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DM Immortal's Blood Red Roses: A Skull & Shackles Campaign

Game Master imimrtl

Loot List

Current Map

Island of Empty Eyes Map

Port Peril Map

Ship interior
Ship exterior

Dread Lady Upper level
Dread Lady All Levels

Loot Spreadsheet

Map of the Shackles

Ship interior
Ship exterior

Dread Lady Upper level
Dread Lady All Levels

Crew of The Dread Lady:

Captain Variel Nightstorm
First Mate Dhaavan
Quartermaster Seijiro
Pilot Rain Taneththir
Master Gunner Horatio Flynn
Ship Surgeon Adular
Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop(male human): Man's Promise cook and drunk; has no love for Harrigan, Plugg or the Wormwood in general;
Sandara Quinn(female human)(swab): priestess(Cleric) of Besmara and press ganged pirate like yourselves; also has troubles with Master Scourge;
Rosie Cusswell(female halfling)(swab): the phrase "curses like a sailor" seems to have come from her, although she's a nice enough person; misses her fiddle immensely;
Conchobhar Turlach Shortstone(male gnome)(rigger): an egotistical womanizer;
Aretta Bansion(female human)(swab): an ill-tempered woman with big ears; former harlot now turned pirate;
Shivikah(female human)(swab): a tall Mwangi woman;
Jak Scrimshaw(male human)(swab): young man known for his talent at making scrimshaw;
Jaundiced Jape(male half-orc)(swab): a mute, humorless, greedy half-orc with a large scar across his throat;
Tam "Narwhal" Tate(male dwarf)(rigger): a sour man with a big, hideously ugly nose;
"Ratline" Rattsberger(male halfling)(rigger): ratfaced halfing that's missing 3 fingers, his left arm and right leg were eaten off by Grindylows;
Shix: Rahadoumi
Reevah: Rahadoumi

Fallen Crew:

Owlbear Hartshorn(male human): giant of a man but a little simple;
- Battle with the Sanbalot
Hajen: Rahadoumi "leader" - Battle with the Sanbalot
Makeem: Rahadoumi - Battle with the Sanbalot

The Dread Lady location guide:
The Dread Lady is a three-masted sailing ship, 105 feet long and 30 feet wide. A minimum crew of 20 is required to sail her. Unless otherwise indicated, interior walls on the ship are of wood, 2 inches thick (hardness 5, hp 20, Break DC 20). Doors are of good wooden construction (hardness 5, hp 15, Break DC 18). Interior rooms are unlit during the day
(except for those with windows or portholes), and usually have a single hooded lantern for light at night. The decks and compartments of the Dread Lady are detailed below.

B1. Main Deck: Two 10-foot-square hatches sit in the deck forward of the mainmast and open onto the middle hold. Between the hatches and mast, a steep set of wooden steps descends into the middle deck (area B8) 15 feet below.

B2. Foredeck: The foredeck rises 10 feet above the main deck. The ship’s nameplate on the hull reads Man’s Promise.

B3. Aft Deck : The aft deck sits 10 feet above the main deck, and steps lead up to an even higher deck behind the mizzenmast. The ship’s wheel stands just before the rail overlooking the main deck.

B4. Sterncastle: This high deck sits behind the mizzenmast, 20 feet above the main deck. A pair of light ballistas sit upon this deck, next to a box containing a dozen ballista bolts.

B5. Ship’s Boats: Two ship’s boats, a cutter and a gig (see the Skull & Shackles Player’s Guide for statistics), hang from davits on the gunwales just forward of the aft deck.
The boats are lashed to the ship and require three DC 10 Profession (sailor) checks or Dexterity checks to launch. Each such check is a full-round action. Each ship’s boat has four oars and a single mast. The cutter can carry up to 12 Medium passengers, while the gig can carry up to 8 Medium passengers.

B6. Officers’ Quarters: This tidy cabin has two portholes to allow light and fresh air to enter. A hefty trap door sits in the floor, leading to the middle deck (area B8).

B6a. Officers’ Storage.

B7. Captain’s Cabin : The rear wall of this luxurious (by pirate ship standards) cabin holds four gilt-framed windows that rise the full height of the chamber. The cabin contains a luxurious hammock, a dining table and chairs, and a few chests and bookshelves. A trap door opens directly into the cook’s cabin below (area B11).

B7a. Captain’s Storage : These small storerooms do not have doors, but are separated by sliding walls that can also be removed and made into a folding table.

B8. Middle Deck and Armory: The middle hold of the Man’s Promise is currently empty, though the weapon racks along the walls only need to be restocked to turn this hold into a working armory. Steps behind the foremast descend into the main hold (area B12). A second set of stairs against the aft bulkhead lead up to the main deck (area B1).

B9. Crew Berths : Ten supporting pillars behind the mainmast fill this spacious compartment, with room for over a score of hammocks.

B10. Galley: This sizable galley contains a large stove against the aft bulkhead and a single porthole in the starboard wall. In one corner, a derrick stands next to a trap door that opens into the secure storage below (area B13). The door is locked with a huge, good padlock. It takes a full round to raise or lower the line on the derrick, which can lift up to 200 pounds of cargo. The galley has been stocked for the journey to Port Peril, but the food is scant at best.

B11. Cook’s Cabin: This filthy cabin contains two dirty hammocks and a single porthole in the port wall. A rickety ladder ascends to a trap door in the ceiling, leading to the captain’s cabin (area B7). Ambrose Kroop sleeps here.

B12. Main Hold: Essentially empty after being looted by the crew of the Wormwood, the main hold of the Dread Lady contains a large water barrel secured to the starboard wall. Stairs behind the foremast lead up to the middle deck (area B8), while a trap door near the mainmast leads to the bilges, which contains two bilge pumps, forward and aft.

B13. Secure Storage : This large compartment aft of the main hold is locked with a good lock, but is presently empty

Tidewater Rock Map

Tidewater Rock Locations:
B1. Tower Entrance: The door to the tower is kept locked and barred (hardness 5, hp 20, Break DC 30), and a guard in area B3 carries the key. The chamber beyond is floored
with the dirt filling the tower’s base and is used to store assorted supplies, spare timber, kegs of nails and tar, spare sailcloth, fishing lines and nets, lengths of heavy rope, and unused furniture. A rowboat hangs from the rafters. Alcoves in the walls and below the arrow slit hold more delicate items such as tinderboxes, tallow candles, and chipped crockery. A side alcove holds a staggered wooden ladder that accesses the second f loor (area B2). The ladder is unusual in that its rungs alternate from side to side so that someone not paying attention can easily lose his footing and fall (DC 12 Acrobatics check to climb if taking less than a full-round action).

B2. Defensive Corridor: This corridor runs along the south wall of the tower and provides access to three arrow slits overlooking the shingle. The guard from area B3 moves here whenever a ship is spotted approaching the island. A chest at one end holds 150 crossbow bolts, and a tarnished silver ewer (worth 35 gp) holding drinking water sits on a table at the other end.

B3. Guardroom: A few chairs and a table compose the furnishings in this room. A guard is always on duty here, and carries the key to the door at area B1.

B4. Bunkroom: Narrow plank bunks are crammed into the room along with a few stools and an old sea chest. Four of the guards are quartered here in rotating shifts, and Royster McCleagh bunks here when not sharing
Lady Smythee’s quarters. The sea chest holds the guards’ collected pay, a total of 85 gp.

B5 . Workshop: A small forge has been set up beneath the arrow slit, and worktables around the room are arrayed with tools for ironwork as well as carpentry and general repairs. A few wood planks are stacked against one wall, and a crate holds brass nails. Mardus the goatherd beds
down beneath one of the tables here at night.

B6. Defensive Stair: This cramped stair spirals steeply up to the third and fourth f loors (areas B7 and B11) and serves as a choke point for invaders. A large masonry jar in the corner contains alchemist’s f ire that can be thrown from the arrow slit and affects a 10-foot-radius area.

B7. Privy: A stone privy has been built into an alcove on the stair landing. A clay pitcher of water rests on the f loor beside it to wash any wastes down the pipe and out into the surf.

B8. Kitchen: A small f ire pit has been built into the alcove below the arrow slit. A stack of driftwood rests nearby, while a kettle dangles from an iron brace above it. A table, chopping block, barrels of pickled vegetables, and alcoves holding dry goods f ill out the rest of the room. Birney Siggs is usually cooking here during the day, and the scullion Clew beds down atop bags of grain in one of the alcoves.

B9. Water Stores: The door to this room is always locked, and Albers Siggs carries the key. Fresh water is one of the most precious commodities on the island, and a dozen large barrels are always kept f illed here in case of siege or f ire. Several hogsheads of ale and rum are likewise stored here.

B10. Retainers’ Quarters: At night, Albers and Birney Siggs retire to this chamber with its simple bed, chest, table, and chair. The couples’ combined saving of 310 gp, mostly in silver and copper coins, is hidden in the chest beneath a false bottom (DC 19 Perception check to discover).

B11. Feast Hall: A long oaken table that can seat up to 10 f ills this room, over which hangs a heavy iron chandelier. An arrow slit alcove serves as a sideboard and generally holds a tapped keg of ale for meal times and off-duty guards. A wide window—the only true window in the
castle—overlooks the picturesque harbor and admits a soft southerly breeze, but has sturdy oak shutters that can be barred from within. A door to the north opens on stairs leading up to the battlements (area B13). To the east, a locked door leads to area B12, its key held by Lady Smythee herself. Albers Siggs can usually be found here during the
day, serving as the lady’s chamberlain.

B12. Master Apartment: This is the most spacious room in the castle and holds the only true f ireplace, a peat-burning affair that is rarely lit in these tropical climes. A comfortable but sagging couch stands before the f ireplace, along with a small writing table and pair of chairs. An old sea chest stands before an elegant bed, next to an antique armor stand.

B13. Battlements: Two guards are always on duty upon
this parapet, day or night. The tower chimney rises 10 feet
above the walkway, and the peak of the lead-shingled roof
rises to a height of 7 feet. Two cannon, each with
a barrel of 15 balls nearby, have been set in turrets at the
southern corners, overlooking the lagoon. The drop from
the battlements to the ground below is 70 feet. On a clear
day, a lookout with a good spyglass can see for miles out to
sea from here.

Tidewater Rock NPC's:
Lady Agasta Smythee: Widow of Iron Bert Smythee. Lady of the Rock and ruler of Windward Isle. Wife of Dhaavan for a period of one year.

Royster McCleagh is the Sergeant-at-Arms. He is a level 6 fighter specializing in heavy blades He also commands the 8 guards that make up the Rock's garrison currently. They are well trained and can form a shield wall of decent capability when fighting together. They are level 2 warriors all of whom have the Shield Wall feat.

Other ServantS
Only four loyal retainers remain in service to Lady Smythee.

Albers and Birney Siggs (N human experts 3): This couple are in their seventies and were Captain Smythee’s first retainers. Though they both get around a bit more slowly these days, they do their utmost to maintain the decorum and dignity of Lady Smythee’s household.

Clew (N male human commoner 1): Clew is a simpleton in his twenties who serves as a scullion in the keep. Captain Smythee rescued him from a cruel pirate captain and brought him back to the Rock. The rest of the castle’s occupants have adopted him as a foster son and are fiercely
protective of him.

Mardus Siggs (N male human commoner 1/expert 1): Mardus is the teenaged grandson of Albers and Birney and serves as the herder for Lady Smythee’s small flock of goats.

NPC's - Wormwood:

Captain Barnabas Harrigan(male human)*: Captain of the Wormwood; stern man; Current Attitude: ?
Riaris Krine (female human)*: master gunner; Current Attitude: Hostile
Kipper (male human)*: gunner’s mate and bootlicker for Plugg and Scourge; Current Attitude: Hostile
Cut-Throat Grok(female half-orc): Quartermaster of the Wormwood, while you don't know the story, you're pretty sure her name is derived from the large scar around her neck; Current Attitude: Helpful
Peppery Longfarthing(female human)*: Sailingmaster of the Wormwood; Current Attitude: Indifferent
Habbly Quarne(male human)*: Ship's Surgeon and Carpenter; Current Attitude: Indifferent
Crimson "Cog" Cogward(male human)(swab): violent loner who actually volunteered for the ship; Current Attitude: Helpful
"Badger" Medlar(female half-elf)(swab): older woman who shaves her gray hair into stripes; Current Attitude: Helpful - Deceased
Fipps Chumlett(male human)(swab): a fat bully with a shaved head; Current Attitude: Hostile - Deceased
Maheem(male human)(rigger): a big Rahadoumi man with a permanent scowl; Current Attitude: Hostile - Deceased
Barefoot Samms Toppin(female human)(rigger): Sodden lands woman who never wears shoes; Current Attitude: Helpful - Deceased
Giffer Tibbs(female gnome)(swab): a rather bedraggled woman who only has one eye; Current Attitude: Helpful - Deceased
Tilly Brackett(female human)(swab): a joker who likes her rum; Current Attitude: Helpful - Deceased
Slippery Syl Lonegan(female human)(rigger): an aggressive woman who doesn't appear to like dancing; Current Attitude: Indifferent
"Caulky" Taroom (Female Human): the Captain's Cabin Girl...among other things to him. Current Attitude: *

(Format borrowed liberally from DMJ.)

Map of Wormwood - Middle and Lower Decks and Bilges

Map of Wormwood - Upper and Main Decks

Plunder and Infamy Rules:

DM Tools:

Rum Rolls
Variel Minor Addiction Save [dice]1d20+3[/dice] Charisma Bonus [dice]1d4[/dice] Fatigue [dice]1d8[/dice] Wis Damage [dice]1d3[/dice]
Sko Minor Addiction Save [dice]1d20+4[/dice] Charisma Bonus [dice]1d4[/dice] Fatigue [dice]1d8[/dice] Wis Damage [dice]1d3[/dice]
Dhaavan Minor Addiction Save [dice]1d20+1[/dice] Charisma Bonus [dice]1d4[/dice] Fatigue [dice]1d8[/dice] Wis Damage [dice]1d3[/dice]
Horatio Minor Addiction Save [dice]1d20+2[/dice] Charisma Bonus [dice]1d4[/dice] Fatigue [dice]1d8[/dice] Wis Damage [dice]1d3[/dice]
Rain Minor Addiction Save [dice]1d20+4[/dice] Charisma Bonus [dice]1d4[/dice] Fatigue [dice]1d8[/dice] Wis Damage [dice]1d3[/dice]
Seijiro Minor Addiction Save [dice]1d20+1[/dice] Charisma Bonus [dice]1d4[/dice] Fatigue [dice]1d8[/dice] Wis Damage [dice]1d3[/dice]
Valeros Minor Addiction Save [dice]1d20+3[/dice] Charisma Bonus [dice]1d4[/dice] Fatigue [dice]1d8[/dice] Wis Damage [dice]1d3[/dice]

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