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DM Immortal's Blood Red Roses: A Skull & Shackles Campaign

Game Master imimrtl

Current Map.

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Male Human Gunslinger 1 (Buccaneer), Fighter 1 (Lore Warden), Bard 4 (Archaeologist) - (AC 18 / HP 49 / F +6, R + 9, W +6 / Ini + 3 / Perc. +12)
Seijiro wrote:
You can see my work at deviantart. A lot of my pieces are posted there... mostly the 'traditional' ones, but a few 'arty' pieces as well. Enjoy.

Very lovely artwork. I hope you have a good showing at the exhibit, and have a fun time as well.

M kitsune rogue (pirate)/4; bard(sea singer)/2 AC18 (T 16, FF 12); HP 43/53; saves F +2, R +12, W +4; bab: 4; melee 4(+9), ranged +9; CMB 4, CMD 20; speed 30; init +5(+7); perc +9(11)(+13)

ok... back from observing curation process (is that the right word? anyway - the curators are done and all the pieces for the show are up, displayed and tagged) and I'm all ready for the show to open in the morning... I expected some posts by now... it's eerily quiet instead. Ah well... I'll keep checking in from time to time tonight.

Male Human Gunslinger 1 (Buccaneer), Fighter 1 (Lore Warden), Bard 4 (Archaeologist) - (AC 18 / HP 49 / F +6, R + 9, W +6 / Ini + 3 / Perc. +12)

It is quiet - but Dhaavan is on a wedding, Rain has little opportunity to post during weekends, Valeros is sick. I am not sure about Sko or Variel's schedule - but at this time there's not much that can be done.

We've posted actions - we're ready for the next move. However, I suspect that because the GM is taking his family to the Renn Fest tomorrow, he may be doing his best to get the kids settled down and ready for the trip.

I myself am in the same position, as I am also going to the Renn Fest tomorrow. But I have no one to tuck into bed, so as for now, I'm okay.

Meanwhile - other than doing chores; there's not much more we can do at this time. We already know everyone but the Rhadahoum pirates - and they're being kept away from us so talking to them is difficult. But again, though we tried - I'm guessing we have to wait for the reaction of the GM.

However, if anyone is interested in social RP - feel free to toss out a comment, I'm awake and I can respond a bit on the social thread. If not, that's okay, too.

Hey sorry for the lack of posting. I just wanted to give everyone time to react to what I had posted earlier and also Horatio is right that getting the kids to be tonight was nuts.

Soccer in the morning although our plans changed and we aren't going to renn fair until sunday actually and that depends on if the weather holds up.

I'll have some stuff up tomorrow at some point. I hope your gallery opening went well.

Male Human Gunslinger 1 (Buccaneer), Fighter 1 (Lore Warden), Bard 4 (Archaeologist) - (AC 18 / HP 49 / F +6, R + 9, W +6 / Ini + 3 / Perc. +12)


You vex me sir! I am sorely vexed....

And the only weather worth dodging for the Renn Fest is sunshine.

A cold wet day, overcast with clouds and falling rain will cause mud and slop and chill and cold - all of which and makes the hustle and heat of taverns, roasted meat on the spit, tankards of ale, busty wenches - and (of course) cheesecake on a stick - seem all the more authentic in a damp blustery day.

Wait - cheesecake on a stick? That's horribly inaccurate! But quite delicious!

No doubt we'll see some action soon; I'd hope.

M kitsune rogue (pirate)/4; bard(sea singer)/2 AC18 (T 16, FF 12); HP 43/53; saves F +2, R +12, W +4; bab: 4; melee 4(+9), ranged +9; CMB 4, CMD 20; speed 30; init +5(+7); perc +9(11)(+13)

I didn't get to go to Renn Faire this year - ours is in the spring, so usually warm and sunny in So. Calif. Sounds like lots of fun for the family. But yeah, Faire in the rain and mud can be pretty much a downer. Been there, done that, too.

Gallery opening is actually not til tomorrow - tonight was set up and final walk through before opening. Curators had to finish their work first, so it was a long process. Anyway, it's done and ready for the show to open tomorrow.

As for rp, I think I'm pretty set for things to move on - done what I can for now. Can't think of anything more to say at the present.

Sovereign Court

Male Elf Magus (AC: 16,12,14; HP: 13; Saves 3,2,2; Init +2, perc +2)

This may be a stupid question, but what does a curator do?

I work I the medical field and have no clue about the art world.

Male Human Gunslinger 1 (Buccaneer), Fighter 1 (Lore Warden), Bard 4 (Archaeologist) - (AC 18 / HP 49 / F +6, R + 9, W +6 / Ini + 3 / Perc. +12)

Okay, so here’s what I’ve been thinking – if anyone can please let me know if I missed anything I'd appreciate it.

1. Right now we’ve discovered that there is a clear division in the current crew. They’re either extremely friendly with us (like Rosie, Sandara or Owlbear) or they despise us (such as Plugg and lackies). As for potential “neutrals” such as the Rahadoum sailors – they’re kept away from us so we can’t really socialize with them.

This means that, unless I’m mistaken – there isn’t much point to social RP with the crew, unless anyone has specific plans.

2. The only way to make money now is to earn it from friends. The Rahadoum have no coin – and Plugg won’t pay us, though he may have money. It’s likely there’ll be a fight with him sooner or later – in which case we’re all dead – or we win. If we win – whatever gold he and his lackey’s have – we’ll just divide anyway after the fact. Also, what exactly would we do with money? Grok isn’t here – and Plugg isn’t selling us stuff.

I’m not sure what I’d do to make money – but I don’t see there being much of point to “earning it” from my friends, and less a point from getting it all – until Plugg and his cronies are finished – in which case it will be far easier to earn. We strip their bodies and raid the treasury/armory: assuming we don't get back to port first.

3. We have to go back to doing “chores”. This involves rolling – success earns nothing at this point – and unless we deliberately do something stupid, even a failure only earns us modest punishment that is easily healed.

So rolling daily checks for succeeding or failing at manual labor seems moot. Basically, we succeed – unless we fail, in which case we’re punished, after which we use a heal spell to heal, go to bed, wake up refreshed and with our spells intact. I think if we go through the motions of rolling that every day - check rolls - and confirm what happens next - it'll just slow things down which could otherwise be explained from the GM with an excellent - but brief - narration ("ANd so, the next several days was..." etcetera).

Conclusion with possible actions: We’ve done what we can with everyone via Diplomacy – excepting the few Rahadoum sailors. Unless we are able to communicate with them at all – that skill won’t matter – people either love us or hate us. Earning money – nice as it is – comes from a finite source. The Rahadoum sailors have no coin to take money – Plugg’s folk won’t pay us – and our best chance is to charge our friends for chores – which we can do – but there is no place to spend money in any case. Rolling “Chore Checks” also seems moot; we either succeed without good or bad consequence, or we fail – suffer the lash, heal up, sleep – then do it again.

As far as I can tell at this point – other then Social RP – there is pretty much nothing we can do until we get any new course or direction from the GM.

If anyone can tell me where I missed something, I would appreciate it – because until then, there is nothing more I can think of to do that would need dice rolled until that happens.

Follow-up: In the days to come my first plan is to try to build Valeros that box or "chest" we talked about – so he can sleep submerged in water. I have no idea what the bilges here are like – but it wouldn't matter, as I’m guessing he’ll want something more clean and comfortable to sleep in then the standard “laying in filthy water all night”.

I will also continue with Dhaavan to craft that idol for him – if he wants it. At this time he is likely to have enough gold to afford several. I will do it for him, then, if he’s willing to finance it and aid me.

Naturally of course I'll make pleasant social RP with my friends, too. But unless anyone has a need to RP that out over the next few days "in game" - I'll just keep quiet.

If anyone does want to social RP with me - let me know, I'll go from there, but for now - yeah - unless someone wants to social RP with me, or the GM needs a specific roll for a specific reason, until I get the word, at this point I figure there's no reason for me to say anything formally on the boards for now.

Other then that – unless I missed something, it’s pretty much the GM’s move, as far as I can tell.

PS – A curator is generally the manager or overseer of a museum, gallery, or archives. Literally they’re the one who “aids” another, or “makes things whole”, which is weird, since the word is Latin, but a medical doctor for the Roman world was the "Medicus" and the one who "Aids you" or "makes you whole" is now the person today who oversees or manages museums, archives and art galleries... Weird, but yeah, I guess it's a Rome thing. But seeing that they managed to keep a 1,000 year Empire, I guess I'll forgive them :)

Male Human Gunslinger 1 (Buccaneer), Fighter 1 (Lore Warden), Bard 4 (Archaeologist) - (AC 18 / HP 49 / F +6, R + 9, W +6 / Ini + 3 / Perc. +12)

“Follow-Up”, or “Out-of-Game” question for everybody:

Right, so currently we’re all on level 2 – but we hit 3 soon. When we do – we’ll be getting a new Feat.

At some point it’s likely that we’ll formally have our own ship, and we’ll formally have our own specific duties on the ship – such as “Captain”, “Chief Surgeon”, “Ship’s Master Arcanum”, “Chief Gunner” – or whatever.

It’s just a recommendation that maybe – seeing that things are kind of slow right now while everyone’s dealing with real life issues now – if people see this, we can post what kind of position we want, and what our plan on the ship would be for “officer”.

I only recommend that now because we’re likely to have some down time in real life the next day or so to think about, but really – there are a lot of specific Feats that are very handy to specific “Officers” – and kind of less important to other officer types, right?

I mean, if we all took, for example “Skilled Driver: Water Vehicles – Sailing Ships” – then we could all pilot the ship with some ease, true. But do we all need to take that? I wouldn’t mind knowing how to pilot a ship well – but the fact is – I’m already better built for other tasks by nature of my Gunslinger Class. Also, even though I picked the “Ship's Surgeon” template – really “Ship’s Gunner” makes more sense for a Gunslinger/Buccaneer – and having Valeros as “Ship’s Surgeon” formally makes more sense than having me, as he would be the one healing people with more ease.

Leveling also means skill points – I can keep dumping them into “heal” – but I have a good modifier anyway – why keep investing in it when we have actual magical healers, I guess? I would rather spend the points in things that I could use to help the rest of us as a team – but I don’t want to overlap with someone else that can already do the job.

I think this can really help us all in the long run, if we treat an officer’s cadre like they did in the Kingmaker Campaign (I ran a brief Kingmaker game for a while – it’s on hiatus, as most of my players had to go on some cruise, but I’m hoping it comes back at some point).

But anyway – if you haven’t played Kingmaker – when you get your own Kingdom, they all kind of divide the positions in the Kingdom for who controls what. Like the “High Priest” is clearly the group’s Cleric – and the General is normally the group’s Fighter (though not always… cough, cough).

With seven of us – I thought we could all toss up suggestions on how we want ship’s duties divided and assigned – that way – when we level, and pick a new Feat and divide Skill points, we won’t have a lot of “accidental overlap”, and can kind of optimize how our ship is run.

I don’t know what you all think of things – but the following is a suggestion on some potential positions. Please know it’s just a suggestion, I’m not telling anyone what to do – but I figure if I toss this out there now, and people read it at a break during the weekend, we all have time to post and think things over.

Right now we have the following:

Dhaavan: Sorcerer
Horatio: Gunslinger/Bard
Jiro: Rogue
Rain: Ranger
Sko: Druid
Valeros: Oracle
Variel: Magus

So some of those positions might overlap – like a Druid and Oracle, or a Sorcerer or Magus. But I hoped that if we figure things out now, then maybe it would be easier for everyone when we level. Like, if we have a formal “Healer” on the ship – would it be our Druid, or our Oracle? Either is suited – but when they level, and pick a new Feat – well, it’s all been said.

For officers, as I see it so far, I’d make the following suggestions:

Potential Officer Positions
First Officer
Chief Priest/Healer
Chief Magic User
Ship’s Artillery Officer
Master Sergeant
Chief Warrant Officer

But that’s all I can formally think of, though I’m no expert. I’m sure there would be other positions (like chief carpenter, or chief cook, or Bosun’s Mate), but that seems kind of extra, does anyone else have ideas for possibilities – hopefully something more cool than “Cook’s Helper” or something? Sure, Sko is a good cook now, but that shouldn’t mean he (or anyone else) would waste a Feat on Skill Focus – Profession: Cook.

Again – this is all suggestions – but if we picked now who’d do what, and voted and agreed on it – I’d recommend the following (though I’m no expert, and I’m eager to hear more from you guys, if you have suggestions. I’ve made over 12 pages of Excel sheets trying to figure out good builds for my character – and I’m still on level 2, so anything anyone suggests to help – I’d love to have any suggestions).

Possible Ways to Optimize

- Skill Focus: Profession Sailor, Skilled Driver: Water Vehicles – Sailing Ships; Expert Driver: Water Vehicles – Sailing ships *; Leadership/Persuasive?
First Officer Profession Sailor; Alertness, Skilled Driver: Water Vehicles; Persuasive
Chief Priest/Healer: Extra Channel/Extra Revelation
Chief Magic User: Brew Potion, Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Magic Arms and Armor
Ship’s Artillery Officer: Siege Commander, Siege Engineer, Siege Gunner
Master Sergeant: Intimidating Presence, Improved Initiative,
Chief Warrant Officer: Babble Peddler, Black Marketer, Experienced Vagabound

Note on Driving Feats:

Right – so I read, and I re-read the rules for “Skilled Driver” – which, like many rules for water or sailing, seem fairly ambiguous. Skilled Driver the Feat says you must pick one “type” of vessel to Drive: Air, Land or Water.

But when you look at the description for “Water Vehicles” – they are further divided into Seven Types of Water Vehicles. Under each “Type” of water Vehicle is further “Sub-Headings” – for example: Water Vehicles – Sailing. The Sailing Sub-header has 5 different “types” of sailing ships under it (such a Sloop or Cutter).

The debate in question – and not truly resolved yet, as there hasn’t formally been a reason for it, is “How specific is the Feat?” The Feat is written choose “Air, Land or Water”. Currently the GM that suggests that the Feat would likely apply to only one “Type” of ship (such as “Sail” which covers Sloop or Cutter – or “Warship” which covers “Galleon” or “Frigate”), and that’s all, though that may change.

Meanwhile, for a person to get “Expert Driver” – they have to first take “Skilled Driver” and “Expert Driver” would be limited to the same category they picked for Skilled. This is kind of important, though – because it means we’d need to figure out what “Type” of ship we’ll eventually sail on before anyone picks that Feat and potentially wastes their time with it. In other words - if you picked "Skilled Driver: Sail" then "Expert Driver: Sail" - and we got a "Frigate" - you just wasted 2 Feats - since they wouldn't apply to a Frigate... though they might, that is still not completely resolved, as far as I know - GM correct me if I'm wrong here, though).

Meanwhile – the rules for “Driving a Ship” have different rolls you can use, at a penalty (such as Knowledge; Nature to pilot a Sailing Ship, or “Intimidate” to pilot a ship that uses slaves) – but all of them agree that “Profession: Sailor” is the one all ships use, but there is no penalty to use it.

Full Details Given Here – Including Drive Checks from “Ultimate Equipment”

I know that those Feats I suggested for officers aren’t great. I also know that I am no expert on “optimizing” a character – in fact, I suck.

Also, Feats like Brew Potions or Craft Wondrous Items aren’t really helpful in combat – but I figure that sense we’re not getting much in the way of gear or treasure on these missions (though that may change), that maybe the eventual plan is to make the ship more self-sufficient.

Maybe it's expected that we'll make our ship it’s own “Floating City” in which we make our own weapons, potions, scrolls, armor or other magical gear, heck - the works! And if we want to have potions, or Magical Gear – since we can’t find much of that stuff right now, and since we don't have much money – maybe that's built into the game on purpose because the plan is that we'd use our ship as our mobile "City/General Store" and just start making our own stuff.

But to do it right, I mean to say – if Dhaavan or Valeros picked “Brew Potions” to make Healing Potions, or whatever – that would mean they wouldn’t be as good in a fight – but on the other hand, they’d really be helping us in other ways. I am thinking this kind of merger of skills and feats is what the GM had in mind for being more “Team Oriented” – among other things. But I also figure it will only work if we really sit down and figure out how we want to divide duties and plans – but especially before we level onto three and get the new feat.

Again – this is a long post, yes – but there was a lot I am curious about. Personally, I think that if we start building our group by optimizing us as a team, as opposed to each of us working on our own plans – I think it will be better in the long run.

And I admit again – I’m no expert on this stuff – I don’t really know optimizing from a hole in the ground so I may have selected bad potential feats to use. I also have no idea who wants to do what on the ship – I’ve only tossed up some guesses at this point, and they’re only guesses.

If anyone has a better idea, or better suggestion – please tell me, I’d like to learn. Also, if you have a recommendation for me, on what would be useful on the ship – I’d love to know that, too.

Thank you!

Human Fey Tattooed Sorcerer 1 (HP: 7, AC:13 /F:1,R:3,W:4/ Init. +3 / Perc. +6/+8)(Jack's Perc: +13/+15)

Well, I for one am planning on taking Wondrous Items at 3, and magic Tattoos at 5th. That way I'll be crafting at 3, and making magic Tatts soon as I can. May be better to grab something like Extra traits for Reactionary and Desperate Focus for a boost to Init, and concentration checks since I summon.

But yeah, I'm going crafter, and am going to stack Spellcraft, so once we get going I'll be able to make us our magic items. I could also get Arms and Armor, although that's 3 feats sunk into crafting, and i can only be crafting one thing at a time, so another magic-user grabbing Arms and Armor may make sense.

GM: It would be helpful to know what the officer positions are and what they do?
Boatswain (bosun): seems to manage the crew (which Dhaavan could do with DIPLOMACY)
Sailing Master: Peppery did this on the wormwood, not sure what it entails.
Master Gunner: Guns and combat I guess?
Master-at-Arms: Equipment and combat gear?
Carpenter (surgeon): Ship Maintenance and Medical
Cook: cook?

Those are the officers that we had at the wormwood, and on the man's promise...

Sovereign Court

Male Elf Magus (AC: 16,12,14; HP: 13; Saves 3,2,2; Init +2, perc +2)

Of the roles listed by both Dhaavan and Horatio, Variel would be most interested in the Master-at-Arms role or Master Sargeant. As far a feats and build goes for third level, the only thing I have seriously considered is weapon focus: cutlass for my feat and the magus arcana close spell.

Close spell allows me to cast close ranged touch spells as melee spells. This stacks with spell strike and spell combat. With that option at level four Variel could theoretically...

Swift action to enhance the cutlass
Spell combat to cast scorching ray using a melee attack to deliver the spell for 5d6+3 damage + attack once with the rapier for d6+3 damage and all threaten for a crit on a 18-20.

It also gives Variel the option to use ray of frost on his cutlass as well. An extra d3 never hurts.

I know magus doesn't get a lot of spells but while they have them they can do major dpr.

Human Fey Tattooed Sorcerer 1 (HP: 7, AC:13 /F:1,R:3,W:4/ Init. +3 / Perc. +6/+8)(Jack's Perc: +13/+15)

So I'm tweeking Dhaavan a little, alighment to LNeutral as opposed to LEvil. Before I tried to play Evil, yet friendly and loyal. I'm gonna try out replacing the Evil with an amoral thing, not motivated by concience, but less selfish and malicious. Time on the wormwood has shown evil's capacity for stupidity, so a shift in motivations seems appropriate.
Plugg's really getting on dhaavan's nerves so he's getting rid of some of the qualities that are similar
[Ooc]Variel: My HexBlade dervish (bladebound hexcrafter) magus was a bit of a nightmare in what she would do on occasion, tossing a crit on her shocking grasp at level 5 managed to knock out about half the hp of the CR 11 giant spider we were up against, and spellcombat using bane to get an extra attack every full-attack was pretty nifty too, right Flynn? =P[ooc]

M kitsune rogue (pirate)/4; bard(sea singer)/2 AC18 (T 16, FF 12); HP 43/53; saves F +2, R +12, W +4; bab: 4; melee 4(+9), ranged +9; CMB 4, CMD 20; speed 30; init +5(+7); perc +9(11)(+13)

Finally home from the show... SO tired, and lots to read apparently. I will have to rebuild a little - I have no problem with that. We were offered and I just haven't really taken the time to do it. I'll drop engineering, won't need it if I'm not gonna be taking the siege engineer feats. I'll stick with taking prof sailor for fun and take some other feats I'd rather work on. Sorta leaves me with no applicable position on the ship tho. I suppose I could be the supply and acquisitions guy. Hopefully that will give me something to do at some point in the adventure. I can always be the red shirt on away missions, lol.

M kitsune rogue (pirate)/4; bard(sea singer)/2 AC18 (T 16, FF 12); HP 43/53; saves F +2, R +12, W +4; bab: 4; melee 4(+9), ranged +9; CMB 4, CMD 20; speed 30; init +5(+7); perc +9(11)(+13)

my magus (kensai/bladebound) actually broke our last game and the GM just had us make all new characters - with the proviso that no one could be a magus anymore... I was doing over 120dpr at 9th lvl consistently. It was pretty sick. magi RAWK.

Magi are good but everyone has a weakness. The weakness to Magus are ranged fighters. In melee they are dynamos but if they can't reach their opponents they have a big problem but that is for pretty much all melee focused builds. I have never found them game breaking. The ability to do lots of damage doesn't preclude me from putting foes in where damage isn't as much of an issue. Also, they tend to be great against single opponents but when you start throwing multiple opponents at them it becomes much tougher.

They are definitely a potent class but by no means game breaking.

Also how did the show go Seijiro?

M kitsune rogue (pirate)/4; bard(sea singer)/2 AC18 (T 16, FF 12); HP 43/53; saves F +2, R +12, W +4; bab: 4; melee 4(+9), ranged +9; CMB 4, CMD 20; speed 30; init +5(+7); perc +9(11)(+13)

Show went great - I got a lot of interest in my work, and sold two pieces. I'm exhausted though - lots of schmoozing and being on my feet. Tomorrow should be just as grueling, so I'm glad it's only a 2 day show.

Male Human Gunslinger 1 (Buccaneer), Fighter 1 (Lore Warden), Bard 4 (Archaeologist) - (AC 18 / HP 49 / F +6, R + 9, W +6 / Ini + 3 / Perc. +12)


First – Jiro – glad the show went good, and when things go well. Or, the words of the military tactician and leader, Hannibal – "I love it when a plan comes together".

Next – Dhaavan, regarding the officer positions on our last ship?

Formally, I haven’t seen specific type of bonus or necessity for any “Rank” or “Position” when we were on the Wormwood. They were, as I understand, modeled after real officers on a ship – but they weren’t like “Kingmaker” – when the ship had a bonus for “High Priest” or “Marshal”. I mean - who ever plays a pirate game and actually aspires to be the ship's cook, for example (no offense meant - just tossing it out there).

The reason I suggested them, though, was because ultimately I’m figuring that one day we’ll have a “floating fortress” in the form of the ship. Eventually (perhaps) we’ll each have a cabin and a workplace – where we can each work on our own projects.

But as level 3 looms, I kept thinking of things to take to advantage my character. But then I thought “Yes – that would be really cool for me to have – but how does it help the ship?”

So, for example – having a guy as master carpenter is theoretically useful – but I mean; there are a few modest spells that can easily replace that entire officer. The same is true with a support character who uses “unseen servant” to “Man the Pumps” in the bilges, or swab the decks. After all – do we really need to do that? I mean – come on, that’s just crazy. If you made a Wand of Unseen Servants you might even be able to trim off a good portion of “hired hands” to do such work, and save us more money in the long run.

Positions like “Master Sergeant” was – to me – like a “General” or “Marshal” in Kingmaker. That would be the person that would “Lead the charge” in a boarding mission. Based on everyone’s comments – including the GM – it actually makes a lot of sense that Variel would be this guy. Consider – he’d be the one that is leading the charges for direct, hand-to-hand assaults on an enemy ship or beachhead – it would make sense for him to put his skills into that.

But it would also mean that if Variel was in that position, he’d be less likely to have to spend Feats on “Crafting”. However – if I (for example) was a “Ship’s Gunner/Engineer” – that would mean that I may take a Feat such as “Craft Arms and Armor” – a Feat I hadn’t planned on taking, or expected to take – figuring it’s more of a magic user Feat. But now I think “Why not?”

It would free up Dhaavan from having to take that Feat – I’m already planning on making Firearms for those who want them – and I have some ranks in magical use via the Bard – so it’s actually not a bad fit, though I would never have picked it up originally.

As for our “Captain” – I’d go with someone with a high wisdom. I hate to “meta-game” here – but Wisdom is the base stat modifier for Profession – and Profession: Sailor is the skill needed to pilot the ship. Having a High Wisdom generally means a good pilot for the ship.

Jiro – I had recommended a “Ship’s Treasurer” only because I was trying to figure out 7 “officer positions”, and sadly I was running out of ideas that were useful, as opposed to “cook”, or “sail maker" – though having a ship's treasurer or quartermaster could still be a good fit for you, depending on how it is played.

After all, there are many Rogue Talents that would give you (theoretically) connections to the “underworld” – and black market. If you’re already in charge of loot as quartermaster – it would make sense for you to know the best place to get contacts and agents. But of course, it was just a suggestion. We may not even need a “treasurer”.

Ultimately my plan was to make sure when we level – we don’t suddenly discover we maxed out 7 melee fighters – and none of us did much to help the other “slots” a good party needs. Heck – one of the reasons I multi-classed with Bard was because it had the chance for healing magic – as a kind of “backup” to Valeros or Sko, if we needed it. I don’t regret the choice for character concept – but at the same time, I can easily make my guy a very handy melee fighter or range fighter. Or not waste much time with fighting at all. It all depends.

Meanwhile – speaking of all this – where does Rain, Valeros and Sko weigh in? What are they interested in? Anything in particular?

For myself: My plan is to up my “Profession: Sailor” next level, as well as Swim, and perhaps – Knowledge Nature and Geography. I’d also like a rank in “Survival” now – but I’m not picky. I had planned on taking on level 3 “Two Weapon Fighting” for now, but I am not sure.

Does anyone have any recommendations for me at this time? I don’t need to be a “ship’s gunner”, though I can for now, if requested. If someone thinks I’m better suited for something else – please let me know.

One other thing: I can also “Craft” firearms without a check. That’s Gunslinger ability – I just need coin. So if anyone wants muskets or pistols – or whatever – let me know. Remember, it’s a -4 for you to hit with them if you can’t use them, yes – but: it hits a “ranged touch attack” in the 1st ranged increment. Muskets have a range increment of 80 feet. So just let me know.

Male Human Gunslinger 1 (Buccaneer), Fighter 1 (Lore Warden), Bard 4 (Archaeologist) - (AC 18 / HP 49 / F +6, R + 9, W +6 / Ini + 3 / Perc. +12)

Quick thought on Treasure:

There has also been a some issue on dividing treasure. One of the ways some older groups I played with divided treasure was a bit odd – as it was mainly via “OOC” concepts – but it was fair in the long run.

Essentially, you convert “treasure” to GP. Then, if someone claims a magical item – you assess the “book value of it” – and they have taken that amount of “loot” as their cut.

As the game advances and more loot is given out – say, in nothing but gold coins – then the person who took something (such as my +1 short sword) would get no “raw gold” from the total collection – until he paid off his “cost” for the sword.

In other words – if the sword was 100 GP (for simplicity) – and that’s all we got, and I took it – when we got another haul of 698 gold – the other six players would get 100 gold a piece. However – I already had my gold in the form of the sword, so I wouldn’t get the remaining 98 gold.

But we’d have 98 gold left – and we’d just divide this by 7, which would mean that you 6 would now have 114 gold – and I would have 14 gold, plus the cost of the sword which was already worth 100 gold – so we’d balance out.

If we used this method, players would still need to decide who would pick the best treasure (should the person with the weakest AC get the +1 Amulet – or the person who does the most melee fighting get the +1 Amulet?) – that’s for us to social RP out, I’d say. But once we decide who gets what – then we divide coin up via “Meta-game” but with on a very clean, neat, and equal OOC/Discussion Thread. Then no one is cheated or slighted, and despite being “pirates” – we all get a fair deal.

Social RP aside – we’re all on the same ship and we’re all part of the same crew. Sooner or later, we’ll all be working as a team – or the team breaks down and we fight each other, kill each other in game – assuming the GM doesn’t get disgusted and cancel the game because of all the in-fighting.

I have a hunch no one wants that. I think that if we use this method, it not only keeps things fair, but it keeps us looking at the project as a team would - not a bunch of individuals.

The only type of gear that I would think is "community chest" are things like potions or scrolls. More specifically, things that only be used once - never mind who uses it. If you can use it once - and you do - you're back on par with the rest of the group.

That makes sense with potions, salves, oils and scrolls, – unless you copy the scroll into your spellbook, because if you do that, than no one uses it but you - otherwise (theoretically) anyone in the party can use it as a one-hit wonder. Once used, it's gone, and the player no longer has it to "pimp" their character. Even if I had a potion of Cure Critical Damage on my person, once I drink it (if I drink it) I'm back to square one, and so is anyone in that position.

I only mentioned scrolls in spellbooks because if, for example, I gave Dhaavan a scroll of invisibility – and he used it in battle – cool. But it’s a one-hit wonder – he won’t have it more than once. If Jiro gets a potion of invisibility – cool; but anyone could have had that – and I would assume we’d give that potion to the first person who needed it, or who could use it the best.

Potions and scrolls are useful – but the only way I think we can consider those items as “personal loot” is if they are taken by a person, with the express use of the person to use it only for themselves. But even a “Cure Light” potion I take to drink myself – that’s still an advantage to the whole team. If I fell down and Sko had to leave battle to come help me with a Cure spell – he leaves his flank exposed, he burns a spell – and I lay there, because I wouldn’t drink the potion to help me when I could.

And while using the OOC thread to divide personal loot in terms of raw coin may divert a bit from good social RP, at this point, I say “Who cares?”

If it’s my character’s nature to be greedy, petty, selfish and conniving with the treasure of the ship – that’s fine. But that won’t help the rest of the crew, and I think it will only cause resentment and frustration in real life in the long run.

For example, if Dhaavan was splitting the money he made with his “Craft: Tattoo” checks with the whole party – by this point I would have been aiding him out the whazoo – and he may have done better with his checks and rolls and earned more money all around, and we might have had more money to buy stuff from Grok before we left. But that never happened, and as it is – the coin is his – and he did it alone. Well, now he’s richer than us, but how does that help the team?

I’m not putting down Dhaavan (he did good work, he earned it, cool), or arguing for Communism on the ship, or anything like that. I've just been thinking about the campaign, and I think that the GM was right – we need to seriously start examining things on the OCC Thread (especially right before 3rd) on how we can work together as a team to make this ship and our own selves function better as a team.

I’d love to be the most bad-ass character out there – but I just don’t think that will help anyone but me. And if that happens, if I’m way better than anyone – as the GM subtly hints about Dhaavan’s 5th level Magus in that Kingmaker game that wiped out a monster with a CR of 11 in one round (although, I would like to know: What kind of Machiavellian GM would put a 5th level character against a monster with a CR of 11? That’s crazy! But, on the other hand... if a 5th level character can already wipe the floor with such monsters… logic suggests that it's probably because the GM was far too generous in that game...)

But anyway, there’s nothing that puts a target on you more than when you mop the floor with normal, or slightly high CR all by yourself while the rest of the group is struggling. Well, suddenly you’re a target for all of the bad guys – and very unique bad guys to boot who suddenly are tailored just for your weak spots.

But if we’re all part of a team – with a main duty on the ship – and possibly a second duty as someone to “back up” the primary person – I think that will not only help us come together as team as players, but also as characters. Right now I admit I've been playing a lot like “Every man for himself” – though I don’t want to be that guy, it’s just hard for me to get out of that rut, especially in a game that sets us as pirates and villains. Anyway, that's kind of what prompted my post on dividing treasure.

But what do you guys think about it? Is it cool, or a good idea? Would you be up for dividing treasure this way? Because I think it can only work if we all do it. If not – than it will quickly fail. But I think that equal division of loot via “GP” status makes the most sense for both the team, and fairness all around.

Sadly for me, though – if you guys agree – I suddenly owe the team my gold – until my cut of the +1 short sword is paid off, but I’ll happily do that – if you guys agree. Just let me know what you think.

FYI to GM: We got about 1 or 2 miles from the Renn Fest and found out it was almost shut down because so many people showed up. We checked the site in the car via cell phone internet and then called the place. The official site said it was closed to people who didn’t either already have tickets, or were already there – because as it was Columbus Day weekend – it was jammed packed. We called it up – they said if we were already getting close to parking – then we would be okay – but a lot of people were turning around on the road in front of us and just deciding to go home. Point is – if you’re going – you want to get there early. Otherwise, you may find it overbooked!

Human Fey Tattooed Sorcerer 1 (HP: 7, AC:13 /F:1,R:3,W:4/ Init. +3 / Perc. +6/+8)(Jack's Perc: +13/+15)

I suspect that things will be changing very much soon...So it may make sense to delay long-term plans till we need
It looks like Jiro may or may not go spy on the meeting, but that's his call. At the very least Dhaavan'll get Jack's report of the meeting, but based on the inability to do anything of any substance in terms of influence, We may as well see what happens before tossing long-term plans. Dunno when we'll have time to Craft idols, and if it will take a whole week to finish, not sure if we would have to time for it.

So unless someone else wants to go and take a look up by the captain's quarters, then we waiting on Jack Thrush

Male Human Gunslinger 1 (Buccaneer), Fighter 1 (Lore Warden), Bard 4 (Archaeologist) - (AC 18 / HP 49 / F +6, R + 9, W +6 / Ini + 3 / Perc. +12)

Well, I'll continue to Craft the idol - as I have nothing else to do.

Unless you want me to "Aid" you with tattoo work; in which case I'm happy to do so.

As for long term plans? That was exactly the point of my posts.

When I hit level 3 I get a Feat - we all do. What Feat helps the me the most, or the Team the most?

I have no idea what will help the group the most. That's why I'm asking people what they're going for.

So far it looks like Variel is looking to be a variation of a "arcanic melee tank", and you're looking for "magical crafting". I don't know what the rest of the group is looking at yet, but I'd like to.

Meanwhile, I can aid you with magical crafting, but I'd need to take the feats. I will, though, if it helps the group, but I may be better suited for other things instead.

Or, I can do something else altogether.

Right now I'm looking for suggestions on things I can do to help the group.

You know my classes and feats and skills - what do you think would be a good fit for my currents character and the rest of the gang as a whole? You're good at character builds, what do you recommend, I'm totally open to things, especially before leveling.

As for the division of loot?

Why wait? If we decide now, I'll pay out my cut of gold to the rest of you guys right now. And if you guys don't want to split gold/magic items that way - and if you have a better solution - please let me know. I'm only trying to figure out what can work best.

Right now we argued in and out of game about the division of magic gear - that shouldn't have happened, but it did. I just don't want it to happen again, and am looking for a solution. I figure that if we eventually attack and beat Plugg we'll probably get more loot. What better time to figure out what to do with it than now, while we wait for people to get their weekend stuff taken care of - especially as a lot of players are busy.

Anyhow, that's just a suggestion, we don't have to do it that way, but like I said, I'm just trying to figure out a good way to do it in the future. If there's a better way or time, I'm totally open to it, I just don't know what to do.

F Elf Ranger (Freebooter) 4, Inquisitor 2/AC 18/ HP 48/48, F+8 R+6 W+6 (+2 vs Enchantments)/ Init +4(+6), Perc. +11(+13)

Okay, there is a LOT to read on the main board and so could we have a summary because really it will take me a while to read every post (esp Flynn's long ones) and reply appropriately.

Male Human Gunslinger 1 (Buccaneer), Fighter 1 (Lore Warden), Bard 4 (Archaeologist) - (AC 18 / HP 49 / F +6, R + 9, W +6 / Ini + 3 / Perc. +12)
Rain Taneththir wrote:
Okay, there is a LOT to read on the main board and so could we have a summary because really it will take me a while to read every post (esp Flynn's long ones) and reply appropriately.

I already did that - skip to the passage - I think third from the bottom. It says "To Valeros, Sko and Rain" - it's in bold blue with your names.

I typed a brief summary in character for you guys, so it's there.

F Elf Ranger (Freebooter) 4, Inquisitor 2/AC 18/ HP 48/48, F+8 R+6 W+6 (+2 vs Enchantments)/ Init +4(+6), Perc. +11(+13)

Okay, I don't understand something. Flynn made his Profession: Sailor check regarding "Squib" but he keeps talking about a place that we're headed to that may be referred to as 'Squib' ... Why?

F Elf Ranger (Freebooter) 4, Inquisitor 2/AC 18/ HP 48/48, F+8 R+6 W+6 (+2 vs Enchantments)/ Init +4(+6), Perc. +11(+13)

And that really isn't a summary of what was said by ALL you guys during your postings. I've quickly scanned all the postings and no one has really offered opinions in the manner you are asking Rain, Valeros and Sko to give.

F Elf Ranger (Freebooter) 4, Inquisitor 2/AC 18/ HP 48/48, F+8 R+6 W+6 (+2 vs Enchantments)/ Init +4(+6), Perc. +11(+13)

If we're looking for a very charismatic Captain then Dhaavan and Valeros have the lead with their CHA 18 & 16 respectively. Dhaavan has a pretty good INT as does Valeros yet their wisdom scores aren't that great. But if we're looking for those who can speak and be liked (even though we haven't witnessed much of Valeros personality or charm/diplomacy in game), then they would be the best choices (on paper).

Male Human Gunslinger 1 (Buccaneer), Fighter 1 (Lore Warden), Bard 4 (Archaeologist) - (AC 18 / HP 49 / F +6, R + 9, W +6 / Ini + 3 / Perc. +12)

Response to your question via Spoiler:

1. I remembered from my Lord of the Rings that squib was a type of firecracker. I assumed it was a common term - though a British one. When Jack mentioned squibs, I tossed up my response, via my remembering Bilbo's Birthday party in The Fellowship of the Ring, which is where the thrust of my first post was. I even tossed a link for explanation on a Squib, to just to clarify things.

Later, I recalled that squibs were also used in cannon - and during the battle to take the ship there was a major explosion in the ship - as the word "Squib" was mentioned - as I am a "gunslinger" and I figured that this knowledge about squibs would be common to us - I naturally assumed those were clever clues strung together in an elegant plan to reveal valuable information.

In this case, those guesses failed.

In this campaign a "Squib" is neither the firecracker mentioned in Lord of the Rings, nor is it the one used by British Sailor's in reference to cannons, nor modern naval terms in which it is a specific type of racing sailboat. Nor is it the Australian slang for "coward", journalism short-hand, a witty remark, a type of football kick, nor is it under any of the definitions found in Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, and certainly not from Harry Potter (though that would have been awesome).

In this campaign specifically a "Squib" is a place to take your ship to be somehow refitted with complex work and alteration of sails and lines. From a completely nautical standpoint this is a bit confusing, as if you re-did the cut of your ship's sails - it would probably rip the sails if they were cut to lay on the beams poorly. I am guessing magic must somehow be involved - as other than basic carpentry or paint jobs, cutting specific sails i think would be more of a disadvantage; though this is only from limited nautical experience.

So - when I made my first post - I was in error at what a "squib" was via in-game context. So I had to make a "Profession Sailor Check" to get what this was to mean in the campaign.

2. I felt it best to really only summarize things from my own character's perspective, and not try to speak for the others. Hopefully, their posts spoke for them.

Okay - I've posted too much, it seems - but being that I had a 3 day micro-vacation this weekend, I decided to do a little extra writing. I hope it was at least somewhat fun to read.

Male Human Gunslinger 1 (Buccaneer), Fighter 1 (Lore Warden), Bard 4 (Archaeologist) - (AC 18 / HP 49 / F +6, R + 9, W +6 / Ini + 3 / Perc. +12)
Rain Taneththir wrote:
If we're looking for a very charismatic Captain then Dhaavan and Valeros have the lead with their CHA 18 & 16 respectively. Dhaavan has a pretty good INT as does Valeros yet their wisdom scores aren't that great. But if we're looking for those who can speak and be liked (even though we haven't witnessed much of Valeros personality or charm/diplomacy in game), then they would be the best choices (on paper).

I think that in this case the "captain" is the person most qualified to sail the ship.

That is typically under "Profession: Sailor" - but as Profession Checks are modified by Wisdom - I figured those with a high wisdom would be good as the "Captain-Pilot" - as it were.

Full rules for "driving a ship" can be found in one of the above links.

F Elf Ranger (Freebooter) 4, Inquisitor 2/AC 18/ HP 48/48, F+8 R+6 W+6 (+2 vs Enchantments)/ Init +4(+6), Perc. +11(+13)

Then by that argument,

Sko has the best WIS at 16 followed by Rain with 14. Sko's CHA is 10, Rain's is 13.

Male Human Gunslinger 1 (Buccaneer), Fighter 1 (Lore Warden), Bard 4 (Archaeologist) - (AC 18 / HP 49 / F +6, R + 9, W +6 / Ini + 3 / Perc. +12)

Indeed - but you at least have a bonus to Sailing and Navigation. Your current bonuses are both +8 on level 2, which puts you equal to Sko in that respect.

So that makes you and Sko on par with potential Sailing checks.

I think the next question is - which of you would be interested in being captain?

Also - I think in this case the captain is more of the "driver", rather than "Master and Commander", I got a strong sense the crew will be more of a group of coexisting officers like from "Star Trek: Next Generation" here - we just need a ready-room.

Sovereign Court

Male Elf Magus (AC: 16,12,14; HP: 13; Saves 3,2,2; Init +2, perc +2)

I think that is one aspect we should figure out as well. Captain vs Pilot. Most of the time they are one and the same, but wee could make the distinction that the captain is the one who issues orders and is the more charismatic of the two while the pilot is the one with the greater ability to handle a ship. The other option would be the other way around. The captain has the skills but it is the first mate that gets people to work and follow the orders This would be up for us to decide as it brings up the idea of how the captain and first mate interact.

Personally I see no problem either way. I think thematically it is normally the more skilled who is the captain and that seems to follow the trend of Harrigan being the captain taking over in the storm. Again though I think this is something thematically that we have to decide.

Either way, the captain is the one in charge of issuing orders.

Ninja'd by Flynn.

M kitsune rogue (pirate)/4; bard(sea singer)/2 AC18 (T 16, FF 12); HP 43/53; saves F +2, R +12, W +4; bab: 4; melee 4(+9), ranged +9; CMB 4, CMD 20; speed 30; init +5(+7); perc +9(11)(+13)

captain is master and commander... pilot should be 'driver'

F Elf Ranger (Freebooter) 4, Inquisitor 2/AC 18/ HP 48/48, F+8 R+6 W+6 (+2 vs Enchantments)/ Init +4(+6), Perc. +11(+13)

So, we need to decide as a group how we define Captain and how we define Pilot ... and whether they are distinct skill sets (and thus two separate people) or one and the same.

It seems by Jiro's posting, that our rogue considers them separate (two distinct people).

F Elf Ranger (Freebooter) 4, Inquisitor 2/AC 18/ HP 48/48, F+8 R+6 W+6 (+2 vs Enchantments)/ Init +4(+6), Perc. +11(+13)

And Jiro congrats on your first successful showing. Hope the second is as good and not as tiring.

F Elf Ranger (Freebooter) 4, Inquisitor 2/AC 18/ HP 48/48, F+8 R+6 W+6 (+2 vs Enchantments)/ Init +4(+6), Perc. +11(+13)

Just to voice my opinion, from the start of this game, I always saw the Captain and the Navigator as two separate roles/people.

Male Human Gunslinger 1 (Buccaneer), Fighter 1 (Lore Warden), Bard 4 (Archaeologist) - (AC 18 / HP 49 / F +6, R + 9, W +6 / Ini + 3 / Perc. +12)

Well, what I've tried saying on the Discussion thread earlier, but I'll say briefly this time -

we hit level 3 and get a new feat.

We'll all take feats to make our character's cool

The feats we pick can make us a bunch of cool individualists - or they can compliment each other as a team in general.

I have no specific interest in taking crafting feats - though I may - if I am the person in charge of Firearms.

The person that is the "Captain" would theoretically have the "con" - they'd be the one that would need "Skilled Driver", "Expert Driver" - and so on. For game dynamics, there is no specific point to having a "navigator" position - as there is no specific need for it via the skill check driving. However, historically only officers knew how to navigate anyway, to make sure their crew wouldn't mutiny and kill them, and generally that was the captain and his first officer; possibly an Ensign, but that was not often.

Meanwhile - before those Feats were taken - we'd need to pick a ship we want to eventually have - because (as you already know) the feat is theoretically (depending on how the GM decides - it's still not 100% clear to me after our conversations)covering over 19 different types of ships, and I'm not totally sure on how open/limited the "Drive" Feat is.

As for the "captain" being Master and Commander?

While it may be cool thematically - ultimately I think that it will be a bad idea. I think that ultimately it will not add anything to the game specifically to have one of the players designated as "the boss" - and, in the end, I think it will end up causing more stress than not.

Meanwhile - for what it's worth - I posted about 6 pages of questions for you guys specifically on the Discussion Thread. I know that's a lot of writing, but I'm just trying to figure things out, and have absolutely no idea where anyone stands on things at this point, but I am looking for ideas; specifically for my character to help the team.

So, yeah - if anyone can offer suggestions on what I can do - or how we can work better together, that would be awesome.

F Elf Ranger (Freebooter) 4, Inquisitor 2/AC 18/ HP 48/48, F+8 R+6 W+6 (+2 vs Enchantments)/ Init +4(+6), Perc. +11(+13)

Flynn, Rain is up for conversation. However, her player will be away from the computer for a couple of hours. Just wanted to let you know that I read the posting but can't post right now.

Male Human Gunslinger 1 (Buccaneer), Fighter 1 (Lore Warden), Bard 4 (Archaeologist) - (AC 18 / HP 49 / F +6, R + 9, W +6 / Ini + 3 / Perc. +12)

I am here - if you are able. But not for much longer - I have work early tomorrow. But I will be there soon :)

Hey all sorry for not posting last night. The kids were a nightmare getting to sleep. started at 8 and didnt end up getting both kids to sleep until close to 11 and by that time I was exhausted and frustrated so i just went to bed. I'm reading your posts now and will respond and move things along.

Human Fey Tattooed Sorcerer 1 (HP: 7, AC:13 /F:1,R:3,W:4/ Init. +3 / Perc. +6/+8)(Jack's Perc: +13/+15)

There's an aspect of skill synergy and division of labor to consider.

Flynn, as a non single-class magic-user you'd need master craftsman to do Arms and Armor, since crafting requires a caster-level, but MC let's you use craft ranks instead. One of the other casters would be better suited for that feat (dhaavan's already taking two and needs room for some combat feats too)
So that's got synergy going on for feats and talents, but divides the cost so I'm not reduced to a total craft-monkey (although since I'm already done my summoning tree I got enough tricks in my bag... but that's not an issue till craft:MA&A becomes available)

As for pilot and captain, if one character stacks Navigator, and another does Sailor, then we can have that division of labor. We could also have two master sailors and a navigator, so Master&Commander is a highly competant seaman that does not burn all ranks on sailing skills, but has enough to do the job, but there's also a master pilot and navigator to do the checks most of the time. So Pilot, Navigator, and Captain are seperate positions. Each officer would have their specialty, but the captian is the most well-rounded, taking ranks in diplomacy, sailing navigation and other boatie things.

Dhaavan would like Boatswain, and keep a happy crew, intimidating only when necessary. Figure he'd be well-suited for it, especiallt with Jack able to minitor ship activity too.

Human Druid (Shark shaman) 2, Barbarian (Beast Totem) 1/AC: 13/HP: 30/F +7, R +0, W +6/Init. +0/Per. +7

We don't really need a master & commander of the group but we do need one for whatever crew we end up with. The crew needs someone to look at as a clear authority figure even if that isn't the person doing the actual piloting (having multiple people able to pilot I think would be a good thing, however). Having some skill overlap is a good thing; especially in this AP which has a more vicious theme to it. PC's being PC's, we can never be certain what might happen to one of us.

Personally, I thought of Sko as sort of filling the position that Plugg kind of/sort of filled. The crew should feel intimidated by someone, just to keep them honest if nothing else, and being able to turn into a sailor's nightmare is fairly intimdating. I'm fairly open to anything however.

Human Fey Tattooed Sorcerer 1 (HP: 7, AC:13 /F:1,R:3,W:4/ Init. +3 / Perc. +6/+8)(Jack's Perc: +13/+15)

Sko, that makes sense, in so far as the crew-members that respond to intimidation can be disciplined by Sko, while Dhaavan works at winning over crewmen. That way, Dhaavan can save skill-ranks and not worry about intimidate any more. He already has a rank for a +8 so with one rank he can aid as a trivial check.

Are any of the full-casters interested in Craft MA&A? I'm getting wonderous items at 3, and inscribe tatts at 5th. If a non caster wants it, they need Master Craftsman at 5th, and can get CMA&A at 7th...

While we are a group, having a "leader" would help with expediting and directing discussion, have a in-character way of finalizing decisions, and someone to u unify the whole crew, party and NPC's.

Sovereign Court

Male Elf Magus (AC: 16,12,14; HP: 13; Saves 3,2,2; Init +2, perc +2)

So we have Dhaavan for being nice to the crew and if there needs to be some intimidation and punishment then Plugg, I mean Sko steps in. Depending on how we want any crew we have treated it would work fairly well I think to have both available. I like the idea of multiple people able to step in skill wise if something should happen to a PC.

I should have asked right away, is there anyone who wants to be the captain regardless of skill set?

ninja'd by Dhaavan

Human Fey Tattooed Sorcerer 1 (HP: 7, AC:13 /F:1,R:3,W:4/ Init. +3 / Perc. +6/+8)(Jack's Perc: +13/+15)

Piloting a boat with an unfriendly/hostile crew takes intimidate checks, so any fresh prisoners that don't want to work can be intimidated while Dhaavan works on improving their attitude.

Variel, you have the feat-space for any crafting?
And dhaavan's not captain material, for the record. He has no real direction and would rather focus on his arcane prowess, and so forth.

Also, a thought!
Sko, as a druid, you get some weather-spells, yeah? So then you could take a roll like peppery did. She is the one Dhaavan was the most scaired of.

F Elf Ranger (Freebooter) 4, Inquisitor 2/AC 18/ HP 48/48, F+8 R+6 W+6 (+2 vs Enchantments)/ Init +4(+6), Perc. +11(+13)

Are we going with a First Mate or a Quartermaster instead?

Dhaav, one of the Boatswain's duties is the maintenance and repair of the hull, rigging, lines, cables, sails, and anchors. Do you know anything about that? I suppose you could get the junior officers/sailors to take care of that for you. ;)

Variel, what position are you considering?

Initially, I thought Rain would be best suited to the Sailing Master/Navigator role.

Just FYI everyone, I just got a call and my grandfather has taken a turn for the worse. That said I am still on for today but if you suddenly don't see me on in the next few days that might be why. I will try and let you know as soon as I can so you don't worry needlessly. Nothing has happened yet but we got some news about his condition that is not so good.

Anyway, enough of that and I've been really glad to have the escape this game provides over the last few days. Great work everyone!

F Elf Ranger (Freebooter) 4, Inquisitor 2/AC 18/ HP 48/48, F+8 R+6 W+6 (+2 vs Enchantments)/ Init +4(+6), Perc. +11(+13)

Immortal, sorry about your grandfather. I hope his health turns around again for the better.

Thanks Rain, I hope so too.

BTW, I love the fact that we are playing a game where the idea is to become pirates...and not one of you actually wants to become pirates lol. *bangs head against wall*

Sovereign Court

Male Elf Magus (AC: 16,12,14; HP: 13; Saves 3,2,2; Init +2, perc +2)

Immortal, Good luck man as that is the pits to have him keep going with the ups and downs. Hopefully the docs can figure something out to keep him on an even keel. Thoughts are with you my friend.

Rain, as far as Variel's office of choice it would either be master at arms or something similar.

Also, you know you can be pirates without being murderous savages. Pirates even had flags they would raise that signaled they would accept a peaceful surrender. If it was refused then a different flag would be raised signaling no quarter. You don't have to be monsters to be pirates. Great example is Mal from Firefly. Also, just because you are a pirate doesnt mean you have to rape and murder and such. You can be the pirate version of gentlemen, or women, thieves trying to make your way in the world without being tied to a government.

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