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DMJ's Skull & Shackles

Game Master Jonasty1031

Adventure and danger on the high seas! Can you claim your own Pirate destiny in the Shackles?

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I'll say you would be impacted but you'd get a +8 to your save, both cause you know it's an illusion and because you can try to "duck your head around it". Or you could wait for Tylos to dismiss it.

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

I do believe the tide is a turning!

HP 27 || AC 15, T 13, FF 12 || F +4, R +4, W +8 || Init +7, Per +12

Forgot to add flanking bonuses to my last post. So I should be hitting with a 20 melee touch and elemental got a 16 slam attack.

Male Human Sea Singer 1

DMJ: Hilt Bash is one of the Buccaneer's class abilities. It let's me do non-lethal without penalty.

Ahh gotcha, my mistake then.

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16

Awesome game you folks have been doing. I say you capture Plugg and give him the Pirate Justice/Punishment he is such a fan of. After all, Keelhauling is standard punishment for mutiny. *EG*

HP 27 || AC 15, T 13, FF 12 || F +4, R +4, W +8 || Init +7, Per +12

I was going to say we need to pull a bit of outlaw justice from The Lies of Locke Lamore and seal them all three up into barrels of horse urine and throw them into the waters.

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

Well, Xanxan wants to drown Scourge in Bilgewater. Gnomes are petty like that sometimes ;)

Male Human Freebooter 3 / Pirate 1 [HP 37/37 || AC 17, T 12, FF 14 || F +4, R +7, W +2]

I been thinkin' a keelhaulin' fer Plugg, each member o' the crew crackin the whip on Scourge, and Tate can walk the plank.

That bein' said. I do like them thar piss-barrels an' bilge-drowin' idears.

Male Human Sea Singer 1

Lol! Apparently, I am more persuasive than I realized! Xan, I wasn't telling you not to slit his throat. I was just trying to avoid a keelhaulin'! Not sure poor, gentle Tully could stomach that...!

I don't think it really matters what we do here. By game rules, they'll drown loooong before either of them regains consciousness. So, unless the DM decides to bring them back for a bit of RP goodness, they're shark bait.

(Male Wizard(Spellbinder) 4, Hp: 20/20, AC 12(16w/MA), T:12, FF:10, F+1, R+3, W+4)

I love how no one wants to see if they have any info before killing them lol. The is strong within you all! ;-)

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

Xan is nothing if not whimsical, but yeah I misunderstood. :) Xan figures the odds of a one handed Scourge swimming to safety are pretty slim. He's counting on it, but it also appeals to his whimsy.

Now he hasn't spoken up about Tate, but he's actually for dropping Tate off Blood Cove stark nude. The man's only crime seems to be not getting along with Callum ;)

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

Safe to assume all three of our captives are tied up?

Male Human Sea Singer 1

What info are you looking for, Ty? As far as I can tell, at this moment, assuming we have control of the ship and the loyalty of the crew... we are free as birds. On to Bloodcove, to "squib" the ship, and we have no more ties to Harrigan and the Wormwood.

Plot developments to follow, no doubt. =)

Being on a ship, I'll assume you can all find some rope. ;-)

Male Human Freebooter 3 / Pirate 1 [HP 37/37 || AC 17, T 12, FF 14 || F +4, R +7, W +2]
DM Jonasty wrote:

Alright, I'll get an update posted shortly. Just want to clarify something first.

How much do you want the crew to be aware of things as they happen? What I mean is, obviously regardless of how you do it, the crew will know that Plugg, Scourge and Tate are dead. But do you want to bring them up to watch the actual tossing over (set an example like) or just have them learn about it? Do you want them to see you going through Plugg's/Scourge's stuff and the rest of the ship or do you want to look for loot and spoils separately and then determine what you divy, if anything, to the crew? From a meta perspective, you guys have won the day and there's no hurry on anything, so the crew can stew for a bit while you search the ship, etc. I just want to know how much they're privvy to so I can tailor my update accordingly. Once I have an idea on that, I'll post something.

Presumably the crew will have heard Callum's shout of Victory. So there could already be some reaction from that.

My opinions:
Part of the Pirate's code is that the officers (that means us) would get extra shares of loot, but everyone else gets a smaller share that is equal amongst them.

I figure cash and jewels and the like be kept for "the ship" since I expect the "squibbing" (?) thing isn't free. We can split the remainder amongst the crew afterwards, or even a small share of that now. Tate, Jape and the new Rahadoumi sailors have forfeited their share as well as any personal loot they may have. That can be split amonst the crew immediately.

For searching the ship, each "officer" could take a contingent of crew to search the ship from stem to stern to determine what we have and such.

(Male Wizard(Spellbinder) 4, Hp: 20/20, AC 12(16w/MA), T:12, FF:10, F+1, R+3, W+4)

I was looking for where harrigan was heading, the names of any other ships he might have, any long term plans he might have had and shared with his first mate, etc. Tylos is the sort of person who wants to know everything and assumes nothing about what someone might know until he asks. It might come to nothing but then again we might get good information out of him.

Male Human Sea Singer 1

Regarding the loot: I agree that we should certainly take care of the crew. But, I'm not sure that in this instance anything is warranted. This was our personal battle with Plugg and Scourge. Everyone already got paid for the capture of the Man's Promise. Let's assume this is our win, and their payment is better officers.

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

Xanxan is of the opinion that a little bribe never hurt anyone. Each person who signs on and stays on should get a bit of coin for their troubles. Trained sailors aren't always easy to find and at least MOST of this group is known.

Everyone can level up to 4!!!

We've officially wrapped up Book One of the Skull & Shackles AP! I'll be updating the Campaign Info tab with tons of new info now that you've begun the process of becoming true Pirate captains of the Shackles.

Please feel free to roleplay in character in the game thread your various ideas on what to do from here and discuss here as well. Just to be clear, you no longer need to worry about ship actions, night or day. Also as well, start deciding about possible roles on the ship. Nothing is set in stone but it'd be something good to know. I would recommend looking over the ship combat/driving/navigation/etc rules in the S&S Player's Guide as they're going to start coming into effect soon.

Explanation of the wrap up and the loot, for those interested:
Those of you playing/running this game, or just having read the books, will recognize that I've removed a rather large chunk from the end of this game. To me, the defeat of Plugg/Scourge is the highlight of this module and while the book addresses this happening early and then says you can still run the island encounter as written, to me that just feels anticlimatic. Thus I gave it the chop. Xanxan finding the loot in the captain's mattress amounts to the treasure you would have found on the island so you're not penalized anything and this keeps the story interesting.

(Male Wizard(Spellbinder) 4, Hp: 20/20, AC 12(16w/MA), T:12, FF:10, F+1, R+3, W+4)


Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

So we all agree...we pick rank by height, the taller the lower... Don't worry, Captain Xanxan won't steer you wrong!


(Male Wizard(Spellbinder) 4, Hp: 20/20, AC 12(16w/MA), T:12, FF:10, F+1, R+3, W+4)

Tylos casts enlarge person on Xanxan...You were saying? lol ;)

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)
Tylos Vielent wrote:
Tylos casts enlarge person on Xanxan...You were saying? lol ;)

Foiled again!!

Ah well, hit points for level four, either half +1 or whatever is rolled, which ever is higher:

1d8 + 1 ⇒ (8) + 1 = 9
or 6 (5 plus Con) (for default)

and the winner is...

whoo hooo!! Power gnome

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

Ok, for level four we have:
9 more hit points
+1 Dex
+1 to acrobatics
+1 to appraise
+1 to Climb
+2 Diplomacy
+1 Disable Device
+1 Perception
+1 Sense Motive
+1 Stealth
+1 Swim

Rogue Talent: Ledge Walker (One day he may have to fight on ropes, and he'll be ready!)

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

Lots of loot to separate, some of it would be neat to keep just for flavor. Recopying it here, but I still suggest we give some of the coin to the crew, not full shares, but enough to make them think they're definitely in a newer better regime.

Reposting Loot List:


potion of cure light wounds
potion of blur
leather armor
MW handaxe
punching dagger
green vial with 8 doses of oil of taggit
leathe snuff box with diamond stud, contains 1 dose of dark reaver powder
silver wedding ring (25gp)
14pp, 29gp


potion of cure moderate wounds
3 screaming bolts
tidewater cutlass
MW cat-o'-nine-tails
light crossbow
amulet natural armor +1
bracers of armor +1
shackles of compliance
200gp, 100sp

Captain's room
potion of cure light wounds
leather hip flask depicting a crocodile (25gp)
2 daggers
1 MW dagger
6 alchemists fire
two barrels of cheap perfume (25gp each)
wedding dress inlaid with pearls and rubies (400gp)
whalebone corset with inlaid pearls (20gp)
13 silver hatpins with obsidian insets (5gp each)
various gems worth 456gp 97sp
2 potion water breathing
gold belt buckle (25gp)
dagger scabbard inlaid with pearls (75gp)
3 obsidians (10gp) each
spyglass (750gp)
3 silver shoe buckles (5gp each)
gold ring (50gp)
leather armor
6 spears
8 courtiers outfits (30gp each)
ring of swimming
silver tankard (30gp)
silver locket (45gp)
3 bottles chelish perfume (15gp each)
chopsticks made from manticore spikes (15gp)
lesser bracers of archery
wand of mirror image (23 charges)
ivory walrus tusk scrimshawed with a map of the shackles (400gp)
harp made from the jaw of an orca (500gp)

I don't know who wants what, but Xanxan may burn that whip. Some of the defensive items could work well for anyone in this 'heavy armor means death' environment :)

And DM, Xanxan plans to use his charm on the new guys (Diplomacy rolls with the Charmer trait) over the next few days. Did you want me to post some attempts, or count it as a takes 20 kind of thing?

Male Human Freebooter 3 / Pirate 1 [HP 37/37 || AC 17, T 12, FF 14 || F +4, R +7, W +2]

Whee! Another level.

I'm fine with us all being "Captains", lol. We each have our own strengths related to the ship, so perhaps orders related to our strengths would supercede the others?

We will have to name the ship, I expect. At least, I don't like "The Man's Promise". I think "The Nightmare", as Xanxan had put it to Scourge, sounded perfect (unless that name exists somewhere else).

Role-wise: I built Callum with ship sailing in mind, and so have the Skilled Driver (water) feat which gives +4 to driving checks, the Expert Driver feat which makes it a move instead of a standard action to accelerate/decelerate/turn (and subtract 10 feet from the roll to determine how many feet the vehicle moves forward before it stops), and the Hurricane Savvy trait that allows me to treat wind effects as one wind force category less than they are for personal checks and for any made to captain or steer a ship.

I might take the next level as Freebooter to get the Favored Terrain (water) which will help in other rolls. Maybe I'll get that Pirate Swinging Reposition next level (the Freebooter's Bond at 4th is another move action to grant flanking allies an extra +2 to hit, that doesn't seem enough for me).

Male Human Freebooter 3 / Pirate 1 [HP 37/37 || AC 17, T 12, FF 14 || F +4, R +7, W +2]

Loot-wise, as mentioned in the gameplay thread, Callum wants the cutlass since he had to drop his in the ocean when he was thrown overboard by Plugg (kept the axe instead since it helps with the climbing back up).

I am a bit of a sad panda that there aren't more magical weapons at this point, though.

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

Well, Xanxan also suggested The Sea Queen's Prize but now that you mention "Nightmare" that works too, and might be more fearsome! (Pirates do tend to need that).

Xanxan is chaotic, so the oddity of having multiple captains won't bother him at all. His Player wonders about confusion among the NPC crew or what happens if the committee can't make up its collective mind but if each captain has an area of expertise or focus that's respected, that might work out. Xanxan's personal choice probably would have been Callum as Tully is charismatic but not quite cut throat enough, Ko'Ulu isn't sneaky enough (his opinion only mind), and the non humans might face some bias or extra challenges from a mostly human crew.

I'm not sure what role would suit Xanxan best. He's a good sailor, and I originally pictured him up high in the rigging (Not that his dice rolls always reflected that). With their social skills, He or Tully might make good Bosuns.... dealing with the crew and keeping them both working and (Unlike Scourge) happy.

Not sure we have a 'big gun'/siege expert

Male Human Freebooter 3 / Pirate 1 [HP 37/37 || AC 17, T 12, FF 14 || F +4, R +7, W +2]


Tylos has +9 to craft (seige engines, carpentry, ships) as well as a slew of knowledges, so Master Carpenter and/or Master Gunner would fit like a glove.

Jirobo with his Windwalker ability (similar to Callum's Hurricane Savvy I think) and other storm/wind druidy abilities could work alongside Callum as Sailing Master. His healing spells and +8 before level up heal skill also fits him into the Ship's Surgeon role. And he can have Sandara as his Surgeon's Mate, lucky bird.

As you say Xanxan and Tully would fit in the bosun/mate position well with your stellar social abilities to keep the crew in line without having to resort to the Plugg/Scourge methodology. I would add Xanxan could also be a saboteur. Probably not an official position but sneak to the right spots on an enemy ship and disable it. Don't suppose there was a ring of Dimension Door or Teleport in the treasure? And Tully would help with the morale and easily be the conscience of the ship. Keep us from tipping over the edge into CE. His cooking skills might come in handy if Fishguts goes on a binge too, lol.

Ko'ulu is the hardest to place. Battle hardened fisherman. Fairly direct and blunt. Could work as the one who has to dole out the punishments. Or train the sailors in battle. Or I guess handle and protect the stores as Quartermaster. Not glamourous but a necessary position. Grok looked pretty tough.

Open to suggestions.

Male Human Freebooter 3 / Pirate 1 [HP 37/37 || AC 17, T 12, FF 14 || F +4, R +7, W +2]

Oh, if you're looking for 'rules', the Pirates of the Inner Sea has the "Pirate's Code", "Privateer's Code" and "Shipboard Conduct" on pages 30 & 31 which cover the main stuff nicely.

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

Ko'Ulu as the fellow who hands out the punishments might be ideal. He's got a sense of honor about the whole thing and knows what's deserved, and what's Bull#$$#. Mind you, he might not want the job.

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)
Callum Carnvegas wrote:
Oh, if you're looking for 'rules', the Pirates of the Inner Sea has the "Pirate's Code", "Privateer's Code" and "Shipboard Conduct" on pages 30 & 31 which cover the main stuff nicely.

Ah darn it. I don't have that, but yes, "Articles of Agreement" was the sort of thing I was thinking of. Do you have a sum up? I was working on something but it maybe we don't have to reinvent the wheel, or I can mix it in.

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

Xanxan's proposed Articles of Agreement & Code
- To the Captains or High Officers, the Lion's share. All items of magic to be split among the Captains by need, want, rotation and chance in that order. For other forms of wealth, half to be split among the Captains circle, and the remainder of it evenly among the crew with extra prizes for exemplary service at the Circle's discretion.
-The Captains shall pay for maintenance of the ship, supplies for the crew, and so forth out of their share.
- The Captains Circle shall appoint among their own or the crew one that any crew member may approach with complaint, concern, or request, and that appointee shall do their level best to see that said concerns are brought to the circle.
- No girl or woman, be she taken captive in raid, or a member of the crew, shall be subject to rapine. For that matter, no rapine of boys or men either, even if ye be so inclined. Women not o the crew that are seized may, however, be put in scandalously trampish outfits. We must have SOME fun, eh?
- Betrayal , be it desertion in battle or aiding the enemy after one has sworn to serve shall be punished by marooning on a small waterless island. One knife or noose shall be left as 'Traitor's mercy'.
- Any crew member who loses a limb in the line of duty shall, as best the captains circle arrange, be compensated for their loss so they might yet thrive. The Circle shall strive to see to the health and well being of the crew, and if times of famine or severe shortage should strike, food will be shared equally by all.
- No sailor shall be forced to drink agin his will, and the captains shall dine and drink with the crew at least once a week to show good faith and companionship.
- No one is to bring any one not of the crew on board without first alerting the captains.
- No crewman (except for gnomes) shall steal from another member o the crew.
- Violence between crewmembers is best settled off shore, but should a duel or fight be desired between two parties, the Circle shall arrange a contest. After said contest is settled, the two parties should move on. Fighting while on task is subject to bilgework, a dunk from the yard arm to cool off, or other punishment.
- If a captain should ask what magic, be it spell or item, a crewman might have, said crewman must answer honestly and fully. Fire magics to be used on ship with the permission of the captains only.
- Should any crewman see or learn of a threat (Be it sea monster, shallow waters, or murderous intent) to the ship and its crew, he is to inform a captain immediately!
-Duties among sworn crewman shall be appointed on basis of skill and ability first and foremost, and punishments second.
- Every crewman must do his part. He must maintain his weapons in good order, and he must not shirk his duties or consistently leave them to another.
- Any who wish to be part of the crew must swear an oath to serve diligently, faithfully, and loyally, and the captains must accept this with a promise for fair treatment and leadership. This oath shall be taken in Besmara's name, and possibly hand upon her symbol.

Let me know what you think :)

Male Human Sea Singer 1

What the...? I'm gone one day, and Callum and Xanxan have already renamed the ship, claimed the only magic weapon, written a constitution, and named the captain!

Seriously, though. Tully would pass on the cutlass, "So inelegant!" As far as positions in the ship go... I would like to know how they affect mechanically, first. It may be that there is a driver/sailing master position that Callum is best suited for, while it may be better to have high wisdom or intelligence or charisma to be captain.

With regards to the name, The Nightmare doesn't sound very "pirate-y" to me. The Sea Queen's Prize is closer.

My submissions:

The Tiger or The Tigershark (and we can all giggle at Ko'ulu everytime someone says the name!)

The Luckless Magpie (for the guy who got keelhauled on day 1.)

And to build on Xan's suggestion - The Harlot's Prize (you know, for the double entendre!)

Male Fisherman 4, Hp: 31/31, AC 17, T:12, FF:15, F+3, R+0, W+1

Good grief, this is what I get for posting in the morning.

Probably not the most fortuitous of names..."The Nightmare" might end up being ours...and why would you want a horse on the ocean anyways...

Do we have a list of "must fill" positions for the ship?

Ko'ulu should fill the role of master at arms at a minimum. I am building him to be an intimidating fighter. Since you guys have been focusing on building characters to steer the ship, I figured we should have someone who can put down a threat (hard) when it arises.

HP: 1d10 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7

Weapon Focus: Trident
Skills climb+1, Swim+1, Sailor+1, Perception+1

Male Human Freebooter 3 / Pirate 1 [HP 37/37 || AC 17, T 12, FF 14 || F +4, R +7, W +2]

Sorry, I woke up early and decided to check the forums. Ended up posting way too much, lol.

Tully wrote: may be better to have high wisdom or intelligence or charisma to be captain.

Wehew! I guess it's good Callum has above average scores for all three then! ;)

But seriously, I don't want to get into an argument on who should or should not be Captain (I don't know how they deal with this stuff in this and the Kingmaker AP). Sort of why I sorta support a captain by committee (or 'Captain's Circle, as Xanxan put it). Makes no sense (well some sense, since there seems to be some concept of voting on pirate ships), but at least there shouldn't be much in the way of arguments and ill feelings once we determine everyone's role.

Ko'ulu wrote:
Ko'ulu should fill the role of master at arms

That's a good one. Fits with the training and preparing for battle and keeping track of the (weapon) stores but sounds way cooler.

According to the Campaigns page, the Wormwood had Captain, First Mate, Master-at-arms, Boatswain, Boatswain's Mate, Cook, Quartermaster, Sailingmaster, Master Gunner, Gunner's Mate, and one unknown (maybe the Master Carpenter?).
We can make stuff up too.

For the rules:
Here are some excerpts from the Pathfinder Player Companion: Pirates of the Inner Sea © 2012, Paizo Publishing, LLC. I think your list has some similar elements, Xanxan.

Pirate's Code:

Most of a pirate’s code focuses on mutual defense and avoiding conflict through equal wealth distribution.
• Every member of the crew gets an equal share of treasure. Anyone caught taking more than his fair share of loot, or refusing to report its discovery in a timely manner, shall be marooned. The captain receives extra shares of any treasure, as do shipwrights, carpenters, and officers to lesser degrees.
• Every member of the crew must tend to his own weapons and keep them ready for battle.
• Anyone who shows cowardice in the face of the enemy or deserts in battle shall have his throat cut or be marooned.
• No crew member shall hide his abilities from the crew. A sailor who can perform magic shall use his abilities on behalf of the ship.
• No crew member shall take a position on a new ship or talk of leaving until each crew member has acquired at least 1,000 gp worth of treasure through his labors.
• No fighting is allowed between crewmates. Quarrels shall be set aside until shore leave, at which point grievances may be settled with violence on shore.
• All crew members must obey the captain and his officers.
• Any pirate found stealing from crewmates shall take 30 lashes and be put ashore at port.
• The person who spots a sail shall have first pick of its loot.
• Any crew member who loses a limb in service to the ship shall be paid 800 gp for its loss.
• Every sailor has an equal right to vote in decisions put to the crew by the captain.

Privateer's Code:

Often called a “privateer’s code” or “gentleman’s code,” the following strictures are usually adhered to only by officers or those sailors whose captains consider themselves to be more than simple criminals—most frequently buccaneers who operate with government approval.
• A privateer shall not engage in one-on-one combat with an unarmed foe.
• Passengers and prisoners who may be objects of lust to crew members are not to be imposed upon or harassed.
• A privateer shall never refuse satisfaction to an honorable opponent.
• A privateer shall always accept the surrender of an honorable foe—such prisoners may later be ransomed or press-ganged into the crew.
• A privateer shall not beat or mutilate slaves or prisoners.
• A privateer shall never attack from concealment nor strike down an unsuspecting foe from behind.
• A privateer shall take what she deserves by virtue of her strength of arms, but shall not plunder the poor.
• A privateer’s word is as strong as her steel. She shall never break a promise nor renege on an agreement.
• A privateer shows discretion in conversation and does not pry into matters that don’t concern her.

Shipboard Conduct:

Many of the following rules are common sense, and may be enforced on pirate, military, and merchant vessels.
• Any sailor caught below deck with open flame, magical or mundane, will suffer 10 lashes. All candles and lanterns are to be extinguished at sunset.
• No sailor is to play cards or dice for money while onboard, nor use such things to take advantage of her crewmates on shore.
• No sailor is to bring aboard a husband, wife, child, person of ill virtue, or any passenger unbeknownst to the captain. Both sailor and passenger face marooning.
• Every sailor must do her fair share of work, and neither shirk her duty nor pass off work to another, lest she face 20 lashes. A ship’s bard may rest 1 day per week, but must stand ready to entertain on all others.
• Every sailor receives an equal share of food and drink, and 1 ration of liquor every day.
• Any sailor found drunk on duty shall face 10 lashes. Any sailor too drunk to function effectively during battle shall be killed.
• A sailor who suspects a hazard, be it storm cloud, sea monster, or enemy ship, must raise the alarm immediately. Any sailor who sees an unfamiliar sea creature must inform the captain immediately.
• A sailor shall not speak to any creature of the sea without the captain’s permission.
• A sailor must not speak ill of the dead lest they summon restless spirits to the ship.

(Male Wizard(Spellbinder) 4, Hp: 20/20, AC 12(16w/MA), T:12, FF:10, F+1, R+3, W+4)

I went to a pirate ship name generator and here are some of the ones that came back lol.

Buccaneer's Mermaid
Hades' Killer
Neptune's Whore
Night's Doom
Night's Doubloon
Posideon's Deciet
Posideon's Raider
Sea's Lie
The Scurvy Eel
The Cruel Mermaid
The Dirty Night
The Fearful Cry
The Fearful Night
The Gold Fear
The Horrible Horror
The Howling Hangman
The Rage of the Seven Seas
The Shameful Barnacle of the East
The Shameful Plunder of the Caribbean
The Shameful Raider of the Ocean

(Male Wizard(Spellbinder) 4, Hp: 20/20, AC 12(16w/MA), T:12, FF:10, F+1, R+3, W+4)

I always thought simple names would work.

Considering out background and why we mutineed.

Vengeance or Besmara's Vengeance

Red Hand of Doom That one is for Xanxan and his hand fetish lol.

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

Yeah, that makes sense, I used wikipedia's brief page on pirate codes to build from, added some personal touches, and fantasy touches so it did come out close. I like mine better, but I'm biased ;)

Speaking of bias, Xanxan doesn't like the idea of using the lash for discipline. That's a completely IC thing though and no doubt others could ease him out of it as long as he himself doesn't wield the lash. He didnt kill Scourge just to become him after all.

The ship's name is still up for debate, out of those random ones I kind of like Neptune's Whore (We'd have to replace the deity with one more setting appropriate) or the Cruel Mermaid. I still like Nightmare (Bias!) and Sea Queen's Prize (Bias again!) but not sure Whore's prize is wise as we might end up offending a certain goddess if she mistakes that.


Vengeance or Besmara's Vengeance

Red Hand of Doom That one is for Xanxan and his hand fetish lol.

Those are fine too ;)

Does anyone know how much it costs to bronze a hand? btw

I'm open to opinions on what duties folks think Xanxan would be best at. And if the hulking Ko'Ulu wants to be Master of Arms, having seen him fight, I don't think anyone will argue ;)

Love the discussions, I'm psyched you guys are really diving into this!

As far as roles on the ship, you guys are totally fine to come up with whatever you want. Mechanically, you will all be treated as Captain by the crew in so far as following orders and such, although just keep in mind that when dealing with non-crewmembers one of you might be assumed to be the captain depending on the RP involved. But having specific roles will help determine maybe who comes up to you with problems, etc specific to their area.

The other thing I will need to know is who the pilot of the ship is going to be. I think it's safe in assuming it will be Callum but you know what they say about assumptions. :-) It specifically says that the pilot does not necessarily need to be the captain, so don't think this pigeon holes him automatically to being the "leader".

I'm loving the various names that are being tossed around. So far I'm not seeing anything that jumps out at me as being a problem. Once you've all for sure decided on a name, I'll comb through the AP and make sure it isn't already taken or too similar to something else to cause confusion.

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

Xanxan has some skills to handle the wheel when Callum rests I believe, but that's all. I certainly have no objection to Callum being pilot.

I think Tully and Xanxan himself might make excellent 'Faces' when dealing with non crew, leaning towards Tully as gnomes might face some 'seriously, you're the captain?' bigotry.

I'm in the process of updating the ship info section of the campaign tab, anything with a B in front of it is the new ship's. So it might be worth noting that your new ship has a pair of light ballista on the sterncastle. ;-)

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

Nice! Oh, you may already be doing this, but could you relist the NPCs that are on our ship to keep track of them? I know Rosie, Fishguts, and the good cleric of Besmara are on it, but I am not sure of some of the rest. I know some are left behind

Oh yeah, one of the many tasks I'm working on. Once I'm finished, I will post it here but the Campaign Info tab is getting an overhaul to represent the next phase of the adventure path.

Male Human Sea Singer 1

In Kingmaker, the leadership roles were based purely on mechanics. If you had high str and cha, you were the king. But, those roles directly influenced the rolls you made for the kingdom.

It sounds like that's not the case here, though.

Also, I like that in Callum's rules the bard always gets a day off!

Yeah, this AP doesn't go into the complexity of Kingmaker as far as party roles.

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

A day off now and then sounds nice if it can be arranged. Might be a good way to reward certain crewmates if we stagger it for even the non bards. :)

Another thing to consider is replacement crew. I don't know how many we need to man this ship, but Plugg and Scourge are dead, Tate and (Likely) Jape will be leaving the ship one way or another. That's four down from the original compliment sent over. Assuming Harrigan knew how many would be needed, it might be wise to replace the numbers lost.

Of course, that might be more work than either players or GM wants to deal with ;)

(Male Wizard(Spellbinder) 4, Hp: 20/20, AC 12(16w/MA), T:12, FF:10, F+1, R+3, W+4)

I vote I am the Grand High Poobah! Personally I think we should maroon tate and jape. That way they can't blab about the mutiny...also it's more fun making them watch us sail away from them while they are on a tiny island.

Male Gnome Rogue-4 (Saves-F+2,R+8,W+1; Perception +9(10 vs traps);HP 21/27)

Marooning is probably crueler than just straight out killing them what with starvation and thirst and all.

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