fighter will feel forever indebted... or not ;)

Watching the lash is never fun, and Xanxan frowns at it. Ko'Ulu seems out, either to be healed or not. He checks on Callum, "Ye alright there, mate? We're making progress with the folks I think, but I'm wondering if ye have any suggestions on what else we might be needing? Good will alone won't be enough."

His night actions may depend on suggestions from his friends.

Later, he tries once more to forgo the rum.

Stealth check
1d20 + 11 ⇒ (10) + 11 = 21

Male Human Freebooter 3 / Pirate 1 [HP 37/37 || AC 17, T 12, FF 14 || F +4, R +7, W +2]
Xanxan wrote:
"Ye alright there, mate? We're making progress with the folks I think, but I'm wondering if ye have any suggestions on what else we might be needing? Good will alone won't be enough."

Aye. A little worse fer wear I suppose, but nothin a little sleep can't cure. I be much better n' yesterday, an' that be no lie, Callum replied with a smile. Havin' the crew on our side's of high import fer sure, but, as ye say, there may be other things what needs doin. Mayhap we could get more know how on the ship an' her stores. But we don' want te risk somethin like what Jirobo got. A javelin in the gut's not very fashionable. An' bein' caught could mean a keelhaulin'. Not an experince I'd recommend. Hmmm, an' mayhap we bring Ko'ulu down te his hammock te let 'im rest, afore we give some o them healin' magics. Mayhap avoid him a lashin fer tomorrow.

Callum then goes to Ko'ulu to lift him and help bring him down to the crew quarters before returning to the meal and rum rations. He looks down at the rum and checks to see where the officers are before dumping it behind him.

Stealth check: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

There is a growl and Callum was shoved against the table. He stood up and spun around. There was Narwhal glaring at him. Looking down, Callum notices the stain on the dwarf's breeches. What? Ye couldn't make it te the closet an' ye get angry with me fer wettin' yerself? Don' be startin' somethin fer nothin'. We been told once, there be no fightin on the ship. Now be off with ye an' check fer that bit o' brown down yer backside.

Intimidate: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10

Tate's clenched his fists and ground his teeth, his body shaking in barely restrained fury. It looked like he might lash out but he noticed a couple of officers looking in their direction and held himself back. The dwarf then stalked off, muttering oaths under his breath.

Callum breathed a soft sigh of relief as he sat back down to finish his meal before heading down to the crew quarters to turn in.

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

Xaxan takes the advice and contemplates it. He'll even help put Ko'Ulu out of sight if Callum does so.

Later that night, he finds himself slipping away while others are occupied to make his move. He looks for the rum stores, and where they keep any fresh water. His plan, to water the rum down. It's too late now, but Maybe tomorrow folks will be a bit more sober.

Not sure what rolls you'd need for this so I'll just roll a couple and let you sort out what he needs.

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19

Trap Sense perception
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (2) + 8 = 10

Disable Device
1d20 + 9 ⇒ (15) + 9 = 24

1d20 + 11 ⇒ (13) + 11 = 24

Human Witch 2 || HP 14/14 || AC 12 Touch 12, FF 10 || Fort +1, Ref +2, W +3 || Init +2, Per +6

Apart from the altercation with the half-orc, Calvin's day passes without further incident.

At the "whipping time," Calvin watches the spectacle, growing increasingly bored of the proceedings. After Ko'ulu receives his lashes, he steps forward and lays his hands on the man's back. He mutters a few words and helps him up.

Cure Light Wounds: 1d8 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8
Cure Light Wounds: 1d8 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5

After dinner, he once again causes a scene with Tobias designed to distract those around him from noticing his dumping of the rum.

Stealth Check: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19

Once the rum is dumped, Calvin will head over to the fellows gambling again, place a single gold coin on the table and roll up his sleeves. "I'm bored. Tobias thinks my making your hand bleed was a fluke. He bet me his share of the loot we're going to get - eventually - that I couldn't do it again."

He slams his elbow on the table and stares into his opponent's eyes, causing the man to feel far less confident in his abilities.

Evil Eye on Opponent - DC16. -2 to Strength Check.

Calvin's Strength Check: 1d20 ⇒ 10

After the contest, no matter how it goes, Calvin will head back down to the bunks with Tobias. He'll pull out his carpentry kit and continue whittling on the piece of wood. He'll chat with Tobias, discussing what he thinks will happen to them tomorrow. At one point in their "conversation," Calvin will lower his voice conspiratorially. "Ah, brilliant idea, Tobias! But...well...perhaps I should run that by my...friends? Would you call them friends? I wonder how they would feel about my putrefying the rum? I don't think they drink it much. And I know Ko'ulu wouldn't mind." After a few more minutes of whittling and chatting, Calvin will put away his gear and settle in to sleep.

Night Time Action - Gamble; Swapping out "Light" for "Putrefy Food & Drink."

Callum, good write up, nothing for me to add. You've shifted Tate from Hostile to Hostile+.

There are no traps on the door and you're able to pick the lock into the quartermaster's store. Nothing has really changed here from last time. Moving to the barrels containing the rum, you pry off one of the lids and the vapors immediately make your eyes water. You'd have better luck evaporating it than diluting it.

The rotgut is too strong to dilute, you'd have to pour barrels of water in to make a dent.

Updated campaign tab with Calvin's healing, Ko'ulu you'll be awake for the Rum and need to determine if you hide your dumping of it.

Male Human Sea Singer 1

It was almost going to be an enjoyable evening. Unfortunately, Tully could not harden his heart enough to ignore the "Bloody Hour" and the beatings his friends were taking. Once it was over, serving the food and drink was enough distraction that Tully was able to recapture some of his good spirits.

Tully was careful to make certain that he was the one serving Crimson Cogward. As he approached, he spoke in a rather louder voice than was necessary. Good evening, Mister Cogward. What a pleasure to see you again.

Cog muttered something that sounded conspicuously like "Good evening", before burying his face in his plate to avoid further conversation. Tully sighed, decided that was probably as good as it was going to get, and went on with the business at hand.

The crew were getting fairly lively in their high spirits, and it wasn't long before Rosie seized her fiddle and began scraping out an energetic tune. Grok was just arriving with Tully's rum ration, so he seized her hand and spun her into a careful waltz, contriving to spill his rum at the same time.

Discard Rum - Stealth Check: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (14) + 7 = 21

Tully spun Grok through one turn after another, and discovered quite to his surprise, that Barefoot Samms was standing in the way. Releasing his hold on the surprised half-orc, Tully continued his turn with Samms, being extra attentive to avoid treading on her exposed toes. Badger Medlar followed quickly on Samms' heels. Rosie was picking up the pace dramatically, and Tully was obliged to abandon his waltz, for a more ungainly two-step. Still, Badger was game, and remarkably agile on her feet.

Tilly Brackett practically shouldered Badger out of the way to take her place. The smell of the rum was heavy on her, and her movements were much less coordinated than Badger's had been. Tully smiled through the pain of a half-dozen mistimed steps that landed on his own feet, before he spun her away to grab hold of Sandara.

An electric thrill ran straight up his spine as Sandara's hand grasped his, while his other held her by her waist. Tully led her through a number of spins and dips, contriving to pull her close against him whenever the rhythm of the music gave him an opening. A number of the other ladies of the ship were waiting in the wings, but Tully kept the dance from moving towards them for quite a bit longer than was strictly polite. In all fairness to the young man, he did feel a little twinge of guilt about doing so. But, it was washed away as another turn pressed Sandara's lithe body up against him.

After an extended time that seemed to pass in a heartbeat, Tully released his hold on Sandara. He offered her a nervous smile and a slight bow, before he was captured by the titanic strength of Shivikah. Giffer Tibbs followed and more surprising than all, Aretta Bansion.

Then coming out of his last turn Tully nearly collided with a woman whose name he had not yet learned. Please forgive this unwarrantable liberty upon your person, my lady. May I have the pleasure? He moved her smoothly into the flow of the dance. My name is Tully. And you are?

Entertain Action - Perform Dance: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (18) + 3 = 21
Also, just a meet and greet on the last unknown crew member (assuming she won't just slug me in the face for trying to dance with her).

Tully finally collapsed, breathing heavily, to the deck. Rosie gave him a smile. I am sorry, dearest Rosie, that I could not offer you a turn or two around the deck. Thank you, most kindly for the accompaniment. Though, next time, could you kindly keep the pace a little slower? There are quite a few lovely ladies aboard, and but one of me. Tully gave her lurid wink.

Calvin oopsed arm wrestling Str roll: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (15) + 1 = 16
Possible damage: 1d2 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3

And Tully.... ;-D

Male Fisherman 4, Hp: 31/31, AC 17, T:12, FF:15, F+3, R+0, W+1

Hide the dumping of rum? Why would I ever do such a thing?

Ko'ulu wakes in a rush, the stinging splash of healing magic rushing through his body makes him gasp as if dunked in a stream of snowmelt water. He eyes Calvin and nods to him, "Thank you.", as Calvin turns and walks away.

As soon as the food is doled out, Grok begins to ration out rum to eagerly held mugs. As he walks around doling out the grog, an inspiration strikes Ko'ulu and he grins for a brief moment. Ko'ulu stands, his bowl of food in his hand and walks off, quickly shoveling the rest of the food in his mouth. As he reaches the side of the boat, he sets the bowl down, moves to the rigging and climbs.

Climb checks if Ko'ulu makes it this far without something happening:
6' 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (2) + 9 = 11
12' 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (4) + 9 = 13
18' 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (6) + 9 = 15
24' 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (2) + 9 = 11
30' 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (8) + 9 = 17

Action if nothing occurs:
[ooc]Ko'ulu looks around for the Mwangi woman. If she is charming, or beautiful, or strong, he will see about talking to her. If she is average, then Ko'ulu will ignore her, as the women of his village are far superior to any outsider (not that they really are, Ko'uly just thinks that)

HP 27 || AC 15, T 13, FF 12 || F +4, R +4, W +8 || Init +7, Per +12

Jirobo winces with each lash handed out that night at Bloody Hour even if it wasn't being placed against his feathered back. When Calvin moves up to heal Ko'ulu, Jirobo instead goes over to Callum and whispers to the wind before touching the bloody marks on his back gently.

Cure Light Wounds on Callum: 1d8 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4

Jirobo listens quietly to Xanxan and Callum's conversation as he tends to Callum's back, chipping in once, "Nobody wants to have a javelin in their gut, especially not me again. It burned like eatting a hot bun fresh out of the oven." After they all head down below, Jirobo takes his portion of his meal and sits close to Sandara again, nibbling at his meal makes his rum disappear and not into his gut.

Stealth vs Rum: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16

He starts to clap and stop his foot upon the ground as Rosie and Tully start up an impromtu dance party. The tengu laughs as Tully ends up dancing with every lady on the ship. Later that night, Jirobo slips out of his hammock and tiptoes to the stores, to see if he can get to the rum. If he is able, he starts softly casting purify food and drink on it to see if he can leech some of the toxins from the foul stuff. Maybe if everyone is clearheaded, there will be less lashs and pain meted out.

Stealth: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (14) + 6 = 20
Perception: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (4) + 11 = 15

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

Xanxan has to settle for merely letting the lid be slightly open so it might evaporate. I just hope I don't set the bloody ship on fire. He flees so no one can see him and put two and two together

Tobias squaks in what can almost be satisfaction as it appears your first win was a fluke as your hand slams into the jagged glass atop the barrel. Clutching your bloody hand as you walk away, some of the men laugh and you can hear Tate pipe up. Maybe next time he'll listen to the bird, seems to be the brains of that duo. With a scowl you head below deck, Tobias wobbling along behind you.

You will take 3 points of damage from the arm wrestling.

As you spin around the ship, you could almost forget that you were on a boat at sea and not enjoying a dance around a tavern. It certainly helps that most of the women on the ship have finally started to speak to you and your companions. Scourge doesn't seem too thrilled with your carefree air around them, especially when Sandara spins into your arms, but he doesn't do anything about it.

At one point you find yourself moving towards the last woman you'd yet to meet amongst the crew. As you sweep her up into the dance you suddenly feel a sharp point sticking into your thigh right next to your "treasure box". Her voice is low and menacing as she presses the point in. You get your hands off my, dandy, or I'll cut'em off and feed em to you.

You quickly oblige her and move on to the next woman, glancing back over your shoulder, grateful that she hadn't sneezed.

You've met Slippery Syl Lonegan and you're pretty sure she's Hostile to you and the group.

While Scourge gives you a wicked grin at skipping the rum, he makes no move to stop you as you clamber up the rigging. You know you'll have some pain coming your way tomorrow but for now the warm night breeze is your companion as you finish eating. You spot the Mwangi woman below checking you out occasionally when she isn't dancing with Tully and you give her a polite nod. You haven't been on the ship long enough for that but you also know it unwise to anger such as her.

She has an "average" Cha score so she's not overly attractive but she's also not hideous either.

You're able to make your way to the rum stores and thankfully the door is unlocked. As you find the large barrels, you realize you'd have to spend a few non-stop days of casting the spell to have any impact on the sheer volume of rum. Plus, seeing the disgusting rotgut up close, you'd be hard pressed to call it a drink and not some vile concoction.

As with Xanxan, the amount and composition of the rum doesn't allow for much in the way of tampering with it.

Campaign tab updated with Jirobo's healing and the night's rest. I'll have the next update posted shortly.

Waking the next morning you can all tell from the warmth in the hold that today is going to be another sunny day. Climbing on deck there isn't a cloud in the sky and the temperature climbs steadily. As Plugg calls out assignments, the crew moves off to work and you realize that none of you were given anything to do. Plugg looks at the group of you. You lot get a special assignment. Till then stay out of the way.

While not enough time to do anything meaningful, the break is a welcome one and you enjoy it while you can. You get an hour or so to yourselves before the ship drops anchor. A couple of the crew haul up four large crab pots from the main hold. Plugg calls out from the sterncastle. Cap'n wants fresh crab tonight for supper. It's a beautiful day, looks like you are going swimming. Mister Scrimshaw, why don't you keep em company. The water is fairly shallow and Plugg points to a spot about 200 feet from the ship. You can make out the dark shape of a large submerged reef. You'd have to be blind not to be able to find some good crabbing around that reef over there, even you lot what never fished a day before now. Gather what you'll need and get the lead out, don't want to waste a whole day for this either.

Taking a few minutes to prepare yourselves, you come back to the ship's rail. At Plugg's direction you dump the crab pots over the side of the ship where they hang submerged but suspended in the water, small bladders helping maintain their bouyancy. Jak tucks a dagger and a cutlass into his belt before stripping his shirt off and diving into the water. He looks up at you expectantly as he treads water around the crab pots.

It is a perfect day for a swim. The water has good visibility (100 ft) and is calm (Swim checks are DC 10). The reef is 200 feet away and if you're able, you can Take 10 on Swim checks to get out there. Once everyone has indicated via post that they're at the reef, whether you make Swim checks or Take 10, I will then update the thread with how you'll gather the crab.

Please Note: When you post your update, include in this update an EXACT list of what items you are currently carrying with you or wearing when you get into the water. Swimming in the open ocean (or anywhere really) presents a specific set of risks/obstacles; if you're wearing armor I want to know it cause it will affect Swim checks, if you drop something it could be lost forever, certain weapon types are better in the water than others, etc. Given the nature of the campaign it might be a good idea to at some point update your profile with a "default" list of what you take whenever you're swimming but I want to be clear on exactly what everyone has at hand for this part. Generally I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to gear and what you have on you but when it comes to Swimming with gear, I'm a bit more strict. It can be an "environmental hazard" per the rules so you need to be cognizant of that.

Male Human Freebooter 3 / Pirate 1 [HP 37/37 || AC 17, T 12, FF 14 || F +4, R +7, W +2]

Aye, 'tis a beautiful day for a splash in the pond. Thank the Cap'n fer the opportunity fer me, Callum says as he checks his weapons are secure before diving into the water. Swimming up to the crab pots, he looks up. Ahh, the water be lovely down here. Ye should take a dip yerself Mr. Plugg, if ye get the chance.

With a wink at Jak, Callum grabs a crab pot and swims leisurely towards the reef, keeping his eye open for sharks and other potential dangers.

Swim DC 10, take 10: 10 + 8 = 18
Perception DC ?: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18

Callum is wearing his wooden armor (so no swim penalty) but not wearing his coat (or much of his fancy clothes for that matter, they've been packed for most of the journey).
For weapons, Callum will take his boarding axe and along with his brass knife, to limit any water damage that may occur on his weapons (who knows if we'll get the chance to clean them).

HP 27 || AC 15, T 13, FF 12 || F +4, R +4, W +8 || Init +7, Per +12

Jirobo shades his eyes in the sun as he looks out across the horizon. A swim and some leasurely crabbing didn't sound too bad, but with Plugg there was always a catch. Watch this water be home to some fearsome killer shark-beast. Regardless, an order is an order if you don't like keelhauling, so the tengu strips down to his skivies, grabs his blade firmly in hand and takes a dive off the side of the ship. The cool water is a nice change from baking up on deck as Jirobo's head comes berthing up with a salty spray.

The tengu swims up to a crab pot and grabs it, paddling after Callum with it in tow. "Hope nothing large wants to make dinner of us today like we do those crabs," Jirobo adds as he sweeps his vision across and below the waterline.

Swim Check, Take 10: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6
Perception Check: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (1) + 11 = 12

Jirobo is taking only his wakizashi with him.

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

Crossbows being a waste of time under water, the only weapon Xanxan goes with is his trusty rapier. Truth of it, he'd rather a good sharp knife for swimming, but he doesn't have one of his own handy so he cinches it tight if he can. He has bare feet, and will go shirtless.

He's sexy and he knows it...
Only gear on him is the rapier and a water skin (He can empty it later, fill it air for bouncy if need be etc)

"Ah, sweet mother sea!" the gnome dives in when directed to, a crab pot in hand. "Don't worry, Jirobo. Water this shallow ain't always good hunting grounds for the sharks last I heard."

swim taking ten but not sure how to format that. It should come out to fifteen

Nevertheless, he does keep an eye out

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14

Human Witch 2 || HP 14/14 || AC 12 Touch 12, FF 10 || Fort +1, Ref +2, W +3 || Init +2, Per +6

Calvin leaps into the water, saying a brief goodbye to Tobias before doing so. He grabs his spear, but decides to leave his crossbow and bolts, as well as his scrolls, behind.

The water is cool and refreshing and Calvin simply floats for a few moments. He had spent hours on the ocean - mostly because he was tossed overboard so regularly as a joke - but he had become quite accustomed to swimming and floating.

Seeing that his peers were moving on ahead of him, he began to swim to catch up. He kept his eyes peeled, eager to avoid running into a carnivorous sea creature or painful jellyfish.

Swim Check: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (12) + 10 = 22
Perception Check: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19

Calvin has his spear and spell component pouch only.

Just to clarify based on Xanxan's question. If you're Taking 10 or 20 on something, you can just tell me that in the post along with what your modifier is so I don't have to look it up. You could also do as Jirobo did and roll it but announce you're Taking 10, that way I have a roll if needed. Either way is fine with me.

Male Fisherman 4, Hp: 31/31, AC 17, T:12, FF:15, F+3, R+0, W+1

Ko'ulu grins and salutes Plugg. "This be an assignment that I like Mister Plugg! I have done plenty of fishing before coming on the we will see what the reef is like. Have you crabbed here before sir? Any big beasties on the reef that we should keep a weather eye for?"

Ko'ulu nodds at Plugg's response and heads off for the cabin. Line, hooks, flint, steel and whetstone go into the small pouch on his belt. He checks the dagger in his sheath, and takes the trident from the corner, and heads back out into the open air.

With a jaunty wave to the crew remaining behind, Ko'ulu dives in a smooth arc into the warm ocean water, makes two broad strokes beneath the waves and surfaces next to Jak.

"Jak, mate, let me help you with those.", he says taking the lines for half the pots before swimming out with the group.

Leather armor, dagger in wrist sheath, trident in hand, fishing hooks, line, flint and steel and a whetstone in a very small pouch that is attached to his belt. He is making an easy swim out to the reef.

Prof: Fisherman, good places to fish 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13
Prof: Fisherman, hazards of the reef 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (15) + 5 = 20

Male Human Sea Singer 1

Oh, good. More fishing, Tully thought sarcastically. And now we get to go down and join them...

Tully stowed his armor along with the rest of his gear in the locker near his berth.

A knife might be worth carrying, in case the lines tangle.

If there's enough time, Tully will try to procure a dagger or sailor's knife from Grok. If there's not enough time, or she doesn't carry one in stock, then he'll be carrying no equipment into the water.

He dove into the water. Grasping the last of the crab pots, he used an improvised breast-stroke to make a leisurely swim over to the reef.

Take 10 + 1 = 11

Callum, Calvin? Do either of you know where we are? he shouted between strokes.

Human Witch 2 || HP 14/14 || AC 12 Touch 12, FF 10 || Fort +1, Ref +2, W +3 || Init +2, Per +6

Calvin takes a moment to examine his surroundings and see if he recognizes anything that will help him identify where they are.

Knowledge (Nature): 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (1) + 10 = 11

Unfortunately, he is immediately distracted by a school of small, silvery fish swimming away from him and forgets what Tully asked.

Ominous DM rolls:
1d20 ⇒ 7
1d8 ⇒ 6
1d10 ⇒ 2
1d4 ⇒ 3
1d17 ⇒ 7
1d6 ⇒ 2
1d8 ⇒ 2
Hmm, which were real, which fake?

Update coming shortly.

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