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DMJ's Carrion Crown

Game Master Jonasty1031

A game of horror and survival. Can you brave the hidden threats and evils of Ustalav?

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Well you guys made this exceptionally difficult. It took a lot longer than I expected, there were a lot of great entries. And as with my S&S game, there were too many good ones and I had to take extra. So here's the roster for my Carrion Crown game, all 6 of you:

Alexei Dirven: Daemon-spawn Tiefling, Alchemist (Grenadier)
Cassandra Blackmoore: Changeling, Oracle (Life)
Franco Nymmis: Human, Rogue (Thug)
Mortimer Valdebridge: Human, Ranger (Skirmisher)
Calavas Orlosky: Half-Elf, Sorcerer (Wildblooded)
Vharg Half-Man: Half-Orc, Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager)

All of you picked, please check in on the OOC thread, start introducing yourselves and getting your profiles finalized. With the holiday this week things are going to be a little wonky to start off I'm expecting. Everyone chosen has till Friday to check in. If you haven't by then, I will be choosing an alternate from the submissions to replace you.

For those of you who didn't make it, I'm sorry and I wish I could take more of you. There was some truly excellent stories and ideas put forth. Also, should any of those chosen not check in, I will of course come back in the thread and grab one of you quick. Best of luck to you all.

congrats to all I am both happy and sad at the same time.

happy for all of those in the game and kind of happy that I was not selected so I don't slow things down with to many game involvments

sad becuase I don't really know if my submission had any real merit. DM could you provide some critical feedback so that future submission may improve you can PM if you prefer. I am looking to decide if the character concept is good.

I'm looking for a replacement player for this Carrion Crown game. We're still in the beginning, haven't even explored Harrowstone yet, so you're not jumping in to the middle of things.

What I need is an arcane caster, either wizard, sorcerer or witch, or some variation thereof to replace our sorcerer. I have an alchemist already so I'm not looking for a magus or other "caster-light" class as I think of them.

Check the beginning of the thread for character creation guidelines, although feel free to choose both your traits, campaign and non, since it's late in the game.

A strong backstory is key as before but I also am looking for someone who can be ACTIVE on the boards. Let me stress this again. ACTIVE. I'm pretty lenient once the game gets going on absences and timing but when starting out, that's when lack of posting hurts a game the most and I've had enough people drop out of this game already. So if you want in, you need to be around and on top of your posts when you join up. If you can't post AT MINIMUM, once per day Mon-Fri on a REGULAR basis, then please don't apply.

Sorry for the harsh tone of the post, I really want people to have fun and am excited to have someone join, I've got a great group of people right now. This is just the third person I've had to replace for this game and it's starting to drive me a little bonkers. So if I haven't scared you off yet and you're interested, get your submission in and we'll go from there.

Given the nature of my posting requirements and general need to get things going, this recruitment will not be open long. It won't be first come first served as I won't sacrifice quality for speed outright but it'll be close.

The Exchange

I'll put something together this evening. Spellcasters are my thing and I am a regular poster. As a previous DM on these boards I know how you feel as I had at least one game torpedoed by bad and unreliable players.


P.S. Just to be clear we are talking about level 1 aren't we?

Correct, everyone's level 1. Haven't made it very far in the game yet.

The Exchange

No problem.

Hi Jonasty

I have a few bits left to do. But this is my tiefling transmuter for your delectation.

Will do the rest tomorrow.


Submitting Embrianna, human evoker. Not complete yet, but the general idea is there.

Perrah/French Wolf. I like the submission, it looks like an interesting character and the backstory catches my eye. I will say this, please make sure you're on top of your weight limits and encumberance, taking a Str that low will be something to be on top of. So finish up the details and then welcome aboard and feel free to start posting in the game.

Embrianna, thank you for your interest and applying. A solid concept that would do well in any game.

The Exchange

Great Jonasty. It was based on a halfling with 5 str so I am more than a little used to thinking about weight. He could carry 16 lbs.

I'll finish up later and make a follow up post when I've caught up with the game thread!


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