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DM Helamans Master of the Fallen Fortress (Inactive)

Game Master Helaman

This is for Game Stuff

Players would have already been selected from the overflow of Chris's 'Severing Ties' game.

Post here so I know I've got everyone and I'll kick things off US Friday or thereabouts.

Grand Lodge

Checking in.

Scarab Sages

Checking in

Lantern Lodge

Reporting in!

Liberty's Edge

Checking in...?

EDIT: yay it worked!

Scarab Sages


Grand Lodge

Ok... I'll get something moving first.

Watch this space.

Lantern Lodge

Hadassah stares intently at this space.

Liberty's Edge

Gameplay has started. Make sure to post in both the discussion and gameplay threads to start following them.

So, I know that you aren't recruiting but I saw the GMs name and just had to ask: GM Helaman, you wouldn't be familiar with 2,0000 stripling soldiers would you?

Liberty's Edge

Should someone message Jorin?

Grand Lodge

Yes please

Liberty's Edge


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