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The last!,

Gen Con Booth Button: Sunday,

Sneaky sneak,

Just Announced: The Strange Aeons Adventure Path!,

DM Immortal's Blood Red Roses: A Skull & Shackles Campaign

Game Master imimrtl

Current Map.

Current Characters

Gelatinous Cube

(518 posts)
Fire Elemental

Male commoner 1
(587 posts)

Male Human (Kellid Heritage) Cleric-4(HP:18/28 ;AC: 17,t10,ff17;fort+5,Ref+1,Will+8;Init+2; Perc+4)

played by Ridge (744 posts)
Anya Jeggare
Amen-set Neitaker

Female 3

played by dain120475 (175 posts)

Human Fey Tattooed Sorcerer 1 (HP: 7, AC:13 /F:1,R:3,W:4/ Init. +3 / Perc. +6/+8)(Jack's Perc: +13/+15)

played by waiph (1,332 posts)
DM Immortal

played by imimrtl (2,273 posts)
Count Lucinean Galdana
Horatio Flynn

Male Human Gunslinger 1 (Buccaneer), Fighter 1 (Lore Warden), Bard 4 (Archaeologist) - (AC 18 / HP 49 / F +6, R + 9, W +6 / Ini + 3 / Perc. +12)

played by dain120475 (2,843 posts)
Sheyln (Symbol)
Jack Thrush

played by waiph (49 posts)
Neko the Golden

played by Ariarh Kane (13 posts)
Piper Bramblewine

Female Halfling Expert 2, Rogue 1; AC 15 / HP 17 / F +1, R + 5, W +4 / Ini + 2 / Perc. +6

played by dain120475 (42 posts)
Female Elf
Rain Taneththir

F Elf Ranger (Freebooter) 4, Inquisitor 2/AC 18/ HP 48/48, F+8 R+6 W+6 (+2 vs Enchantments)/ Init +4(+6), Perc. +11(+13)

played by Ariarh Kane (1,679 posts)

M kitsune rogue (pirate)/4; bard(sea singer)/2 AC18 (T 16, FF 12); HP 43/53; saves F +2, R +12, W +4; bab: 4; melee 4(+9), ranged +9; CMB 4, CMD 20; speed 30; init +5(+7); perc +9(11)(+13)

played by JAF0 (1,869 posts)

spider monkey

played by JAF0 (3 posts)
Spell Sovereign
Sovereign Court Variel Nightstorm

Male Elf Magus (AC: 16,12,14; HP: 13; Saves 3,2,2; Init +2, perc +2)

played by Neltji (1,565 posts)

Previous Characters

Ariarh Kane

Female Aasimar Druid 7 (Noble)
(2,553 posts)
Scarecrow Golem
Bilbo Bang-Bang

(2,036 posts)


(51 posts)

played by Bilbo Bang-Bang (25 posts)
Mynafee Gorse
Camm Jaznak

Male Human 4 Cavi

played by Bilbo Bang-Bang (35 posts)
Clari Miali'ahel

HP: 47 AC: 14 Hexblade 5

played by waiph (175 posts)
Dain GM

played by dain120475 (6,881 posts)
Mr. Shin

played by imimrtl (7 posts)

Human Druid (Shark shaman) 2, Barbarian (Beast Totem) 1/AC: 13/HP: 30/F +7, R +0, W +6/Init. +0/Per. +7

played by Sir Jolt (167 posts)
Valeros Jaloksin

Male Gillman Oracle (Waves) 4; AC 14 (T 11, FF13) / HP: 34/34 / F +4, R +3, W +5 / Init: +1 / Percep: +0

played by Jonasty1031 (134 posts)


The last!,

Gen Con Booth Button: Sunday,

Sneaky sneak,

Just Announced: The Strange Aeons Adventure Path!,

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