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DM jlord's Savage World of My Little Pony (Inactive)

Game Master jlord

The Savage World of My Little Pony!

Savage Worlds quick start rules

"The blizzard has ended, but all that remains is a frozen wasteland. Ponies all over are forced to flee to the new land of Equestria and leave their old prejudices behind. With the hope of starting over in this lush untouched land, you have made yourself at home in the town of Trottingham. It is a simple farming village, the first Settlement made in Equestira. Despite the overpopulation and constant refugees flowing in and out, the quality of life is so much better now it's hard to complain."

Hey everyone, Here is the recruitment thread for the Pony Pbp! The setting is a few years after the founding of Equestria. Luna and Celestia are not yet around and the Ponies are just getting used to their new homes. But this new land is untouched and ripe with adventure!

I've got two players from my RL game currently and I am looking for 4 more players for the game. I'd like there to be a mix of all three pony races, and preferably I'd like two of each race.

Beyond that I only ask that you have a reason for wanting to protect the people of Trottingham and a thirst for adventure!

I'm going to put a close date for character submissions for Saturday night August 4th at 11:59 pm. So about a week.

The game rules and campaign rules are attached above. If you have questions about the game or need help feel free to ask.

Lantern Lodge

No one has posted yet?

I have a character but she is incomplete.

What do you think of the Noble edge and/or the Young hindrance?

Dotting for interest.

I don't have a problem with the Noble edge, but if you take it, I'd like it detailed a little bit in your background. It's kinda like two edges in one, but it has a minor drawback too with dealing with noble responsibilities.

I'd rather not have anyone with the young hindrance because it significantly weakens the character and you won't be taken seriously buy adults. That being said, If you really want to be a filly I won't stop you.

I'm thinking this will be an adventurous campaign, like D&D meets ponies, or Daring Do, so your character will possibly be in serious danger regularly.

Dotting for interest. If you're short players, I'm definitely up for joining.

Can my character be a zony?

There is an Background Edge called 'Bloodline' which can give you the Zebra bloodline. That is about as close to a Zony as you can get I think.

Lantern Lodge

Got her mostly made but still need a cutie mark and a name, hmm...

Here she is so far, I will make an alias when I have settled on a name though,


Name: ?
Looks: black coat, white mane, purple eyes
Breed: Unicorn
Third eye: d4 in spellcraft
Natural Magic- Unicorns can use magic, allowing them to cast cantrips and spells. All Unicorns start with the Magic Trick cantrip, plus an additional cantrip for each rank of Spellcraft they possess (you automatically gain new cantrips of your choice whenever this skill is raised). See the chapter on Magic for more information.

Cutie Mark:
Attributes: 5(3)
Charisma: +2
Pace: 6 (+d6 when running)1 = 1 inch or 2 yards in game
Parry: 4 [2 + 1/2 fighting]
Toughness: 3 [2+ 1/2 Vigor] (-1)

Hindrances: all 4 points spent on two additional edges
*New Spell

Skills: 15(10, cap; d12)
Skill Tied Attribute Special
d4 *Athletics Strength
d4 *Fighting Strength
d6 **Grace Agility Clash of Wills
Healing Smarts
Intimidate Strength Clash of Wills
d4 *Intuition Spirit
Investigation Smarts
d4 *Knowledge(art) Smarts
Leadership Spirit
Nature Smarts
d6 **Notice Smarts
d6 **Persuasion Smarts Clash of Wills
Piloting Agility
d8 **Spellcraft Smarts
d4 *Stealth Agility
Streetwise Smarts
Taunt Spirit Clash of Wills
d6 **Vogue Smarts

Magic Known
Free: Magic trick
1r: Enunciate/silence
2r: Magic Box
3r: Project Image
Spell: Change shape

Money: start 300s, annual 1500 f
Sling 1s ea
Bulletsx12 1b ea
compass 15s ea
journal 1s ea
satchel wp 10s ea
art supplies 5s set
Formal Clothes 30s set

Money: current 236s 4b

Her father, Oak Leaf, was the lord of a mid sized town. Her mother had died from the cold early on and her father, now knowing the cause of the winter, has trouble not blaming the pegasi and the earth ponies for it, though he would never openly state such. Because of this, her family was one of the last to leave their home and travel to Equestria. They currently stay in Trottingham while looking for a good place to found a new town which is planned on being named after her mother, Rhubarb.

She likes to make sketches to run cross country track. She also enjoys using using the change shape spell she snuck out her mother's library to change into a hawk and fly around to find inspiration for her sketches.

Lantern Lodge

Found some interesting maps of Equestria, and something about a post-apocalyptic theory or something like that which is what the map is based on.

working on Rainbow Dash now


Lantern Lodge

You realize that Rainbow's parents aren't around yet, right?

There's always Commander Hurricane, of course. :P
My headcanon sets those six as the ancestors of the Mane Six (kinda Homestuck-style). Of course, Commander Hurricane is a bit too important to get played, I'm thinkin'.

Name: Shepard Jeremiah Pie
Race: Earth Pony
Occupation: Rock Farmer
Cutie Mark: Boulder
Likes: Rocks, Racing, Roughing it outdoors
Dislikes: Bright colors, Loud noises, Unsupervised children
Physical Description: Light grey coat, dark grey mane with black streaks, square jaw with black mustache. Often wears a Straw hat (emergency rations) and occasionally smokes a corn cob pipe (also emergency rations)

Liberty's Edge

I just wanted to say how awesome I think this is.

Carry on.

Lantern Lodge

I think a good name would be Starlight or Fancy Flight. Though a cutie mark I think will be about her sketches, perhaps a pencil with wings.

Thoughts anyone?

Looks Good DarkLightHitomi. Does the Shapechanging have anything to do with your Special Talent? Shape Changing would be a hard cutie mark to come up with. I'm not worried about a map of Equestria at the moment.

Artthedarklord is one of the guys from my RL game. Fluff looks good, Now all you have to do is actually make the character.

GM Spugly Fuglet, If you want to make a rainbow dash clone, that's fine, but put in a little something that makes it yours. And a different name would be nice, Even if it is as corny as Rainbow Flash or something.

Testing Some Symbols for the Card Draw. Let me Know if you can see the suits:


@I will indeed make it my own, Im thinking "Higgledy Piggledy" would be a good name

Lantern Lodge

You're right!! I was only thinking of it as another spell at first but now that you mention it I think that that is the perfect talent for her, now the cutie mark could be a horseshoe, a wing, and a vortex from one to the other.

I will make my Alias now with the name Nightflight (if it's not taken)

Wheee! Reverse colors but oh well.

Symbols look good, and i have the character almost done, set my Attributes, hinderences, edges, feat of strength and skills, i'll talk to you about them all on Saturday

What about the rest of us?

Oh and if you start start regaling us with tales of your past as a Spectre and fighting reapers I get to turn you into a bunny.

I hope someone else comes along before deadline, we have 3 players working on characters and 2 more that stated interest but that's it so far.

DarkLightHitomi wrote:

I think a good name would be Starlight or Fancy Flight. Though a cutie mark I think will be about her sketches, perhaps a pencil with wings.

Thoughts anyone?

I somehow missed this post. A drawing cutie mark would be neat too. Heck, the trappings for some of your spells could even be drawing with your horn or something like that. Draw a cat with your horn, *Poof* Your a cat! You might not want to screw up your drawings if you do something like this! (jk)

Ok, so far it looks like we got...

DarkLightHitomi: Nightflight MintLeaf, Unicorn
Artthedarklord: Shepard Jeremiah Pie, Earth Pony
Spugly Fuglet: Higgledy Piggledy, Pegasus
Dan: ???, ??? (other guy from my RL game)

We got 2 spots open still. Anyone else care to join?

Spugly Fuglet here This will be my alt,

Higgy is fast and can ly like a dram but she's very clumsy on the ground She mad about flying all things flight
her Cutie Mark is a Baird with a large tale on her left flank

We could always start with us four, then add a couple more as the come.

Nightflight MintLeaf (DarkLightHitomi)
Shepard Jeremiah Pie (Artthedarklord)
Higgledy Piggledy(Spugly Fuglet)

You three are diffidently in. Here is the discussion thread.

Ok, I'm going to give more time for others to join in, as Nightflight is the only fully made character up at this moment.

There are three, Totally Available and Totally Open spots for this game available. And one of them Can Be Yours, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Seriously though, I'm expecting one of my RL gaming friends to hopefully show up still, but life is a bit hectic for him at the moment, so he might be slow going here.

If anyone is holding back due to the system, I am willing to make a simple character for ya and you can fill in the fluff. I'm still new to the system too, but it is a really simple one to use, so it shouldn't take long to get the jest of it once we start.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask.

Things are going to be really busy for me this week. I got NaPoWriMo (actually, Camp NaNoWriMo, but they overlap), two new players to introduce to my weekly game, and a friend's story to review. If there's still room at that point, I'm totally in (though I'm guessing that might not fly, so whatever).

If there is a spot open when your ready Kobold, I have no problem throwing you into the game somehow.

testing new Alias and profile... hope this works :P im excited to get started!

Hey guys, looks neat. I might be able to come up with something story wise but Savage Worlds is new to me. If you don't mind a noob, I don't mind putting forth a concept. What are my options for races? I see one of each so far, what 2 races are still available?

You can probably be a member of any one of them, though I'm no GM. We have two pegasi, two earth ponies, and I think two unicorns (though only two pegasi, one earth pony and one unicorn have entered the game yet). I think almost everybody here is a newbie to the game system, so that shouldn't be a problem--they're pretty simple, I think.

I have used the savage worlds system before, so any questions about the system I would be happy to answer. That said I am not the GM so it's all subject to the GMs approval.

Shanosuke your in.

And for now, Recruitment is closed. Thanks everyone who was interested. If anything opens up I will post here in the future. Anyone who is interested in following the game can feel free to chat in the discussion with us if you wish.

I spent some time going over the rules of Savage Worlds and seem to have gotten the jist of character creation for this game. Not sure how the abilities work completely but I'd need to practice some.
I have two characters I had mentioned to the GM in a PM
Hay Bale: A Farm boy earth pony looking for adventure and excitement.
TriCorn(Name may change): A unicorn whose magical gift revolves around the natural elements of the world and he wishes to study them further and put his knowledge to the test.

Depending on GM's response, I will elaborate more on either of these characters. I had intended to use them in a FanFic a while back but this is more fun. Hope I get to use one.


Four posts on that account. I sense a disturbance in the boards.



feel better now?

I hope hes feeling the Pony love.

Haters gonna hate, gamers gonna game, 'questrians gonna quest.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Haters gonna hate,
gamers gonna game,
'questrians gonna quest.

Opening up recruitment for 2, possibly 3 players. We are out a unicorn, and a pegisus. We might need to replace an earth pony too, but I'm giving that player some time to post and continue.

If your interested, feel free to post, ask me some questions and check out the ooc and gameplay board to get a feel of the game.

Shameless bump.

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